IS IT TRUE March 21, 2014

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IS IT TRUE Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke has been sending emails to elected Republican precinct committee persons who have been spotted at fundraisers for Bruce Ungenthiem who is running to be the Republican nominee for Vanderburgh County Commissioner against long time office holder Marsha Abell?…Chairman Parke in these emails has been asserting that his opinion is the official party opinion and that for a precinct committee person to support any candidate other than Commissioner Abell is party treason?…here is a copy of an email sent by Chairman Parke to a precinct committee -person?…we invite you to judge for yourself as to whether or not such inter-party favoritism is appropriate?

“It is perfectly OK for you to defend your position of being affiliated with the Tea Party in the CCO or anywhere else..

It is disappointing to me to see that you support Bruce Ungetheim over Marsha Abell. Why do you believe Bruce is a better candidate for County Commissioner than Marsha Abell?

As you know, I am the Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Republican Party and you are a Republican Precinct Committeeman (PC). As Republican Party Chairman, I have publicly endorsed /support Marsha Abell to be re-elected as County Commissioner over Bruce.

The Republican Party rules state the Republican County Chairman is the Party Leader and the Party Spokesman. As a PC, If you disagree with my position on a matter, I believe you need to discuss the situation with me.

Please call me to set up a meeting to discuss this situation.

Wayne Parke
Chairman VCRP”

IS IT TRUE the CCO has had a few readers asking us to report on the FBI crime stats for the City of Evansville in view of the recent triple murder/arson, the wrongheaded bomb maker, and the drive around shootings on Riverside?…while 2014 has literally started out with a BANG in Evansville these crimes and any others will not be reported statistically by the FBI until late summer of 2015?…last summer we learned the official crime statistics for 2012 and this coming August or September we will learn the numbers for 2013?…we guess that is just the nature of the wheels of government to turn at a snails pace?…by the time we learn the numbers it is too late to make any adjustments?…similarly with the Indiana State Board of Accounts that typically releases audit reports 9 months after the end of the accounting period?…in Evansville’s case it looks like the 2012 audit will be coming out a full 15 months after the end of the accounting period?

IS IT TRUE Crimea is now officially under Russian control and it looks like much of Ukraine will be next?…despite saber rattling and economic sanctions Russian troops have already secured an energy distribution substation in mainland Ukraine and are well poised to crank down the flow of gas and oil to Europe should they choose to?…there is even a report of pro-Russian mob taking over three battleships?…that begs the question as to how a mob of ragtags in the street can take over a battleship?…Russia has even imposed some sanctions on the United States?…these sanctions are that House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senator John McCain, and a few other insignificant bureaucrats can’t travel to Russia?…that has sent fear throughout the country?…that fear is that this cast of showboaters will keep working here when many were hoping to send them to Russia and let them paralyze the Russian government like they do ours every day?

IS IT TRUE back in 2012 the Obama Administration kicked of a pilot project of the Innovation Hub concept in Youngstown, Ohio?…the financial commitment made to Youngstown that won a competition was a whopping $30 Million?…now the Youngstown iHub has a multi-million dollar 3D printer, pristine facilities, and a dismal track record of launching new businesses?…some even say that many days the building is nearly empty?…the trouble with big chunks of federal money without local skin in the game is that the strings attached to it tend to paralyze the ability to accomplish anything?…this is exacerbated of course because governments tend to hire bureaucrats to run things like iHubs instead of people who have actually started and run a business and met a payroll?…the resources that Youngstown and many other midwestern cities slated for federally funded Innovation Hubs (Chicago & Detroit) are missing are entrepreneurial people and venture capital?… pretty building and a multi million dollar 3D printer wedged into a rotten place to be and managed by bureaucrats will not solve those shortcomings even if hundreds of millions of dollars are burned trying to do so?


  1. Have the property assessment notices even been mailed out? I know you can go on line but I do not think they have been mailed out. The poll will be hard to answer if no one has received it in the mail. Or maybe it is just me who has not received it yet.

  2. It is time to look for new blood in the local political scene of cronyism! Just because Wayne Parke backs someone just means they are part of the machine that is broken and needs to be replaced!!!

    • IF I recieved that letter there would be no meeting, just a phone call that said “I QUIT”. No one has any right to tell any one what to do about politics, religion or family.

      • Never quit your committee person status. A mistake doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture, and the only power you may have is caucus vote, to change out a permanent fixture.
        I am a Democrat, but we are ALL in this together-and the status quo is just plain NOT working!!! Mr. Parke is like Mr. Owen—representative of everything that is WRONG here in Evansville.
        We have fresh people who want to do the right thing, and good luck to them-we forgotten ones are who pay the taxes, build the buildings, and provide the means for these self interested persons to flip their noses at us (it is the same with us in many cases)
        I am glad you think for yourself, and I am sorry you are not a Democrat, but never give up what little power you have.

