IS IT TRUE MAY 5, 2015


IS IT TRUE we asked 4th Ward City Councilwoman, Connie Robinson, why she didn’t answer the political questions submitted to her by the Courier & Press?  …Ms. Robinson told us she didn’t receive her questionnaire until a month after the post mark date?  …the Councilwoman told us she talked with a Courier and Press political reporter  about the delay, and he acknowledged sending them out late? …she went on to tell us she explained to  the reporter she is in her busiest time of the year and may not have time to answer the questions?…we wondered why the political reporter didn’t put a disclaimer in the article outlining the date the questions were received compared with the deadline related to his questions?

IS IT TRUE Mayor Winnecke sent out emails to his friends and supporters residing in the First Ward?…he encouraged them to vote for Councilman Dan McGinn?…the Mayor claimed Mr. McGinn has been a voice of common sense on the council, and a loyal partner in creating progress for the city?…we wonder where the Mayor was at when Councilman McGinn voted against Earthcare, to eliminate funding for Roberts Park and to cut the annual budgets?….we also wonder if the Mayor was asleep when Mr. McGinn supported the lower bond of $20 million on the hotel?…the price of the label of loyal must come cheap to our Mayor?….we suspect Mr. McGinn has election woes, as he has never had his representation taken to a vote and many actual conservatives are upset that he has not done more to curtail this Mayor’s spending?…Mr. McGinn’s comments on the Homestead Tax Credit may also be turning off First Ward voters?

IS IT TRUE our “Downtown Hotel Mole” has informed us we should not be surprised to see the new hotel sporting heating/air window units in all the rooms? …all we can say about this is “Say What”? …we anxiously await the bid and interior design process being completed?

IS IT TRUE we urge you to watch the most recent City County Observer and Woods and Woods TRI-STATE VOICES TV show? …this week’s program guest is State Representative and Mayoral candidate Gail Riecken?  …this is a must see program, as Ms. Riecken made the show insightful, thoughtful and extremely interesting? …people that sat in on the recording of this show felt that State Representative Reicken did an outstanding job? …Mayor Winnecke declined our invitation to be a guest on the program? We would hope Mayor Winnecke accepts our invitation in the fall? …we have never treated a guest with disrespect and have never tried to embarrass a guest ?  … we can assure Mayor Winnecke that he will be treated with the dignity accorded to a sitting Mayor?

IS IT TRUE we have grown tired of 2nd ward City Councilwoman Missy Mosby and At-Large City Councilman Jonathan Weaver insulting and nipping at the heels of fellow City Council Members and lauding our Republican Mayor? …City Democrats who support Gail Riecken for Mayor have an opportunity to give her a team of loyal Democrats?  …it’s one thing for a council member to say they have worked with the elected Republican Mayor, but it’s quite another to take a pass on the opportunity to elect a qualified person of their own party in that office? …political parties mean something and have platforms that all members have theoretically agreed upon? …any Council members  that failed to take a strong public position supporting Gail Riecken for Mayor needs to be turned away by the voters?  …State Representative Gail Riecken stands to become the first female to be elected as the Mayor of Evansville in its 202 year history? ...her  journey starts today?

Please take time and vote in todays “Readers Poll”. Also we just posted our current TRI-STATE VOICES TV show. This weeks guest is non other than State Representative and Mayoral candidate Gail Riecken.

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  1. The Editor of the EC&P is a PUTZ that’s why they didn’t send the question out to Connie until the last minute.

  2. We will leave the lights on for you though! Motel 6 the new downtown Motel across the street from the Mayor’s Office.

    • Just a thought. . . out of 64 square miles that makes up Evansville Winnecke seems to think that only one square mile is the most important. . . Downtown. . .by coincidence does he and his wife Carol McClintoch own a condo downtown? Perhaps all this money that is directed in that one square mile will help his condo value?

      • Perhaps. Self serving at it’s finest. That Condo … is that the one close to Riverside Drive with the balconies and all? If so that is a beautiful place to see. Too bad the rest of the city doesn’t look like that. But if the city administration only spends millons of dollars on just one square mile area of the Town there is no hope of getting the rest of the city looking like the Mayor’s Condo Building. Must be nice huh! I hope the people of Evansville, IN see what’s going on and who’s getting the most benefit from their tax money that’s collected from all the city not just those in that one square mile downtown.

  3. Please if you are a democrat or even a cross over GOP do not vote for Missy or Jonathan. They are disloyal to the Democratic Parties goals and fully support and have been supporting a Republican Mayor who’s wife is their employer. Their loyalties are with Carol not the other Democratic City Council Members and or Gail.

