IS IT TRUE March 27, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that Candidate’s Night was held at the Evansville Country Club last night by the Vanderburgh County Federated Republican Women?…in a moment that shocked many of the educated people in attendance County Commissioner and candidate for re-election Marsha Abell made a statement regarding the value added by technology workers that would make one think it was the deep south in the 1950’s when computers were mainframes and most economies were humming along with manual labor?…in a statement right out of an episode of Gomer Pyle Abell stated that “Hi Tech Computer People Don’t Support One Dime”?…she went on to say that what Evansville needs are labor based jobs like Wayne Supply offers?…this is about the most out of touch statement about a modern economy and how it works that has been heard this side of Mayberry RFD in many years?…she even said that Mayor Winnecke believes this too?…you can listen to Commissioner Abell’s remarks about Hi-Tech Computer people and retired people on the following recording?…it speaks for itself


IS IT TRUE that a couple of years ago GAGE attracted a company to Evansville that is called SS&C?…this attraction has become one of the most promising such projects brought to Evansville in recent history and continues to grow at as fast a pace as the local workforce will allow?…SS&C markets and maintains a software based product and has customers mostly engaging in Wall Street trading?…this software enables value to be recognized in obscure places where without the aid of sophisticated algorithms and talented programmers (HI-Tech Computer people) would not be possible?…SS&C recently made a considerable donation to USI to facilitate a professorship to teach the concepts used to value exotic investments?…at the rate they are going SS&C may just become the best and most value adding attraction project ever brought to SW Indiana?…if Debbie Dewey and the people at GAGE had the same opinion about HI-Tech Computer People that Commissioner Abell expressed last night they may well have dismissed SS&C as a group of people who do not support one dime?…archaic public policy made by stone age thinkers has contributed greatly to putting Evansville into the economic funk it has been wallowing in for years and perpetuating such things will not be good for any future recovery?

IS IT TRUE we hope that the Bill Gates’s, Larry Ellison’s, and even the Steve Jobs’s of this country do not learn about Commissioner Abell’s opinion of HI-Tech Computer People?…we also hope that some of the prodigal sons and daughters of Evansville who left town to achieve technology based successes do not hear about this because if they do the SS&C’s of the future will pass this place by like a dead dog on the side of the road?…for those who do not know, the CEO of SS&C is a prodigal son of Evansville who wanted to do something good for his hometown?…that prodigal son of Evansville is doing so and Evansville’s future may just depend on the benevolence of the HI-Tech Computer prodigal sons doing something great for the hometown?…we hope that other members of local government and the candidates who aspire to lead will have better sense than to demean the handiwork of the HI-Tech Computer People who have been rescuing this country from the grips of mediocrity for the last 40 years?

IS IT TRUE Evansville’s little version of March Madness tipped off yesterday at the Ford Center with the quarter final round of the Division 2 Men’s National Basketball Championships?…the games seem to have been spirited but the crowds were as sparse as last summer’s Kansas concert with attendance in the 750 per game range?…with all of the hype and celebration for landing this tournament one would think that a marketing effort would have been launched to bring in more than 750 people?…March Sadness has been suggested as a perfect way to describe the paltry attendance for this first day?…we doubt that the operational cost of the Ford Center was met and furthermore doubt that the hotels in town even noticed a difference in business due to this national championship?


    • I hope so, but the Republican Women’s Club is tough, and I’m sure they loved it.

  1. Marsha Abell: just the kind of old fart we need out of government on a nationwide basis. If we could only fire the entire get off my lawn generation we’d see some true progress. Where’s that schmuck Wayne Park?

    • Ghost: I agree with the thought.

      But it seems weird coming from a guy who marches goose-step for goose-step with everything Harry Reid and Joe Biden blather from their mouths. Kind of a hypocritical statement., if someone knows of your posting on here.

    • You can throw McConnell, McCain, Grahm, Schumer Boehner and several others in there too, as folks needing to go

      • …..this is the kind of diatribe that comes EQUALLY from Occupy Wall Street AND the Tea Party WhackJobs. There’s no difference between these two anarchist groups. They’re the same.

        • Remind me again how many Tea Party people have been arrested for destruction of private property, assault, rape and theft. None unlike the OWC participants. Your attempt to align the Tea Party with the lawlessness of the OWC people is lame at best.

          • I can think of at least one. A crazed tea partier purposely read ended a man and his young son for having an Obama bumper sticker. There was also a tea party mob who stomped on the head of a woman for wearing an Obama T shirt.

