IS IT TRUE May 15, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the theme of the World Energy Innovation Forum that is being held at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA this week is on returning to FIRST PRINCIPLES to innovate in an industry that has seen little innovation in over 100 years?…the industry that is often the subject of in need of innovation in this particular conference is the industry of power generation and distribution?…Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, the company that is most known for completing infrastructure projects all over the world said that when it comes to lack of basic innovation that the generation and distribution of electrical power is fundamentally no different than the days when Thomas Edison was the CEO?…Elon Musk of Tesla followed that up with the secret to his successes has not been as a result of adapting existing technologies but comes from returning to the FIRST PRINCIPLES to resolve problems that have been thought to have been solved before?…Mr. Musk who incidentally is a very shy and humble person went on to state that most people are capable of way more than they believe they are and thus create barriers in their own mind that limit their performance?

IS IT TRUE along those lines of thinking one could ask the question of what should cities do from a FIRST PRINCIPLES perspectives?…when it really comes down to the basics the things that cities should be doing are minimally Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, Roads, Sidewalks, Water Treatment and Delivery, and of course Sewage Treatment and Disposal?…one can add the Taxation and Management to accomplish those tasks to the list of basics functions that all cities must do to be functional and attractive?…in some cases K-12 education is under the umbrella of cities but does not necessarily have to be?…things like parks, arenas, zoos, water slides, convention centers, and other “extras” fall outside of the realm of FIRST PRINCIPLE needs?…given this we must ask ourselves why on earth many cities seem to obsess on fun and games projects and ignore the FIRST PRINCIPLE needs?…that one goes back to Elon Musk’s statement on “believing in oneself”?…the cities that have well functioning infrastructure will stand to attract outside things like fun and games, hotels, etc. to be completed by profit seeking private enterprises?…cities that are all about fun and games with non working infrastructure will continue to struggle to attract real game changers?

IS IT TRUE the management of a FIRST PRINCIPLES city involves having policies and procedures in place that comply with federal and state laws and having the people on the job to accurately and equally enforce those policies?…Evansville is facing a situation with the violation of federal comp time laws that makes it clear that we do not have the management side of this equation in place?…the federal laws on comp time accrual for police and fire are as clear as they can be yet the City of Evansville has not for many years complied with these laws?…accruals over and above the federal limits is so common that it seems as though Evansville must be in another country when it comes to compliant administration with federal laws?…this is most likely traceable to a lack of accountability and an unwillingness to face the reality of the amount of money it would take to reset the clock?…this policy was provided by the federal government more than 10 years ago and can be found online by a laymin in less than five minutes?…it is so easy and obvious that the “I didn’t know” argument from the people in charge just doesn’t hold any water?…this predicament is getting the fingers pointing but returning to FIRST PRINCIPLES is it obvious that the policy and management side of the City of Evansville is not willing to take the initiative to learn the law (try that with the IRS if you dare) and once the problem is pointed out they are not willing to comply (try that with the IRS if you dare), or they possibly have been so indoctrinated by the OLD BOY NETWORK that they think federal laws do not apply to Evansville?

IS IT TRUE the EPA should keep a close eye on whether or not Evansville even has the capacity to manage a payroll according to federal labor laws and reconcile the payroll and pension accounts before it gives any leeway at all to this cast of clowns when it comes to federal sewage treatment laws?…if one can’t understand that 480 is 480 and balance a checkbook, how on earth will they manage a billion dollar project spanning many years?


  1. Joe, I think you wrote way over a lot of locals heads today. If you want Evansville to learn something please dumb it down some. First principles are way beyond the local comfort zone

    • I think that most CCO readers are perfectly capable of understanding what was written here. It may not be true of the general public, though, but I think almost anybody can grasp the “…when it really comes down to the basics the things that cities should be doing are minimally Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, Roads, Sidewalks, Water Treatment and Delivery, and of course Sewage Treatment and Disposal?” part of what was said.
      I also believe that most people grasp the fact that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” I guess we’ll see in the next couple of elections whether such things register with most people in these parts.