    • Reply to rk812 : …part of the machine that is broken ??????????There are more Republicans holding office today than there ever has been in Vanderburgh County. They were good candidates and and got support from many people and including the Republican Party.

      The strong Republican Leaders support Marsha.

      • Wayne , you must be wearing blinders or your just plain too stupid to realize we are in the most debt we’ve ever been in and were still handing out millions and our city leaders are out making fitness videos
        If I’m hiding behind a screen name then your a hypocrit

      • Please stop this nonsense. You are making matters worse for yourself and the party in the eyes of all with a shred of discernment.

        For the record, R’s have always held the county and D’s still hold the city by the same margin they did prior to your “chairmanship”. Winnecke won because the D’s split for Rick Davis. Wake up.

        A smidgeon of perspective would serve you well. It pains me to watch this asinine behavior. You are proof-time and time again-why the party system is dead.

        • Michael Lowey : Is this your real name? I do not think so. Are you registered to vote? Do you vote?

          You are wrong: I repeat— when you look at Local, County,and State–there are more Republicans holding office today than there ever has been.

          • You need to wake up and smell the roses. There is NO difference between the Dems and Pubs. They both live in the same bed. Do you remember the behind closed door meetings when they did away with the homestead tax. Marsha was one in attendence along with the Present Mayor and previous Mayor. Who is in control of these parties? Chamber of Commerce or just power hungry organizations? Both parties better start listening to the voters. For years, the voters have only voted for the less of two evils. By the way, how many precint vacancies does the Dems and Pubs have?
            Years ago it was the precint committee people who slated the primary canidates. That fredom and job of the precint committee people to slate the primary canidates was taken away because the central committee of both parties wanted a dictatorship and full power which allowed the one with the gold rules. I am a registered voter and will work for any canidate the has the same ideas that I have and behind closed doors is not my idea of representing the citizen’s in Vanderburgh County and Evansville.

      • There are currently no strong Republican Leaders in VC.

        I have always ignored the recommendations of newspapers, labor unions and party “leaders”

    • As a “common voter” without “all” of the knowledge of the inner workings of the political parties, the chairman, the precinct committeeman, ect., I am wondering. To increase your new/old candidates base (as well as your voters base), would the chairman not “foster” all party candidates enthusiasm in running for office in the primary? The chairman should “guild” different prospects to the different offices that would be contested. When there are two or more wanting the same position, the chairman should guild “all” candidates with the parties principals and allow the “voters” to decide in the primary election. Only then does the chairman strong arm all of the party members to toe the line, get out, and drum up the votes in November.

      Seems that chairman picking the winners and losers before the primary only “kills” the enthusiasm, not support it.

      Like it was said before, outside looking in.

      • Which is Wayne’s problem, on the inside and instead of looking out gazing at his (or his handlers) belly button lint.

      • Armstrongres: I speak to many groups. I ask them why more people do not vote. Answer: they do not know who to vote for and do not want to make a mistake.
        All candidates are not equal in their ability to serve. As Party Chairman I share my views and I suggest who they should vote for if there is a significant difference in the Candidates that I believe will best serve the citizens of Vanderburgh County. Example: Marsha is much better than Bruce. I endorse Marsha.The voter decides who they want. Many news media also endorse candidates including the C/P because they have an opinion as well—I do not always agree with all their recommendations but using what they suggest is much better than guessing or not voting.

    • Wayne Parke is part of that tribe of circus clowns in city hall. I don’t think he is smart enough to lead the other clowns and should be replaced!He is almost as stupid as some of the people on the national level. Able is done, stick a fork in her and take her off the grill VOTE for Bruce. Bruce is a lot smarter and more qualified for the job. Wayne should resign,and retire to another county.VOTE FOR BRUCE

  3. Who gives two craps about what he says or who he endorses? People need to vote for the best person, not the party!!

    • Who gives two craps? Why, of course…[Mr ED “The prince of apples”]. Bing that,its on youtube, as well.

    • I could not have said it any better ,I’m gonna cancel out your vote wayne cause Mr. Ungetheim has my vote

    • Reply to Will Singleton: You are right about voting for the best person. Answer: It is clearly Marsha Abell.

    • I’m thinking Wayne’s “blessing” is a curse in disguise. You’d think he would try to come across as “Mr Niceguy” on a conservative-leaning site.

          • Michael Lowey: It is a tough non-paying job that I work at over 5o hours a week. It is my give back to the community. I want to make our county the best it can be.

