IS IT TRUE? May 18, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? May 18, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the grass and weeds at the McCurdy Hotel that face the $603,000 parking lot are nearly as high as the fence that surrounds the lawn?…that the landscaping and the grass at the McCurdy very clearly violate the City of Evansville’s weed laws?…that we wonder if the owners of record of the McCurdy Hotel have been notified by the City of Evansville regarding this violation?…that the owners of record are still Centre City Properties LLC of Carmel, Indiana?…that the property is classified for taxation purposes as parcel number 82-06-30-020-005.002-029?…that as of today’s date that the Vanderburgh County Assessor’s website shows that Centre City Properties LLC is behind on the last two installments of property tax in the amount of $21,040.21 including a $979.24 penalty for missing last November’s installment?…that there will now be an additional 10% penalty or $2,104.02 penalty added to the tax bill?…that we expect that the code enforcement department of the City of Evansville should notify Centre City Properties of the weed ordinance violation and get this eyesore taken care of immediately?…that every property owner in Evansville that has ever been fined for a week ordinance violation should keep an eye on the McCurdy to see if SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT is benefitting this loyal donor to the Weinzapfel for Mayor campaign?

IS IT TRUE that according to Mark Owen in an interview with the Courier and Press last fall that the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party exercised an automatic automatically five-year extension to a their lease at the Executive Inn parking garage in the Spring of 2010?…that it was known in closed circles and to the powers that be at that time that the Executive Inn parking garage would have to be demolished due to structural issues?…that at first Mr. Owen insisted upon being paid by the City of Evansville for the moving expenses but later reversed his position?…that the first 5 year lease expired on July 31, 2010?…that extending that lease while knowing that the building was to be demolished fits well into the category of “sneaky but legal”?

IS IT TRUE that finally there is a time established to start the demolition of the rest of the Executive Inn?…that the possibility of a refurbishment will officially start to disappear at about 4 PM next Monday May 23, 2011 after a long wait?…that John Kish is still insisting that the financing to go forward with the Hyatt Place is solid?…that the City County Observer intends to test this whole process by serving the City of Evansville with a Freedom of Information Act request for the contract between the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and Woodruff Hospitality LLC today?…that the City County Observer intends to test this whole process further by serving the City of Evansville with a Freedom of Information Act request for the contract between the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and VenuWorks today? ?…that the City County Observer also intends to by serve the City of Evansville with a Freedom of Information Act request for the details of Mayor Weinzapfel’s recent trip to Germany to visit Evansville’s sister city today?

IS IT TRUE that a local “Homebrew Club” that prides itself in homemade craft beer was contacted by a local ABC officer advising them that they will no longer will be allowed to donate their “Brews” to such charity events as SWIRCA, the Evansville Museum, and the Evansville Zoo to name a few? …that the “Homebrew Club” products are free of charge and given to patrons in sample size?…that this is a subject that should be addressed by our locally appointed members of the Vanderburgh County ABC Board?…that 3 of the 4 board members are appointed by our local elected officials? …that the Mayor of Evansville appoints one (1) member, Vanderburgh County Commissioners appoints one (1) member and the County Council appoints one (1) member and the other is appointed by the State? …that it looks like that the powers that be don’t appreciate the time and effort our local “Homebrew Club” members go through to help our local charitable organizations? …that one notable member of this prestigious “Homebrew Club” is none other than the owner of “TURONI’S”? …that the City County Observer asks you to contract your local elected officials to ask them to encourage their locally appointed ABC Board members to correct this outrageous decision made by a local ABC State Trooper?


  1. Standing ovation to the CCO for filing the Freedom of Information Act requests, a lot more SUNSHINE is needed in all of the City’s dealings. The City’s poor record of transparency has finally caught up with them with the building of the Arena, where the dollars are large enough to garner attention by more citizens. If you really want to see how transparency is done right: go to the City of Saco, Maine’s web site. Look at the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) which they publish for their citizens (BTW, City of Evansville publishes this much on their web site re: financials: 0 (nada in Spanish). Also, City of Saco, Maine has 16,000 citizens !
    Also, take a look at the Organization Chart Saco shows, and let a smile cross your face !

  2. Also, taking a step back, how pathetic is it that these contracts for Public Works projects aren’t freely disclosed, especially to a newspaper ?? Get a copy of the Populous (architect for Arena) contract while you’re at it, maybe that would explain why we’re paying 13 % fee on the construction costs, everyone else in the USA pays 10 % !!

    • Very impressive report. I read over some of the info and found it refreshing. I did notice that the city only had 47 people in law enforcement which would work out to 2.8 per 1,000 people. I seem to remember an article in the Courier about consolidation a while back that said Evansville-Vanderburgh combined had nearly 600 people working in law enforcement. That would be 3.4 or so per 1,000 or about 20% more than Saco has. Maybe we need them more than they do.

  3. My compliments and thanks to CCO for filing these Freedom of Information Act inquiries.

    Most of us simply fumble the ball when holding the city to its’ responsibilities.

    CCO has picked up the ball and done a good job of advancing it.

    I’m sure that CCO will keep us informed of any progress, or foot-dragging on the part of the city.

    Thanks again CCO

  4. Thank you for bringing up the plight of the homebrewers and, more importantly, the charitable organizations that they donate their time, expertise and money to in order for the organizations to raise money. It is strange that this has been going on for many years and, all of a sudden, some half-wit bureaucrat all of a sudden has a problem with it. Obviously, the Exercise Police have nothing better to do but to harass anyone and everyone that happen to catch their attention.

  5. I would really like to beat the person who took away Ronald McDonald’s self esteem. I do not honestly think there can be another human being on the planet who suffers “small man syndrome” more than this idiot.

    I would also like to add my kudos to the CCO for filing these Freedom of Information Act requests.

  6. The Shriners are going to cut the grass at the old McCurdy Hotel because it would be such a embarrassment to have people see that site during the Shrinersfest in June.

    • Three Cheers to the Shriners for once again doing for Evansville what Evansville can’t seem to muster the energy to do for itself.

      Three Chinese Cheers for the City of Evansville’s ability to plan and deliver (Fooey, Fooey, Fooey)

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