      • He’s a typical arrogant republican. In his delusional dream world everyone but he, his family, and his immediate group of friends are all Obama voters and on food stamps.

  2. ‘…or they possibly have been so indoctrinated by the OLD BOY NETWORK that they think federal laws do not apply to Evansville?’ ~~ Editor

    A gasp in unison from behind the closed doors of city and county government. ‘That is not only our First Principle but our Very First Principle’.
    Pre-inculcated by nepotism and dangerous virus into the cozy hubris-ridden culture of the old boy club, they go about their business unconcerned with federal wage rules, the city’s long-term future, the very poor among us or much else. They are untouchable, their reign inviolate. They were voted in by ‘the people’.

    The very sound of ‘First Principle’ conjures up the reek of an ignored sewer system, sane city management and sound fiscal planning to them. Things they just don’t want to think about. The mention of ‘principle’ alone is enough to spin their noggins like Linda Blair. If an exorcism alone would solve Evansville’s problems Enoch might do one at a reduced rate if asked in a pleasant manner. The Civic Center would rise and shake, the sneak thieves wailing, reverting to their natural forms, bleating for a recount and flying out of their office windows. It’d be awful but it might be our best shot.

    After the next election it’d be same-o.

  3. Haha, Joe you remind me of those motivational speeches I used to have to listen to when Prime America would send me to different conventions for life insurance. Just insert Jesus in place of First Principle and I’ll be rolling all over the pews touched by the spirit.

    As for Musk, I have no use for him after he released that stupid and impractical Hyperloop concept right as California High Speed Rail was working on getting its final source of funding.

    Lastly, words cannot express how proud of I am of Al Lindsey for taking on the Fire Dept management head on. That pathetic press release issued by Winnecke should show everyone that we need a new mayor AND fire chief. We need the CCO on this story asap.

  4. Is it true that C&P at 5:49 pm Thursday post this article.

    Mayor says council member “secretly recorded” audit conference in violation of the law.

    Interesting about “violations of the law”. Are these audits being done because of violations of the law?

    • I just mention the article so the “mover and shakers” on this site can give us the details beings one certain person besides the councilman was mention by the “12 1/2 percent” mayor!

    • Sad but preditable. Friend is right when he says ‘trust has been tarnished’ but wrong if he’s speaking of her (performance on the city council). Sometimes she seems like the only one there worthy of trust.

      Really makes you wonder what they’re doing with the SBOA audit. Calling it ‘being massaged’ would be an insult to massage parlors everywhere.

      Machines that live in glass houses…

  5. If this recording had taken place in a private home like with Donald Sterling I would be against this action. If it was just a vendetta and not an attempt to uncover a controversial handling of the audit, I would be against it. And if this tape were tampered with or altered to hide the truth, I would be extremely against this action. But none of that is the case here and I for one am at a loss for words as to why there aren’t sunshine laws PROTECTING this action instead of discouraging it. And what about undercover whistleblower laws? I’m really not sure this even illegal.

    First of all, this “violation of state law” is only estimated to be a fine or civil penalty not some crime of the century like the media is letting on about. So only those who do 50 on the Lloyd and 20 through every school zone are eligible to cast the first stone.

    Secondly, how many people in this community would have to sit in the back of the bus if Rosa Parks had taken the “rules are rules” mentality? While a person should never break a just and fair law (especially one that is serious in nature), there also comes a time when civil disobedience should be exercised against frivolous and regressive laws like this one that only serve to kill transparency and need to be changed promptly.

    What we’re basically looking at is transparency being against the law. How pathetic is that? How has this community suffered from SBR’s actions? I can’t think of any. I can however think of how much better this community would be if we got the truth about this audit.

