IS IT TRUE March 6, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer recorded a record 30,190 pageviews from 16,412 unique viewers yesterday?…we are somewhat astounded by what a viral FB posting did for our traffic?…we encourage our readers to post our articles on your Facebook pages when you want to help broadcast our content?…no campaign or amount of money could have driven this much traffic this fast?…if the Courier and Press had an average internet traffic day yesterday (according to statshow estimates) then March 5, 2014 will go down as the first day that the CCO exceeded the CP in pageviews, visits, and unique visitors?…we thank all of our readers who helped to make this possible?

IS IT TRUE some of our readers went deep and technical combing through the 2011 audit of the Evansville Bond Bank yesterday as though it was one of the gospels?…the point of posting the audit was to call for an investigation of when Earthcare Energy LLC was introduced to Evansville as an attraction candidate worthy of a $5 Million loan?…what is needed badly to understand how this city is still legally poised to write a check for $4.8 Million to a group that never showed a business plan, lied about a patent, failed to apply for a DOE loan after finding out there was no such thing, and in two years still has not installed a single evaluation unit into a real world situation is to KNOW WHO BROUGHT THIS TRAVELLING ECONOMIC SALVATION SHOW TO TOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE AND WHO SHEPARDED THEM AROUND TOWN INTRODUCING THEM TO THE POWER BROKERS, AND WHO WAS TWISTING THE ARMS OF THE CITY COUNCIL TO GET THE 5 VOTES NEEDED TO AUTHORIZE THE LOAN?…until we know these things, Evansville is vulnerable that this kind of thing will happen again?

IS IT TRUE we have railed at the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in these pages on several occasions?…yesterday President Obama used his pen to push the implementation of this fraudulently passed and haphazardly executed law for most people into 2017?…that will be after he is out of office making $1 Million speeches and someone else is President of the United States?…there will be no cancellations of policies this coming October to anger voters at the Democrats who supported this law?…there won’t even be such things happening during the presidential election in 2015?…yesterday’s latest politically driven delay was for all of the wrong reasons but it may have just fumbled and bumbled into a place that has the potential to improve the overall American healthcare system if bipartisan cooperation refines the law and effective implementers are put in charge for the next 3 years?…we must remind you that if the ACA had delivered the program that President Obama sold us he would be an instant legend today?…this is an exercise in how not to do anything at all?…a lie with promises of unrealistic results followed by flat out ineptness in execution is not how this country was built?…in spite of that there is a good opportunity to thread the needle and end up with something much better?

IS IT TRUE that today for the first time in American history young people who are prone to be in entry level jobs without insurance can stay on their parents plan until they are 26 years old?…that is good and it came from the ACA?…for the first time in American history there is no such thing as an uninsurable person since the Obamacare exchange will accept people with even the most expensive conditions?…that came from the ACA and it is good public policy?…today there is still the opportunity to have a free market for both insurance and healthcare that is not subject to government control?…that came from the delay of the ACA and this is good?…our leaders seem to have bumbled and delayed us into a situation where everyone can get the insurance they choose at a market driven price?…it will be interesting to see if the Republicans will apply their business skills to the shortcomings of what is now in place to make it work?…that may just be as simple as opening up Medicare to the sick and the poor at a price they can afford and letting the 26 year old provision stand?…quite frankly if anyone else prefers to opt in to Medicare and pay the premiums that would have to compete with the free market for their dollars that would be fine too?…we seem to have really pulled a Forrest Gump here in bumbling to the doorstep of a very good system?…we hope our leaders take us across the finish line with crisp implementation?

IS IT TRUE if you wonder why many of our city streets weren’t cleared during our last snow event was because the City of Evansville Street Department ran out of salt?…we hear that the City of Evansville ran out of road salt about 2 weeks ago?

IS IT TRUE last night the Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke posted remarks in yesterday “IS IT TRUE-Part 2″article that caught our attention regarding his endorsement and financial support of two different incumbents (Abell & Swaim) over their primary challengers?…we wonder if you agree that the Chairmen of Vanderburgh County party should openly endorse any candidate running in a contested primary election?


  1. Back in the olden days, when I was a Republican, the party had a “screening committee” that primary candidates were asked to appear before. The committee did a rather cursory “vetting” of potential candidates. The potential candidates then appeared before the committee to present their case for the endorsement. That gave us a chance to see how they presented themselves and an idea of their platform. I believe the committee was comprised of office holders, central committee members, Ward Leaders, and a few appointees from among the precinct committee persons. Endorsements were made by vote of the screening committee. Those who won the endorsement were then run a “slated candidates” with some financial support from the Central Committee.
    I can see some benefit in that process, and/or “slating” by a vote of precinct committee people, but a unilateral choice by a County Chairman seems to me to be a slap at the judgement of the party’s “boots on the ground.” If there is going to be a party slate, it should be chosen by the party, not one person.

