IS IT TRUE May 23, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that today is a very special day to local, state, and even the federal government?…today is special because it is a Friday before a 3 day weekend during which an overwhelming majority of the people of the United States are just not interested in news?…the news cannot compete with barbeque, beer, and outdoor fun so if any government has some bad news to turn loose today will be the day that it is released?…the City County Observer predicts that cities especially will take advantage of our halcyon weekend to dump every piece of bad news possible onto the news wires so the taxpayers of the country are tuned out when the bad news is released?…this will be true from Evansville, to Everett, to Escondido, to Elizabeth, to Ethiopia and back again, so if you are one of the few concerned citizens who prides themselves in keeping up with current events, keep your ears open this afternoon?

IS IT TRUE we are glad to finally be able to check the websites of the Courier & Press, 14 WFIE, and Channel 25 and find no stories about the audit recording?…it will be back when the final report is released and it will be back with a vengeance if there are differences in the recording and the final report?…there are several people who are eager to compare the final report with the recording to see just how many rabbits of 2012 could have been pulled out of a hat in 10 weeks?…if the exit interview and the humiliating things that were said is what it took to snap the City of Evansville out of its coma and reconcile the books then it was worth it?…if it should turn out that plugging in some number to do a one time fix is what it takes to reconcile then it is probably time to hit that reset button and magically sweep the time period from December 31, 2010 to now under the rug forever with the stroke of a pen?…perhaps the time of no accountability will end soon?

IS IT TRUE there was a smidgen of good news on the population front for Evansville that came from the census estimates for 2013?…the City of Evansville has actually grown by 252 people over a three year period according to the census estimate?…our new population estimate including annexation is now 120,310 breaking a 50 year cycle of continuous losses?…we shall see how the 2020 census goes as estimates tend to be less accurate than a real census is?…similar stops in losses were reported at many of the forgotten cities of America?…this is an artifact of an economy where unemployment is high and housing is not selling?…as the economy continues to recover it will be interesting to see how increases in mobility will effect the “locked in you house and job” problems that have kept many people from moving since roughly 2009?…at the current growth rate Evansville will regain its peak population that happened in 1960 in the year 2100?…here is a link to a very good article about Detroit’s population vs. the metro area?…the shape of the curve for Evansville over the same time period will be similar?

IS IT TRUE the only real bad news for Indiana came out of South Bend which is soon to drop below 100,000 residents and is still losing people but at a slower rate than before?…when 887 more people leave South Bend it will drop down to 99,999 for the first time in many years?…one would think that the presence of Notre Dame University would have stopped the losses but one thing is for sure and that is South Bend and the Notre Dame campus look like two different planets?

IS IT TRUE it was a pleasure for this writer to attend a Technology Investment Conference and to serve as a panelist in Irvine, CA for the last two days?…being able to meet Brendan Iribe whose company Oculus went from nothing to being bought by Facebook for $2 Billion in only 20 months was a highlight as was testing out the virtual reality mask his company developed?…at the end of the day a former University of Evansville assistant basketball coach from the Jim Crews days came up and asked about locating his start-up telemedicine company in the Palm Springs Accelerator Campus?…it will be good to have another former Evansville resident in the program so we can get together with Bob Alexander who lives in Palm Springs but is best known in the Tri-State for being the promoter of the Bull Island rock and roll festival back in the hippie days?


  1. Is it true that the CCO has a “C&P” moment about today’s date?

    Tell us it is “not” true that interns are doing your online!


  2. If I knew he was going to do this I would of not voted for him or help in his election fundraising. I feel let down by Mr. Williams. I feel like he is turning his back on us. I will just add him to the list of local political let downs.

      • I saw it and it was duly recorded. If it turns out to not properly reconcile with the calendar, the calendar will have some explaining to do.

  3. Why isn’t the media covering the tape? If you listen to it, the State Board guy who’s primarily on the tape sounds like Forrest Gump. The Evansville audit is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

  4. Mr. Editor, you also have two more Evansville transplants living in SoCal.
    Last I heard, Mike and Tom Traylor of Traylor Brothers are living in the LA area.

