IS IT TRUE November 12, 2012 Part Two (City Council Tonight)


Evansville Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. CPA

IS IT TRUE November 12, 2012 Part Two (City Council Tonight)

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville Controller, Russ Lloyd, Jr. is bringing another accounting mistake to the attention of city council tomorrow evening? …that City Controller Lloyd is asking council to make an adjustment of exactly $1.38 to the Recovery Act Justice Federal grant fund?…also true that Controller Lloyd, Jr. will be ask by members of city council the status of the $1 million accounting program that has failed to provide him and taxpayers with the real and accurate information concerning how much we have in all financial accounts that allow us to fund the total operations of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr. shall present another request to city council tomorrow evening? …he shall request that additional funding be approved to cover salaries and expenses for EVCBA to manage Robert’s Stadium through December or until demolition begins?… he shall claim that when the 2012 budget was prepared it was not known the exact numbers of months expenses would be necessary?…that the Mayor’s “financial hatchet man” Russ Lloyd, Jr. should be prepare to field several pointed and direct questions by city council members concerning this request for this budget adjustment? …we can expect the Mayor’s (“political spin doctor”) Chief of Staff shall be ready to defend Russ Lloyd, Jr. interesting budget adjustment request?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if the City of Evansville’s one million dollar accounting program is finally working properly?…we also wonder why a meeting of the Evansville City Council was scheduled on Veteran’s Day that is a holiday at many municipalities across this country and a worthy day to show honor to American’s who served their country in the military?


  1. I am so sick of Lloyd Jr. It is pathetic watching a man who once drew up great plans and was putting them in action as mayor fall this low to the point where he now trashes Roberts every time you turn around (this funding request is just the flavor of the week). It just goes to show how wicked and strong group think can be when you let someone with low morals tell you what to say.

  2. $1.38 million adjustment?

    I thought we were told in September the city was now balancing the books after 21 months of unreconciled financial reports.

    How many errors can a controller and former city controller make before they are finally held accountable for their performance or lack thereof?

    • I read the article as one dollar and thirty eight cents. I doubt that most people balance their checkbooks that closely.

  3. I read the article as saying one dollar and thirty eight cents. I doubt that many of us balance their checkbooks that closely

  4. I certainly do not like the fact the City’s real financial situation appears to be uncertain but I believe we all need to cut City Controller LLoyd a little slack here for 2012. He started with one big axx mess!

    On the other hand,come Jan 1,2013, he should be fully accountable.

  5. Cronies,conmen and clowns oh my this is what the city has become!!! I do not know how much we spent or have to spend but we will keep trying to bleed the citizens dry!!!!

  6. Did Russ get the funds for the Bld Auth. to screw things up at Roberts for anotehr month?

  7. Have you driven by Roberts Stadium lately? All of the glass block on the facade, windows and doors have been removed. It is an open shell with a chain link fence surrounding it.
    A company that locates underground gas lines for construction crews got an “emergency” call to get the lines located the night that the City Council gave the go ahead. They are moving quickly before anything or anyone else can delay the conclusion that was inevitable many years ago.

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