“IS IT TRUE” MAY 31 2019


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.

IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer is now offering obituaries?  …we want to thank Ziemer, Koehler, Schneider and Mason Brothers Funeral Homes for providing us with their current obituaries at no costs?  …during the next several days we shall be announcing additional area Funeral Homes who shall provide our readers with obituaries? …we invite you to scroll down the lower half of the City-County Observer to view the current obituaries of area people who have passed?

IS IT TRUE  we been told by credible sources that the Republican party are planning an all-out assault on Democrats who are vying for a seat on the 2020 Evansville City Council?  …if members of the Vanderburgh Democratic party don’t watch their P’s and Q’s the Republicans could take control of the Evansville City Council for the first time in 50 years?

IS IT TRUE that the crime data for the City of Evansville as compiled by Neighborhood Scout inspired an article that was titled “The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Evansville” to be published a few weeks ago?…it was no surprise to anyone who knows Evansville that the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods were dominated by the Southside, the Southeast, Center City, and Jimtown? …of particular note is that the two neighborhoods that make up the entire North Main corridor are on the list of 10 most dangerous proving that an overpriced bike path does not positively help with reducing criminal activity?…this comes on after spending of over $200 million on the downtown area while Center City neighborhoods have been suffering from excessive street crime?

IS IT TRUE that digging deeper into the crime data reveals that violent crime in Evansville is 6.9 per 1,000 members of the population and property crime has a rate of 50.4 per 1,000?…this means that each person in Evansville has a 1 in 20 probability of being a victim of a crime?…this is more than double the crime rate in the State of Indiana?…that there is only one city in Indiana that currently has worse crime statistics than Evansville and that is the City of South Bend?  …in spite of the City of South Bend having abysmal crime rates, there is a love affair with Mayor Pete going on that may end up with him being elected President of the United States? …going back several years will also reveal that the crime rates have not improved under Mayor Pete so his appeal to the nation is just confusing?…when the national cameras start concentrating on just how little impact Mayor Pete has had in his 7.5 years in charge of South Bend, it is likely that his star will begin to fall?
IS IT TRUE that it is a common practice for a County Assessor to quietly increase home values? …to protest these increases, the homeowner has to obtain a certified appraisal costing at least $300?  …that the cost of the protest will cost approximately the same amount of money as the increase in our property taxes?  …it is also a common practice by County Assessors that even if the homeowner pays the cost of the appraisal and wins, the very next year the County Assessor will increase the home values back to the original increase and then some?
IS IT TRUE that according to the most recent publication of our city’s fund balances, the City Controller has added an additional account fund to the books?.  …that the name of the new fund is the “Park Special District”?  …that the “Park Special District”  fund has a balance of over $24 million?   …that the City Controller has been keeping this fund on the down-low? …that the fund’s origin is an actual additional debt from Revenue Bonds used on the Jacobsville TIF?  …the funds earmarked for the new aquatic pool to be constructed in Garvin Park will be the second round of bonds issued from the Jacobsville TIF? …the first Revenue Bonds was for the magnificent bike lane on North Main costing $14 million dollars?

IS IT TRUE that we wonder why the “Park Special District” bond funds have been deposited in the same bank account used to operate our city on a daily basis?

IS IT TRUE  back in 2016  the newly elected City Council’s first order of business was to repeal the Separation of Funds” ordinance that required all city funds to be deposited in separate checking accounts in order to force financial accountability? …because City Council repealed the “Separation Of Funds” ordinance all of the City funds are now deposited into the city’s General Fund account?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville City Council is more in need of a financial analyst than of a legal counsel?

iS IT TRUE a new magistrate has been selected for Vanderburgh Superior Court? …the Court has selected Molly Briles as the new Magistrate?  …she will assume her new role on July 1st, 2019?  …we expect her to do an outstanding in her newly appointed position?  …we are pleased to hear that the Court has also selected Leslie Jackson to serve as the Chief Probation Officer of the Vanderburgh Superior Court Misdemeanor Probation Office?

IS IT TRUE that newly hired University of Evansville Swim coach Stu Wilson begins his tenure as the new swim coach with the Aces today?  …that Mr. Wilson has coached Eight (8) conference champions in a power five conference before?  …that six (6) of his former athletes went to the Olympics and World Championships? …it is abundantly clear that Coach Stu Wilson was the right hire to coach the extremely talented student-athletes at the University Of Evansville?

Todays “Readers’ Poll” question is: DO You feel that Evansville is in financial trouble?

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  1. It’s plain by the actions of city council and other city government entities, corruption in Evansville doesn’t have political boundaries. It’s just in Evansville’s genetics.

  2. $16+ million for the built too narrow N. Main St shopping cart path (in Jimtown) is the poster child for idiotic local government spending.

  3. BTW does the City still have building inspectors?? The old blue door bar and “Earls” on the NE corner of N. Main St. and Franklin are about to collapse. These dilapidated structures are literally falling apart and there should be a fence around the buildings to protect pedestrians and motorists.

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