IS IT TRUE May 14, 2012


IS IT TRUE May 14, 2012

IS IT TRUEthe deadline in the letter from the attorney for Earthcare Energy passed and that the pending litigation that Ted Ziemer, attorney for the Mayor’s Office may have become a little more closer to reality over the weekend?… the Mole Nation is telling us that Mr. Ziemer has been feeding information to other news outlets that he will be meeting with the Earthcare attorneys on Wednesday to discuss the letter’s contents?… the letter sounds more like a “seeking a settlement” letter than it sounds like a “want to do the deal” or a “want to go to court for a multi-year battle” letter?…that if the discussions are cordial, intelligent, and honest we may soon learn just how much it costs to have rotten vetting, vague contracts, and conflicts of interest as a way of doing business?

IS IT TRUE if this City Council does not adopt process of how to VET along with an ETHICS STATEMENT and a CONFLICT OF INTEREST policy that this fiasco will probably repeat itself?…it really seems as though a critical mass of elected and appointed officials in Evansville simply do not understand what the terms ETHICS and CONFLICT OF INTEREST means?… in the absence of such knowledge this history of foolishness and back room deals will continue?…this City and maybe even the State and Country are in a real quandary when the buck never stops and when clearly wrong things are successfully defended as legal?…that our laws seem to be leading the American people down a path of no accountability and especially the ones who find their way into elected or appointed positions of leadership?…that what has gone in Evansville during the last 10 weeks is a perfect example of fluff over substance and self interest over good public policy?

IS IT TRUE the path to rescinding the loan approval for Earthcare Energy will start at tonight’s meeting of the Evansville City Council?…that minimally the first reading of the Riley Resolution will be happening tonight?…that the Mole Nation tells us that City Council President Connie Robinson who cast a vote to fund a $200,000 loan advance before the City Council voted will not be allowing any discussion about Earthcare?…that President Robinson may control the agenda of the Council but she cannot control the 3 minute speaking opportunities available to the citizens of Evansville?…that based on this alleged attempt to MUZZLE THE DEBATE ON EARTHCARE by President Robinson, the City County Observer would like to encourage the people of Evansville to flood the Council Chamber and make statement after statement regarding what is thought about the way this deal has been handled?…it is important to have an official transcript that reflects the reality of what has happened and what the people of Evansville think about it?

IS IT TRUE we also wonder just what significance the loan approval by the City Council has and thus what effect rescinding it will have?…as long as we have a sneaky slush fund with people who have conflicts of interest that are willing to circumvent the will and authority of the City Council that this problem will not be solved?…that for the reason of conflict of interest, that we call for Connie Robinson, Debbie Dewey, Christine Keck, and Greg Wathen to resign immediately from the board of the Evansville Economic Development Loan Committee?…that with these people on this board it has no legitimacy?…we also call on President Robinson to apologize publicly for here roll in circumventing the authority of the Evansville City Council, the legal body that she is President of?…it would minimally be appropriate for Councilwoman Robinson to step down as President?…that this may be the second position of authority that she ends up being dismissed from in less than one year?…that first it was the Democrat Central Committee and now the City Council where to paraphrase Mr. Spock “the desires of the self were placed above the needs of the many or the few”?


  1. Little AL would make a fine city council president. BTW, I heard Messy is now selling used cars. Anybody know which dealership I need to stay away from?

  2. hmmm, news on earth care seems sparse today. maybe it’ll pick up later this p.m. oh well, may as well try on a top 5 list: top 5 seminars at this week’s god, guns, and goobers gala over in bugtussle; #5. Clip Carbine on firearm safety… uuuuh, which end of this thing do the bullets come out of…#4. Kook Klansman on racial harmony… uuuh yeah, i guess we could use a new rope…#3. Stud Hungwell on safe sex practices… aaat’s right abner, first you gotta learn them sheep to back up…#2. ‘Uncle’Sam Flagstaff on american history…hytrf nvbgf lpoiung Obama is the devil, gfdrew jhgytre bvgtr Obama is a communist, piuytr cxsaz Obama is a … and, coming in at #1. Jesus Christ on… You Mooks Gotta Lot Of Nerve. well that concludes today’s list. you pistol packing peabrains be careful over at Mook-A-Palooza,why, you could put an eye out with those things.

      • no,kind sir, merely bored. today’s political news seemed slow. i only veered off into the more “bizarre” aspects of our local scene for my own amusement. do stay tuned for further dispatches from this beleagured old democrat, for i just can’t help scribblings contain no malice, merely sad commentary on the state of our collective condition.

  3. John Friend may not be everyone’s hero today, but he has the integrity and a pretty good BS sniffer. I would be in favor of seeing John Friend take the helm number one.


  4. Editor,

    What is up with the study to determine the size of the new hotel? The ERC decided on Feb. 22 to spend $40K on a new study and said it should take about 2 months. We haven’t hardly heard a peep out of the ERC since. Quite a difference from their activity under the previous mayor; especially the fast and furious pace they cranked out approvals in the waning days of J.W.’s administration.

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