IS IT TRUE March 7, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke and his wife attended a re-election political fund raiser for City Councilman Weaver?…last year when Vanderburgh County Prosecutor and past GOP Chairman Nick Hermann, Honorable Superior Court Judge Les Shively, Vanderburgh County Commission attorney and past GOP Party Chairman Joe Harrison, Jr. and President of the Vanderburgh County Commissioners Joe Kiefer attended a Christmas party for Democratic candidate for Sheriff GOP Chairman Wayne Parke sent them e-mails taking them to task?…we wonder if Vanderburgh County GOP Chairman Wayne Parke sent the Mayor a similar e-mail telling him not to attend any more Democratic candidate fund raising events in the future?…it seems like everyday we read posts from GOP Chairman Parke about how he is a stand up guy? …yesterday Mr. Parke posted statements in the CCO that he is supporting Marsha Abell and Pete Swaim for re-election in a contested Republican primary?…one of his posting was a letter he sent to GOP Republican primary candidate for County Commission Bruce Ungethiem …we look forward to Mr. Parke sending the CCO copies of the e-mails he sent to the Honorable Superior Court Judge Les Shively, Nick Hermann, Joe Kiefer and Joe Harrison, Jr about them not attending any future Democratic candidate events? …we expect nothing less from a stand up guy?

IS IT TRUE the audit of the finances for the City of Evansville for the year 2012 has still not been completed by the Indiana State Board of Accounts?…it has been over 14 months since the audit period ended and the people of Evansville still do not have the benefit of knowing if our leaders have managed the finances of the City to a level of even being auditible?…it has now been since 38 months and 7 days since the City of Evansville has had a clean audit as the years 2011 had disclaimer opinions associated with its contents and 2012 is of course “forever pending”?…maybe next week will be the week that the SBOA will brief our local officials and the people of Evansville will be able to read what the SBOA has to say about our ability to count?

IS IT TRUE The American economy added 175,000 jobs last month, a pace that was better than economists had expected and well above the anemic job gains recorded in December and January?…the latest figures for hiring were down from last year’s average of roughly 190,000 and fell a bit short of what policy makers had been hoping to see at this stage of the recovery?…the “official” unemployment rate rose 0.1 percentage point to 6.7 percent?…of course the millions of people who have given up and exhausted their unemployment benefits are not counted?…the people who have found a way to get on disability to survive but are fully capable of doing a job are also not counted?…the large group of people who have learned how to earn a living in the grey market area of providing labor or services for cash are also not counted?…the “official” unemployment rate leaves out so much real data about real people who need work or have learned to live off the grid that it is utterly a meaningless number when it comes to reality?

IS IT TRUE the Real Clear Politics average approval rating for President Obama has sunk to a minus 11% level?…that means 11% more people disapprove of the President’s performance than approve of it?…it does seem as though the turmoil in Crimea with its planned election to secede from Ukraine and join Russia scheduled for March 16th has knocked a couple of points off of President Obama’s approval rating?…the response of the United States thus far has been confined to some economic tricks to devalue the Ruble, to send over a few planes, and to proclaim that the Crimean election is a violation of the Constitution of Ukraine?…it is odd that our President has such knowledge of the Ukrainian Constitution but seems to find himself challenged to follow the Constitution of the United States in domestic matters?…we can saber rattle all we like but the reality is that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have broken the will of the American people to continue as the police force of the world?…even now the countries of Western Europe who have much to lose if Putin controls the oil pipelines in Ukraine are backing away from committing to any sanctions with teeth?…if Europe does not have the stomach to help itself it is time for the United States to stop bailing them and let the pendulum of fate swing as it will?…the one thing we do know is that Putin does have plenty of weapons of mass destruction and with that it seems as our weakened military and broken will have the USA back to the fear filled days of mutually assured destruction as the only real tool to keep the Russian Bear in his cage?


  1. So now the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascos are Obama’s fault? I heard a woman down the hallway at work yesterday complaining about her daughter dressing inappropriately and blamed that on Obama. You can now blame Obama for anything! And no, I did not make up that story.

    • We did not write that and do not believe that. Iraq is on Bush but Afghanistan as you may recall was expanded and called “just” by President Obama. The “wars” of the last 12 years have weakened our military and broken our will. Both presidents bear some responsibility but the bulk is on Bush.

      • Mr. Editor,

        You must know by now that Ghost interprets everything through one lens….the pro Obama/socialist/progressive lens. Next he will be calling you a racist, for something that you didn’t even say.

      • How soon we forget:

        Some 30 countries were part of the Coalition against Iraq in the first Gulf War. The Coalition against Iraq is much larger this time.

