IS IT TRUE November 15, 2012


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IS IT TRUE November 15, 2012

IS IT TRUE one of our faithful Civic Center Moles has reported that both Keith Jarboe and Alex Jarvis individually called the Civic Center yesterday to see what the requirements were to file to become the Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party?…the present state of the local party is pretty much in shambles from an organizational perspective?…we expect to have more reports of people interested in trying to right this ship in the very near future?…what is really needed is someone with no ties to the “machine” or the Weinzapfel Administration as the weakening of the Democrat Party came from within?

IS IT TRUE anyone who files to become the Democrat Party Chairman or is thought to have any information that may be damaging to “machine” operators in either party had better be on their toes and anticipate a character assassination campaign launched by whispers and gossip?…some of the whisper campaigns of the past to assassinate one’s character have served the community horribly but have been surgical in accomplishing the desires of the “machine”?…this time around with the amount of malfeasance and idiocy that has already been exposed to have been done by the City of Evansville during the last 10 years, that subjects of character assassination may just strike back in a very effective manner?…the CCO hopes that the practice of character assassination coming from elected officials and party operatives gets destroyed by whatever means is necessary so that no one is emboldened to try such things again for many years?

IS IT TRUE that we have it in good authority that City Councilman John Friend, CPA sort of likes his table pounding antics at Monday night’s council meeting being compared to the shoe wielding Nikita Khrushchev and the sword wielding Manuel Noriega?…we encourage the use of the term “le bald Nikita” among friends of Friend?

IS IT TRUE the petitions continue to attract protest signatures with California and New York joining the group of states that will gather 25,000 signatures?…Indiana is now at 19,240 which means that sometime Sunday the Hoosier state will join the growing list of states that will get some response from the Whitehouse about this issue?…of all the petitions on that website the second highest signature count is for a petition of repeal ObamaCare that is behind only the Texas appeal to secede?

IS IT TRUE that it was announced at a forum on the fiscal cliff yesterday at an Ernst & Young conference sponsored by CNBC and hosted by Scott Cohn that one of the silent but deadly things being considered in the tax increase proposals under discussion is to tax the cash value of employer provided health insurance premiums?…the Obama Administration was quoted as stating that taxing health insurance premiums as income (which the technically are) would raise between $120 Million and $160 Million in revenue for the federal government?…taxing these benefits at an average premium contribution of $10,000 per year and an average marginal income tax rate of 28% will cost middle class American families $2,800 per year in taxes on something that has been tax free for over 60 years?…that same American family will be getting a 2% take home pay cut when the social security tax “holiday” is allowed to lapse?…both of these new taxes raise more than double the revenue that will be raised by letting the Bush tax cuts on so called ”millionaires” who earn over $250,000 per year?…those class warfare taxes that dominated the presidential campaign will only raise enough money to run the government for ONE WEEK?…the consensus of the panel that included business executives, government officials, and a Democrat think tank leader is that it is time for the President and Congress to stop the demagoguery and find a sustainable solution to the things that caused the fiscal cliff?…not one of them expects them to do so in the next 6 weeks?

IS IT TRUE one of the most telling statements by the panel was a comment that in Washington Democrats and Republicans do not even go to the same parties and engage in conversations anymore?…this is a phenomena that happened in the last four years?…the term used to describe this was “political segregation”?…the suggestion that the panel had for President Obama is that he actually listen to businesses which implies strongly that he has not been doing so?…they are predicting lots of businesses to cap their employment at 49 people to avoid ObamaCare and completely agree that any fiscal plan that does not reform entitlements is doomed to fail?…they think getting out of this hole it took 10 years to dig will take at least 20 years and that the American people are still too self serving and short sighted to demand that our government do this job right?…we are already over the fiscal cliff but have not yet crashed into the canyon floor that we are hurtling toward?


    • X2 on Rick Davis….but we all know that will never happen.

      So I’m curious is McNeely looking to step down already or is there a hostel takeover getting ready to happen? Jarboe being a charter member of the ol’ boys club would be a clone of Mr Owen, Jarvis…lol, if he is a choice they’d be better off going headless, while I’m sure he makes a great toadie, as a leader…well I’m sure he would get Mr Parke’s vote. 😉


      • Jarboe was joined at the hip to Jonathan Weinzapfel, so the same people would be in control under a Jarboe chairmanship.


  1. Would love to see Rick Davis in that slot, the precint committeemen are so lock-stepped they’d rather loose every election than give up their power. The same for the Repubs, they have formed one party with their treaty to ward off all challengers to the now combined machine.

  2. Looks like the State auditor who has been auditing for 20 years is auditing the arena now. If she finds anything this and the prior administration will cry to to Governor’s Office to not have it released. Meanwhile, the former Controller who caused Auditgate is still the Utility CFO making $81/k a year. You think that things are bad in the Controller’s Office, wait until what’s going on in the Utilities gets released!

