IS IT TRUE? November 15, 2011 Part 2


IS IT TRUE? November 15, 2011 Part 2

IS IT TRUE that according to the Vanderburgh County Assessor’s website that the deadline has passed for each and every property owner including City Centre Properties LLC of Carmel, IN that owns tract #82-06-30-020-005.002-029, aka the McCurdy Hotel to pay their taxes?…that the tax bill on that property that was due last week is $10,268.66 and that the Vanderburgh County Assessors website indicates that the payment is still due?…that means a penalty of 5% is now added to the total?…that at day 31 that penalty is increased to 10%?…that the choice to pay or not to pay this tax bill serves as an early indicator as to whether City Center Properties LLC has the means or intention to move forward with this project?…that many properties appear to have paid so this is probably not the slow moving of the website?…that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission is now proven powerless to do anything about this non-payment?…that we will patiently await the next action but are not necessarily expecting any good news regarding this issue?

IS IT TRUE that today is the last day that Stratman’s Pharmacy will be open?…that the closing of Stratman’s will leave another large space available in downtown Evansville?…that this makes three new vacancies in the last couple of weeks?…that the restaurant that was in the basement of the Marlocon Building also closed its doors after a very short time in business?…that this restaurant location has now seen two businesses come and go during the last three years?…that the other emptied out storefront is also in the Marlocon where the Rug Merchant was in and out and then VenuWorks went in but was always destined for the Ford Center so that on was a planned move?…that on the positive side there is a request for a special liquor by the drink permit to be granted for an unnamed establishment that may be going in at 524 Main Street right next to the Maingate?…that the Maingate got a special deal a couple of years ago and that whatever special deal was made for the Maingate should also be extended to any business that wishes to sell drinks on Main Street?

IS IT TRUE that the Ford Center is now being praised for creating 400 part time and 25 full time jobs?…that whomever puts out statements like this must think that downtown Evansville is a different city than the corner of Boeke and the Lloyd Expressway?…that moving a number of jobs from one part of town to another part of the same town never has and never will constitute job creation?…that sometimes government officials just seem to be idiotic when it comes to making announcements with respect to job creation?…that the only jobs created by moving the entertainment from Roberts Stadium to the Ford Center would be net new jobs in excess of what was at Roberts to begin with?…that we are pretty sure that the 25 full time jobs announced are equivalent to what was at Roberts already?…that we are not so sure about the part time jobs but that creating a part time job is not really the same as a full time job is anyway?…that this is all sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors?…that it does not do the Ford Center justice to attribute things that simply are not true to its presence?…that the Ford Center may very well incent some job creation but moving already existing jobs down there does not constitute job creation?


  1. Politicians use the “jobs” thing because they can pull any number out of their,uh, posteriors and either say “so many jobs were lost or “so many jobs were created.

    It’s BS and easy BS at that.

    When did the Gubmint ever create anything more than a gubmint job?

    Just imagine how many jobs would be created if the government promised not to do a damn thing for one month.

    What if someone ran for office on a pledge to do the least possible during his/her term?

    • When did the government ever create a non-government job? Hmmmm, let’s see.

      When the government extends water lines, sewer lines, builds new roads and bridges, widens roads, and provides other essential infrastructure to an area of its jurisdiction available for residential, commmercial or industrial development, does that stimulate job creation?

      When the government creates TIF districts, provides business parks, uncomplicates the permitting process, and provides other incentives to developers, builders, and works to attact new businesses and industries into the improved development areas of its jurisdiction, does that stimulate job creation?

      With the “who are the job creators” question it’s sort of a chicken or the egg question. As in Genesis, you have to create the habitat and enhance the environment before the inhabitants arrive and procreate.

  2. Some slug in the Democratic Party must have thought that the Roberts Stadium employees will keep their jobs after the facility is demolished! And 80 percent of the Democrats in Evansville would have believed it! After all, someone will have to tend to that vacant lot!

    • The city has street sweepers and a pickup truck with a tank full of Roundup and two guys who lean out the windows and hose down weeds in the cracks. Drop a xanax in that coffee, man. Everything is going to be okay.

      • Incorrect….the city no longer has street sweepers or a viable BPW, the street sweepers are all owned and operated by Allied Waste (BFI) via contract with the city, just look at the state of the city owned lots, we haven’t had a BPW department for years Johnny gutted the budget to build The John!


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