IS IT TRUE: March 23, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE: March 23, 2012

IS IT TRUE that it has now been 24 hours since the City County Observer offered Earthcare Energy a free supportive story if they will send us a third party assessment of their proposed technology that was conducted under real operating conditions as set forth in the report from Concurrent Technologies where they recommended to the Air Force that they should conduct such tests if they really wanted to consider implementing a solution utilizing the Langson device to capture step down pressure from gas transmission lines and turning it into electricity?…that we will extend this offer indefinitely as the financial projections in the “Investment Summary” do not even merit being read for anything but consistency until a real world 3rd party validation by a recognized testing company like Concurrent Technologies has been completed and made available to the people of Evansville?…that between our two 4 year universities, a decent number of companies, and wayward engineers who want to see Evansville do the right thing that there really are a fair number of people who will understand such a report?

IS IT TRUE that it seems as though there are six acceptable ideas for what to do about Roberts Stadium that have come from the committee that Mayor Winnecke put together to make a recommendation?…those six ideas were gleaned from 600 submissions that were made by the people of Evansville?…that the wrecking ball advocates will now start raising a ruckus about the cost of keeping it open and demand that the wrecking ball start to swing soon so as to stop wasting money?…that these same wrecking ball advocates were among a small minority who last year wanted to spend $18 Million on 8 ballfields that will have costs associated with them to save the cost of the pumps of Roberts?…that these wrecking ball advocates were completely self serving and disingenuous by putting such a proposition forward?…that aside, whatever happens at Roberts will cost some money?…that these six ideas are hopefully coming before us with a price tag attached to them?…that as long as that price tag is under $18 Million that the wrecking ball advocates will need to shut up about the money as that was what they were planning to spend anyway and get on board with doing something positive with Roberts?…that if the real cost of doing something with Roberts is out in the stratosphere that there is always that wrecking ball option or even the sell to a private investor option?

IS IT TRUE that someday soon the people of Evansville will be able to buy shares of stock in Berry Plastics?…that the folks that have been holding shares of Berry for a long time now will be in a position to sell some of them off at will as Berry is planning an IPO that will make its stock available to trade on a public stock exchange?…there may just be some discretionary funds available to be spent at home when this goes through?

IS IT TRUE that Republican hopeful for President of the United States Rick Santorum last night shocked lots of people by making a statement that voting for Mitt Romney is pretty much like a vote to re-elect Obama as there is little difference in them?…that he said that Romney (like Obama) would be an Etch-a Sketch president changing his views as quick as the picture on an Etch-a-Sketch can be shaken erased and then a new opinion drawn?…that many polls show that the one sure fire way for Republicans to assure the re-election of President Obama is to hand their own nomination to Santorum?…that the Republican candidates are already getting into mudslinging mode that will be reminding us of Barack vs. Hillary 4 years ago when they went at each other’s throats for the Democrat nomination?…that there will be much popcorn consumed if the Etch-a-Sketch comment is any indication of things to come?


  1. A liberal, a conservative, and a moderate walked into a bar. The bartender said, “Well, hello, Mitt!”

  2. It’s not like Santorum came up with the Etch A Sketch reference on his own. That came from Romney’s own camp. Santorum is right. Romney is a flip flopper if there ever was one and his aide/advisor’s quote proves it.

    “I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign,” Eric Fehrnstrom, a longtime adviser to Mr. Romney, said in response to a question about pivoting to a matchup with Mr. Obama and appealing to moderate swing voters. “Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

  3. Berry Plastics would be a bad investment. They have been bleeding money after trying to buy up all their competitors. Why else would their owners want to dump them now on wall street fools? Buyers beware!!!!

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