          • Fair enough. I’ll grant that it is a thankless job requiring long hours, but please do not mistake thankless work and long hours for efficacy. No one wants the job because partisan politics is dying a slow, painful death. The two party system exists by traditional acceptance and electorate apathy whose complacency outweighs its motivation for change. Said change will occur when–and only when–we reach our tipping point. Could be sooner than later…

            But please, for your own sake, stop embarrassing yourself on comment boards. For goodness sakes, give what’s left of your reputation a chance to recover.

            I feel sorry for you.

  4. With no Democrat running the primary is the general election. I stand by my vision. Citizens for Bruce… politicans fo Abell. I don’t let people order my meal for me I damn sure don’t let people vote for me. Wayne you get ONE vote, just like me. You can rest assured your vote will be canceled in the primary. The homeowner tax credit is over, just not forgotten, time for her to get off the public teat.

    • Glad you mentioned that.

      If Mr. U does win the primary a D caucus will be formed faster than everybody’s NCAA bracket gets busted.

      A conservative machine D candidate WILL be put forth and all will hail Ceasar err I mean the new commissioner candidate. The empty coffers of the local D party and especially the new candidate’s campaign account will suddenly be overflowing.

      Unions will lavish praise upon him or her, republican precinct committee people will break ranks and support the new machine lieutenant, local makers and shakers will write checks, pay tribute, and tells us all about their wonderful accomplishments, fried chicken fundraisers will be held and the bill will get paid, the C&P will praise him or her as an up and comer, photo ops will be arragned in front of the new hotel, etc. etc etc.

      If Marsha wins then the D party will say its just a waste of money to try and beat her.

      ♫ And the beat goes on ♪

      • and Wayne Parke will throw his support to the machine Democrat just like the Winnecke Dems did for mayor in 2011. This beat is wearing me out.

    • “With no Democrat running the primary is the general election.”

      That’s why I’m voting in the Republican primary. I think Mr. U will draw a lot of Democrats into the Republican primary. The line between parties has been rather blurred, anyway.

  5. Lets see. The Mayor goes to a political fundraiser for Councilmen Weaver and it been alleged that Attorney Ted Ziemer, Jr donated a $100 to City Councilwoman Steph Rielly re-election committee. Also Nick Hermann and Judge Les Shivley attended her political fundraiser at the pub. Past GOP party Chairmen Joe Harrison, jr and County Commissioner Joe Kiefer attended a political function for Dave Wedding.

    Wonder why Wayne Parke hasn’t sent them a in your face and insulting e-mails. Looks like Mr. Parke has painted himself in a political corner. Can’t wait to see how Wayne is going to spin this post.

  6. I’m really surprised that Wayne P. committed his thoughts on the Abell/Ungetheim race to writing. Such things are usually said in a face-to-face. I do hope the committeepersons in question do not depend on public sector employment, and that none of their family does, either. There are budget cuts coming, you know. I know appointed PCs can be removed, but can elected ones? At any rate this should be an eye-opener for the GOP faithful.
    As for the Ukrainian situation, the “sanctions” going back-and-forth are mostly useless, but the Russian stock market has fallen 10% in the past month, and it appears that the country’s credit rating is looking at being lowered. Hitting Russia in the pocketbook will hopefully dissuade cutting off sale of energy sources to Europe. I’m pretty sure those mobs taking over Naval and Military installations are well-organized and trained Russian troops.
    A trip to Russia is permanently off my “bucket list”, but it was never on it, so no real loss to Vlad on that. I really wonder if Putin has begun to “lose it”. Too much Vodka is bad for sanity.

    • Duly elected PCs cannot be removed by the Chairman.

      Appointed PCs can be removed, but it would come at a cost. If word got around Wayne Parke was removing loyal Republican PCs simply because they wouldn’t toe his line, it could cause a backlash among the duly elected PCs.

    • I think if we delved into the Democrat side of this type area it would be very similar, so in my view the stink runs deep in both gullies.

  7. I also can’t wait to read Waynes response to Ralph Edwards post. Get ready for damage control and spin city Wayne Parke style.

    • I hope he waits to reply until late afternoon. If not, I guess I’ll resort to valium instead of a couple of glasses of wine. I don’t drink until after 5.

      • Good plan. I’ve adopted it. Just dropped a pre-emptive one in case he comes in early.

        • I want to come to your house. We’ll wait together. I expect the question, “What has Marsha Abel done for you not to support her?” This will be followed by, “Why can’t I stop stuffing food into my face,” and “Are you my mother?” I mean if he were really being honest about the questions that plague him.

          • Ms Abel should be voted out of office if for no other reason than The Centre, for all of her time in multiple county offices she has held The Centre has never ever turned a profit and has in fact cost the taxpayers millions upon millions to keep the white elephant running, throw in the deal with ONB for the naming rights that the money goes to the city for hotel construction and she cost the tax payers of the county even more millions.