    Off topic but has there been any news on the name of the driver that hit/ran and killed that guy on Epworth Road, Warrick Co. last winter? I think the scene was near Colonial Hills south of Outer Lincoln.
    As to my knowledge this has been a hushed up topic.

    • Thanks, I don’t know them but several Traylor’s showed up on my Stanford alumni list when I lived in Evansville. On a side note, I run into many people who lived in Evansville at some point during my travels. Most are educated, prosperous, and happy. Most have good memories of growing up in Evansville but do not wish to spend their lives there mostly for career reasons. Evansville people do quite well when they leave the nest.

      • I don’t know your age but I am guessing that you are closer to their father Tom’s age. These are the sons who have taken over the leadership for their father, both are good guys.
        I am sure that LA is a more opportune location for their business ventures but I think Evansville is still Traylor Brothers home office.

        • I am 57. I think I am enough younger than Tom and enough older than his sons to travel in different social circles.

      • Mat (Mark) Williams might live out in California somewhere near Hollywood. He’s from Evansville.

        Think Tool Time and Rosana. Mark is a F.J. Reitz and University of Evansville Graduate from Evansville, IN.

          • Yet another local from Evansville has made it big in the tech industry.

            Aaron Patzer, living in the San Francisco bay area. Founder and CEO of sold to Intuit for $170m in Nov 2009.

            Just googled his Linkedin page and found this:

            Co-Founder & CEO of Leonardo, a pre-launch realtime communication platform that instantaneously connects consumers stuck on a problem with the experts most qualified to assist them.

          • “Co-Founder & CEO of Leonardo, a pre-launch realtime communication platform that instantaneously connects consumers stuck on a problem with the experts most qualified to assist them.”

            * * * * * *

            Quick, someone give Russ their web address, then maybe we can get a clean audit.


    • I wondered about this myself and actually messaged the Warrick prosecutor via facebook a few weeks back and her answer was that they are awaiting lab results. It certainly appears a bit shady the way this whole thing has played out though. A driver charged (not convicted) of a hit and run in Evansville was named at the time of his arrest, yet this crime has been kept very quiet. This type of job performance may be part of the reasoning that the prosecutor lost her bid for re-election…

      • Something does smell funny about the way this whole matter is being reported and handled.

        • Given the victim’s background and the “ol’ boy’s network” in Warrick Co, I doubt we’re going to ever know much about this. I’ve wondered if this doesn’t tie in some way with the complaints about the way the current Prosecutor handles her job, as well. I have no idea if it does, but it did make me wonder. I only lived briefly in Warrick Co, so I don’t know a lot about how they do things. I mainly learned that there is an “ol’ boy’s” connection that is pretty blatant and that I didn’t like living there, because of the inconvenient location of where I lived.

          • The notion that there is an “ol boy’s network” working in Warrick County is a gross understatement!

            I lived in Warrick County for 23 years and the Good “ol boy’s network” is alive and well for the chosen few.
            The rest of us just get fleeced and run out of town.

            This hit, run and death information coverup smells of the “ol boy’s network” to me!
            And I have chronic sinusitis.

  5. Just got the monthly water bill and noticed they added a “MANDATE” charge. When I called about the new charge I was told it’s part of the Clean Water this true? Since we live outside the city limits and are charged 35% more for water services because the city council pasted this increased on to the people in the county. Oh that’s right pass the increase cost onto people (outside city limits)that have ZERO say so.

    • Remember the “where’s the beef” commercial.

      There’s a couple of pounds of “enhanced beef” with all the “fillers” added, as well.

      Mandate beef, so to speak. How YOU pay to fix downtowns Zombie CSO mandated sewer infrastructure properties to sell as profitable investments. Period.

    • You can always go back to Well Water and not use the City Water? Heck it might even be better for you if you kill the bacteria in the well water before drinking it. At least it won’t have all the CRA*, industrial waste and farm waste water that’s dumped into the Ohio River above Evansville. God only knows all the different chemicals that end up in the River Water. And if you think that it’s diluted and filtered enough to drink then go for it. Just remember we do have a pretty high rate of cancer in this area. And what we breath in the air, eat in our food and drink in our water has a lot to do with the cancer rates.