    • I like the idea of a committee. It would be a good way to make sure that the candidates fit the party platform and progresses the ideas and the viability of the party. The question of Wayne’s endorsement of candidates came up at PC training last month and he clearly said that he is voicing his opinion as a individual and as the Party Chair, but in no way is he telling others how to vote.

      I don’t have a problem with him voicing his opinion. He’s just one of many sources that recommend candidates. It’s an asset to have a Party Chair that is straight shooter like he showed in his email to Bruce Ungethiem. If the Chair doesn’t have the backbone and fortitude that is neccessary, you end up with the infighting that is prominent in our local Democrat party.

    • Yes, that’s the way the local Republicans used to do it. At the same time, the local Democrats held “open” primaries with their central committee not publicly endorsing a candidate. However, and in both cases, regardless of what went on publicly, the local party leaders always had their own preferred candidate in a contested primary, and backed that candidate with various financial and vote-securing tactics, notably absentee balloting.

      I don’t believe there are any hard and fast rules about a county chair publicly endorsing or campaigning for a candidate in a contested primary. However, it does put the county chair in a position of causing harm to his or her credibility and popularity among the party faithful should the endorsed candidate lose the primary. But then some party chairs are better than others at the game of post-election kiss and make up.

  2. “that may just be as simple as opening up Medicare to the sick and the poor at a price they can afford and letting the 26 year old provision stand?…”

    Opening it to everyone, with subsidies for those who meet requirements, and requiring everyone to have adequate coverage is where we need to go. The risk pool needs to be bigger than just the sick and poor.

    • Read next sentence. Open to all, mandatory to none is the best way to go. That will provide checks and balances on both Medicare and the private insurance system. The risk pool you speak of already has everyone over 65 in it and most of them are neither sick or poor. Forcing everyone into Medicare while being the only path to single payer hands the government a monopoly which never works out for good service at a good price.

      I submit the pentagon with its $700 hammers and the VA with its 3 – 6 month waiting list as prime examples of government efficiency.

      And to clarify, mandatory to none is with respect to Medicare not about having to have coverage. For example, I am 57 years old and on a company plan. Should that disappear or if Medicare is a better deal I could opt into Medicare at whatever the fee may be or choose a private policy. You could do the same. I think you would be surprised how well competition between private business and Medicare would work.

      • I did read the next sentence. It’s where we differ, but it appears we are coming closer together.

        • That is fine. We agree on much and if Medicare was superior to what the private world offered eventually we will have single payer by choice.

          For hammers I prefer the Home Depot to the pentagon as my supplier. The same goes for food, clothes, and nearly everything else. Utility rates are a classic example of how governments grant private monopolies that do not necessarily benefit consumers. A dual system would either result in government learning from the private sector about management or not. Medicaid would never disappear no matter what but private business that was inferior would not last 3 years.

          Much of the inefficiency in healthcare now is directly attributed to dealing with government. The same goes for construction projects. This would force them to compete which really means working together which should improve things from where they are.

  3. I personally feel Wayne Parkes public endorsements of Swaim and Abell shall back fire on both candidates. People are not going to put up with “Boss Hog Power Broker” any more.

    Parke has cause me to work for John Montrastelle and Bruce Ungethiem in the upcoming Republican primary. Join me and let’s show the “Boss Hog Power Broker” Wayne Parke his opinions who should be elected to run county government is our decision is and not his!

    • My friend, this is still Evansville, and this is a primary. So, best of luck to you with your charge of the Light Brigade.

      Unless the outsiders can identify and activate 500 to 1,000 registered voters who usually do not vote in a Republican primary, the insiders win.

      However, it’s good to see a healthy interest in local politics so long as that interest becomes long term involvement rather than a fart in a windstorm.

      • You’re right about the activating voters and the interest in local politics. It’s time. That voter thing isn’t as hard as it sounds, either.

      • OR……. 500 to 1,000 Dem. voters who have a bone to pick with Abell and some other lifer leaches decide to cross over ad take the repuglcan ballot. You can have either, I intend to be 1 of those care to join me? Time for some local cleaning.

      • Maybe enough democrats will register as Republicans so they can impact the candidates?
        I’m a registered democrat & haven’t voted d but a handful of times since Carter.

        • You don’t register as a democrat or a republican. You register to vote. No where on your voters registration card does it ask what political party you belong too.

