IS IT TRUE MAY 18, 2015


IS IT TRUE the 2015 Homestead Tax Credit is up for discussion and approval at tonight’s City Council meeting? …City Council should defer this ordinance for further clarification? …the last day to approve this ordinance is August 1, 2015?  …another reason why this ordinance should be deferred is because we hear that either 3 or 4 City Council members won’t be at tonights meeting?

IS IT TRUE some elected officials feel the present wording of the 2016 ordinance could quietly allow money to be deposited in the city coffers from the Homestead Tax Relief fund?  …they also feel the tax payers may not get the full 8% credit on their 2016 Homestead Tax bill due to the carefully worded changes?

IS IT TRUE sources allege these are the percentages of the tax credits that have been given to us the past few years: 2014-6.66%,  2013-6.16%, and 2012-7.05%?  …we hope the City Controller can share some light if these figures are correct or not?

IS IT TRUE some elected officials feel the present wording of the 2016 Homestead Tax ordinance should be changed stating that each tax payer would receive the full 8% Homestead Tax Credit as allowed by State law? …its our understanding this ordinance presently states that taxpayers could receive up to the maximum 8% as allowed by state law?  …If City Council members contact the DLGF would they obtain the appropriate wording to achieve the goal of giving the Evansville-Vanderburgh County tax payers the full Homestead Tax Credit of 8% for 2016?

IS IT TRUE if tax payers receive the full 8% Homestead Tax Credit as allowed by state law there would be less money for local government to waste on “nothing” projects?

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party held its golf scramble in hopes of raising big money? This event raised $3000 and incurred expenses of $1900.?  …were local Labor Unions contributions to this event exactly ZERO? …do they appreciate the support the local Democratic party has given them over the years?   …with a net profit of only $1100, is this another indication that Chairman Faulkner’s leadership is on the skids?  …was this really their biggest fund raiser of the year?

IS IT TRUE local ” Labor Union Bosses” are calling Democratic candidates running in the November General election and inviting them to join them at a cookout?

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  1. Unions supporting republicans just shows you how tight the grip of the oligarchy is on the populace post citizens united. We are headed straight back to the days of slavery with half of those that will be enslaved cheering loudly.

    • Yeah, right, Ghost. And the other half wailing loudly, Citizens United!!!. While blindly overlooking the real culprits; Washington Democrats.

      • Ghost promised he was going to get a job and move away. It’s been 2 years and he’s still here with his “genius” posting.

        • And Joe when are you leaving and heading out of town. I figured that by now you would be living up in Washington D. C. where you can keep a closer eye on the real Joe Bidden. Are you in love with him or something. You have taken his name in here and talk about his boss all the time. I figure that you have a love hate infatuation with the President and his VP. You need to seek help man. They have a lot of good Doctors living in the Washington D. C. area. Why don’t you take Phillip back there when you go.

      • it seems to me that the Local GOP party is in the spot light on this local homestead credit tax and you are trying to turn the spot light onto Washington D. C. Well I’m taking over control of the spot light from you and turning it right back onto the city where it belongs. We the people should get the full 8% tax credit that’s allowed by State Law. CS some times you just don’t make any sense.

        • Wrong, move. Ghost moved the spotlight by whining once again about the totally irrelevant Citizens United decision, which took place in Washington D.C.
          Now, why do you think I’m against the full 8% Tax Credit.? Of course I’m for it. And I see nothing in today’s IIT to indicate it won’t be 8%.
          Wonder what Riecken thinks about the issue?

          • Whatever it is she has the commonsense for stop writing checks when the money well is running dry.

          • Well then I stand corrected. I’m also for the total 8% tax relief. The city takes way too much of the tax payers money and uses it to give to the Mayor’s Cronies to build motels in the downtown while leaving the sewers to rot.

  2. Is It True: …….Today’s legal notices, page 1C EVC&P, the Vanderburgh County Redevelopment Commission is seeking bids for $6.6 million in Redevelopment District Tax Increment Revenue Bonds (with County Option Income Tax Pledge). Interest rate not to exceed 5%. The bonds will be used for procuring funds for various capital projects and for the cost of the bonding process.

    Once again the Income Tax slaves of Vanderburgh county must pledge the income from their labor in order for the Redevelopment Commission to receive any bids on these TIF bonds that would otherwise generate no interest to prudent investors.

    Wake up people. Where is this money going? What is it paying for?

    • Masochism–The getting of pleasure from suffering physical or psychological pain inflicted by others or oneself. (Websters)
      Lord knows the passive Taxpayers/Citizens of Evansville have been slapped around repeatedly by the leadership in that town.
      Wake -up? Not going to happen Press,—– apparently they like it….