      On the bright side we are way up river from New Orleans. They have to drink what we put back into the river as does Mt Vernon and everyone else down stream from us.

      Letting the Ohio River water filter down through sand is not going to remove all the small ions and other organics from the water. The only good thing is that the water is treated with either Chlorine or Ozone to kill the living organisms before we get to drink it. But the remains of those bacteria are still in the water. They just are not alive and viable anymore.

  6. In South Bend the IU Med School is tied to the University of Notre Dame, and both appear to be prospering, while the City of South Bend is not.

    Local citizens may regret not locating that facility at the University of Southern Indiana.


  7. In the matter of the audit, I doubt they will be ripping the scab off this wound so soon. I think if it had not been for the brouhaha over the recording and trying to discredit the Councilwoman, this would have been an opportune time to dump the news. I’m wondering if July 3 might not be a good time. I hope I’m wrong!
    On the water bill, I noticed that “mandate” charge, too. Am I correct in assuming that it is in addition to the back-breaking rate increases we’re scheduled to get?

    • Did you know that any Republican voter who was at the polling place when SBR requested a Republican primary ballot this past May could’ve challenged SBR’s eligibility to vote in the Republican primary?

      Check out IC 3-10-1-6, which says an eligible voter in a primary is one who at the last general election voted for a majority of the regular nominees of the political party holding the party primary election in which the voter wishes to participate; or is a voter who did not vote at the last general election, but intends to vote at the next general election for a majority of the regular nominees of the political party holding the primary election in which the voter wishes to participate.

      That means that IC 36-10-1-6 implies that a person who asks to vote in a Republican primary election, but who voted in the last general election for a majority of the regular Democrat nominees, or who intends to vote for the majority of the Democrat nominees in the next general election is not eligible to vote in the Republican primary election.

      SBR claims she voted in the 2014 Republican primary. If she did, she voted as an ineligible voter according to the definition given in IC 36-10-1-6.

      Did you know that under IC 36-10-1-9, if a real Republican had challenged SBR’s eligibility to vote in the 2014 Republican primary, SBR still could’ve voted in that primary if she had signed an affidavit attesting that she had voted for a majority of the Republican candidates in the last general election, or that she did not vote in the last general election, but intended to vote for a majority of the Republican candidates in the upcoming general election?

      If you doubt any of this, you may go read the statutes for yourself.

        • StateBoardRecorders: Point is deflection, doh.

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      • The practice seems to over-ride the theory here. I could have encountered the same situation, but neither the Councilwoman nor I did, and guess what? Our votes both counted, and neither of us committed perjury! I almost wish I had been challenged because this really needs testing.
        This may well be the most ridiculous law on the books. Are you absolutely certain it still is? I’ll look for myself sometime over the weekend, and thanks for the cites. How is one supposed to know who they plan to vote for in the fall before the candidates are chosen? As an attorney, don’t you have some doubts about the constitutionality of forcing someone to swear who they voted for or who they plan to vote for in the future, or depriving that person of their right to vote?
        Only in Indiana!

        • Legal blogger Rick Hasen stated it very well, in reference to IC 3-10-1-6:

          “As I note in the Slate piece, “Given the way it’s constructed, prosecuting someone under this law looks quite difficult–unless someone is dumb enough to blog about lying on an affidavit, how would prosecutors prove how the voter voted last time or that he lacks the intention to vote for a majority of Democrats at the next general election? And there are questions about the constitutionality of this provision.” On the constitutional question, at least for voters who voted in the last election, is this not a two year disaffiliation provision, like that struck down by the Supreme Court in Kusper v. Pontikes. I’d certainly advise the Indiana legislature to change this law before the next election, or else face a lawsuit seeking to strike it down.

          In any case, we’ll see if challengers materialize at the polls on Tuesday. Thanks so much to a reader for initially bringing the odd Indiana code provisions to my attention.”

          It appears that the AG of Indiana is selectively enforcing laws. Remember the outcry that caused when it was Eric Holder doing the selection and DOMA was the law?
          I hope the readers of CCO will encourage our lawmakers to repeal this law at their first opportunity.

