IS IT TRUE May 29, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE May 29, 2012

IS IT TRUE much to many people’s surprise the latest CCO reader’s poll regarding our reader’s intention on supporting or rejecting VandiGov 2012 resulted in a narrow victory for the supporters of consolidation?…the voting patterns do seem to indicate that there may have been some robo votes or monkey business at certain times on both sides of the issue?…most of us would have bet some good money on this poll reaching a NO victory but that is not the way it happened?…the forces on both sides of this issue are mobilizing and that we expect that between this and the election for President of the United States that Vanderburgh County may be in for a record turnout this year?

IS IT TRUE Mole #11 has advised us that two well known locals will be throwing their names into the ring for the democrat candidates running for the Vanderburgh County Council?…we have been told that Tim Schaffer (don’t know if this is a relative of Steve Schaeffer, Mayor Winnecke’s Chief of Staff) and that crusty dude Clark R. Exmeyer who is believed to be a regular caller to Les Shively’s radio show on WGBF?…Mr. Shively always seemed to enjoy sparring with Run DNC who surely had the sound of Clark?…that we here these two gentlemen will be well funded and give the incumbents a run for their money this fall?

IS IT TRUE of all 50 of the United States only four have employment levels that are at or above their peak employment levels?…the names of these states are Texas, Alaska, North Dakota, and Louisiana?…that eight states are not projected to reach the previous employment highs until the presidential election of 2016 or later?…the names of these lagging economic states are Nevada, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Ohio, Alabama, and Arizona?…that this statistic does not get the unemployment rate back to its previous lows because it does not account for population growth?…that a little realized fact about lowering the unemployment rate in a city or state is that when people move away for a job elsewhere the place they left can claim a lower unemployment rate while the place they move to sees little change at all?…that is counter intuitive but true none the less?

IS IT TRUE it works like this?…that if City A and City B both have 10 people wanting jobs and 90 who have jobs they both have an unemployment rate of 10%?…that if one of the unemployed people from City A moves to City B for a newly created job that City A now has 99 people who want jobs and still has 90 who are employed lowering the unemployment rate from 10% to 9.1% (9/99)?…that City B still has 10 who need a job but now has a population of 101 so they only see the rate drop to 9.9% (10/101)from the previous 10%?…that statistics do not always tell the real story and the statistical fact that a city with a shrinking population has an inherent advantage in the statistical calculation of unemployment over a growing city?

IS IT TRUE that given that mathematical truth that the best way for an unemployment obsessed politician to improve his numbers is to find a way to get the unemployed to pack up and leave town?…that running one unemployed person off has the same statistical effect as attracting 10 employed people to town?


  1. Did you bother to check how the chief of staff and the rumored Democrat candidate spell their last names? I think one of them used to be the German Township Assessor, and the other has his name in the news frequently. Google is your friend.

  2. In the 1980s there were eighteen meter readers. They used a pencil and paper. each employee cost $25,000. Today there are nine readers using touchread equiptment. Each employee cost $35,000 + touchread equiptment that cost several thousands.
    We paid a private company to run the utility on the cheap for 15 years we got what we paid for.
    In the eightys we had a line crew for mains that was a job eliminated. Private contractors were to do the job cheaper.
    By the way the man who negoetated the contract in the 80’s for the city went to work for the private company. No conflict there.

  3. don’t know how much these republican ideas are bringing down unemployment in the hoosier state. none at all would be my guess. but they seem to be creating lots of jobs in democratic illinois. friends came and took me to that big mall over in belleville saturday. yumpin yiminy, all of the cars in the lot had indiana plates!! wonder how that cuckold of a governor explains that. following our shopping in democratic illinois, we headed into democratic saint louis for refreshments. lots more hoosier plates!!! the little joint we patronized, don’t know the name offhand, i was’nt driving so i paid little attention, had GREAT pizza and cold st. louis union made beer. deelish. one of the things that struck me as odd, though, is that the server, out of the blue, asked if we were from indiana. after some lying about where we had originated from, one of our party fessed up. expecting to be ridiculed right on out of this fine establishment, we wre pleasantly surprised to find out that every fourth pitcher was on the house for hoosiers. those missouri democrats told us to say hi to mitch the mook because his tea toking policies had sure been an economic boon to their economy. one of the others in our party told us that next time, we go to louisville. apparently they are big fans of hoosier dollars too.

    • I love your post, but…did the server bother to tell you that “hoosier” is also a derogatory term used in St. Louis to refer to what we here at home call “white trash?”

    • Sounds about right – spend your money out of state then complain about the condition of the local economy. It’s like the business man with something a li’l something on the side, wondering why the home life doesn’t improve. BTW, pizza and beer, however delicious, however served by the low-cut blouse hustling for a couple extra bucks to feed her kids, isn’t indicative of a booming economy. But that’s just my opinion.

      • first off, we’ll make, and spend, our money any damn place we please. second off, anybody who reads my posts knows i don’t complain about nothing.

      • Sounds like o’Jack is on his way to a local business with a lot of out of state plates in the parking lot…. one of our hospitals , the largest employer in our area… too much beer, pizza and sour attitude…

      • Par Bauer leads tours over there all the time. Check with him and get the “PARTY” discount.


    • Chicago is on the verge of bankruptcy. It has the largest per capita debt of any city in the nation, and when you consider LA and SF’ per capita debt, that is saying something. As Chicago goes, so goes the state of Illinois.

      Was there a fat guy in a toga playing the fiddle present while you were being wined and dined?


      • you clowns and your incessant sniveling about this town this, and that town that are a scream. you took a good look around this sty lately? these tattoo shacks and payday dives you tea twits call an economy just ain’t impressing.

    • Typical union mentality, thinks the economy is beer and pizza. Did you see our union Chrysler plant in St,Louie?

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