IS IT TRUE May 8, 2014


Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer has taken it on as a task to do some investigation as to what the status of the 2012 audits are at the other cities in Indiana that have a population of over 100,000 people?…that would only be Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend?…all three of these audits were completed and published between September 9, 2013 (Fort Wayne) and November 4, 2013 (Indianapolis)…all three of these cities audits have a Certificate of Excellence for following nationally accepted accounting principles included in their 2012 audit?…the words “DISCLAIMER” and “ADVERSE” are not found anywhere in any of these three audits?…the opinions of all three audits were identically worded by the Indiana State Board of Accounts as follows:

“In our opinion, based on our audit and the report of other auditors, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the governmental activities, the discretely presented component unit, each major fund, and the aggregate remaining fund information of the City of Indianapolis as of December 31, 2012, and the respective changes in financial position and cash flows,where applicable, thereof for the year then ended in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.”

IS IT TRUE the Civic Center Moles are telling us that there is a mad rush to find some other city in Indiana that has gotten an ADVERSE OPINION so they can spin the upcoming opinions as typical and better than last years DISCLAIMER OPINION?…we are actually told that some of the City of Evansville officials in the exit interview were frantically asking the audit team if ADVERSE OPINIONS were common or negative?…the reality of the situation is that an ADVERSE OPINION is the academic equivalent of an F (Failure) and a Disclaimer opinion is the equivalent of an I (incomplete or unintelligible)?…we will save our frantic officials the effort and clue them in that Muncie, Indiana did indeed receive and ADVERSE OPINION in 2012?…we hear that misery loves company so there you have it, Evansville and Muncie are the twin financial reporting dunce cap cities in Indiana?…for all of these other audits to have been completed on time it really makes one wonder just how big of a mess the City of Evansville’s books are in?

IS IT TRUE reflecting on the Republican primary race for County Commissioner it is sort of staggering to rationalize just how Bruce Ungethiem could have defeated incumbent Commissioner Marsha Abell with all of the high powered endorsements and financial advantages that Abell had?…this race may be the political equivalent of the 1967 Texas Western victory over Adolph Rupp’s Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Basketball Championship?…Commissioner Abell had the expressed endorsements of Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke, Commissioner Joe Kiefer, Indiana Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann, State Auditor Suzanne Crouch, State Senator Vanetta Becker, and of course Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke?…Abell not only had the endorsements of these political superstars but enjoyed more than a 3 to 1 advantage in campaign contributions from the big law firms like Barnes and Thornburg, local power broker and banker Bob Jones of Old National Bank, and a herd of organized labor groups?…on top of that the local GOP kicked in a substantial sum of money ($10,000) to help a preferred candidate in a primary against a challenger who is a lifetime Republican in good standing?…this really was David slaying Goliath, Texas Western beating UK, Milan winning the Hoosier Hysteria, or the USA beating the Russians in Olympic hockey?

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Democrats had better keep this epic victory in mind as they ponder whether or not to run some sacrificial lamb against a candidate with this kind of momentum in a county race?…the damages the Democrats did to themselves in the 2011 Mayoral race with their pinky shake shenanigans may just get magnified if they go all in against an underdog with momentum?…we hear that many big Democrats are already trying to win the favor of Mr. Ungethiem as are the cast of Republicans who “worked like the dickens” to defeat him?

IS IT TRUE the question has been brought up about whether or not Wayne Parke can survive as the Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party after betting the ranch in a primary on his preferred candidate and losing?…there is also the question of how much liability the Republican Party may have for any alleged restraint of trade issues that may be formally address against either Chairman Parke or Commissioner Abell?…these are questions that the people that make up what remains of the local Republicans will have to answer when they decide how to move forward and who should lead them?…we predict much jockeying for position over the next several months regarding local party leadership on both sides?


  1. I supported Bruce Ungethiem in the primary and will support him against any candidate the Democrats field in the general.

    Is it true a prolific-poster-about-town has actually mustered the gall to claim in writing, amid his blather about ‘Rick Davis Democrats’, ‘union money’ and so on, that ‘…Wayne Parke and the Republican party’s commitment to supporting the candidate should help Ungethiem’? What say ye to this allegation, Phoenix?

    I mean really, with friends like these…

    • The way that you cherry-picked my statement in such a piecemeal fashion has me confused about what you are accusing me of now. The local Democrat Party is still in disarray. There is a large faction of what I called “Rick Davis Democrats” that are still mad at their party and will support Ungethiem. Wayne Parke’s appearance of support for the winner of our primary is good because it shows that no matter what, we’re Republicans and we’ll stick together. It wasn’t a secret that Marsha had support from local labor. The unions are normally the Democrat party’s bread & butter. Getting her out of the way gives them the ability to vie for the union’s financial support. It’s nice to know that I have fans that follow me and hang on my every word. If you want to ask me a question, just come out with it. I always like interacting with my fans. Phoenix out.