        A White House statement of 21 March 2003 informed the world that:

        “President Bush is assembling a Coalition that has already begun military operations to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction, and enforce 17 UNSC resolutions.”

        and that already 48 countries, all of whom “understand the threat Saddam Hussein’s weapons pose to the world”, were “publicly committed to the Coalition”, including:

        Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Palau, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Rwanda, Singapore, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan

        • Thank you, and I also seem to recall near unanimous support in both houses of congress.

          • Indeed. There was unilateral support to invade Iraq and remove Hussein from power. Republicans, Democrats, men, women and children all wanted to remove him from office and we answered the call. It wasn’t until the Democrats figured that they could use it for political means did it become “Bush’s War”.

          • It was Bush’s war from the get go and you’re a fool if you think otherwise. Voting against it, after he stood in front of the nation and tied Iraq to 9/11, was not a feasible option in our pathetic political system. Get real, pal.

        • Yes, this was a concerted effort, but the US Forces made up nearly half of the forces used in Iraq and most of the rest were Private Military Contractors (mercenaries)…funded by the US.

          Furthermore, if you are going to compare the violations of the UN Resolutions, you will find that Iraq is and was in the minority. Israel is/was the highest UN resolutions violator, but you don’t see the US going after them do you?


          • I wish every single American would watch the documentary Rachel Maddow showed on MSNBC last night.

            The actual reasons the war in Iraq was started was not what Bush/Cheney, et. al. told our citizens it was about.

            The lies they told are appalling.

          • @ Lucy’s Mama:

            Absolutely! But, of course, the people who need the facts put forth there will simply deny them.
            I hear Rutgers is “dis-inviting” Condi Rice to be their commencement speaker because of the facts that have been brought out about that.

          • Rachel Maddow…That is the punchline of several jokes.

            I wish thay every single American would realize that close to 200,000 Kurdish men, women and children were slaughtered during the Kurdish genocide of the Ba’ath Regime. That level of genocide dwarfs any “lies” told by anyone.

          • I don’t know about you but the fact that 200,000 Kurds were slaughtered sums it up for me. I believe that we have the responsibility to remove any dictator that is killing innocent people especially children. Saddam Hussein and the Ba’ath Regime used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of thousands of Kurds. There are no other relevant facts.

    • I’m not an Obama fan at all and I must admit that I’ve heard some ridiculous things that are blamed on Obama, but nothing more ridiculous than all of the things the left blamed on Bush that Obama “inherited”.

      • Like an economic depression coupled with a congress who publicly stated they had no interest in doing anything about it since it would mean points for Obama?

        • Wrong and intentionally misleading post Ghost. What some members of congress have been clear about is that they do not agree with what Obama sees as a cure for what ails us and will therefore not vote with his wishes. Disagreement with Obama does not constitute no interest in doing anything. It simply means they think his ideas will further damage the economy and will blunt his efforts. It isn’t racism, it isn’t obstructionism, it isn’t even personal. Obama is trying to apply leaches to bleed an economy that actually needs modern surgery. It is a good thing Obama has not had his way with everything or the Russians may be marching into Washington this week instead of Crimea.

          • Mitch McConnell: “our goal is to make Obama a one term president.” Does that sound like a guy interested in getting anything done to help the country? More tac cuts for the rich don’t count.

            • One guy does not constitute the entire congress. If you had said McConnell in the first post I would not have challenged you at all. Hey what about old Harry Reid voting against Obama’s appointment the other day? Both parties have some lone wolf bad apples. Reid and McConnell are the worst offenders.

          • Don’t like welfare? One way to reduce the need for it is to put people to work rebuilding our crumbling country. You could argue both are socialistic ideas, but at least for one we get an asset for the money spent not just more profit for Kraft and Pepsico. Put people to work, reduce welfare, stop us from looking like the backroads of Sri Lanka. Of course the republicans said no.

            • And if the price is competitive, the projects are needed, and the cronies hands are out of the cookie jar I agree with you wholeheartedly. Socialism would be doing projects we don’t need at extortionist prices and hiring cronies to do them. Wise investments that benefit all conform to my first sentence. We can’t afford bridges to nowhere when the bridges to somewhere are crumbling.

            • Please enlighten us as to when the President has proposed a detailed plan to repair infrastructure without overpricing and cronyism wired into the proposal. I do not think there has been one.

          • @Ghost, “Don’t like welfare? One way to reduce the need for it is to put people to work rebuilding…”

            Doesn’t wok that way Ghost. All you are doing is taking money out of the private sector and spending it in the public sector. The government creates different jobs not new jobs.

            Infrastructure is one of the legitimate functions of our government. It is not socialism, you’ve been watching to many cartoons.

          • TGOTJ, here’s the truth: The way our federal government is structured and elected on staggered terms, especially with regard to the House and Senate, a president has to lead the congress in order for anything to happen. Period.

            20th Century Examples: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ.

            21st Century Examples: None to date.