          • Youtube “tea party violence” real quick. I fiound several other examples of your classy tea party folks. I can’t figure out how to post link on cell phone but searching would not be that difficult.

      • I’ll bet that’s not even your real name is it don? So Wayne doesn’t care what you say. I guess he figures people using aliases don’t really exist but only in some spectral form able to manipulate physical objects which accounts for your ability to make a posting here at the CCO.

        In my book that’s OK as my moniker isn’t real. Just to put Waynes mind at ease, I am really;

        Smitty Werben Jaeger Man Jenson

        Yeah, I’m one of those pretentious types with more than three names in a name.

  2. More than 750 people go to high school games. Stop with the UE back to D2 crap.

    • The closest school playing is from somewhere in Missouri. How many people in Evansville are familiar with that school or the others playing?

      USI is out of the running, so there is really no local interest.

      When you call the box office, you get a message asking you to leave your number and they will call you back. Doh.

      Oh, and by the way, it’s Spring Break, so many of the folks who would attend a basketball tourney at the Ford are IN FLORIDA!

      And finally, the NCAA Sweet 16 starts tonight, so see you at a local sports bar!

      • USI hasnt been relevant in the D2 tourney since the guy who still lives in Carbondale, IL took over.Whats his name? They have been put out in round 1 ever since despite alot of the good teams moving to D1. The coaches prior to him got out in town and got thier mugs on TV promoting USI and D2 basketball in Evansville.

        bottom line no one in evansville cares about USI and D2 basketball anymore. What a shame. Just a few yrs ago they filled Roberts for a conference game.

  3. That’s the kind of thinking [non] you get with lifer politians. We sure have had enough of her, Citizens for Bruce… politians for Abell.

  4. Is it true that Marsha Abel and Wayne Parke were sitting on Marsha’s front porch sipping ice tea with the smell of sweet magnolia in the air when Marsha exclaimed, “I can see Russia from here”!

    Is it true that this recent speech is why she has not except the Woods & Woods debate?

    Is it true that the county commissioner republican primary
    race has just been decided?

      • Technically you can if your standing on Diomede Island, Alaska. Anyone with half a brain would realize she was speaking in a relative way. Unfortunately I cannot draw the same conclusion from the statements made by Abell in the recording.

        Though you just may have a speculative point regarding Abell and the Wood&Woods debate.

      • Armstronger:

        As mentioned in the other post where you tried to pass incorrect info off as fact. Gov. Palin never made the statement. It was actually Tina Fey playing the role of Palin on Saturday night Live Just another instance of a flasehood be pushed as fact by the left.

        • ….

          Sarah Palin is a national joke. She is the WORST kind of government official….QUITTING 1/2 way into her term to become a reality TV star. She exploits her fans…and they love it because they are idiots.

          • Lol and people howl about how bad “career politicians” are, yet when one decides to move on in a different direction the same people howl for the politician moving on. Since when is it your business to decide how she should conduct her business?

          • …Oh, there is NO defense here. You do NOT run for public office asking for voter’s confidence in you only to QUIT because you want to be a celebrity.

            C’mon. That is wholly disgusting. The WORST example of leadership and statesmanship.

            Palin is, and always was, clearly, a hack.

          • @ dveatch:

            If the Governor had served out her term and moved on, nobody would have cared. She made a “contract” with the people of Alaska to serve for four years. Then she didn’t keep up her end of the bargain.

          • Really, Palin is a joke?!

            How many ethics violation was she accused of and found guilty. More than 20 times accused but guilty of only 1.

            That violation was setting up a legal defense to pay her legal bills while she was still governor related to all the baseless ethic probes filed by hacks. Her legal bills were part of the reason she left early; again she was only convicted on that count which was related to defending herself in ethics probes, probes in which she was exonerated. Alaska,as a result of the ethics charges filed against her, passed a law that will reimburse ab official for legal expenses incurred if they are found innocent. On the one count of raising money to defend herself from these charges, of which she was found innocent, she paid back $386M.

            Demented Dems created a monster by trying to ruin her. Where are all of the people trying to defend her from all this liberal misongony? They must have been defending Charlie Rangel.

            Rangel was convicted of 11 ethics violations by a Dem controled House in 2010 while he served as chairman of Ways and Means and one of those was for not paying his taxes!! Of course the Dem controlled ethics committee allowed Rangel to form a legal defense fund that covered his current and future legal bills related to ethic violations he was found guilty of and censured. Nice job Charlie if can you can get it, and someone should have showed Palin how! No irony here.