    • This is an imposter as everyone knows the real Duke Lavery is strapped to a hospital bed in Switzerland 😉

    • Rick Davis is a recent two time loser. He has as much chance being elected Democratic Party Chairman as I do wining the lottery. Rick Davis is the main reason the Democratic Party is split open like a watermelon. Republicans sure would welcome that move.

    • Rick Davis would be an excellent choice. Robert Faulkner did a good job as the interim Chairman and could be in the discussion. But Mark Owen’s assistant Justin Jarvis?? Had to check the calendar to make sure this wasn’t April 1.

  3. Looks like the local Democrat Party has finally hit rock bottom if that is the line up of Democrat Chairman candidates, McNeely, Jarvis, Jarboe. One, two, three strikes your out. If Clinton ran for a local office in Vanderburgh County with any of these 3 in charge he couldn’t get elected, or was the last 2 elections only a dream and the Democrat Party hasn’t been run out of Vanderburgh County. Mark Owen, then Jack McNeely where is Pee Wee Melton when you really need him?

    • I knew Pee Wee Melton personally and knew him well. He was a very well intended person who had a huge heart and a smile on his face for nearly everyone to whom he spoke. I find it distasteful if you are using Pee Wee’s good name in a lame attempt at a joke. His memory is worth more than that to a good number of people.

      • I am sorry if you took that as a slight to Pee Wee it was not meant to be and I am also sorry if my blog does not meet your high standards. I will try to clear all blogs through you since you seem to feel you have set the standard or that your opinions are the only ones worthy of being put on this site. Blog your blogs and I will blog mine.

        • Hey, sweetie. Don’t get your panties all up in a bunch. I’m sure if I said something you took as rude or derisive about one of your old friends who’d passed away, you’d jump to his defense, too. Yeah, in fact you have often let me know exactly how you feel. So blog away, dear.

    • Let’s review the record. Under thee Weinzapfel-Aiken-Owen regime the democrats won nearly every election except the 2010 off-year presidential election for 10 years. They even won 9 out of the 10 races in 2011 losing only the mayor’s race to an imcompetent candidate who reteatedly refused to work with the other candidates, refused to raise money and ran the worst campaign we’ve seen in any recent mayoral race. His loss was his and only he can blame himself.

      • How would this winning streak look if you took Aiken out of it. It would be pittiful.

        I couldn’t stand him, but Lonesome Larry was awesome!

      • Not true. Democrat primary voters selected Rick Davis as their best candidate. Mr. Davis only lost because Weinzapfel-Owen regime supported Winecke and worked against their own candidate. Total disloyalty to their party and their primary voters.

        • Democrat primary voters DID SELECT Rick Davis as their candidate. And Jarvis and Jarboe both backed Winnecke! Let’s not forget that people!

  4. For this site to act like you have some concern about character assassination is a joke.
    Jack Waldroup

  5. Jarvis running for chairman- HAHAHA. What’s it going to be tomorrow, quarterback? The funny thing about it is that half the goofballs on the CC will probably end up voting for him. It’s great sitting back to see just how low the vcdcc will go.

    • As a sports marketeer, you probably should know that quarterback is an appointed position rather than an elected one.

      • Ah I don’t know about that. When the backup QB is the most popular guy in town and fans stop showing up by the thousands until he starts, the fans basically elect their own guy into the spot.

        But yea either way, I would like to know when the dcc is going to start Brady or Manning instead of Leaf or Vick.

        • You should toss your hat in the ring for county chairman! I mean since it’s going to be a 3-way race, apparently, why not make it four? You might slip thru the split.

          • I’m not a Democrat. I do have some far left ideas, but I have far right ideas as well and some moderate ones to go with that.

            I think what BOTH the Vanderburgh Reps and Dems have proven with these chairman positions is that we need to eliminate the barriers to entry for Independents. And I’m talking real genuine independents, not libertarians disguised at independents. The day that happens is the day we quit seeing people fall victim to group think.

          • Well, God willing you will live that long. And in Vanderburgh County, that will indeed be a long, long while coming.

  6. In this year’s election, Democrat Hq was closed more than it was open, the phones were never answered, calls were never returned, there was no candidate coordination, no leadership, etc. I predict there will be more than 3 candidates for Chairman. Jack McNeely must go and the democrats needs to find a dedicated person with the desire to lead.

    • Every sentence in your post is true, and it’s embarrassing. I tried calling more than once, especially when I heard John Gregg was coming to town, and NEVER got an answer. They should be ashamed.


  7. I guess this means McNeeley is resigning, cause I believe he has at least another year in office. I think the precinct committeepeople have to stand for reelection first and that’s in the 2014 primary I believe

  8. Jarboe? Weinzapfel sock puppet. Betty Lou’s baby boy rode the nepotism train to the top, now feels his bag of Demo pixie dust is full enough to become wizard. Please. Get over yourself.

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