          • Like the crusades, Iraq was another Zionist conquest and Bush cronies happened to pocket billions. Nevermind the thousands of lives lost as long as Cheney can pound beers and quail hunt and skip to the front of the organ donor line.

    • I believe that Obama could have a -11% approval rating. Surprised it is not lower with all the damage he is doing to the Country.

    • This is now Obama’s war, he could have pulled out 5 years ago. Haven’t heard anything from those veterans against war, guess they are really vet’s for democrats. This nation is too liberal to fight and win wars and we need to quit while we still have something of a country left. The Taliban is not finished with us yet. Our military no longer strikes fear in the hearts of our enemies. The wars are not Obama’s fault but they are his wars and it is all for naught.

      • good link tommi.

        Hillary voted for the invasion because she knew she needed to look strong beings she KNEW she was going to run for president.

        What’s so damn weird, is 4 people losing their lives so your side can make political points seems to trump 5 thousand doing the same as long as the politics is right.

        Stuff like this makes me gag………..

        • Nobody could vote against it after Bush lied about Iraq’s connection to 9/11. And yes, 4 deaths trump thousands to TPers.

        • Not to mention the 100’s of thousands of Iraqi civilians WE (the good guys with the guns) killed.

          The stench of their hypocrisy reaches the stratosphere.

          Oh but the world is supposed to “respect” the US because we’re supior to everyone else.

          What a bunch of greedy narcisstic pompous jerks to think the world is supposed to bow to the US(read conservatives)

  2. Wayne Parke is one of the problems with local politics! A heavy handed buffoon with a superiority complex and he was elected 10-1 to a office no one wanted. Hey at the next elections dead weight and cronyism needs to be voted out! That would be Winnecke,Weaver,Mosby,Abell and Swaim!!!!!!!!!! Hey Wayne I took two Aleve this A.M so I am on my meds. Is Winnecke aka Weinzapfel light at 90% by your polls?


    • Clarification: It wasn’t to an office that no one wanted. There were two candidates in the caucus for Party Chairperson. Feel free to attack me for bringing facts to your attack.

      • The person running against Parke got 1 vote so there was no contest just a figurehead to say two people ran! Keep carrying the water for Parke you will go far in the party!

        • I’ll type slowly so you can understand me. There were two people running, Wayne Parke & Roger Madden. Two different people with a lot of differeing opinions, but two good Republicans. Parke’s opponent received more than one vote. Wayne received 10 votes for every 1 for Madden. That’s what 10 to 1 means. Your insults to the process are not only offensive to Parke, but also to Madden, who does a lot of good work in our community also.

          I don’t expect any of this to sink in and help you understand simple math. What should I expect from someone that questions the results of an independent survey for Winnecke, but thinks that the CCO polls are scientific.

          • I hope it is offensive to you! Also if you think insults to my math skills are the big question! Kiss off as my understanding of calculus, geometry and algebra my be superior to yours. Now my English and typing skills are just average and I accept that do you?

          • Actually, it’s a 91% to 9% margin. 10 out of 11 vs. 1 out of 11. So much for your superior math skills.

    • rk812: You appear to be a frustrated hard core Democrat that does nothing but attempt to run down other people who are working hard to make our City/County better.

      What have you done to help your fellow man?

      • You are wrong again Wayne! I have registered and voted as a republican more times than as a democrat. I am disappointed in what has happen in politics in general but our local political scene is a cesspool!

        • rk812: When you register to vote, you do register as a Democrat or Republican.

          Our local political scene is not a cesspool. Not perfect–but not a cesspool.

          My question is what are you doing to make things better? How much time go you give trying to make it better?

          • When I registered in 70’s it was as a R. But since you declare at each vote it has changed to what I was voting for at the time! Right now I am working with senior citizens as many days as I can! Also I try to work for Toys for tots every year and a few children causes thru the church. I am sorry if this is not good enough for YOU!

          • When one regisrers to vote they register as a citizen, not as a Democrat or as a Republican. At the polls you request a D or a R ballot.

            Do you understand the difference?

        • What I find most interesting from the comments that people post on here is a sense of novelty or exclusivity. Your feelings about local politics is not original. You can go to any community in our country and find people that feel the same way about their local government. It’s one of the things that make our country great. You can exercise your free speech to criticize the politicians. Furthermore, most of the ideas that people present on here to cure us of the ills of local government are not new and unique. Since the beginning of elections, people have been trying to find ways to manipulate them. The only “cure” is to find new candidates. Even that’s a temporary solution because as soon as the go into office our human nature will take over and criticize them and we’ll assume that we can still do things better. My main objective of ever posting on this site is to provide a sense of objectivity. Instead of assuming the worst of people first, I try to assume positive intent. I don’t think that there are too many people in politics that are truly corrupt. If it were as widespread, there wouldn’t be headline news when a Blagovich or some other politician gets caught.