      • My Dear Phyllip…have you noticed that there is one Democrat that appears to be moving cats…oh yes, Friend, is attempting to live up to his name…reaching out, lessening, trying to make sure that any and all shall have a place at the table…so Mr Phyllip, you make wish to take note…the democrats will be back, why, because they must, who in the hell will take up the fight for the social issues. As long as the Republicans have to regard the Tea Party and low voter turnout at the primaries, the Republicans will be faced with extreme conservatives, far from the center.

  2. Good reporting on the upcoming audits, and the spin which is anticipated.

    First paragraph–the Audit opinions covering 2012 could not have been dated in 2012, would have to be in 2013 (i.e., you have to let the year finish first)–unless these cities are on fiscal vs. calendar year ends.

  3. The comparison of Texas Western’s defeat of Kentucky to that of Milan’s winning the Indiana state championship is more than a little far-fetched. The Miners were ranked 3rd in the nation and had only 1 defeat going into the tournament. The “historical” element was they had 5 black starters, compared to previous tournament teams with only 2 or 3, such as San Francisco and Cinncinatti.

    The Miners also had a size advantage over “Rupp’s Runts” which contibuted to their win. The best player in the tourney was probably Jerry Chambers, a small forward from Utah, who was also black.

  4. Mr. Edit please add the following additional names that helped in Marsha Abells campaign. They are: State Representatives Holli Sullivan, Ron Beacon and Wendy McNamara. Also Sheriff candidate Kirk Byram, County Assessor Bill Fluty, Jr, County Auditor Joe Gries, County Council member Tom Shelter Jr, State Representative candidate Jeremy Heath, Knight Township candidate Billy Garrett, Mayors wife-Carol McClintock, City Attorney Ted Ziemer, Mayors Chief of Staff Steve Shaeffer, City Councilman Dan McGinn, City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. , Police Chief Billy Bolin and Democratic Party Chairmen Rob Faulkner to name a few.

    • Well thank you media buff. It seems as though the list of beautiful people is quite large.

    • In what way did all of these people help? It seems as if someone is trying to throw a bunch of Republicans in front of the CCO bus and hope that Ron keeps his foot on the accelerator. Did some of them donate to her campaign? I’d think so considering she’s supported the campaigns of about every person that you mentioned.

    • Ole John Monastrelle appears to be an Abell supporter as well. I hope the CCO will be able to close Pandora’s Box one day after they have opened it this year on the county council.

      • That may well be but you can hardly sling a local politician around that hasn’t had any ties or doings with some other local politician.

        • True, but let’s start by picking people who DON’T build $15.5 million ball fields with no public input or transparency whatsoever and then claim to want what’s best for the area.

      • Wait! Republicans sometimes donate to other Republicans. This is more exciting than Area 51 or the grassy knowll. Wow!

        • I know what you mean. I was floored by the obvious political pandering via monetary exchanges. I mean really? One Republican donating to another? I’ll bet that never happens in Democrat land. Hell, I’ll bet there are times a Democrat will donate to a Republican and vice versa.

          Doesn’t matter, they all will given enough time piss in our Wheaties and then make us eat it.

  5. Thanks media bluff. What a bunch of two face back stabbers you just listed in your post. Thanks for the additional information. I now know who not to vote for in the upcoming general election.

    • V Reply

      May 8, 2014 at 10:19 am

      You’re probably correct On the Real estate agent guy Kiefer. Right now our analytics running are showing the dudes toast in the county when the reelection bid comes up, as well.

      We missed the total vote count prediction for your primaries by 137 actual ballots filed “if” that total as published is factual.

      The point data was based on urban declination in metro counties nationwide verses Indiana and the southern region as is with tri state metro opinion indicators in the mix,as well.

      The mean focus point types castings are very similar to local media availability verses overall community trust verses integrity indicators.
      It shows sustainable balances in some areas for the candidate support features our team seems to prefer for location due analysis forward.

      However, the total picture infrastructure and global market access doesn’t favor Evansville city locations as of now. That is an apparent problem as seen from afar. This isn’t being addressed forward by the present focus of the regional commerce drivers.
      “Clearly” any parties candidates on board with the actual emerging global social economic drivers as presented by the planet in THIS century one happens to be in now would likely improve those localized indicators, moved forward.