  4. Mr. Davis will you get real. Read Mr. Parke letter posted in yesterday IS IT TRUE-Part 2.
    His comments make in the letter he sent to Bruce Ungethiem was made as the Vanderburgh County GOP Chairmen and not as a private citizen. In fact I would like someone to pastes and copy this letter below my post so everyone can read it. Mr. Davis the readers of the CCO wait for you to correct the comments of your last post and admit that you were wrong.

    • In his letter, Parke said: “I as an individual or as Vanderburgh County Republican Chairman will not be making a contribution to your campaign to unseat Marsha.”

      So actually he made the statement as both.

    • Nancy, you must have a problem with reading comprehension. I said that Wayne’s referral is a both and individual and as the Party Chair. As the Party Chair addressing a room full of PCs, he said that he is not telling us where our allegiances should lie. I do not need someone to repost Wayne’s email to Bruce. I have had a copy of it for several days. There is no need for a correction on my part. There may be a need for you to correct yourself and apologize for insulting me, but I won’t hold my breath while waiting for the acknowledgement from you.

    • That was a half-assed politically motivated plan. I am talking about American business driving the process. There is not a member of congress on either side of the aisle that has the background to solve this problem. I meant Republicans, not Republican elected officials.

      • On a side note, can everyone add to their posts like you did above?

        If so, can I add on to someone else’s post by adding, (I’ve got to be the biggest dumbs on these threads,) or something like that?

        What say?

  5. The primary elections are elections where the rank and file should control. It infuriates me when a party hack, elected by a few precinct committeemen express their opinions.

    As for Marsha Abell, if you check back into the elections she has won, most of them were won against opponents with holes in their backgrounds big enough to float an air craft carrier through.

    From what I have observed, she has become as much a dictator as Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

  6. Wayne Parke says:
    March 5, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Editor: Below is the actual unedited email I sent to Bruce on 2/21/14. He has not responded to my email. He has not told me what he has ever done to support the Republican Party.

    From: Wayne Parke []
    Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 3:35 PM
    To: Bruce Ungetheim
    Subject: Your Email Dated 2/20/14–Response

    Bruce –

    You knew way before you ever filed to run for County Commissioner that I was going to fully support and would be endorsing Marsha Abell to be re-elected as County Commissioner. You informed me that you were going to run, no matter what, and if I did not remain neutral you might run as a Democrat or an Independent.

    As the Republican County Chairman, I support Marsha because overall she has done a very good job as a County Commissioner. Marsha has many years of experience in city/county government where she has served as City Clerk,County Clerk,County Council Member and now County Commissioner. She is, by far, the best qualified candidate for the position. Marsha also has the strong support of the Republican leadership in Vanderburgh County.

    In addition, Marsha and her husband have been a long time supporters of the Vanderburgh Republican Party and its candidates by giving a substantial amount of time and money to help make our City/County the best it can be. I do not recall you giving any time or financial support to the Party. If you have, please let me know what it is.

    I as an individual or as Vanderburgh County Republican Chairman will not be making a contribution to your campaign to unseat Marsha.

    Wayne Parke
    Chairman VCRP

    • Perhaps Wayne Parke can tell us what the point of having a Primary Election is, if the Chairmen of the local and State parties are going to endorse candidates BEFORE the primaries are even held.


    • Notice the criteria.

      1) How long have you been with the Machine?
      2) How loyal are you to the Machine?
      3) How much money have you raised for the Machine?
      4) How much internal support do you have from the Machine?

      Also notice what was NOT MENTIONED.

      1) How well you have served the overall interests of the citizens of your district

      2) How good of a steward have you been of the taxpayers money?(Note this does not mean being a miser)

      3) How well the representative explains the costs and benefits of government services to the public
      Similar: How much does the candidate support government transparency?

      4) How well does the representative do in providing basic government services?

      5) How well does the representative’s priorties rank with the public’s priorities in regards to basic government services needed vs new projects that may or may not be needed.

      I could keep going but you get the picture.

      BTW this is not an attack on the local republican party because the local Dem party has the same GD priorities.

      Also notice the same charges made against Ungetheim are the same as the one’s made against Rick Davis.

      Not being loyal to the machine, not being a team player, stabbing Dem/Reps in the back ie. not supporting the machine, not showing “respect” to the leader of the machine etc. Never a charge about not being an effective employee or serving the people.


      • The Abell v. Ungetheim race is going to be interesting. He isn’t a “virgin” because he was in on the “win” about consolidation of government. He was backing a winner, though. I don’t think he was part of getting the “win”, he just was on the side of the natural winner in that dispute. This will be different. As he has an uphill battle this time, he will really get to test his mettle. It will not be easy for him, but if he has some savvy and energetic help, and the will to do it, this is doable for him.