          • Evansville has had a group of people that control what is spent and where it is spent for a long time. This area needs some real leadership BAD! If posting something that is a comment offends you so what. I try to call as I see them even if it is skewed!

  3. Editor:

    2012 Audit of City’s records does not have a Disclaimer associated with its contents, as that is the audit which is past due and being awaited.

  4. Why should we care if a Rep attended a Dem function or vise versa? As I posted earlier we should be more worried about WHO IS THE BEST CANIDATE not who has an R or D behind their name and representatives working together to better the city. here is an odd thought maybe everyone working together might get something done in this town instead of “I can’t talk to you cause you have a different letter behind your name.” Why make a divide and stir the pot on the issue as is done ALOT on this BLOG. I would rather see people working together and talking is the first step.

    • YAO, I agree with you. I have many good friends on both sides of the fence and, if they would have a fund raiser shame on any one to critize me. They are friends and always will be. Friendship comes before politics.

  5. I still believe that something went on between the City of Evansville and SMG with the annual contracts for management of publicly owned entertainment facilities from 2006-2011.

    Requirements changed from requiring annual audits to no audits but annual independent reviews, which never once took place during the entire 6 year period. Anything could have happened with those multiple millions of dollars of funds.

    Any mayor, and especially one who holds a law degree, understands just how vital accurate financial reporting is in city government. Unfortunately, he still has his hands in the cookie jar here in Evansville.

    I am waiting to see how the Indiana State Board of Accounts auditor pursued this audit exception in this latest financial compliance audit, if and when we ever get a look at it.


    • And the person responsible for those reprts moved t the comptroler position for the city till it became evident she had no math mgmt skills, then given a raise and put in charge of the water dept. Now vested for her pension, never to SQUEEL on the cookie jar thieves.

  6. Wayne:

    We sure would like to see a copy of the letter that you must have already sent to Mayor Winnecke admonishing him for attending a Democrat’s re-election fund raiser. Since you are such a stand-up guy and all about your Party, that letter was surely sent, right?

    You prove that you sent the letter, I’ll tell you my real name.

    • BigPappa: As you know City Councilman Weaver was elected in 2011 as a Democrat. As far as voting on issues, City Councilman Weaver has supported Mayor Winnecke on almost all important issues. By Party, the City Council is 8 to 1 Democrat. The Mayor needs votes for his Agenda.

      The 2015 City election is a 1.5 years away. Time will tell.

      • How about the Mayor’s wife claiming the republicans control the council?

  7. Editor,

    When it comes to requesting that Wayne proves that he is a “stand-up guy” by providing you with the other emails, do you believe what you are saying or is this baiting? I’m sure that you don’t disclose all of the information that comes across your desk. I wouldn’t expect you to. Everything has a time and a place and there is strategy that needs to be considered.

    Did Wayne write a letter to the Republicans that donated to Wedding’s campaign and attended his fundraiser? I’m not sure, but since he’s the Party Chair, I hope he did. I also hope that he discussed this with the Mayor and his wife. I understand why they went since Lloyd and Jonathan have a good working relationship and, to be honest, Weaver’s next race is not on the same scale as a Sheriff race. The attendance fee for Weaver’s fundraiser was a quarter of Wedding’s fee and the Sheriff’s race is the most important race in th General election for the Republicans. We have a great opportunity to break 30+ years of Democrat Sheriffs and put a great public servant at the head of VCSO.

  8. An alien just dropping in for fuel or pleasure could be forgiven for wondering why some political functionaries are wet to their knees over the prospect of a ‘Republican sheriff’ or a ‘Democrat sheriff’.

    We are fortunate to have a couple of well qualified candidates for sheriff. They are both professionals and it’s a shame they have to cheapen their run by appending a ‘D’ or ‘R’ to their good names on the ballot.

    • All law enforcement should be apolitical. It’s a shame we have a politician as police chief.

      • When was the last Chief of police apolitical? The only time it’s a shame is when intolerant democrats are out of the position. Remember when McDonald changed the Chief of Police right before an election to cause mischief for Mayor Lloyd?

    • +1

      I agree with electing a Sheriff, but they should be elected like a Judge. AKA party less.

    • I agree completely. I have seen nothing about either of those candidates that I have a problem with. It’s good to have at least one office that we can feel good about either candidate winning.
      In the matter of the attendees at Councilman Weaver’s fundraiser, it is a matter of everyone involved conscience. Mr. Parke was “over the line” when he saw fit to take the Republicans who attended the Christmas Party to task. Hopefully, he learned something by that experience.
      With those things said, I would look at the attendance of the named people at a more reputable Democrat’s fundraiser as a healthy sign. As I have said before, Evansville’s pool of good candidates who are willing to serve is far too small to let party labels dictate support. At the very least, I would say that the Republicans who went to the Weaver event were sending Mr. Parke a very loud and clear message about what his approval of their behavior means to them. I doubt he’ll have much criticism to offer them.

