IS IT TRUE May 16, 2012


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IS IT TRUE May 16, 2012

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Commissioners started the budgeting process for the next fiscal year yesterday and spent much of their meeting grilling the various non-profit agencies that receive financial support from the County on what their value proposition is?…the Commissioners have been asked to cut 10% from the County budget and want to be wise in choosing how to do this?…the easiest but least effective action would be to just cut 10% across the board and let the leaders of the organizations all deal with it in their own way?…that would also be the lazy way to make cuts and would not provide for any VETTING of current spending patterns?…every budget from the home to the federal government needs to undergo a rigorous review and tough times are when that usually happens?…that if the Commissioners take a deep look at how they are spending OUR MONEY they will find some things that should have been eliminated all together and others that may be doing so well that they merit additional investments?…it is in tough times that the best performers should get the largest increases but also when poor performers are downsized?…that we hope our Commissioners take this seriously and do this the way they would in their own homes and businesses?

IS IT TRUE perhaps the most controversial and embattled of the non-profit heads to stand before the Commissioners yesterday was Debbie Dewey, president of GAGE?…Dewey came before a group of Commissioners who were basically not feeling much respect from or for the goings on at GAGE with respect to the Vanderburgh County?…Commissioner Melcher brought up the facts that the Commissioners were not invited to the Crane bus trip, have seen no tangible results from GAGE in the unincorporated county, and doubts whether GAGE should even be doing tax abatement grading?…Ms. Dewey was asked what she would do if the Commissioners cut her $150,000 per year contribution by 10% to $135,000 and her response was that she would have to lay somebody off?…that with a budget of over $800,000 it is doubtful that a layoff would be necessary for a $15,000 budget cut?…Commissioner Melcher expresses reluctance to support any support for GAGE at all unless things change with respect to how GAGE interacts with County officials?

IS IT TRUE a common theme across the entire country right now when it comes to budgeting is one of uncertainty and restraint?…budget cuts are being cussed and discussed all across the country as a result of entering the 3rd year of legislative uncertainty?…Dr. Jerry Nickelsburg of the UCLA Anderson School of Business gave a presentation yesterday on the economic forecast for the nation?…the forecast called for perpetual slow growth, stagnant job growth, a continued period of languishing real estate values, and an overall fiscal assessment characterized by the term “a slow moving train wreck”?…that while one speaker picked President Obama to be re-elected another with graphs and charts to support his conclusion is picking Romney on the basis of Ohio and Pennsylvania sealing the deal?…that the reason given for these two states sealing the deal for Romney winning in these states is their dependence on COAL as an economic force?…that the states that are really up for grabs are only a maximum of 10 with only half of those being big in the scheme of the electoral college?…one map was shown that had President Obama winning the electoral vote by 68 votes that also projected him losing the general election by 6 points?…that all speakers agreed that the dire economic forecasts would merit upward revision in the event that Romney wins?…even the speaker with an Obama sticker on his car expressed that sentiment?…the non-profits of Evansville should listen up because when there is no money in the coffers of government, there can be no investments in non-profits?…that all government money comes from private business successes or the printing press and we know what negative effects the printing press has?

IS IT TRUE all of this happened on a day when President Obama was touting government for creating the internet and the internet with making Microsoft possible?…that Microsoft was a commercial success 20 years before the internet had any commercial viability at all?…that the President must have been channeling Al Gore yesterday in Seattle?


  1. ” … one speaker picked President Obama to be re-elected another with graphs and charts to support his conclusion is picking Romney on the basis of Ohio and Pennsylvania sealing the deal?…that the reason given for these two states sealing the deal for Romney winning in these states is their dependence on COAL as an economic force?”

    I do not know who the speaker is who predicted Romney’s victory in Pennsylvania and Ohio, both of which should be narrowly within Obama’s count in November, particularly Pennsylvania.

    I also don’t know yet whether I agree that “COAL as an economic force” will push either or both Blue States into the Red Zone, but I agree that the 2012 Presidential Election hangs on Ohio and Pennsylvania. Romney cannot beat Obama without at least taking Ohio. I have looked at every Blue/Red map developed by every legit political analyst who to date has offered an Electorial College prediction, and it’s a given that Romney cannot win without either Ohio or Pennsylvania, or both states in his column.

    Needless to say, we Hoosiers can count our blessings that we don’t live in either of those two broadcast media zones … well except for those unfortunate Hoosiers whose TV airways are infringed by Cincy, Dayton, and Toledo stations! Those poor folks may want to unplug their Boob Tubes after Labor Day.

  2. The coal industry must die giving way to better cleaner energy sources. The coal industry doesn’t want to let this happen but intelligent people must make this happen as soon as possible. I don’t know if this administration has the best answers to make this happen but they do understand that it must occur unlike Mr. Romney who only seems to want to promote existing large companies to the detriment of our future.

    • Which would you rather clean up after: an explosion at a coal fired generation facility, or an explosion at a nuclear fueled generation facility?

      Cleaning emissions from a coal fired generator is much preferable to living with the threat of nuclear energy. Just ask the Russians and the Japanese.


      • Ah yes, the one-world, socialist nut-jobs were out in full force yesterday. I note that the wizards of smart were blithering and blathering between 12:19 and 4:45 PM yesterday. This would indicate that the utopians either have very little to do at their jobs in the City-County Building, or they are unemployed and bored to distraction. The rest of us are busy and productive from 8:00 to 5:00, moving this economy forward and creating wealth.

    • Why must coal die? There is no credible scientific evidence that coal causes global warming. Coal is used to produce 50 % of the Nation’s electrical energy. In Indiana coal is used to produce about 95 % of our electricity. Indiana has one of the nations lowest electrical rates in the Nation even though Vectren has the highest electrical rates for those of us that live in Vanderburgh County. The Obama Administration is trying to put the coal industry out of business through the permitting process. When it does, if you think gasoline prices are high, just wait when you get your new electrical bill. You have not seen nothing yet “baby”.

      • There is nothing waiting in the wings that could immediately replace coal fired electric generation except nuclear fueled generation.

        We have seen what happens with nuclear plants when human error and natural disasters take place. Add to that terrorist threats that will likely only evolve in their sophistication in the coming years and it is difficult to make a case for building another nuclear power plant.

        It is dangerous to society to the point that anyone calling for the reduction of coal fired electric generation, without a viable alternative other than nuclear, should be challenged and taken to task for their position. We are dependent on our electrical supply and I do not need to paint a picture of what would happen in our country if there were a long term disruption in that supply.


        • do not overlook natural gas …. the Japanese are currently paying a fairly large premium for Liquid Natural Gas ( LNG) in place of nuclear ….

        • I don’t like the nuclear option either. My point is that we need to begin moving away from coal now so that some day in the future we can ween ourselves off of coal. It must happen some day. There is a finite supply. And it should happen sooner rather than later to better control the effects of climate change. It won’t happen quickly. It will take a long time. But there is no better time to start than now.

          • “The U.S. has a 250-year supply of coal.” At the current pace of technological invention I would think that gives us a cushion until a better and safer (than nuclear) and perhaps even a more economical alternative is discovered.


  3. Does anyone outside of the Republican City County Observer think that Romney actually has any chance against Obama?

  4. I hear that the alledged “People Financial Watch Dog” of Vanderburgh County, Commissioner Marsha Abell is mad as hell with the CCO for stating the Savannah, Ga. trip was a “JUNKET”?

    The truth hurt doesn’t it Ms. Abell!

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