    They think that most of you will not even bother to get out and vote. So prove them wrong and turn out and vote in massive numbers. Show them that the Voters are in charge of this town not the dirty politicians.

    • How is the mayor’s wife their employer? Jonathan works for a competing company and Missy is a co-worker in the same company as the mayor’s wife. Is the guy that cooks the hamburgers your boss when you’re on fries?

      • I guess you never worked in a fast food join Phyllip Davis or you would know not to ask a stupid question without know the proper answer to the question. Huh! The cook is the main man in a restaurant and the fryer people answer to the cook. And they all answer to the Manager. Been there done that when I was 16.

        Let me ask you a question Mr. Davis. Tell us why Missy and Jonathan vote the way they do and not with their fellow city council democrats. They both claim to be Democrats but they sure act and vote right along with the Mayor on almost ever single issue that the Mayor wants.

        Funny You didn’t say that the Mayor’s wife was not their boss or that the made money of the Mayor’s wife. It’s fine to be social friends with the opposition IMHO as that’s normal. But when it come to conducting the City Councils Business they vote with the GOP more than with the Democrats on the hot topic issues. I guess Missy’s slogan is Dog Parks before Sewers.

        • Is it not the most prudent thing to vote how you and/or your constituents feel and not according to an alliance of egos? Most politicians are applauded when they think and act independently. Why does Mosby and Weaver vote differently than the other six Democrats? Maybe because they didn’t get the invitation to the closed-door caucuses at Scott Danks’ office which violate our state’s Open Door laws? I know you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed and you can’t draw conclusions from analogy, but my statement about the burger & fry guy was saying that just because Missy and Carol work for the same company does not mean that Missy works for Carol. They both work for the Briscoes. Thanks for the lesson on the fast-food hierarchy.

    • Messy and Beaver voted to fund Earthscam despite all the evidence produced it was bs. Plus the bs they presented was questionable before being exposed. That alone is reason to vote theses dunces out.
      The fact they don’t toe the party line is the least of the problems with this Dud Duo.

    • Sounds from 5pm news only 10% voted today. We will find out in a few hours the numbers that voted early!

  4. CCO–you are so short sighted re: window A/C units at the Wide Motel Downtown (WMD).

    Think of the promotional prospects . . .

    “Get your cool on, book a convention in Evansville–where YOU control the thermostat !”

    “You think our Icemen are cool . . . just wait until you stay in our new Convention Hotel with window A/C !”

    ” Take dat, Mr. Thermostat !” (for rapper conventions)

    “Come to Evansville for a convention, you’ll feel right at home (assuming you live in a double-wide) !”

    • Hey. . .look at the good side of this. . the only Convention Motel that has a plastic sheet option. . .

      • Yeah, advertise the local Plumbers & pipe fitters along with the sheet metal workers, and some controls people on those fans. They’ll certainly need some work as they’re getting short sheeted on the bid with the crumby old noisy window units.
        The “double foot print, tree high motel Hilton” is looking like it very well could shift most of the available conventions that still exist to the east for sure.

  5. “City Democrats who support Gail Riecken for Mayor have an opportunity to give her a team of loyal Democrats?” I disagree with this idea. Voters, please vote for the candidates who will by loyal to YOU first rather any other politician or elected official. A “loyal” city council could be nothing more than a rubber stamp for any mayor’s office regardless of party affiliation. Even if you agree with a Mayor’s decision you do not want their decision rubber stamped. You want the decision challenged by an intelligent City Council that will test decisions based on interests of the citizens. If the decision is good and serves the people it will stand those tests and be passed. No decision, good or bad, should be passed because of political alliances or loyalties. Shaun Short.

    • Bravo, Shaun; finally someone who understands checks and balances ! We really lack that oversight today with our City Council–they simply want to protect their own reputations, not delve into the fraud which riddles the Civic Center.

    • There are very good reasons to have “Parties in Politics”. Working alone one can’t get much done. It takes a majority of the city council to make something happen. Voting against the majority DOES NOTHING WHAT SO EVER if you are the only one voting against the Majority. You lose and so do the people who elected you.

      If you can’t get along with your own party then you don’t have any business running under that Party’s Name. IMHO.

      I don’t have to go in to details about how the Mayor has been spending the tax payers money on stupid stuff like Hotels. I can see helping out a developer by building better side walks and streets but to give them 23 million dollars of the tax payers money and get nothing back in equity is LOONY.