      • I’m pretty sure that Mayor Winnecke’s presence at Councilman Weaver’s fundraiser had nothing to do with his feelings towards Wayne Parke. That’s childish to think that people are that vindictive. Although, it may be some disclosure into your thought process.

        • I certainly did not imply that there was any vindictivness involved. I simply meant that it makes it clear that they have absolutely NO CONCERN with Mr. Parke’s feelings about what they do. I think the fact that you read that stupidity into what I commented may actually reflect on you, Mr. Davis.

          • “At the very least, I would say that the Republicans who went to the Weaver event were sending Mr. Parke a very loud and clear message about what his approval of their behavior means to them.”

            That statement implies that the people had a conscious thought of Wayne Parke’s approval or disapproval. If you are sending someone a message, it shows that consciously considering their feelings on the matter. The way that you worded it shows that you were implying defiance and vindictiveness.

          • @ P.D.

            You’re free to interpret my words however you wish, but I’m not going to be trolled into a spat with you. Have a nice day!

      • elkaybee: I was not over the line. I stand by my comments.

        Kirk Byram has by far the superior credentials to become the next Sheriff. Take time to do a comparison between the two candidates as far as education and experience. The facts cannot be denied.

        • I’ll be paying close attention to that race, and will consider both candidates. I expect they may actually run a clean race. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t vote party line. I have only cast straight tickets about three times in my life, and one of those was Republican.

        • Byram will put integrity in the sheriff’s department, the same as Bolin has done with the EPD. I think Bolin is doing a great job. It’s obvious that as long as Bolin is the Chief he will set a standard of conduct that will give the EPD something to live up to. Byram will do the same for the Sheriff’s Department which is currently second rate and has been for the last 30 years.

          • One of the best ways that Byram wants to bring integrity to VCSO is through having their major Internal Affairs situations investigated by outside organizations like Indiana State Police. Currently, there is an IA investigation involving Wedding and the chief investigator works under Wedding and donated to his campaign fund. Do you think that investigation will find any wrongdoing on Wedding?

          • @ P.D.:

            Can you offer verified details for that allegation? It should be a matter of great consequence in the election, if you can.

    • Never happen,their crafts don’t run well on organic hydrocarbon waste,or biological toxins.
      And certainly not excessive political bullshit. Pretty sure your local area is safe from that “alien visitation”.
      Probably can include the whole region bordering the Black sea and all that to, so to speak.
      They prefer to stay pretty far out as to not lose it in the squash calamity of political a black hole to nowhere “events horizon,” as well.

      Last I heard they’re cruising around the local solar system shoving the near earth asteroids around in order to prevent a early conclusion to their ongoing experiment.

      Got a subliminal from them this morning,however. 🙂


      “Immediate,definition,one.” (E.T.)

      Brought this up,as well. “If the United States of America is having elections,they don’t ask for observers from Africa or Asia,but when we have elections they want observers.” (Nelson Mandela)

      Note: I believe they have found “fuel” there?

      • Could be until recently we did not see groups of thugs at polling places in this country trying to “influence” the vote.

        As Warrick county just proved, there are much more subtle ways of securing the desired election outcome nowadays. Although the story goes that no single race was effected, certainly the POTENTIAL was there for that to happen.

        In future, the “observers” will need a degree in computer forensics.


  9. Everything is a double standard with the Winnecke camp. I have never seen such a large group of consistent hypocrites in my life.

    I haven’t stopped laughing since Parke’s post yesterday. He’s now claiming he does what he feels is best for the city? Seriously? You’re telling me Parke that the positions you take aren’t related to what letter the person has behind their name is the one supporting the idea? I can’t believe you would even try that.

    If you are someone who is a straight shooter and a stand up guy, you would never have to run from questions about your position. You need to get off the CCO and make some phone calls to raise funds for Jeremy Heath to get some yard signs and some advertisements going.

    • Does Jeremy Heath have a campaign committee yet? Based on my conversation with him last week, I don’t believe that he does. He has filed and his name has been brought up several times in party meetings to raise awareness for him internally. The responsibility for fundraising and campaign strategy belongs to his committee, not the Central Committee or the County Officers. If help is solicited by the committee then that’s another matter. I’m glad that you support one of our candidates so vigorously, but there’s eight months left until election day. I’m sure that Jeremy and his Campaign Manager will begin their campaign rollout soon.

    • If as Phyllip suggests, Jeremy has not yet filed a committee with the county clerk, then no one should be raising money or placing yard signs, even printing yard signs, in his name until he does file a committee. In fact, I think it would be against state election law to do so without a committee filed with the clerk.