    And now Winnecke is claiming a “violation of trust.” Really Lloyd? REALLY? You are the one to complain about trust? Let me ask you this Lloyd: Should I trust you after the Roberts Stadium Task Force Report? Should the community trust you and the city after the McGladrey Report? And what about the whole entire process on this audit in the first place? What makes you the one to claim you can’t trust anyone on anything? Please explain because that comment strikes me as hypocritical.

    I’m more interested in what was said on the tapes than I am with this being some “violation of state law.” And I bet I’m not alone on this which is why the machine has jumped out in front in the media on this.

    GO SBR!

    • Well that is what the machine (Mayor) is trying to do, create a whole lot of controversy, tarnish anyone that might have something negative to say and in general create a lot of discord so they (the Mayor) can easily explain away any or most of the negativity that will be in the SBOA report.

  6. What you’re seeing and watching is the kind of political dirtbag smear jobs done by the likes of Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Fox News, etc.

    It’s page one in the Republican playbook

    Just say Willy Horton and put a picture of an ominous looking black man on TV, just say John Kerry is unfit for office and was a traitor whether it is true or not. Just say Obama is a Kenyan whether it is true or not. Just put Hillary Clinton and brain damage in the same sentence together. Just say Obamacare and job killer in the same sentence and say a gazillion times.

    Who cares if it is true or not? The smearers seldom if ever get held accountable.

    “Mayor SAYS SBR violated the law”, a headline right from the desk of the National Enquirer. Just say the CCO has published a transcript of the exit interview, it’s a GD lie but who cares?

    Now we’re talking about the CCO’s ethics and whether SBR violated the law or not instead of $7M of unreconciled accounts. Now SBR and the CCO have to spend time and energy defending the charges.

    Now we’re not talking about the lack of priority Winnecke gave the bank recs. Any leader would have told his accounting and financial team to lock themselves behind closed doors and not come out unti they find the $7M ON DAY ONE.

    Now were talking about everything BUT the failed hotel financing, the Earthcare loan, the sewers, and on and on and on.

    Slimy dirtbag politics.

    John Friend, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Exactly! I don’t want to get off topic and we should keep the laser focused on Winnie’s faults, which are many. I am so grateful to the person who leaked this that I would probably vote for them. The question we should ask ourselves is: why would informing the public be against the law? Does the law protect corruption?
      The problem was that the mayor’s office didn’t release their rebuttal, and may never have. And that is not ok with the public. The leak was the only solution to that problem.

      Oh Winnie, you can run but you can’t hide. Better get your thunder shirt on….

    • It is page one of the Democrat playbook as well so it is hardly restricted to one political party. Both machines are only interested in one thing; retention of their power and could care less who gets run over.

      On the other hand I was wondering when the machine was going to kick in and start some kind of deflection-ary tactics over the SBOA. Must mean the report will be made public real soon.

  7. Notice C&P has let the full story on this and its comments available for non subscription. C&P doing the machine a favor? Notice a tight time span when a group of posters “quick bashed” SBR for the recording as if on cue. Also notice the “honest mistake” story (overtime by fire department}several days ago by the mayors bunch on the right hand side as most viewed.

  8. “The Mayor’s office has since notified the City Attorney’s office and the State Board of Accounts because of the sensitive nature of the audit process,” Winnecke’s statement said. “Clearly, this is a breach in the audit process and a violation of trust.” ~~ CP Article

    It’s possible Winnecke wouldn’t trade this stroke of undeserved luck for a shiny new Suburban. This could keep that troublesome SBOA report bottled up a while longer. Giving his handlers longer to concoct his next news release: ‘It’s clear….’. Also helps keep those embarrassing questions about the Earthcare loan and non-hotel at bay.

    Evansville has self-saddled itself with a tinpot administration.

  9. Regardless of the source, it will be interesting to see if the results from the exit conference differ from what the public is told.

    • We do not have and have never had or published a transcript of the exit conference. The assertion in the Courier and Press is not true?

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