We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE in our most recent “Readers Poll” we asked the question: Do you feel its time to address the overcrowding problem at the Vanderburgh County jail?  …349 people voted in this non scientific but trendy poll?  …a whooping 253 people voted “YES”?  …64 people voted “No”? …32 people had “NO IDEA”?

IS IT TRUE if the powers that be would have listened to past County Commission Dave Mosby, Vanderburgh County wouldn’t be experiencing the current jail overcrowding problem today?  …Mr. Mosby wanted an additional pod added to the jail plans that would had housed 250 plus inmates about 20 plus years ago?

IS IT TRUE that the Elton John concert at the Ford Center on Saturday night was one that seems to have been a most enjoyable event in a town that has always loved Elton John?…the 70 year old rocker got a little testy on stage when his piano was not to his liking which caused a 10 minute delay and a couple of audible F-Bombs from Elton who stated, “I am not going to play this wonky piano?”…even the tabloid site TMZ picked up on the feisty fellows disappointment with the piano giving Ford Center some less than  appreciated press for a sell-out crowd so see the senior citizen rock and roller perform?…Elton’s concert in Evansville was one of only six on the current US Tour with the other places including Moline, IL, Portland, ME; Bangor, ME; and a couple of Vegas dates at Caesar’s Palace?…Elton spoke about slowing down to spend more time with his family but that must just be as far as United States concerts are concerned because he has concerts scheduled in Canada and across Europe before settling in for a 3 month run at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas starting in February? …we congratulate the officials at the Ford Center for bringing the Elton John concert to Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that cost of living website recently named Evansville the 2nd cheapest place in the United States to live?…we found that hard to believe given the cost of utilities, water and sewer where we are one of the most expensive places in the country?…on examination, uses CPI data which excludes the cost of energy and food in their cost of living calculations?…other things and especially rent does seem to be quite cheap when compared to other cities so given the tarnished way the calculation was done, we accept the results?

IS IT TRUE the pile of dead bodies kept piling up over the weekend with 2 bodies being found in greater Evansville and another one being found dumped at Ellis Park with a bullet wound in a non-disclosed location?…investigators suspect foul play in the case of the body found at Ellis Park?…investigations for these deaths and the ones from last week are continuing according to law enforcement officials?  …we have great confidence that our outstanding law enforcement professionals will find out who are responsible for these tragic   murders?

 IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke demonstrated a skill that no one knew he had developed so well in a Youtube video that was posted on Facebook?…we wonder who knew that our fearless leader Mayor was a phenomenal Hula Hooper?…we should have gotten the hint in the chicken fat video circa 2012 where he busted some real dance moves but spinning the Hula Hoop is a valuable public relations skill for the self-proclaimed ambassador from Evansville?

IS IT TRUE we feel that Vanderburgh County Clerk Carla Hayden is doing an outstanding job?

IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Public Defender’s Agency play an important role in our social fabric by insuring that those who can least afford legal representation in our Courts are fully protected?

Todays READERS POLL question is: Would you like to see a weekly TV program featuring the local GOP and Democratic party Chairmen?

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