      • Moveon, you do have a point and I agree with most of your first paragraph. Good political strategy can be good for those you represent. However, this type of political strategy is best used for national politics. In local politics where the ability to personally talk with your representative is a common and regular occurrence and therefore it is in the best interest of your ward to let voters know where you stand at all times even if that means losing a city council vote 8-1. At the local level you have a much greater ability to explain why you are voting against “your party” or “your mayor” and this creates the kind of conversation we need to keep our citizens engaged and keep a better check-&-balance relationship between the Mayor’s office and City Council. When I ran for election, I got the best reaction from groups when we opposed each other but I was given a chance to explain myself and ask them to better explain themselves. Ask Joe if he remembers my 45 minute Q&A with the Smokefree Communities Group. I agreed with the principles and ultimate goals of the group but I did not agree with the current ordinance that was going to be voted on in those first weeks of the newly elected council. Because I disagreed but was willing to answer questions and defend myself we had an extremely productive interview. Had I won election, I could have used the momentum from that 45 minute Q&A to amend the current ordinance and help pass an ordinance that would not have resulted in the city being sued.

        My comments this morning were in regards to the idea that agreeing to endorse another member of your party, in CCO’s words, being “loyal,” was some how a qualifying attribute to be elected. I disagree with this idea and I know at its core CCO disagrees with this idea as well. In 2011, CCO objected almost daily to the City Council that seemed to be rubber stamping every thing that came out of the then Mayor Weinzapfel’s office. This is my only point: The idea of electing someone because they are “loyal” to another politician or political party is NOT a redeeming or qualifying attribute for election. Elect the woman or man who will represent your ward first, the whole city second and their party…..somewhere below 20th. Shaun Short.

        • Mr Short is without a doubt smart highly ethical young man a asset to this city and would have been an even bigger asset to e town……except for the fact this city has been controlled and ran into the ground by by the liberal democrat party for years……..the sad part it will never change example this so called “watchdog” site promotes the status quo…..instead of Mr. Short you have yahoo mountain dew lyin lindsey…… it true only around 20 people read the city county enquirer…….. it matters not since e town will continue voting lyin liberal…………and still wonder why the city is turning into nothing but a dump……….ask baltimore….. detroit….. liberalism is without a doubt a mental disorder…………

  6. Looks like the city, or whoever, can’t give money away to get some poor slope to site a restaurant in Evansville’s dying downtown. The top 3 finishers in their goofy contest refuse the money and don’t want anything to do with it. Lloyd Winnecke and his mob have sure done a number on Evansville.

    • Bet the cats are busy scratching dirt over this one too. Funny the CCO hasn’t mentioned it as well.

      Downtown is just a poor location for steady business for the small storefronts. People only go down the if forced to by some event staged there. The throughput logistics are about as bad as the shot infrastructure and the high cost of basic utilities, due the outdated structures available.
      The old greyhound station cannot stand alone with a restaurant inside, the approach and egress are lousy. And, the utilities will eat up any profits the place might muster up.
      Likely just another common political heritage cronies surname handout is afoot with that mess. Again.

    • Breaking News. . . .Santa has left the North Pole and changed his name. . . .New name. . . Yes johnny we have a winner. . . it’s SANTA LLOYD and his new office is ROOM 302 in the Civic Center. . . featuring his sidekick. . .yes Johnny another winner. . .CHRISTMAS CAROL. . . and the story can not end until Santa and Christmas introduce their most favorite Elf. . .oh, yes it is Kelley the Elf a/k/a Kelly Coures. . .the question of the day: Where do we park the slay and the raindeer?

      BTW better turn in your VFW memberships. . .and get on Santa’s slay and getcha the FOW membership (Friends of Winnecke) cards and you will be giving up CAKE or CAVIAR. . .

  7. OMG! The latest Tri-State Voices video lays it all out there. All the ineptitude of Evansville City Government. Can you imagine that things are so pathetic here that the Legislature had to give the city two years, and a mandate that they conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices going forward, in order to clean the mess up?

    There is no telling what any sort of a serious investigation would uncover about the finances here, but it looks as if they are going to let the city get away with a multimillion dollar plug to balance and another two years to straighten it all out.

    There simply has to be a complete house cleaning in city government. We need new people who are more interested in SERVICE over celebrity and quid-pro-quot.

    This is the most embarrassing thing to happen to the City of Evansville during my lifetime and is a stain that will be a long time in removing.

    • Our bond rating should be in the tank to the point that these projects currently under discussion could only be pipe dreams at this point.

