IS IT TRUE? November 10, 2011 Thumbs-Up for the Ford Center


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? November 10, 2011

IS IT TRUE that last night was the first real test of the downtown parking situation at the Ford Center as Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band played the first big concert in the new facility?…that Mole #1 arrived at about 45 minutes before the show was scheduled to start and found a free parking place about 3 blocks from the entrance?…that even in the fairly chilly weather that the walk was fine and the new sidewalks on Main Street really were a nice touch?…that passing three restaurants Mole #1 noticed that all were filled to capacity with concert goers?…that after the show there was no problem whatsoever exiting the downtown and heading home?…that given the capacity of the Ford Center that Mole #1 estimates that about 9,000 people were actually in attendance at the event so other than a big event during the workday the parking fears should now be put to rest?

IS IT TRUE that the inside of the Ford Center is a very intimate and smaller than it looks setting?…that the acoustics of the building are the best that Mole #1 has ever heard for a big rock and roll show and that the sound is consistent all around the building?…that the stage area and the lighting are as close to perfect as one can imagine?…that it is really different to be writing an IS IT TRUE and be gushing over something but that from an architectural and acoustical perspective the Ford Center gets an A+ for quality?…that Mole #1 and Mole #4 had a beer together between acts and that Mole #4 expressed the same high level of appreciation for the quality and acoustics of Ford Center?

IS IT TRUE that this writer ran into Project Manager Mr. John Kish in the hallway after the show and congratulated him on a job well done?…that the CCO did just give him an A for bringing the project in on budget and on schedule?…that Mr. Kish got the only A that we awarded to the City of Evansville?…that if the final spending report comes in even a cent under budget that Mr. Kish will be upgraded to an A+ for the job he has done on the Ford Center?

IS IT TRUE that this writer stood in line on the first day was #35 in line and that the best seats available were very good but not stupendous?…that the lady who stood in line behind me was seated next to me?…that one would think that #35 in line when “no tickets had been released yet” would merit a pair of seats in the first few rows?…that there were no department heads for the City of Evansville standing in line on that early rainy morning?…that two department heads and one member of the City Council actually strolled through the crowd and were seated on front row center?…that two of them were easy to spot because they have a good fresh shine on their heads?…that you guessed it that Director of DMD Tom Barnett and City Councilman John Friend somehow got the best seats in the house without standing in line?…that we trust that they got them on Stubhub and paid over $500 each for them or maybe just maybe they won them by calling in to the radio station?…we would not even think of asking if there were some tickets set aside for these guys?

IS IT TRUE that Ford Center is a non-smoking facility and that the CCO thanks the powers that be for that?…that one idiot was seen lighting up in the corridor but that a security person quickly put a stop to it?…that if there are 15 – 24 such concerts per year that bring in 9,000 people and if the Icemen and the Purple Aces win 70% of their games that this fine facility will do okay financially?…that we hope and encourage the maintenance staff to keep the Ford Center in the beautiful condition that it is in right now?…that keeping the Ford Center pristine is a challenge that most Evansville public venues do not rise to?…that we hope that the maintenance thing gets done right this time?…that we encourage everyone to attend something at the Ford Center soon to get an appreciation for what $127.5 Million buys?


  1. Hopefully “The John” patrons will pay for it, and I say that sincerely. As for Me, I avoid Old Downtown like the plague, and would not go there, even if Jesus was handing out $100 dollar bills at each event.
    It sounds like I won’t be missed, but that’s alright, I can take it.

    • … but Roy, they provide hitching posts out front for dear ol’ Trigger. But then again, we won’t miss your sourpuss at Main Gate, and that’ll make room for the more optimistic and fun loving patrons!

  2. Great show. Parked 3 blocks from Ford Center, out of downtown in about 5 min after walking to car. Love it.
    Jack Waldroup

  3. Unlike Roberts Stadium, the City of Evansville is not giving away free parking for Ford Center events. The cost to park in one of their garages was $5.00, versus $0.00 for parking in the Roberts parking lot, which features line-of-sight between you and your vehicle. At Roberts everybody wants to park as close as possible to one of the entrances, while downtown arena concert-goers are happy to park three or four blocks away from the arena, well out of line of sight of the arena. It will be interesting to discover whether this halo effect has any staying power.

    • Parking fee was included in every ticket you buy at Roberts, even if you don’t park there.

  4. There is no such thing as ‘free’ parking or ‘free anyhting. Someone has to pay for the service and charging those who use the facility seems appropriate to me. Also, as an old guy, I remember paying for parking at Roberts Stadium as well. Having the parking fee incorpoarted into the ticket price was a wise move as traffic coming in to the stadium moved so much faster. Unfortunately that will not be as easy with the new Ford as there is limited dedicated adjacent parking.

  5. The Ford Center is amazing. We left the east side at 7:10 and were in the Ford Center by 7:30. The parking is everywhere. We also had no issues leaving after the show (unlike Roberts where you sat in your car for 30 minutes waiting to get out of the parking lot). Thank you Jonathan Weinzapfel. All the naysayers can eat their crow now.

  6. 10 November 2011

    Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!

    “There are only two kinds of people who understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.”
    (Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army)


  7. Play nice some more and you too will be rewarded with better seating opportunities, Joe.

    • I had great seats and stood in line to get them. There do not appear to be any bad seats to me. I was just jabbing Councilman Friend a little.

      • Joe, come by the service department later this morning and take advantage of our Thursday Special: Dome Shave and Spit Polish only $29.99 … you’d look good sitting ‘btween Friend and Barnett front row at Reba!

        • Thanks for the offer. I will not be in town for the Reba show. I saw her at the Universal Theater in California in 98. She will do well and I would predict another good crowd. As Tom and John are both friends I would be pleased to sit with them but I would bring my sunglasses to filter the glare.

  8. Keep playing nice and you too may be rewarded with better seating opportunities, Joe!

  9. Wow two almost identical posts from Parts&Service_Dept and sourgrapes 2 minutes apart. Coincidence?

    • LOL…the civic center trolls are feeling high on the election results, let ’em be it just adds to the traffic volume ranking for the CCO and they will grow tired of not being fed.


  10. Glad to hear the first big event at the “third Center (or centre)” went well. I do hope this continues so that I am not paying for this. If it holds its own, I will be very pleased. I don’t plan on going there because I don’t enjoy crowds, events, shows etc. I am more of a doer than a watcher. But for the rest of you, keep the seats filled. You’re keeping money in my pocket.

  11. Great news that the Ford is an initial success. Good news on parking and traffic flow too. The only possible parking issues might be when the Centre, its trade show hall, and the Ford are all having something at the same time, and all expect huge crowds.

    • Oooo … that is a problem I would love to see. Go Evansville ! Fill up the downtown with all kinds of events. Make it so attractive so diverse and so compelling, we’ll be handling complaints of all the Kentuckyians crowding into ‘our’ arena and taking ‘our’ seats.


      • Couldn’t agree more about it being a great thing to have downtown filled and alive with events and activity. My comment was just saying all facilities being used at max capacity would be the only time parking may be tight. It isn’t a criticism of the Ford, or downtown, just a simple observation. People need to take a chill pill and not always try to read some other meaning into people’s comments.

    • Considering the Centre is rarely used based on the debt we see that may never happen. I still think thats a great lot for a parking garage

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