    • She really needs to stay away from debates and interviews. Maybe she should go out of town for a few months, because if she keeps this up, we’ll see what kind of leadership skills Wayne has. This is going to be an uphill fight for him, especially if she keeps talking.
      I’m curious how he’s going to put out two fires at once. Between Marsha and the Mayor’s comments on the Gallup survey ranking, he’s going to be busy.

  5. Gee…lets see, it’s early and I’m just downing my first cup of coffee and feel pretty offended by Ms Abell’s statements.

    Ms Abell is wrong and can not see how our economy has changed or the direction our world economy is moving, granted service and manufacturing jobs add to the base of the community as a whole but without the tech jobs nothing would be produced. If you want to see a prime example you need look no further than our own city government’s accounting nightmare, poorly thought-out, poorly implemented, and the lack of the proper skills and training has led our city to fail at balancing their books for years and years.

    The old adage in computer programing lingo of “garbage in = garbage out apparently has a correlation to politicians in our local government also.

    After hearing this statement by Ms Abell I’m more convinced than ever that she does need to just retire from public service, get her single story house, and get off the tax rolls, and settle into some cushy private sector consulting job that can utilize her vast knowledge.

    The sad thing is that Mr Parke believes that Ms Abell is the “Best” person for the job, it really speaks volumes about our community and the politicians that keep getting elected, I keep turning over in my head the Forrest Gump quote “Stupid Is As Stupid Does” I think that’s a very fitting statement for politics in Vanderburgh county.


    • Had to listen to it twice, couldn’t believe I heard right the first time. I’m sure there will be some back pedaling by her and Mr. Parke. Well maybe. In all the postings I have read made by Mr. Parke he is the “batten the hatches and damn the torpedoes” type, right or wrong. On the other hand most citizens may never hear of this or if they do minor rumblings and attribute it to political hay. I would be surprised if the C&P picks this up but I don’t give them page hits anymore so someone would have to tell me if they do.

      My background is hi tech and take offense at her remarks. But to attack “old people” and accuse them of not paying enough taxes? Its a level of gall defying anyone’s sensibilities.

      • Yeah, I listed to it twice also, it’s this kind of mindset that leads to things like spending almost a billion dollars on the ACA website and it not functioning. I wonder if Ms Abell is aware of the growth in the San Francisco area and the amount of money Google, Facebook, and others are adding to their tax base from top to bottom.


      • How did her statement accuse, rather than state, “old people” of not paying enough taxes?

        • That they retire, have their mortgages paid off that some how that interest effects taxes they might pay to Evansville and that some how they don’t pay taxes on their house. I suggest to listen to it again.

          • Which is pure BS, even without a mortgage your still going to pay property taxes, in fact without the mortgage exemption (homestead credit) your gonna’ pay higher property taxes.


            • I listened to the recording and the quotes are not misleading at all. They are exactly the words Abell used. The part about old people not paying taxes was referring to county option income taxes. I guess Marsha is not aware that retirement benefits are taxed as income. Ask anyone who gets a retirement check if they pay income taxes. They do. You would think after a lifetime in office that Marsha would know that. Her hillbilly jargon about “them hi tech computer people” is about as stupid and out of touch as anyone with a pulse could be. I don’t know Ungenthiem but I sure hope he is not as brain dead as Marsha Abell. She is making Troy Tornatta look smart and that is not an easy thing to do.

          • @Blanger

            I agree. I understand the point she is trying to make which is I think; Evansville like any local economy needs a broad industry sector base. That’s a sensible position and goal any local government should have.

            Her choice to deride of all things old people and the tech sector? It causes me to think she has an axe to grind with someone because she wasn’t involved with some decision making process.

          • Has she always been that stupid or just now pre-dimentia. My home is paid off, it should be no problem for her to pay my property taxes. Hell she should pay all retirees property taxes, living off the county teat for the past decades.

  6. That’s Marsha for you: speaking with absolute conviction on matters to which she is ignorant.

  7. She was involved in the decision making process…. taking away the homestead credit!

  8. I’m shocked at Mrs. Abell’s statement. That kind of ignorance is so embarassing, she should just pull out of the race.
    As for the “Elite Eight” attendance, it should be a lesson. Just because an event is held at the Ford Center, it doesn’t necessarily mean profits for the place. I do expect that attendance will improve, but it’s going to be hard to make a case for it being a “break even” thing. Maybe there will be enough out-of-town diners to make it a good thing for some of the restaurants.