        • I never said I agreed with the law because I don’t. And I agree with you and the writer you quoted, it’s impossible to prove how someone voted, and near impossible to enforce the law at the polls or prosecute the violator after the fact.

          I only posted all that mess up because you kept saying none of it was true or applicable when another poster and I simply quoted or paraphrased the statutes. And yes, that is from the state’s current statutes posted online.

          It’s curious that SBR, as a lawyer, would openly say she voted in the Republican primary, voted for Ungentheim, and voted for him because she perceived him to be the easier candidate to beat in the 2014 general election. I say it’s curious because she should know the law, and as a sworn office holder, she violated the oath she took to obey and uphold state law when she pulled a Republican ballot and declared by her statements and signature on a legal record that she either voted in the past general election for a majority of Republicans on the ballot, or didn’t vote at all and intends to vote for a majority of the Republicans on the ballot in the fall election.

          She should know the law and follow the law because she is in a high profile position locally. And has made herself even more high profile by all her recent shenanigans and off the wall statements like her confession regarding voting in the Republican primary. I mean unless she really does vote Republican more than she does Democrat, and intends to run on the Republican primary ballot in the future.

          Otherwise, she will now have to repair her standing with the local Democrat party, pray no one challenges her standing as an officer in the Democrat central committee, and beg the county chairman for a permission slip to run as a Democrat the next time around. Because the party chairman now holds all the aces in that regard.

          There’s a lot about what she has done that is just plain dumb politics, and poorly thought out rash behavior, and that’s a fact.

          • “Repair her standing with the local Democrat party”?”Poorly thought out rash behavior”? What happened to her hero status?

  8. BULL ISLAND. Now there’s a thing from the past. I spent that summer at the swimming lake and camping out under the stars at night. That was a good summer.

  9. Aside from the fact that this is a study, not a Census, Evansville is not growing either way. The annexation of 2,058 acres of Knight Township had 600 residents filing a lawsuit against it which nearly doubles this “growth” right there. Remember the ole “Evansville has grown by 2,000 residents” line back then?

    As the website summed up best with their article “When Sprawl Hits The Wall”…

    “I’ve long argued that the real reason sprawl, or suburban development as we’ve been practicing it, is a problem isn’t because it’s ugly, environmentally damaging, racist, or some other form of evil. The more fundamental problem is that it’s a long term financial loser. The numbers just don’t add up over the long term when you take a lifecycle view of it.”

  10. I suspect in the next few years the city will again try to annex the westside river bottoms to St. Vendal so we’ll hit 120,310 or more in 2020.

    • Make no mistake, it will be a ‘b**** to the wall’ battle from west siders if they try to bring up that nonsense again.

  11. The other day when I had to visit Russ in his office, I heard Cher blasting from his computer speakers. Does anybody have a video of that Daily Show from 2003?

  12. Hans, per your request we have just posted it on our video section called CCO “MOLE TV”. Happy Holiday and enjoy a yesteryear video of former Evansville Mayor Russ Lloyd, Jr.

    • Thank you so much for posting that video again. That’s about sums up the former Mayor. And now maybe that explains the situation we are in now with the City Finances. He still at the Cher Concert evidently!

      I guess he thought he was funny but it cost him election.

      And yet some of the Democratic Leaders helped elected his buddy Winney to the Mayor’s office over Rick Davis and now we have Russ Jr. back in the city government as the City Controller.

      One would have thought that the people of Evansville would have learned a lesson from the Daily Show election episode.

    • Thank you so much for posting that. I watched it a couple of times. Russ is still like that. He really doesn’t take anything seriously like he’s supposed to. Ten plus years later, the raw sewage is the City books!

  13. It appears that no audit findings are out yet. Holding on to them until July 3 would be a nervy move, but they might go for it.
    The powers that be really shot themselves in the foot trying to make SBR out to be the “bad guy.” I really think this is retribution for her voting in the Republican primary, as much as it is about her trying to let the voters have a glimpse of the truth.

  14. Editor 🙂 File for Posterity.

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