  7. I am glad to see the CCO’s readership apparently on a steady rise. I like it on several levels, the most base being I usually just like seeing somebody do something pretty well that works.

    Many print newspapers abrogated their responsibility to the public long before going out of business or just becoming irrelevant. For these, no amount of internet exposure will redeem them. They are a shattered brand. Many went transparently in the tank for certain interests, keeping quiet for fear of losing their sources or waking up to new local regulations making it tougher on them. Others were saddled with investors who expected the same return for their dollar that they got when print papers had it (advertising/dissemination of news, etc.) to themselves. News outlets with some reach and unafraid to rile the vile are beneficial to the community. They might also keep some politicians honest or at least less dishonest while keeping the people informed.

    I hope the CCO carries on with the efficiency of a drill press. It’s hard to underestimate hubris or stupidity but making an example of just one or two high profile folks who think it’s ok to be personally profligate with public money could have a desirable chilling effect on office holders.

    • People who do cast ballots in evansville should carry a organized copy of the totals for your monthly utility bills,property taxes,and fuel and transportation costs,as well as, the time wasted by poor loclatized throughput infrastructures to the polls with you.
      Focus on the energy,and sewer and water bills. Now,why is that? Really. This is why you read this blog isn’t it?

      The CCO does offer some viable informational balances, as sought, other than the normal everyday media feed line dirge.

      Make “your selections” by that “comparison of players.”

      Forget about the party line crapola for once,match the choices with the real time results.

      “Libra,cum te sustineri deiene sortiti sunt,”

      “Balance your sustainability with your ballot” 🙂

  8. You can not vote them out, UNTIL YOU VOTE THE OUT! [screaming at the top of my lungs]


  9. Looks like Pressanykey just hammered Phil Davis earlier post about Wayne Parke endorsing Abell as a private citizen. Say your sorry Phillip.

    • Nancy, if you are replying to someone’s comment, go to that comment and click the “Reply” button. Don’t use the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of the page unless your comment is a reply about the article itself, not a reply to someone else’s comment. It is very difficult to know which comment or commenter you are replying to

    • Please read my post from earlier today @ 10:07. You obviously misunderstood what I wrote. If reading it for a second time doesn’t help with your comprehension, please continue reading over and over until you understand the sentence that said, “he clearly said that he is voicing his opinion as a individual and as the Party Chair, but in no way is he telling others how to vote.”

  10. Thanks Pressanykey for for proving Mr. Davis is indeed carry water for his political buddy Parke. The people in the Ungethiem for County Commissioner camp hope Wayne Parke continue to telling people how they should vote because he is really helping our candidate. The days of political power brokers are over. Marsha and Wayne shall see election night.

    • I do not have a dog in this fight. My focus is strictly on the PROCESS, which should fairly applied to all.


      • That was the genesis for my comment about voting them out. Obviously if no alternative candidates are ever offered to the public, it is impossible to “vote them (the incumbents) out.


    • I’m not carrying water for anyone and you have never heard me publicly support either candidate. What did Pressanykey post that differed from what I said exactly? In my post, I said that Wayne was speaking as an individual AND Party Chair and in the letter that Press re-posted Wayne said the same thing. The only political strategy that I have ever seen Bruce use successfully is distraction with falsehoods and your post shows that this is still his current strategy.

    • To Ungethiem: I enjoy reading what Phyllip Davis has to say. I agree with him most of time. But you obviously do not know him. He does not carry anybody’s water. Nobodys.

      The consolidation question is is dead—a thing in the past. It will not be put on the ballot again so it is a moot point.

      As far as election night is concern, Marsha will be in the winners circle because she is the best horse in the race. Not perfect–but the best horse.

  11. Speaking strictly theoretically Wayne, if another candidate does win the primary election are you still going to endorse Marsha Abell?


    • If another candidate wins the primary, it would be awfully hard to get her on the ballot.

    • He will have to backpedal or jump sides as the Democrats did with Troy Tornatta.


  12. I’m waiting for Phillip Davis post telling us he was wrong about defending his buddy Parke.

  13. OMG, can you really really believe it? Democrats and Republicans commingling? What next? Some of you sound like you are part of the disunity in this country with your notions of some wall that shall not be breached between political parties. That shows your concern *is not* about the Constitution or this country but the survival of your party and damn the rest.

    • LOL…good one!

      As you well know we have so much commingling between parties that our mayor was supported and elected by Democrats, he ran as a Republican just in case anyone forgot, I’m not really sure how that plays into the Constitution but as far as crossing the aisle to get something done I’d say we as a community politically are very progressive. 😉


      • I have noticed that the amount of money a candidate can attract is directly proportional to the power of the office and how well they take direction from those offering the money.