      • Jeremy and I sat at the same table and spoke briefly. I did not ask him the question directly but based on the discussion about the development of his campaign, I believe what I said is true.

      • What Next, no one is making yard signs yet. Not that I would give a damn to slap a hundred of them in my yard right now. I was referring to that and the rest as things he needs funding for, that was obvious, you know that. The local parties have a tradition of only sticking their nose out for the party elites. Mr. Parke has graciously donated thousands of dollars to who in my opinion has been the worst mayor in Evansvilles history and that’s saying a lot.

        He and the rest of their party need to share that wealth with Jeremy. He cares more about this city than just about all party elites on both sides and he should be rewarded for that.

        If there was as much effort displayed here towards things that Jeremy stands for as there is ppl worried about red tape and kissing the boots of a local party elite, we’d have one hell of a city out there, but we do not. And that’s why we need Heath for Hoosiers.

        • Jordan, trust me. HD77 is a race that is always high profile. There’s a reason why Wayne has mentioned Jeremy running in that race to the PC’s more than once. Jeremy will receive all of the help that he needs when he calls for help. Let’s keep the insulting language to a minimum and work together towards sending Jeremy to Indianapolis.

        • I forgot to add one thing, yes Jeremy does have a committee. I find it to be completely unacceptable for a gop PC to bring up such a thing like that. It’s amazing what fair game and what isn’t.

          It’s also amazing for someone to refuse to answer question after question yet come on here over and over and try to strike up a conversation with me. Not happening.

          Tonight’s Lincoln day dinner is a perfect time for the gop elites to move out of their comfortable friends table and go over and find out what Jeremy Heath is about.

          • Yes. He does have a committee per state law. You act like me saying that was some type of slight against Jeremy. His committee currently consists of one person other than the candidate. I’m not trying to strike up conversation with you, but I will correct you when you’re up to your normal shoot from the hip with no facts approach. I guarantee you that I have spoken more with Jeremy on his campaign than you. He knows that help is available when he wants it. This was reiterated to him at tonight’s dinner.

          • Mr. I can’t answer one question about any position I take is correcting me? Funny because earlier Jeremy didnt have a committee now he does. And yes that was completely out of line for a PC to even suggest that. But as we all now Parke looks the other way on everything you do because you are his yes man.

            When you are questioning winneckes actions in the same way is when you can keep trying to claim your not a yes man.

            And no, you don’t know the slightest thing about Heath. Unlike you he stands for things and ideas instead of people in power. And he isn’t afraid to publicly take such positions.

          • I said that I didn’t believe he had formed a committee. I never made a definite statement. Like always, you are on a half-assed tangent. I’m not going to argue with you about because you have no idea of what you are talking about.

          • ” I never made a definite statement”

            These 6 words sum you up entirely.

          • What sums me up entirely is the fact that even though you get on this website and insult me, I am nice enough to let you know that you have ink all over your mouth when you were at the job fair trying to better yourself. What sums you up is the fact that you are so ungrateful that you continue to come on here and try to insult me. The truest measure of the type of person that you are, a half-cocked loose cannon, is that you made a video to present to City Council claiming that someone was not doing their job properly only to find out that you are ignorant about the history of the cemetery and you desecrated a grave while making your “activist” video. Please continue making statements about what my party should be doing for one of our candidates and everything else in the city.

          • That’s old news and you’ll never hear me deny any of it. Find a conviction on either arrest, You can’t do it. Find me criticizing someone for the same thing that I’ve done. You can’t do that either. That was my issue with Elkaybee. She is guilty of the same things that she is criticizing others about.

            If you want to know the story behind both of those mugshots. One I was arrested for restraining someone who was trying to fight me. The officer stated the same in his report but had to take me for zero tolerance. Case dismissed. The other I was arrested for dropping the f-word in public. The cop also arrested my 7-month pregnant fiance for stomping her foot because she was upset that he was arresting me for virtually nothing. Case dismissed again. Keep trying.

          • Lightning hit you twice huh? We need to make sure you’re on the YouTube video with the other guy.

            Did you or did you not tell me in person that you got in every bit of a hundred fights in DC?

            Why did you ke

          • Just noticed all of my post didn’t make it.

            Why did you keep putting yourself in bad situations? And was a conviction for your accusation that I broke cemetery state law? One of us put ourself in a position of fixing problems while the other in bad position after bad position. So don’t point the finger at me.

    • Rails&RobertsStadium: I am a very busy person, I do not have time to answer every question/comment particularly when the question or comment is nor relative like most of yours are.

      What are you doing to help Jeremy? Do you have a yard sign in your yard?

      • Haha. Keep talking Parke. You’re just making a bigger fool out of yourself and no one’s falling for it.

        You don’t have time to see if someone said “I’ve heard no complaints from the dead” in your party about our cemeteries but you have time to place a phone to Brenda Bergwitz about a freaking fb ad (and of course I’m sure she would have gotten a phone call if she was on here questioning Jeremy’s committee)?

