IS IT TRUE? May 16, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? May 16, 2011

IS IT TRUE that it is time for the Vanderburgh County Council to give serious consideration to Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann’s $250,000 request for County funds to cover expenses in the prosecution of alleged child killer Jeffrey Weisheit?…that the County Council has approved over $500,000 to cover the expenses of defense attorneys?…that this same County Council has only appropriated $25,000 for the prosecution?…that the citizens of Vanderburgh County deserve justice?…that providing public defenders with more than 20 times the funding of those representing the family of the victims and the citizens of the county is not justice?…that the County Council should act quickly to correct this disparity? …that the CCO moles will continue to monitor this situation and will provide updates to our readers?

IS IT TRUE that in a review of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission minutes that their minutes do NOT disclose the dollar amount of approved contracts and appropriation of funds?…millions of taxpayer dollars are spent without the official oversight of any elected officials?… that even though there is no elected official on the ERC that it is well known that the members are all appointed by the Mayor of Evansville and behave in lockstep with the Mayors demands?…that if any elected City Council member request information from this apparent secret organization, it is like pulling teeth?…that some think that an individual with the distinction of CPA after their name should have subpoena power to extract the necessary information from the apparent secret organization?… that if the requested information would be supplied to a City Council member with the initials CPA after his name that he would have the expertise to wade through the documents having the taxpayers’ interest paramount?… it’s past due that the taxpayers’ of the City of Evansville have some oversight of the free-wheeling expenditures of the ERC?…that it seems odd that one of the members of that organization is himself a CPA and is employed by a firm that the Chairman of that firm is the president of the City’s utility board that was also appointed by Mayor Weinzapfel?… that the people deserve transparency and demand that Councilman John Friend, CPA and head of the Finance Committee of the Evansville be granted free access to the financial dealings of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission?

IS IT TRUE that the day of the puppetmaster and his loyal puppets in the City of Evansville should come to an end?…that for an appointed entity like the Evansville Redevelopment Commission to operate in secrecy and to publish incomplete minutes where the financial details are withheld from the public?…that in the case of the demolition of the Executive Inn and its parking garage that John Kish said the price would be $1 Million total in an August 2010 meeting?…that when questioned he said he had a quote?… that he said it would be $1.5 Million in a later meeting?…that neither number was recorded in the minutes nor was the second number questioned by any of the members of the ERC?…that rubber stamping is not the purpose for such a commission?…that if all we need if 5 bobbing head dolls that rubber stamp the Mayors wishes on the ERC that we could just round up 5 random hobos to provide that service?

IS IT TRUE that there is a recent case of what would certainly qualify as selective enforcement of the law when it comes to campaign finance is driveling itself out in Evansville?…that some campaigns receive the benefit of a wink, a nod, and a look the other way from a certain law enforcement agency and others are watched like a hawk?…that if the widely witnessed antics of the past are ever the subject of a deposition that some high ranking heads may just get thumped pretty hard if equal justice prevails?


  1. In over 20 years, Stan Levco never requeted a dime in extra funds for a death penalty case…and won every one.

    • Levco never requested a dime – not because he didn’t need to, but because he didn’t understand how budgets and funds work – and now since he almost depleted the funds available to the prosecutor’s office, Mr. Hermann is having to take the extraordinary step of requesting money. Should not the State be placed on equal footing with the defense?

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