IS IT TRUE? November 12, 2011 Part 2


IS IT TRUE? November 12, 2011

IS IT TRUE that agenda for the Evansville Redevelopment Commission that was sent out at the end of the workday yesterday has no line item on the agenda mentioning the McCurdy Hotel, City Centre Properties, Hunden Strategic Partners, or either of the companies that have made a proposal to construct a downtown Convention Hotel?…that as the next meeting will be in December that unless these very important topics are snuck in under the banner of “other business” that we will enter the last month of the year with no resolution with respect to these pieces of rotting unfinished business?…that we are now wondering just how long does it take to VET two construction companies?…that speaking from experience that it takes longer for the ERC to do this than it took to plan, orchestrate, sell, and close a $27 Million secondary public offering?…that something is wrong with the thought processes and the sense of urgency here in River City?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Elect Lloyd Winnecke has expediently released the names of the 15 members of his transition team?…that it was refreshing to see no names that are outwardly and openly members of the “good old boy’s network”?…that the CCO is pleased to see that since we had previously expressed concern that some of the “good old boys” were suspected of trying to get their nose under the tent of the future Winnecke Administration?…that we should not be surprised to see some of the people on the transition team to end up with appointments to key boards and positions?…that one should not be surprised if County Councilman Russ Lloyd Jr. is persuaded to accept the position of Evansville City Controller?…that will create a vacancy on the County Council that Mole #7 tells us that Pete Swaim is interested in?…that Mole#7 also says that Mike Duckworth may be transitioning from a job with the County to a similar job in the City?…that Mole #7 also expects that Ed Ziemer will be replacing David Jones as the City Attorney?…that Mole #7 believes that we will see former Chamber of Commerce Vice President Steve Schaefer will be moving into Rose Young’s office as Mayor Elect Winnecke’s Chief of Staff?

IS IT TRUE that the scourge of meth made a house go boom in quiet Newburgh neighborhood yesterday?…that this one was a little too close for comfort as it was right on the jogging path of this writer?…that this house explosion happened just before 7 am yesterday morning and was soon followed with a plume of black smoke rising into the air?…that this neighborhood is as middle class Americana as it gets and is more the domain of young parents with strollers, children on bicycles, grandparents taking walks, and well kept lawns that the typical front page meth explosions show?…that this should serve notice to the people and the public officials of SW Indiana that no neighborhood is immune to the scourge of meth?…that it is time to get serious about cutting the supply lines of pseudoephedrine?…that education is a good thing but to think we can rely on education alone to solve the meth problem is incredibly naive?…that we are dealing with drug addicts here and they unfortunately do not educate well even if they are already educated?…that significant damage was done to the houses on each side of the meth house?


  1. If the meth heads aren’t educated by a picture on the front page of the Courier of a cooker emerging from a burning house with his arms ablaze, I doubt very much they can be educated. The only plan that will work will be to make pseudoephedrine unavailable. At the worst case if this is done by city or county law, it will at least move the tweakers somewhere else.

  2. You might have someone tell Mole #7 that ED ZEIMER is not an attorney and therefore will not be replacing David Jones as city attorney.

    • I think Mole 7 was talking about Ted Ziemer. Ziemer who is an attorney and on Winnecke transistion team.cco was incorrect about Mayor-elect transition team not having any old boy members on his transition team. He has atleast two with Ted Ziemer and Steve Schaefer. Also a third if you want to include Russell lloyd which i think is a positive Russell lloyd knows how the city operates and is a positive member of the transition team.

  3. So after only 3 days as Mayor Elect LLoyd is doing something bout the meth problem?! I applaud his plans to move all meth houses to Warrick Co.

  4. If Ted goes to the city and he surely paid for the position, I hope Marsha, Lloyd’s replacement and Melcher, will bring on the best living government attorney in Evansville, Joe Harrison!

    • I have nothing but good to say about Joe Harrison, Jr. and have worked with him closely at different times on different municipal boards over the years. He also was a wonderful customer when we owned a pizza shop, and he remains a friend.

      But after working with a series of county attorneys for almost 30 years, I will say unequivocably that Ted Zeimer is the most adept, smart, adroit, deliberative, and easiest to work with of any attorney the county commissioners ever employed bar none. The City of Evansville will get an immensely valuable asset if Ted Ziemer comes on board as the city attorney.

      • Ted Ziemer and Joe Harrison, Jr. are both well respected experienced municipal law attorneys, and more importantly good guys. The potential transition to these attorneys for City and County government would be a very positive development.

  5. Sadiemae, guess the bipolar meds must have kicked in. I’m happy for you Susan. After all the people you were shilling for lost you seem to have become much more tolerant. Hopefully obamacare comes soon enough so your friends Henry (chuck), Blanger & joe Paul biden can all get right finally

  6. Ted Ziemer is one of the top dogs in the good ole boys network. In fact he is one of the head guys with his fingers in a lot of pies. He holds “meetings” in his office to inform our city officials how to do their jobs. At a meeting of one of the sub-divisions of Area Plan for which he is the attorney, he danced around the room interrupting each person at the podium filling in details and correcting what he thought was not to his liking, and telling the members of that board what they were to do. He is arrogant and controlling. Think I need to make a call to mayor-elect W. Ted Ziemer needs to retire.