  9. …..


    In all fairness (notwithstanding your duty for hyperbole),

    are you under some impression the Div II Tournament is a BIG fan draw in every other venue and year it takes place?

    You have to acknowledge that EVANSVILLE and the FORD CENTER is unfairly taking an arrow in the chest from you on this. Right?

    (That is, unless you are armed with army of massive fan attendance data from Div II Tournaments from past years.)

    • We know it is not a stadium filler like it was back when the Aces were winning championships. The total attendance for the Division II Tournament was 56,590 for a 1,572 average in 2013. Based on day one Evansville is drawing an average of 617 which is well under half of last year’s attendance average. Unless the next 3 games average close to 3,000 we are going to be lower.

      The arrow as you choose to call it is for hyping up the D2 tournament as a giant tourist draw. It isn’t and hasn’t been in at least 10 years but 477 for a game is pretty darn slim. That is pretty much the players, cheerleaders, and their families. This tournament should not be at Ford Center. It should be in some high school gym somewhere.

    • Huh?

      Attendance is down. Although struggling out of the gate initially with 700 figures, Freedom Hall eventually got up in 1,700 figures although the event should have never been in the 22,000 + seat arena in the first place. It was just there because the previous host, Northern Kentucky & The Bank of Kentucky Center, made the decision to go Div I.

      At the Bank of Kentucky Center in 2012, the tournament pulled in 4,281 alone for the Bellarmine vs Univ of Ala-Huntsville game.

      And again, the tournament’s next stop is hosting the tournament in their 3,200 seat Pentagon despite the fact that they are building a 12,000 seat arena AND keeping their old one.

      I don’t think it should surprise anyone that Sioux Falls is growing, ranked #1 by Forbes for business in career, is known as a healthy city, and yes, Gallup gave the whole state of SD a positive review…

      • It doesnt help that USI doesnt promote athletics any longer and lets its lead man (the basketball coach) reside all the way in Carbondale, IL.
        USI attendance has been declining 5% a year since he took over. Losing first game/round every year in the d2 tourney doesnt help either.

        They are supposedly crafting a new logo and mascot. Word is it will be a eagle/saluki hybrid in honor of the great coach and program promoter they have.

  10. That’s embarrassing. Maybe following through on her threat to retire wouldn’t be a bad idea. Was that Wayne who came on when she was finally done and asked her if that was her real name?

    • “Was that Wayne who came on when she was finally done and asked her if that was her real name?”

      That was the first thing I thought too. It sure sounded like him. If it was a neutral presentation in front of a women’s group, I don’t see how he could be leading the event.

    • Unfortunately, the Courier didn’t cover this. I may feel a “Letter to the Editor” coming on, but they probably wouldn’t print it.
      There is a fascinating story on the ECVB awarding contracts for the ball fields on the front page, though.

      • I would say more like pathetic. And did I read that right in the Bob Walther’s article that Kleymeyer Park’s ball fields “could close” once this new CVB boondoggle is built? Now how can THAT be justified? Removing inner city youth ball fields because the power elites got exposed for everything they were worth when they build a visiting tournament complex far, far away from the correct location? Somebody needs to dig deeper into that before we end up losing a ball field complex right next to our third oldest active ballpark.

      • The ballfield article was loaded with rosy estimates. We will see if they come close to being true. If not, no big deal. The CVB will have moved on to the next project laden with attractive promises by then.

        I hope it works out like they claim it will, ‘each tournament should generate more than $650,000 in visitor spending…’, etc. We’ll see, they say they have a men’s slo-pitch tournament scheduled for July 2015.

        I’d like to hear a more convincing reason for rebidding the lighting.

  11. From what I could see in the local TV coverage I do not believe that the attendance at “The John” for the tournament would pay the light bill.

  12. I am no Marsha apologist, but I would take a TMMI plant over an ATT Call Center any day.


    • Hee hee. I would make one correction. Make that *any* Call Center of just about any company.

    • EDITOR…this post is off topic and needs to be rescinded. It is just a leftist advertisement and propaganda.

      • Go ahead. You can build up a dam of propaganda, denial and defense mechanisms, but like the water the truth eventually comes over top, around the sides, or through the bottom.

        Whenever the president makes an announcement(truth, lies or damn lies) it is news.

