“IS IT TRUE” MARCH 28 2019 DMD and WARREN Group


IS IT TRUE several years ago the Evansville DMD purchased this old dilapidated, vacant block building from the Warren Group. The Evansville DMD purchased this property “as is” for an estimated price of over $500,000?

Last year the Evansville DMD leased this property to the  Davita Dialysis Center.  Right after the Davita Dialysis Center leased this property from the city for a nominal monthly payment someone started to do extensive and expensive renovations on this building.

Today the Davita Dialysis Center occupies this nicely renovated building located on North Main Street. We could never officially verify who paid for the extensive and expensive renovations of this property or what did the renovations costs.

After all, said and done it’s been reported that the Evansville DMD invested well over $500,000 to purchased this building several years ago located on North Main Street.  It now looks like the City could sell this property to a private investor for a mere $178,000.
IS IT TRUE we understand that the goal of the Thunderbolts management is to draw 2,500 people per game however a good look at the stands with an eye for counting is continually coming up at under 1,000 even when it is announced that the “official” crowd is closer to 2,000?…we assume that the 2,500 goal is for people who actually pay for the seat they sit in meaning that either a bunch of tickets are not used but still counted or some are handed out for free to bump the numbers up? …Evansville is paying for two sheets of ice that have been reported to costs the taxpayers many thousand dollars per month?…at a highly subsidized rent level of $1,000 per game when the former team the Icemen were being charged $10,000 per game is sort of like costing the taxpayers of Evansville of $9,000 per game for 9–37 hockey?

Is It True…..Commissioner Ben Shoulders hosted his annual March Madness Birthday fundraiser last week at Time Out Lounge?….Is It True this event attracted walks of all life and displayed the most diverse crowd seen at a local fundraiser in years….Is It True this event was packed with business people, blue collar people, young people, white, black, hispanic, males, females and is truly the type of fundraiser every other local official wants to copy?….Is It True that Commissioner Shoulders knows how to fundraise and bring people together better than anyone we’ve seen in Evansville since former Sheriff Brad Ellsworth?