    • You are 100% out of class, double entendre intended my friend. First of all, Ted Ziemer is not the Area Plan Commission’s attorney. Joe Harrison, Jr. is the attorney for APC. Secondly, Ted Ziemer does not hold meetings to tell CITY OFFICIALS how to do their jobs (whether that is a needed task is another argument entirely), because he is not employed by the city and has no reason to be advising city officials of anything. Ted Ziemer is the county attorney employed by the county commissioners, and I assure you that anytime he advises COUNTY OFFICIALS regarding legality and appropriate official courses of action, those officials would be wise to listen and heed Ted’s competent advice.

      Now, carry on with more of your inconceived blather.

      • I don’t mostly disagree with you, but ask your wife about how Ted treated us in the insurance meeting! When you retire, come on over and please buy in the city of Henderson! Total bill last month, water, sewer, electric, gas, recycling and trash, $138.00! No state taxes on pension or SS! You will be my first guest for diner!

        • I didn’t say I agree with Ted all the time. That would be totally out of character for both of us. I know what happened in the insurance meeting and I know why it happened. That’s life in politics. I’ve learned to live with it.

          • I’ll stay on my side of the bridge for now on, you are welcome Jack! I only got involved in this to help out a friend of 20 years, Rick Davis. No politics, just friendship!

            Come on over and retire! You are welcome here! Our barbecue is wonderful and our jail is making money!

      • You can call it blather if you like. I did misspeak about Area Plan. I am sorry. I can’t remember the specific group meeting that I was attending. It is the one that Mr. Goldman chairs. During this meeting, Mr. Ziemer took charge of what those people who were trying to speak were saying interrupting them often during the time they were supposed to have the floor. It was as though he was trying to show that he “knew better” so why not just let him speak, not the person who had the floor.

        Secondly I was just getting used to Evansville a couple of years ago and was learning about the political mess that this city has, when I met a person who has been and is an elected official locally. This person and I became very honest and direct with each other and I trust what they say. This individual did tell me that they were in such a meeting (as referred to above) with Mr. Zeimer and it had a small mixed group of city and county elected people. It was about what political moves one of this group should make. This elected person went on to explain that there is a core group of local business people and others that really run Evansville from the deep background and that Mr. Ziemer is one of them. I can remember a few other names but will not share them.

        Soon2B, I am sure you will write back and tell me that I am dead wrong and that I should not spread such lies. Please believe me. I am not being untruthful. In fact, I wish all of this were not true. It makes me uncomfortable living here. But I have no choice about where I live. And I will not lie about what I know to be the truth. When one looks at the overall picture here in light of what I have just said, things make more sense, especially if you know some of the “in group” who think they know it all.

        Mr. Ziemer is an intelligent man and a smart attorney. I am sure that he has helped the county government. But I also think he oversteps his bounds. I have heard him in county council meetings make a snide remark. I have spoken to him personally and found him to be arrogant. I am glad you feel comfortable with him. Maybe he will do a good job for the Winnecke administration if he is picked. Perhaps it is time that I totally walk away from politics and voting. Life is so much richer and more pleasant without the garbage.

        • My impression is that you are taking someone else’s word as gospel. Maybe this person in whose presumed political insight you have invested so much trust is not as truthful or as knowledgeable as you wish him or her to be.

          Also, you continue to refer to Mr. Ziemer’s actions in city council meetings. Can you cite a specific meeting by date so that I can read the minutes of that meeting and have a better understanding of Mr. Ziemer’s “arrogance” as described by you? I know Ted can be blunt and straight forward. But I have not seen him be arrogant in a public meeting.

          I’m sorry you have drawn such a low opinion of Evansville’s political climate.

          • I meant to say the snide remark was during a county council meeting. If I did not say that I am sorry. I will tell you more about the snide remark in person if I should see you. I believe I know who you are. We spoke once in your office.

            I think this is enough here except to say that I too am sorry that I have such a poor view of the Evansville political climate. And yes I do trust the word of the person who gave me some of the above information. Many people in the civic center are good caring public servants and I appreciate what they do every day. But some are not and it is those who hurt us all.

  7. In driving by The Pub several times yesterday I have surmised that our “friends” in the Vanderburgh County Democratic Central Committee must have planned for and thrown one hell of a victory party last night. They must be very pleased with themselves. So maybe the infighting will subside, or maybe it will get worse. I am hoping for the latter. This town needs more than one viable party, and it is truly unfortunate that it is not the Republicans.

  8. Whoever takes the city attorney spot needs to grab the renderings for the slack water port out of David Jones’ hands immediately and get the ball rolling on that project.

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