IS IT TRUE May 13, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that GOP Chairman Wayne Parke stated in last week Courier and Press article that the local GOP Central Committee contributed an additional $5,000 to Marsha Abell’s campaign after the April 21, 2014 deadline?

IS IT TRUE that Wayne Parke mandated that local GOP Central Committee give $5,000 to Marsha Abell’s campaign on 07/09/13, $5000 was given to Marsha Abell’s campaign on 01/17/14 and additional $5,000 was given to her after April 21, 2014 deadline? …Mr. Parks public statement made to the Courier and Press shows he has authorized the local GOP Central Committee to donate a whooping $15,000 to Marsha Abell’s failed County Commissioner campaign?

IS IT TRUE MR. Parke blamed low voter turnout for the defeat of County Commissioner Marsha Abell? …if GOP Chairman Wayne Parke would had granted Bruce Ungethiem request to give him a list of Republican voters who voted in the last couple of primaries we bet more voters would had showed up to vote?

IS IT TRUE that two of the many votes taken last night by the Evansville City Council were the right votes but taken at the wrong time?…the first right vote wrong time was of course the 9 – 0 unanimous vote to rescind the approval for the $4.8 Million loan to Earthcare Energy LLC?…the right time to have voted against approving so much as a nickel to Earthcare Energy LLC would have been in March of 2012 when the founders of Earthcare were being paraded around Evansville by some local supporters as if they were Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Thomas Edison?…four City Council members, the City County Observer, and a host of other people who have an understanding of technology and enough initiative to do some research figured that one out at the right time?…all that aside the damages from this little foray into the world of investment banking by Mayor Winnecke and his minions have now been limited to the $200,000 they snuck to Earthcare without telling the Council?

IS IT TRUE the other right vote wrong time from last night was the resolution to approve the issuance of bonds to support the IU Medical School?…this was only off by a short time and was really just out of order by what may turn out to be a few weeks?…the release of the 2012 audit should have come first and the interest rate should have been capped at 5% instead of 7% but all in all that probably will make little difference since the bonds will not be sold until after the 2012 audit has been released?

IS IT TRUE with all of the rain that we have been having recently the stark reminder that the Combined Sewer Overflow problem is still going on was obvious in the usual locations and particularly easy to see from the air flying over downtown Evansville?…the CCO is interested to hear the result of the EPA’s consideration of the $545 Million proposal made by the City of Evansville so the people of this town can be fully aware of the size of expenditure that awaits them?…It is closing in on a year without an answer and with a small uptick in construction prices we are sure the low end of this project is now nearly $600 Million and the high end may be approaching a BILLION DOLLARS?…either way the cost to do this necessary repair that has been ignored for 50 years is going to be staggering?

IS IT TRUE we are reminded that the roads. the sidewalks, and the water pipes are also crumbling or obsolete and added together will cost another Billion Dollars to get into minimal working order to be in compliance with what it takes to be a modern city?


  1. I wonder how shitty the city would be if we abolished all government period like tea partiers want and let capitalism unfold naturally.

    • Well with more government programs and handouts it would look like Detroit or Chicago. With less it may look like Dallas or San Antonio. But you digress as always into an unwanted and impossible position of abolishing all government. Even baggers don’t support your obscene position.

    • Word for word from the DNC playbook GOTJ. If there is a award the CCO could give out for best imitation of a parrot, you would win.

    • The City would be even shittier than it currently is, and I mean that in the very most literal sense.

      • A shitty city it would be.
        They’d fondle their guns and sip their tea.
        Stomping their feet, never saying please,
        waiting for their gubmint cheese.
        Hoping to nominate a ‘bagger like Pence,
        picture in dictionary under the word dense.
        Lauding the thieves while living in penury,
        chanting like a monk for their check from the Treasury.

        A shitty city it has become,
        both parties mixing and spending as one.
        Monuments to the anointed shiny and hot,
        ignoring the pace of the infrastructure rot.
        A foul stew from the Civic Center galley,
        taking license numbers if you attend a rally.
        Capitalism for the poor is the way it must be,
        socialized risk for you and me.

        Most of those Teabaggers couldn’t make it without substantial subsidization. They get tossed the pygmy of sops, sure the money ruboff will be coming their way anytime now. They don’t want to share the crumbs with other needy people, especially those unlike them. Capitalism in its natural state would eat these folks alive. It already has and it’s not even full blown yet. Buy, buy, buy or our economy will die, die, die. Let the very poor scramble, it is after all their fault.

        • You’re truly gifted when it comes to rhymes, and you couldn’t be more spot-on with your social observations!

    • I can’t seem to find a lot of fault with the TEA party philosophy. We have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. FCA, Fiat Chrysler automobiles has decided to move it’s world corporate office from Michigan to London, Pfizer, an American company has denounced it’s citizenship and moved to London. The democrats do have the bragging rights for putting 15 million people on food stamps. Democrats love the poor so much they are creating them at breakneck speed. Democrats, particularly Obama and Clinton have made the USA a more dangerous place, they have single handedly created 21 million new gun owners. If wanting to leave this country in better financial shape for your children is a fault, then the TEA party needs to disband. Start doing an inventory of car brands while driving and you’ll see the UAW and American cars are falling behind. One of the most liberal ladies I know drives a Volvo, even liberals don’t support UAW folks.