        You don’t have time to answer what Swaim’s position is on the ball fields and dental clinic but you do have time to write a multi paragraph post on here about why we should vote for him (and of course none of you can defend your position on the ball fields much less the dental clinic).

        You have time to come onto a Brad Linzy Roberts Stadium article to tell us you’re a structural engineer but when I ask you for your report on the facility showing structural damage you have to run?

        You tell us Winnecke has some astronomical polling percentage but when I ask you why the company that conducted such poll has on their website where they get Republicans elected, you’re then too busy?

        If you really are a busy man, how do you have such time to come on here and post things over and over that you can’t defend?

  10. Indianaenoch says:

    March 7, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    @Ghost, “Don’t like welfare? One way to reduce the need for it is to put people to work rebuilding…”

    Doesn’t wok that way Ghost. All you are doing is taking money out of the private sector and spending it in the public sector. The government creates different jobs not new jobs.

    Infrastructure is one of the legitimate functions of our government. It is not socialism, you’ve been watching to many cartoons.
    IE you have a degree in the christina folklore guide NOT economics so stop telling other people how the economy works. You wouldn’t know a marginal cost curve from an hors d’ouevre.

    Ahh yes the old, before the government can do anything first it has to take money from the private sector meme.

    What a tautological pile of donkey dung.

    Yes and before I can get a sandwich at McDonald’s first I have to take cash out my wallet too! More idiotic RW bumper sticker economic policy that keeps the Gini coeffiecent sky high.

    Before any part of the economy can do anything it has to take it from somewhere. So if your Aunt Mildred has $50,000 in excess cash reserves just sitting in the bank you would advice her to leave it there instead of investing it in a muni bond to build a hospital or upgrade a school because that would be taking money from the private sector!!! OMFG!!

    Beleive it or not Hannity and O’Reilly were both whining about the economy last night and how many poor people we have. But of course they would say a minimum wage hike is futile, infrastructure spending is futile, every policy is futile EXCEPT more tax cuts for the rich and corporations. OF COOOOOOOURSE!!!

    Anyone with a half a brain and five minutes of internet search time can find out our electrical grid, our roads and bridges, dams, school buildings and other infrastructure need about $3-4Trillion in repairs and upgrades. Roughly what we spent on the Iraq war alone.

    But no to upgrading our infrastructure!!

    These RW jackasses who set their hair on fire over 4 deaths in Benghazi want to start WWIII so we can so get “respect” and show the world who is boss.

    Jon Stewart said it perfectly: Chaos on BULLSHIT MOUNTAIN.

    • More of your straw-man effigies “My Morals Only BB.”

      Manning up to tell lies and spread your phobia of Christians is not manning up BB. You’re still acting like a child on the playground.

      First, I actually do have a degree in business which included economics, but my common sense is sufficient to sort out your fables.

      What I notice missing from your marginal cost curve is an explanation of how the numbers justify your “build it and they will come” projections. You may as well claim Obama is the tooth fairy and we will all wake up with money and jobs under our pillows with his economic plan.

      “Ahh yes the old, before the government can do anything first it has to take money from the private sector meme.”

      Yes the old “and true” that it is our money first.

      Aunt Mildred’s money sitting in a bank IS INVESTED. Sorry for shouting, but clearly you fall asleep while talking economics.

      The government taking it out of her investment to spend it on what it wants is called “SPENDING” not “INVESTING.” Still awake?

      Of course never mind that I have said several times spending for infrastructure “is” a legitimate function of government. But that is not the greatest source of government spending and it only creates different jobs not new jobs. Roosevelt’s spending created some wonderful parks which we still enjoy, but it did not end the depression. It was the discretionary spending of WWII that ended the depression.

      We can not spend our way out of the morass of mandatory spending that liberal democrats and RINO republicans have created.

      The best way to earn the money for our infrastructure is to stop the flow of our investments to other shores by making it more appealing for the wealthy, and the “not doing to bad myself union bosses like you,” to keep their money on our shores. You can not accomplish that by saying “we are going to make the wealthy pay their fair share!” They will put their money out of your reach.

      Speaking of fair share, I bet 1/4 of your wealth is invested in off shore. So stop your bovine scat. I’m on to it.

      And we get that you hate religion. Move on.

  11. BREAKING NEWS: Four southern IN same-sex couples have filed suit against the Governor. They are not just seeking to have their marriages recognized, they are seeking to have marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in IN! The attorneys probably know more about this, but I think that second part makes the IN suit further-reaching than the others.

    • Sounds about right for homosexual activists if true. Sue someone that can’t make law to draw attention to their abnormality.

      • In the words of Morgan Freeman: “I hate the word “Homophobia”. Phobia means fear. You’re not afraid of homosexuals, You’re just an asshole.”

