IS IT TRUE? November 22, 2011


Winner Winner Crow for Christmas Dinner

IS IT TRUE? November 22, 2011

IS IT TRUE that City of Evansville Mayor Elect Lloyd Winnecke is wasting no time in soliciting for people who are interested in entering the world of public service?…that the website “transitionevansville” that has a link at the bottom of the page was established specifically to allow people who are interested in playing a positive role in the Winnecke Administration to submit their resume’s for board appointments and jobs?…that the City County Observer’s readership is the perfect demographic to be capable of making a positive difference and that we encourage each of you who may have the desire to help your community to throw your hat into the ring?…that Evansville truly needs to make a transition from where we are to a better place and that good people are the bridge to cross to get there?…that we thank and congratulate Mayor Elect Winnecke for opening up the entire set of board appointments and openly stating that people of all party affiliations are welcome for consideration?…this is the right thing to do and that the CCO is eager to see just who gets on board?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer checked the Assessor’s website today and that that the McCurdy Hotel owned by City Centre Properties LLC of Carmel, IN has officially been declared to be delinquent on their tax bill?… that City Centre Properties that owns tract #82-06-30-020-005.002-029, aka the McCurdy Hotel has failed to pay their Fall 2011 installment of their real estate taxes?…that the tax bill on that property that was due last week was $10,268.66 but has now a penalty of 5% is now $10,782.69?…that if they don’t pay this by December 10th they will be popped with another 5% penalty?…that the choice not to pay this tax bill serves as an early indicator that City Center Properties LLC either does not have the means or intention to move forward with this project without public money handed to them to do so?…that it is now a high probability that these taxes will not be paid by the time that the current 30 day extension expires on November 30th?…that all we can say is “here we go again” on the McCurdy Hotel project?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO has been made aware that there was at one time an interested party (local) in turning the McCurdy back into a classic hotel as it should be?…that if City Centre Properties LLC fails again to get that last signature that has been needed for 18 months that it is time to start legally unwinding this deal and for the Weinzapfel Administration to eat the losses, absorb the humiliation and enjoy a big Christmas Crow for many meals?…that there are only so many times that a can should be kicked down the road without looking as effective as the STUPOR COMMITTEE?

IS IT TRUE that the STUPOR COMMITTEE has now accomplished just what it was assembled to accomplish and that is NOT A @*$#*%^ THING but wasting time and digging into partisan citadels?…that the CCO has some fun with our term STUPOR COMMITTEE and that we garnered in some click through readers from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post?…that we may submit yet another word for approval as there seems to be STUPOR COMMITTEES in every city in America including our very own Evansville?…that hopefully Mayor Elect Winnecke’s solicitation for willing talent will rid the City of Evansville of STUPOR COMMITTEES for at least the next 4 years?…that we encourage you all to go to the following link and make yourselves available to end STUPOR COMMITTEES in Evansville?