      Note: We’ve also found a social economic driver from the urban heavy balance side for the upcoming Novembers, one of our members calls that the actual street balance. Those do not bode well for any candidate who might have participated in the passing of what the young District of Columbia beltway Lady forecasts as state level Her direct quote on that, as follows; “Uselessly applied, however, socially pointed Ogres Law*.”

      “Metro Regional Core Values”* (MRCV) versatility drives durability, that’s you’re tipping point balance to move towards social economic sustainability*”

  6. I think Bruce Ungetheim’s victory speaks well of a small minority of voters, who, with the help of CCO, were interested enough in good government to be informed and do the right thing. That being said, Goliath has not yet been slain. The fall elections will open the door to a much larger and less-informed pool of voters and a big, dirty, political machine that appears to know no real loyalty.
    Wayne Parke’s departure from the post of GOP chair would make this thing look better, but I have my doubts that he will be removed. It seems that he is part of a group that has established a “good, working relationship” among both parties, at the expense of good governance.
    In the matter of the audit, things smell a little worse everyday that passes without it being made public. Tomorrow might be a good day to release it, as it is a Friday, leading into Mother’s Day weekend. I wonder, though, if certain key people in the administration may resign BEFORE anything is released.
    My free and unsolicited advice to Bruce Ungetheim: Saddle up the hotel deal inconsistencies and ride them hard, with attention both to the “shovel ready” loophole on obtaining financing and the “naming rights” debacle with ONB.

    • At this point I am of one thought regarding the lateness of the SBOA report. The tardiness is for one reason and one reason only; to give the Mayor and all his cohorts including supporters ample time to load up on ammo.

    • “less-informed pool of voters and a big, dirty, political machine that appears to know no real loyalty”

      Excellent description of the Democrat Party.

        • There was an initial urge to agree. In thanks to an automagically self correcting brainbow the urge soon passed. The exerted brainbow pressure was transferred to a crystal inducing a piezoelectric current sparking the thought such less-informed people while adequately describing the Democratic party, they are not restricted to a singular affiliation.

          Nor are such individuals restricted to such subspace locals, they possess the same characteristics of individuals in normal space. Any perception one has of the less-informedness of others goes well beyond the seven plus or minus two abilities one has and causes any amount of informedness one has to collapse to ones predetermined level of less-informedness. It is common for individuals of all affiliations to fall into this collapsed space and unbeknownst to them follows circumferential properties.

      • I was referring to BOTH local parties, equally. It’s a shame you don’t see it.

      • It’s not just the Democrats. It’s the whole local machine. The Mayor right in the middle of it.

        • I think he meant “schmuck.” My in-laws had neighbor’s by that last name. When their Jewish friends from New York visited, they nearly died laughing. You know what a “schmuck” is in yiddish, right?

  7. …we hear that many big Democrats are already trying to win the favor of Mr. Ungethiem as are the cast of Republicans who “worked like the dickens” to defeat him?…

    Well to be fair, is that not what grownups are supposed to do? Work together? Unless the favor part is being used in the negative sense. It will be interesting to see how Mr. Ungethiem handles his new found friends.

  8. There is now a story on the Courier “front page” on their website that says it may be several weeks before the audit results are released, and quoting John Friend as describing what is going on as “bizarre.” I don’t know anything else about it though, as I’m not paying for their brand of “news.”

  9. “EVANSVILLE — The lengthy delay of the public release of Evansville city government’s 2012 audit by Indiana state examiners is “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,” City Council President John Friend said Thursday.

    Messages from the city’s official Twitter account on Thursday said the local government “has been informed that the 2012 audit is complete and is now in a final review process” by the state. “We expect public notification of the 2012 audit results will come within the next few weeks.”

    City officials and state examiners conducted an exit conference March 12 pertaining to the audit, and typically, the document’s public release occurs about 30 days after that conference.

    Evansville Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. drafted the city’s response to the audit. Lloyd has said there have been additional requests for information by the state since the exit conference, and the city has complied.
    As near as I can tell they are blaming the state or the delay.

  10. Wow, they didn’t even bother to have a spokesperson address it directly to the news outlets. They just tweeted about it.

  11. I never really wanted to believe that the “Machine” existed, but after seeing the was these idiots scramble around trying to insure “their” man/woman gets into office, it’s fairly obvious.

    This group has been in power a little too long. They seem to think of an elected office as a right, not a duty. Here’s a hint, Mr. Mayor, and Honorable Chairman.