        A big gay wedding has zero effect on my life, unless I happen to be invited to the ceremony.

        What does have an effect on my life is the marginalization of an entire subgroup of law-abiding, taxpaying citizens.

        The US Constitution guarantees each US citizen the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        If a fellow American’s pursuit of happiness includes marrying a person of the same gender, then they should be able to do so, so long as both parties are of sound mind.

        Don’t go quoting Bible verses at me, please, I was raised Catholic, and have probably read more of that book than you, but the Bible isn’t the law of the land, despite the best efforts of a backwards minority.

        The US Constitution, however, is the law of the land, and It states that all men and women are created equal. Whom they chose to sleep with, marry is their own business, Not mine, not yours, and certainly not the government’s.

        • So does every pursuit of happiness require a license from the state?

          If all men and women are created equal, then why be more equal to homosexuals and deny the same right to other unions that meet the same qualifications?

          Further more, why does a homosexual’s supposed right to marriage trump a baker’s Constitutional freedom of religious expression in declining to provide a wedding cake for what he does not consider to be a marriage?

          • Actually, No every pursuit of happiness doesn’t and shouldn’t require a licence from the state, but there are current rights and privileges heterosexual married couples have that are being denied to same sex couples.

            First and foremost, Say a husband and wife both work, but husband’s employer offers much better insurance, at a cheaper rate, or simply better coverage, for the same price. The Husband can carry his wife on his insurance. A same sex couple in a civil union is denied this.

            A Wife can make can medical/financial/property decisions if her husband is incapable of making them for any reason. In some cases same sex couples have even been denied admittance to be with their partner as they lay dying. It is quite possible in the case of a sudden death without a will, a same sex partner could be denied property that should rightfully default to them, because they aren’t considered next-of-kin.

            As for Private Business, it’s just that, Private. If a business owner wants to a hang a sign saying he/she doesn’t serve homosexual customers, he/she is entitled to do just that. I doubt any would, due to the damage it would cause his or her business.

            They won’t do this because many of their heterosexual customers have homosexual friends and relatives.

            My point is this: Whether anyone else agrees with it or not, a person’s sexual preference does not make them less of a human being anymore than the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, or their ethnic background.

            Not only do we have no business denying them their God given rights, it is our duty to protect those rights as we would protect our own.

            But pick up that book you seems to basing your arguments out of, their is a line in there. One that’s stuck with me since i first read it. It’s one a lot of supposed Christians forget about:

            Thou Shalt Not Judge, lest ye be Judged.

            No one, currently walking this earth, has the right or duty to “Approve” of any one else’s lifestyle.

    • @LKB, “…but I think that second part makes the IN suit further-reaching than the others.”

      Ah, another of my predictions coming true. Yes, it would be far reaching to the point of over reaching.

      It would be the federalization of marriage which has been reserved for states since before our founding. Once that happens, there will no longer be a need for states because any state function could be federalized by the courts.

      But I don’t expect you to see why that’s a bad thing.

      • Federal already supersedes State’s rights. This nation fought a war over that. That guy on the penny got killed because of it…

        I’d consider myself firmly in the “Less is more” camp regarding government interference where it’s not wanted or needed, but in order to insure equal rights to all Americans, I do believe some authority needs to step in and swing the “Stop-being-stupid” stick.

        Not too long ago their was another fight, because people thumping on a leather-bound King James Edition didn’t want little boys and girls with different skin tones going to the same school.

        Bigotry, justified with religion, didn’t fly then, and it won’t fly now.

  12. What_ Next says:

    March 7, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    TGOTJ, here’s the truth: The way our federal government is structured and elected on staggered terms, especially with regard to the House and Senate, a president has to lead the congress in order for anything to happen. Period.

    20th Century Examples: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, LBJ.

    21st Century Examples: None to date.

    If memory serves FDR, and LBJ had 60-70% majorities in congress, seems like a lot easier to lead.

    • FDR and LBJ did have large Democrat majorities. That’s how they were able to start destroying the United States of America. Now, the Republicans are helping, too.

  13. Who should attend a fund raiser for any candidate? Anyone who cares about electing the best man or woman.

    I do have one exception to that blanket statement. No sitting judge should attend. The judge should not only avoid partiality but the “appearance of partiality.”

    I do not know when Les Shively appeared at a fund raiser, nor to I know when he was appointed a judge, but………..

  14. I really wish the local politicians wouldn’t worry about party so much. It’s not as though they are going to be deciding abortion, gay marriage, etc, etc. Get along, be nice, work together to build some great things in the city.

  15. I really wish the local politicians wouldn’t worry about party so much. It’s not as though they are going to be deciding abortion, gay marriage, etc, etc. Get along, be nice, work together to build some great things in the city. Sheesh!

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