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Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE attached is the attendance box score of the GLVC MEN’S Basketball Tournament held at the Ford Center during the last couple of days?

IS IT TRUE the total attendance figures from the box scores of the GLVC Tournament held at the Ford Center is far short of what officials projected that would attend?  …we wonder if this sporting event broke even?  …if the city didn’t  make a profit on this worthy sporting event the area restaurants, hotels and retail store did? …that USI handily defeated Bellarmine University by the score of 86 to 73?  …this victory gives USI an automatic bid to the NCAA Division II Tournament?  …we are very proud of USI winning this prestigious tournament?  The answer is a resounding  “yes”!
USI vs. Lewis (NOON)

Drury vs. Illinois Springfield

Wisconsin Parkside vs. University of Missouri-St. Louis

Bellarmine vs. Indianapolis

USI vs. Drury (defending national champions)

Bellarmine vs. Wisconsin-Parkside

USI vs. Bellarmine


  1. As I mention on the other GLVC article, the 2012 event in Springfield, Illinois had about the same figures for attendance. Several was listed at -0- which I pitch out.

    Was there not a corporate name attached to this event?
    Were they required to pony up some cash for that, or was it done for free with the agreement that any medical needs were sent to that place?

  2. Being a basketball fan I was tempted to go. However, I have attended other events at the John and was overcome by the loudness of the sound system. It was annoying and uncomfortable. So, I decided not to attend.

  3. CCO got it right here. Money isn’t the object here but spin off economics and community pride is.

  4. You forgot the women’s games. I’ll be glad when they open the Perry Heights gym over there on the westside. We’re going to need it for future GLVC tournaments.

  5. Of the 7700+ attendees, it is safe to assume fully half were USI backers. I seriously doubt there was much economic impact on the community, especially with 3 of the Friday losers’ campuses being less than 3 hours from Evansville.

    The event could have easily been held at USI with very little loss to the Evansville taxpayers. There probably would have been a better attendance.

  6. Would anyone have access to the attendance which UE saw in its Division II days for this event ? As I recall, it was big time attendance–even when UE wasn’t playing ?

    This had to be disappointing to the USI players–even in the Championship game an Arena only 1/3 of capacity.

      • tommy,

        Thanks, appreciate the article/which states that 31,000 plus went to the ‘finals’ (I believe they meant for the entire finals tournament), which is about 4X as many as were here this past week. Also liked the note that UE was sixth in the Country (regardless of size) in attendance in 1965.

        You are right, great article. I have never heard of Evansville referred to as the ‘Crescent City’.

  7. I’m sure that the fact that no alcohol was being served was purely a division II rule but that was certainly a factor in at least a small group of my friends not attending.

  8. Now, that explains why all the parking garages downtown were full on friday, and everyone parking on the streets received parking tickets

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