    • Great info and questions Pressanykey.
      Another question. How is there a TIF Zone for the “I.U.” Med school when that area’s TIF moneys are dedicated to re-payment of Ford Center bonds?

  3. did anybody else read the booking records today and notice that Bill Marver, owner of the boat that burned down at Inland Marina has been arrested for arson for hire? and why hasn’t this been as broadly circulated as the accusations of neglect were?

    • I wondered when this was going to come out. Marver has a colorful history. There for all to read.

        • What part of that link should we use to look up information about Mr Marver. The guy is under arrest and in the Vanderburgh County Jail along with Ms Brenda Harris. I wonder how much he promised to pay her for starting the fire on his houseboat so that he could collect the insurance money and pay of his debts etc.?

          • Click ‘Vanderburgh’ or the top option ‘all’ under the dropdown ‘select a location’ line. Vanderburgh will narrow the search for you. Then click the ‘criminal & citation case records’. Type the captcha code and choose ‘defendant’ under the dropdown ‘search by’. Under ‘party information’ last name and first is all you really need to put in.

          • Thanks Bandana. It’s late and I was tired but that helped me figure it out. He has several citations for speeding and one for Invasion or Privacy. But the Arson change is going to hurt bad. He will do jail time if convicted. I wonder if he is a risk to flee the state?

          • He did some serious prison time, it’s the charge about importing 300 lbs. of pot into Evansville. The felony with 4 or 5 other defendants. He earned 2 associate degrees while in prison and that helped him get out a little early. Sometimes those entries are a little hard to understand and you have to look at other sources to flesh them out.

        • I wonder why the Evansville Courier and Press missed all this and still is behind the 8 ball tonight. Nothing to report on the arson arrests tonight from the EC&P.


            It took them a while but they finally posted something about the arrest and the fire tonight. Interesting how the fire investigators and other authorities use some of the Facebook Post by Harris and Marve to show their communications with each other. I’m wondering what they found in their emails or other more private communications?

            One thing that people who want to start a fire for insurance purpose is that the tend to remove stuff from the fire scene before the fire is started. Especially things that are irreplaceable or very expensive. Thinks like family pictures that are not replaceable and things like expensive speaker systems. 🙂

            Marve has already posted bail tonight and is out of jail now according to the story in tonight’s EC&P online blog. I guess he left Brenda sitting in jail. Seems she needed 7 grand to cover funeral costs for her father who passed away recently. Sad.

    • IS IT TRUE that one of the reporter at one of the TV stations indicated that Schaefer has a speed dial to Brandon . . so why are you NOT surprised to hear that the media has left the building much like Evis . . .

  4. If one of Winnecke’s enablers is carrying the ordinance it underscores the financial distress the city is in. Otherwise, discounting sheer stupidity or a political tin ear, why would he pick the scab of his last attempt to commandeer the same tax credit? It can only remind the voters of his desperate intent to glom that credit whether behind closed doors or on the council floor?

    • You’ll want to put ” an eye” on that “doc whiplash” fella as well, something about that guy doesn’t quite meet the squares line. Knowing the level of the relative value of the old downtown Evansville’s infrastructure, and the cost to that revenue base bring it to logistical valuation, I’m thinking they E.T. should of sported Doc Zig, Zag instead of the doc whiplash hashtag.

      • He lost me the other day with his gratuitous defense of putting that medical school downtown. Maybe it meant serious pushback is coming from powerful people on the siting, maybe he wants something from Winnecke, maybe he just didn’t have anything better to do. Maybe it meant nothing.

        • Its actual real worth is nothing ,that’s about as clear is anything. That site will knee cap the extension school from day one. “Everybody knows it.”

  5. Mr. Marver and Ms. Brenda Harris arrested for conspiracy to commit arson tonight. See the Evansville Transparency Facebook Wet site and the Channel 14 Web Site for further details. Nothing yet on the Evansville Courier and Press web site at 9:57 pm. They are last to the party I guess. Or maybe they didn’t figure out that the real story that night was not the arrest of the owners of the Marina but the accused Arsonist and the man who allegedly paid them to start the fire on the houseboat.

    But I knew all along that the story was FISHY and this was more than likely an arson for money scheme. I mean who cleans a houseboat at midnight in the middle of the winter. People don’t get the urge to buy a houseboat in the middle of February. They don’t think about buying a boat until spring has sprung and they can actually go out and use the boat. Not many people go boating in February when it’s colder than hell outside and the river is frozen over.

    To those that said we jumped the gun. I think NOT!

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