IS IT TRUE May 10, 2012


IS IT TRUE May 10, 2012

IS IT TRUEthe announcement that the Earthcare Energy deal was being placed into default for not performance on the part of Earthcare Energy was in political circles an orchestration of related and unrelated events to take full advantage of every natural and manufactured distraction that possibly could have been lumped together in time?…this announcement came at about midnight on election night in the home town of Richard Mourdock who became the first person from Evansville to win a Senate based election in over 50 years (Ellsworth was not opposed)?…a manufactured announcement of an economic development nature was perfectly timed to follow the Earthcare announcement by less than 10 hours?…there was hardly a waking hour that people only had the Earthcare announcement to ponder?…the choreography of the Earthcare vaporization announcement has only been exceeded in precision and grace by the filming of Mayor Winnecke’s “Go You Chicken Fat Go” video?

IS IT TRUE now that the announcement that most of the people of Evansville without blinders on knew was bound to happen it is time to do a post mortem analysis of just how did such a thing like this happen and how much will it really cost the people of Evansville in the end?…the first thing one must understand is that in spite of carefully chosen words of a terminal nature, this deal is NOT DEAD?…the reality of the February 28th document signed by Earthcare and the Mayor is that Earthcare legally has 30 days to cure any deficiencies?…the claim yesterday that it was a requirement to have a guarantee from the Department of Energy is not quite what the letter says?…the real language says that they have to be pursuing the DOE guarantee?…the real reason to put the deal into default as it turned out was the fact that Earthcare Energy has never produced a license with Langson Energy that they have represented to have had since day one?… the simple requirement to show that document and to be VETTED for having it prior to calling a press conference and announcing the deal would have saved Evansville 10 weeks of drama, an embarrassing vote at the now polarized City Council, and a whole bunch of money?

IS IT TRUE the Department of Metropolitan Development at some point loaned Earthcare Energy $200,000 and they now OWE THE CITY OF EVANSVILLE $184,000?…we wonder who authorized this loan and when that check was cut?…there are other costs that will come in as the post mortem continues through the next 30 days?…the City of Evansville has been paying Ted Ziemer for billable hours spent on the Earthcare project plus expenses?…there are other people on the payroll of the City of Evansville who have spent time on the Earthcare deal that could have been spent elsewhere?…the $184,000 that was handed to Earthcare is certainly at risk of never being paid but that we should not be surprised if the total cost of the FIRST NON-VETTING FIASCO OF THE WINNECKE ADMINISTRATION turns out to burn the people of Evansville for about $300,000 by the time all of the cash has been counted?…that if your amortize that over the 5 City Council members who voted for this without asking the obvious VETTING related questions that works out to $60,000 in losses of taxpayer dollars for every yes vote?…that Earthcare will go down in Evansville history as a failure to THINK AND VET on the same proportion as the McCurdy Hotel and the downtown Convention Hotel debacles of the Weinzapfel Administration?…this happened the same way, flushed a similar amount of money down the toilet, and for the same idiotic reasons?…that we wonder if the government of Evansville will ever learn to VET before hauling out the cameras?

IS IT TRUE the CCO is certain that there will be no post mortem analysis done by the City, the Courier, or any of the TV stations so we will attempt to carry that pail of water?…that today the CCO will be filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the Mayor, the City Controller, and DMD for all contracts and disbursements, or pending liabilities with respect to the Earthcare Energy project?…we know we won’t be told how much tax money GAGE spent on their part of this fiasco but we expect that is of Freedom Festival proportion as well?


  1. $ 200k to Earthcare. $ 600k to John Dunn for a $ 200k lot. $ 1 million plus to Browning Investments on the original Executive Inn saga. Plus up teen dollars to Hunden Strategic Partners for “vetting”. It is a good thing Evansville has Casino Aztar pumping gambling dollars into the city coffers or Evansville would end up being another town gone broke.

    • The rotting McCurdy hotel stands as sad memorial to waste of City of Evansville taxpayer monies.

  2. I wouldn’t think that GAGE has that much taxpayer money in the whole deal. Since they didn’t do any vetting or research, what money did they sink into it? Only thing they might need is a new box of rubber stamps.

    • That fool Dewey didn’t even fly to Reno to see Langson’s toy until after the contracts were signed. She clearly did not to even the basic things to vet this thing. The real question is who was pulling her strings. If you find out who let Dewey sleep while driving you will know who to ban from all future deals. Was it Winnecke? Was it Brooks? Was it Bags? Who showed up at the photo op out at Whirlpool? The people behind this deal were likely in that room.

  3. I heard there a guy that invented a new type of automobile that wants to bring the manufacturing facilities for this car to Evansville. The car, named the “No Vet” has a fiberglass air-cooled engine and runs on water. Sounds like it is a can’t lose deal that will revolutionize this city. Debbie Doobie is already on-board.

    Here is a video of our city leaders discussing it. You figure out who is who.

    • GAGE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency just viewed the the clip and they are very, very satisfied with the solid science behind the “NoVette.”

  4. Glad he is no longer the Attorney for Vanderburgh County.

    He needs to retire along with his buddy Lugar!

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