        Dr. Sheldon Cooper is working on writing the theorem at this very moment.


  14. When I ask people why they believe there is a low turnout of voters in City/Vanderburgh County elections, the number one reason people state is “I do not really know who to vote for, so I do not vote because I do not want to make a mistake.” So I have decided, when there is no doubt in my mind who will do the best job in the position after consulting with others and taking their view points into account, I will publicly state/endorse who I believe will be the best elected official in my judgment. No matter what I state, the voter can still go to the poll and vote for the person of their choice.

    Almost all voters really like my style of straight clear talk. The ones that do not, are the ones that like the other candidate. That is their right to do so.

    I do believe, what I say does make a difference. I want our community to be the best it can be. I want good public policy.

    • Wayne ,Politicans are not trusted any more ,I hate to say it but when most people cast a vote now they vote against someone rather than vote for someone .and yes I take every opportunity to cast my vote
      I’m not a republican or a democrat ,just a tax paying American

      • Any more, lol. When were they ever trusted? From the very first election, there have been disgruntled constituents. Our pride as human beings will always tell us that we can do a better job, yet very few of us run.

      • Eviltaxpayer, then you can’t vote in a primary election because you have to claim part affiliation to vote for that parties primary candidates.

        • That is a huge problem with the system as far as I am concerned. I either claim to be a member of a party to which I do not belong and get to vote in a primary election, or I tell the truth and do not get to vote in primaries. For the most part I have been honorable and not voted in primaries and when I have voted, I have taken a token of one or the other party while announcing very loudly to all in the room that I did not belong to any party. Got some funny looks but I could think of no other solution.

          I think it is very important to vote for the person, his ethics, and his views on issues. For so long, party politics have been a big mess and have been holding this area and indeed the country back. And I do mean R and D both here. If honorable people who put citizens needs first are elected, there is a much better chance for improvement all around. Your political party should not be a secret handshake organization. It is time for all these guys to grow up.

      • Wish they would give us a “none of the above” selection for each race. This would give us the accurate voice, when we vote. By holding ones nose to the lesser of the two evils, the candidates get the false sense that they won because we believed in them. I “leave” many blank selections on election day!

        Funny how the winner gets the win with a “say” 55-60% of the vote and really proud of it.

        Funny that only, “say” 25% of the voters voted.

        Funny, in reality, that with the total “possible” voters, less then 15% actually voted for them, 85% did not! In sense, their still “losers”!

        • Personally, my mind can’t even comprehend the concept of not voting.

          After all, that is the prime reason so many of our best died horribly and foreignly for. The right to vote.

          I heard today, and it shocked me, there are 83,000 American soldiers unaccounted for in all the wars total we have fought.

          It’s so easy to nit-pick the elected politicians but the real problem is their peers.

          Never fail to vote.

          I know 83,000 that would agree with that.

          • I understand your point but one has to have something, someone, of substance to vote for. I think the “lack of vote: problem will be greatly improved when we can raise young people who have leadership ability and care to serve others rather than themselves alone. And also look beyond the party system.

          • As a side note that ties into the military.

            C&P has a article online (3-6-14), published tomorrow (?)about a ATV wheelchair with high tracks that was donated by the local American Legion Post up by Indy for a Viet Nam Vet.

        • Was looking at last mayor race.

          92,990 register voters (accurate number would be less)

          23,372 bothered to vote.

          Candidate wins with 11,545 votes

          One in eight that are 18 and over that you meet in public voted for the mayor.

          Can one claim that the winning candidate had only 12.5% approval rating?

          Could it be the quality of candidates, lazy voters, voters that gave up on the system, or a combination of them all?

          • “92,990 register voters (accurate number would be less)

            23,372 bothered to vote.”


            This is the crux of the problem as to why we don’t have quality representation in government, less than a quarter of the eligible voters actually vote, it leaves the door open for manipulation of voting blocks swinging the election in a desired direction.


            “Could it be the quality of candidates, lazy voters, voters that gave up on the system, or a combination of them all?”


            A combination of the above along with a dose of feeling disconnected, or feeling they can’t or that their vote won’t make a difference, a persistent feeling that elections are rigged and politicians are corrupt, the constant bombardment of political ads on every media source numbs potential voters long before the day to vote, the reasons are many and affects different potential voters in different ways.

            Voter apathy is chronic and until it is resolved “the people” will never control who is elected, honestly I’m in favor of some form of mandatory or compulsory voting to retain citizenship like some other countries have instituted.



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