  2. Dear Editor: Please enlighten us all…

    Which City Council members voted FOR the Earthcare Energy government subsidies? Name names please. Who voted for it, who voted against it, what was the final vote? Did the county kick anything in, and if so, who voted for and against? I work for a living and don’t have time to look this information up on my own. BUT – I promise to enlighten my family, friends and neighbors of who gave away our taxpayer money to a fledgling organization. Thank you.

    • Council members Brinkerhoff-Riley, McGinn, Friend, and Lindsey voted against the Earthcare loan and Robinson, O’Daniel, Adams, Mosby, and Weaver voted for it.

      • At least all 9 council people voted to recend the Big Loan.

        I think that some on the council voted for approval with good faith. But they got fooled. They realized that fact and manned up and voted to resend the loan. Thanks to the pressure put on them by the public and CCO.

          • It is actually “rescind”, which means “to invalidate.” Resend means to “send again.” There is apparently no such word as “recend.”

    • PLEASE start spreading the word. If this city is to survive, the sensible and honest candidates have to overcome the corrupt and studpid ones in the next City election. We can’t wait any longer to clean up our act, both literally and figuratively.

      • I agree with you on this. But the problem is that there are too many corrupt ones and they outnumber the good ones. And it’s hard for anyone who’s really honest to fight with those dishonest ones. In an ideal world it would not be that way. But we don’t live in an ideal world.

        The people that I worked with in City Government in the past didn’t bother to play by the rules all the time. And quite frankly because of those types of dishonest people the rules have been made to keep them from stealing the money. But those same rules make it hard for the honest ones to get anything done. And yet the money still finds cracks in the rules to escape into political friends’ pockets.

  3. That mob is willful and smarter than our city governors. They’ll be back if they aren’t already. They consider that 5 million theirs. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re crafting a con predicated on an appeal to realtors. Haney has always been a friend of the tan sport coat. The mob’s new business card says ‘Team Haney’ with little pictures of his associates (they got a shower, a shave, a borrowed suit and a bottle of wine) all in a row.

  4. IIT the time has come for CCO to take whatever steps Scott Danks has advised them to and move on from the public/personal feuding with Wayne & Co., as there are more important matters to attend to right here in River City? IIT that the process to remove a County Chairman is likely a heavier lift than can be accomplished, and that it would make little difference in the long run, as the replacement would not be much different from the current Chair occupant?
    IIT that Evansville may be one of the first cities in the nation where there is a demand for newborn-sized HazMat suits, if we don’t start fixing the place this very minute?

    • Now is no time to have a defeated mindset and quit. And there aren’t bigger problems to solve here. The sewers are getting addressed just like everything else and I for one couldn’t care any less about a bunch of sprawling roads crumbling because they stretched the budget and the city too far as predicted a thousand miles away.

      None of the city’s problems are going to be fixed overnight, and they certainly aren’t going to be fixed just because the CCO would back off Parke. The bigger problems line is always used as a more convenient way of saying “I don’t care about this issue, move on.”

      If the CCO backs off, I will be tremendously let down. If the CCO gives up on this, then I think a clear message will be sent to the machine that they don’t have to worry about being held accountable by the CCO, they just have to outlast them.

      • I don’t think I understand what you mean in your comment about a “defeated mindset.” I am not a Republican, so I really have no serious concern about the party’s internal workings.
        The fact is that those who are in charge of both parties are one group of monied interests. If they decide Wayne has cost them too much political capital, he will resign and they will replace him with another puppet cut from the same cloth. I think that may happen, and that will give CCO the “win.”
        I know you are entertaining the hope that the committeemen will “revolt” by removing Wayne through the process laid out here a few days ago, but it won’t happen. Too many people’s jobs are at stake for them to do such a thing. A failed attempt at a revolution will do nothing but damage the credibility of Bruce Ungetheim and Sean Selby.
        I simply believe that directing any more attention to the workings of the Republican party will hurt CCO’s position as a legitimate news source and make it appear to be more of a local “gossip” publication.

        • Yeah, LKB is not a republican. She is the person who revels in their demise. Just the other day she posted about how giddy she was that republicans are dying off at a good pace. Shows you what the left is really made of. Heartless goons who take joy in the sorrow and pain of others. Makes you proud of her doesn’t it.

          • Hey there big man. Just thought I would let you know that simultaneously keyboarding, projecting, building strawman, and making sweeping generalizations can be hazardous to your health.

            This public service annoucement brought to you by the goons of the liberal nation.

          • Your frequent personal attacks aimed at LKB (‘heartless goon’) only demonstrate that at some point you’ve been hollowed out. Gutted. Likely by another girl much smarter than you. Leave all that behind, draw yourself up. Unfortunately you’ll still be you but that natural die-off you mentioned is gathering speed. There are worse moves available to you than following the lead dinosaur into the tar pit.

            The city’s infrastructure is breaking up. It has been ignored by administration after administration. EKB has offered valid mitigations if not solutions. She should be allowed to offer her opinions without something like you sniping at her from behind the wheel of a keyboard. That notwithstanding, The Attack of the Brain Stem does make entertaining reading.

  5. I heard something very similar to Watergate is happening in City hall. I am hearing that like fellow-Republican Richard Milhouse Nixon, Mayor Winnecke also has a secret taping system in his office. If this is the case, then is it true, that someone has a tape of the State Board’s exit conference?

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