    Evansville isn’t a Corporate Office. You don’t get to assure yourselves and your supporters a comfortable living at the taxpayers expense. You work for us, not the other way around. I’ve heard it told that the Local Republican HQ didn’t even has campaign signs for Bruce Ungenthiem (Sorry, I was spell that name wrong)

    But here is were the “Machine” is writing their own obit. They are making people like me, who is largely not involved in politics, get involved.

    By continually ramming high dollar, minimal quality of life improvement projects down the taxpayers throat, We begin to pay attention to what goes on at the Civic Center, and behind those doors at those Closed Door Council sessions.

    We don’t like it.

    You’ve committed well over 100 million dollars of OUR money to “improve” an area that has very little effect on the city and county at large. It’s a fraction of the space the city and county occupy, and dare I say, not all that important to the growth of Evansville’s economy.

    The Hotel WILL fail. If that out of state firm thought for a second it would have been successful, they would’ve paid for the land and would be building it themselves. I, and most likely , the majority of the citizens in the area would be perfectly fine using tax incentives to attract new business to the city and County, but we’re not okay with footing the bill so some political insiders can rid themselves of a bad property investment at a profit.

    The IU Med center. I have less of a problem with this. It’s an educational facility. It will attract educated young people to the area. Getting them to stay is another issue. It’s location could have been chose better, but, ultimately, it will be a good thing for Evansville and the County.

    But those educated young people we will attract with that facility. How long will they stay in this area after there education is completed. With the cost of living here, I wouldn’t blame them if the answer is “Not long at all.”

    We have the highest electric rates in the state, dare i say the region, and our water utility rates are only going up. Why?

    YOU, the elected officials in this city and county, have chosen to buy off supporters with sweetheart land deals, rather than enrich and improve the the City and county as a whole.

    Our water and sewer system is a shambles, hell, my toilets won’t even flush properly when Pigeon Creek is high, due subpar pumping stations and infrastructure. Evansville Sewer and Water will be slapped with another hefty fine from the EPA, more than likely this week, when heavy rains and storms hit the area again, due to the recurring, and FIXABLE CSO problem we have.

    You’ve allowed Vectren to buy and sell officeholders, keep jacking up our rates, and price Evansville’s rapidly shrinking middle class out of green supplemental power.

    Our roads are falling apart, you can’t even drive from Petersburg Road to Lynch without gritting your teeth because of the numerous and potentially damaging potholes in the road, on that one little stretch of Highway 41.

    Our Assessor’s office has taken an active role in devaluing our homes, and not to mention, with all those high dollar fluff projects downtown, apparently, a whole lot of taxpayer money has flat disappeared.

    Frankly, it amazes me that some of these office holders aren’t in prison, let alone still in office.

    The People of Evansville, who are for the most part, hardworking, law abiding citizens, who only want a fair deal, are not the problem. It’s our Government. Time to clean house this November.

    • You seem to have an excellent “handle” on the reality that is Evansville, IN as it currently exists. Sad, but true. If we don’t find some conscientious people to run for office, or if we fail to elect them, the future is bleak.

    • Appears the ‘façade of fairness’ was sold to the lowest bidder to flush.

      It was always a waste of time and money anyway. Money that can go into a contractor or politican’s pocket has no business being spent trying to make things look legit. It’s just not necessary. Nothing the electorate can do about it anyway, this past election notwithstanding. We did manage to get another peek behind the curtain this time around and it’s not pretty. Trouble is, the people allow themselves to be divided over piddly crap while the political parties come together when the money is on the line. It’s your money they coalesce around.

  12. Hot off the press. Here are additional names of people that helped Marsha Abell in her failed campaign. They are: Becky Kasha, Lon Walters, Farley Smith and Mary Jo Kaiser all members of the Vanderburgh County GOP Central Committee. Oh, for give me I forgot to add the name of Phillip Davis.

  13. Me. U will not be defeated. The county is Republican and it’s going to be a HUGE anti-Obama Republican year.

  14. I heard that Billy Bolin, the Republican mayor’s a-p-p-o-i-n-t-e-d police chief is backing DAVE WEDDING, the democrat running for sheriff. That. Is. Messed. Up. This whole town is messed up. I wish everybody who was a politician in Vanderburgh County would just wear jerseys so we can see what team they’re on. But I have a feeling if they did, they’d change in and out of different jerseys after each inning or quarter.

  15. They will wear any uniform or jersey you would like as long as a patronage job or money comes with it.

    What uniform do you like? The cheerleader outfit? The cowgirl? The french maid? The naughty librarian? Princess Leia? You got it. Jabba the Poltical machine needs feeding morning noon and night. All hail the machine! Gentleman, gentlemen we must protect our phony baloney jobs! Give the mayor a harrumph!! Bada bump!!

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