  13. Marsha may be onto something. She may be aware that we have a low tech population better suited for manufacturing type work. I seriously doubt we will ever get those type jobs back in Evansville, the smart people down south have a better have a better understanding of their work force and provide a better work atmosphere for manufacturing companies. Indiana is known as a hotbed of union activity which equates to high wages and low quality which drives startup companies away. All the high tech in the world won’t put a refrigerator in the store and sell it, this takes the everyday struggler working the assembly line and a good salesman with s high quality product. We can talk about high paying jobs all day long but they’re tough to find. Of course we wouldn’t need such high paying jobs if the unions had been patco’d in the seventies. If high tech jobs come into this area they will bring their folks with them. I’m not a Marsha fan but she may be as smart about local conditions as high techers. I know a lot of low tech people at TMMI who are making our economy move.

    • I tend to agree with this (minus the union bashing). Take a look to your left and right the next time you’re in line at your local big box store, or walk the streets in vast regions of the center city, SE side, near west side, etc. Does it look like the folks there are surfing into the 21st century on a tidal wave of technical ingenuity?

      • DB: That”s why it takes viable R&D technology, and,thus IT to develop OJT methodology to bring an standing work force up to the level to move forward with evolving innovative processes.
        Growing the work force for the application to meet the demand for revenues forward. Only part of many steps any new business plan must “create”,its all in the training and development of the employee base visions. Successfully applied concepts brought into communities that need the work,and 360 degree commerce revenues.

        Those are driven by the productive growing employment numbers.

        If everyone was versed in the innovative process, what would be conceptually visionary about it? Trainable processes to streamline the production throughput moved forward with the standing workforce,its why available employees per location is always a key component for truly successful business plans.

        Tools for the job,first,include the applied training,everybody starts somewhere,offering,the chances to start them on that pathway vision is the risky proposition taken forward,done right its successful for all parties involved.

        “Success is to be measured “not so much” by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles he has overcome”. (Booker T.Washington)

  14. Yes we agree. The plant located in Gibson county is having a positive regional affect on evansvilles economy,so,will the IU medical school campus when its completed in Warrick,or USI. Your candidate Abell is in vanderburgh.
    Both bordering counties contribute to the technical/IT jobs forecast per the region,as well as,the expected population shift to the more economically viable living areas on vanderburghs regional borders. Makes sense per taxes,infrastructures,and utilities cost availability. What I need to know is how many TMMI employees commute from Illinois,and Kentucky daily to escape Indiana’s taxation realms as applied.

  15. Attendance at the DII depends greatly upon the location of the participants. When you have UofE, Ky. Wesleyan, So. Ill Carbondale and other nearby schools, you are almost guaranteed a good turnout.

    When you have teams from California and other Western states, held on a weekday, attendance will suffer.

    If I didn’t have conflicting plans, I would be there to support the tourney.

  16. Now if FLEETWOOD MAC was at the jon I would give it some thought about going
    why would they pass up eville ?

    • Why wouldn’t they play Evansville. There was a picture in the CCO last summer of Mick Fleetwood at Joe Wallace’s birthday party in Maui. Let me guess, there will be a bunch of shows in California. Come on Joe, talk to Mick and get him to come to Evansville.

  17. Marsha, dear, my “manufacturing machines” are computerized and so is the equipment at Wayne Supply. In fact, if you are going to compete in this economy you better a little hi tech savvy yourself or you will be manufacturing hamburgers. Oh wait, that’s turning computer hi-tech also.

  18. Marty should find a way for the Aces to play in the D2 E8. maybe then they would draw 1,000 for anothe Aces loss.

  19. So long Marsha!! Hope you take Wayne, Weinecke, and their turncoat dems with you

  20. Re: D-2 basketball Tourney– First Games on Wed evening were attended by maybe a couple of thousand. Cannot say about the final four as we had committments. But today’s Championship game was rocking. If the Ford Center hold 9000 or so I would guess they had between 5500 and 6500 people enjoying the game. And it was a fun game even IF our local teams were absent due to failure to shoot fouls.

  21. Hear that the local GOP leadership called an emergency political pow wow this week. The meeting was about 2 hours long. All they talked about was how bad the CCO is and wonder would provided the Marsha Abell audio them. I hear that the GOP leadership game plan now is to start telling CCO advertisers to drop their ads with the them.

    • If their deliberate and orchestrated agenda against the CCO causes significant financial damage to your business, you can sue the pants off of them and win. Awards in such cases can run as much as 100 times lost revenue due to outside tampering. What do your ads cost? That could be a pretty good settlement for the CCO.

  22. Looks like Marsha Abell’s campaign is beginning to fall apart. Give her hell Bruce U.

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