  8. Respected developer(Martin) suggests a re-site of IU Med center to the Promenade area could include Ivy Tech’s
    students, AND cost LESS money. Even though this would leave more money on the table for the Old Downtown Hotel/motel, and not load up the ancient sewer system, Winnecke rejects the proposal out of hand, and says Mr. Martin is trying to Politicize the issue.–That’s rich, when political strings, the Mayor termed “fighting like the dickens” were used to get the Old Downtown location selected in the first place. A glorified Motel with window A/C units is a Convention Hotel? What a Farce! Mrs. Riecken should win in a walk this November over this loser!

    • @Crash: I saw that article in the Evansville paper this morning. If I understand this right, Mr. Martin can get the entire project done for $ 47 Million. By Mr. Martin’s numbers, City only has to put in $ 20 Million to the deal vs. $ 57 Million to keep it downtown. How could the City Council not take this up when $ 30 Million can be saved ?????

      • If the city council does not vote to make a change then maybe they are all taking a piece of the pie too?

        I mean $20 Million vs. $57 Million is a NO BRAINER!



      • Gentlemen and Ladies,
        Talk to your representatives, your ward leaders, your community representatives. Call the civic center. Demand better. What gives the mayor the authority to make the call all by himself? What point of law does this? It is, after all, our money.

  9. Editor:

    Cliff notes for today…yack yack yack Gail !!! yack yack yack Riecken !!! blah blah blah, let the CCO tell you how to vote…GAIL, please return to Illinois

    AND to stay on topic…DOWN with the MAYOR !!! DOWN with WEAVER !!! DOWN with MOSBY !!! DOWN with McGINN…and

    SORRY Mrs. Robinson… sounds like a song ??

  10. So when does the official name conversion take place for the CCO website? Going by the content presented since the editorial rollover, it should be titled something like, “Vote for Gail and only Gail” or ” “Only liberalism and democrats matter in the world.” or put a masthead on the main page stating: We no longer present facts and let others form opinions, we give you our opinion as fact.

  11. How come the watchdog never posted anything about the financial issues of one of the candidates that keeps popping up on the banner ad? A foreclosure less that two months ago on top of a bankruptcy in 2008 aren’t newsworthy? It shows a history of not being able to handle finances. CCO is silent on this? You can take this post down, but it’s not libelous. This is all public record.

    • Phyllip why don’t you go back to your facebook page and post that new information there. If you don’t like what you read in here why do you keep coming back? This site belongs to the publisher and YOU don’t get to tell him how to run his web site. No go sit in the corner and put your dunce hat back on. IE go cry on the Mayor’s shoulder.

    • Phoenix, I’d guess you’d agree your substantial public record is fair game too then?

  12. BREAKING NEWS! Polls close three minutes ago, and it’s a close race in all precents! Latest polls show a deadhead in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th wards and early movement in the at large race. Stay tuned sure CCO will be calling a winner shortly. SERIOUSLY, I hope at the end of the night everyone ESPECIALLY THE CANIDATES all act like adults with common sense! Stay Classy Evansville!!!!!

  13. The hotel is being designed with PTACs…not window air conditioners. Do you even try to fact check these things?

    Is it true? Well, no, it isn’t.

    • IM Snooping, the CCO and you are sorta both right. PTACs sit below the window but there is a visible grille from the outside. The new PTAC technology and architectural grills have come a long way from the noisy old units They are easy to replace and personally I see this as a non-issue with the hotel. Let’s hope they didn’t cut back on important Hotel features, like the rooftop bar.

      • They’re through-wall units. They do exhaust locally, yes (they have to somewhere, after all).

        But to call them “window air conditioners” is just sheer ignorance. It’s a classic example of a writer writing about something on which he has absolutely no clue. It probably would’ve made sense for him to contact somebody who was informed before publishing something so wrong.

        Oh, and the rooftop bar is long gone. It was one of the first things removed after the first round of bidding last summer.

  14. If Ms Robinson received her questionnaire 1 month after the postmarked date, how would that be the C&P’s fault? Wouldn’t that mean the mail was slow?

  15. I fear all hope is lost for today’s selfie and twitter based society. The turnout was so small for the election and for whom they voted are both rather depressing.

  16. How is it C&P’s fault that Ms Robinson didn’t receive her questions until 1 month after postmarked? Sounds like a mail error.

  17. I just looked at the final vote totals for Evansville. I am embarrassed to be from Evansville. Everyone bitches but nobody cares. There is nothing else to say.

    • You mean everyone on this blog bitches. Plenty of people in Evansville think Weaver, Mosby and Winnecke are the Bee’s Knees. There FB pages are full of obsequious worshippers. SMH

  18. I will ask again. Can someone please explain the popularity of Weaver and Mosby?

    Anyone? Buehler? Anyone?

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