            This is what Wayne calls “Good Public Policy” that she stands/works for.


          • Looks like the “Watch Party” is off. I’m about to twist the cap off the Wild Irish Rose!

    • I’m going way out on a limb here, but it could take the form of something like:
      Is this your real name?
      Are you registered to vote?
      Do you live in Vanderburgh County?
      What have you done to help the Republican Party?

        • Pros of Using an Online Alias and Persona
          •Allows for a greater amount of separation between your personal and online life.
          •Gives you a sense of privacy, something that is becoming a bit of a commodity these days.
          •No need to worry about bosses and other work colleagues finding your work online.
          •You can create an online persona that is quite different from your real world self.
          •You can create multiple personas to cover different niche topics without having them interfere with each other.
          •Less of a need to worry about stalkers and other creeps butting into your offline life.

          • Personally I do not consider there to be cons with anonymity, pseudonyms, online aliases and persona’s. If it wasn’t for anonymity provided by pseudonyms, several of our founding fathers if caught would had been tried for treason and back then that was taken a lot more seriously than today.

      • My answers: You know who I am, Yes, Yes, a lot, until I learned better. I may add a little “P.S.”, too!

  8. The majority of Vanderburgh County voters who voted No to city-county consolidation last year will vote Yes to Bruce Ungenthiem who led the charge. County republicans were not in favor of consolidation.

    Wayne Park is playing hard ball with his precinct committeemen because he fears this to be true.

    His tactics will backfire. Is a political upset brewing?

  9. “The Republican Party rules state the Republican County Chairman is the Party Leader and the Party Spokesman. As a PC, If you disagree with my position on a matter, I believe you need to discuss the situation with me.”


    So what Wayne is saying is that I’m your BOSS and you will vote the way I tell you!

    Kinda’ unethical for a guy who took the full support of the opposing party with a smile on his face to get his candidate elected mayor in the last election, when the Democrats could have supported any person from their party and beat Winnecke by a huge margin.

    Then I’d also wonder what happen to the rights of citizens to vote for whoever they please?

    It’s one Hell of a way to build party unity! Keep up the good work Wayne…. I’m with BigPappa, I’d give you a big FU!


    • Blanger; Looks like you left out part of you and BigPappa’s response, from afar, it all just looks more like “FUBAR.”
      Lately in some locations that is really becoming an “ism” in relation to being a conditional affect.

      • From up-close…. I’m sure Wayne will be able to decipher the message, I mean, he IS the VCRP chairman! (and won a election to be, so we know he has a full deck of cards to play with…right?)


        • Maybe? But check out the deck,use a slow cut. Make sure the dealers sleeves are pinned up.

  10. Wow I am sure glad the CCO folks are giving the Dems plenty of ammo. to go after the Rep . and Mr. Parke . I guess the Dems. just don`t have any party problems since I haven’t seen any reported problems !!! It is scary how politics have evolved in Evansville. Why would a person with good intentions want to get involved in this farce.

    • If you think that in Evansville there is a two party system at work you haven’t been paying much attention, they work together towards any common goal and give the illusion of separation only when it’s to their gain, we really only have one party we can call it “the ol’ boys club” or really any moniker you want to hang on it.

      But… if the last mayoral election didn’t prove this to the skeptics then I’m not sure just what it would take.


    • How many years were both the city council and the mayors office under one party rule since the 1960s? When was the last time you had a Republican controled council? In Evansville and Vanderburgh County it is not so much ideology as it is who primarily benefits from government gratis. Same as it ever the new boss same as the old boas

  11. Hey, Wayne, the last time I looked, we had a secret ballot in Indiana elections. How are you going to overcome that limitation on your power.

    You may be the elected chairman of the VC Rep Cent Committee, but how many votes did that take? A majority of 150 or fewer? What a clown!

  12. Wayne Parke is OUT OF ORDER on the State of Indiana Republican Party rules. He has no right to threaten PCs into accepting a dictatorship. The rules clearly state that PCs can openly support whichever Republican candidates they choose before the primary has passed.

    Wayne Parke is a cancer in the Vanderburgh County Party. You guys shouldn’t stand for it.

    • Mr. U needs to win the primary, just to prove that the voters aren’t going to tolerate being run by an inter-party junta. It’s time to rebel at the ballot box!

    • Brad: Tell me Brad–what Republican Rule are you quoting. Answer: It does not exist.

      • Wayne, you can threaten people all you want, but if they are duly elected, you know you can’t just remove them. Their support of another candidate BEFORE the passage of a primary does not constitute “cause” under the Party Rules:


        Rule 3-22. Elected precinct committeemen and their appointed vice-committeemen as appointed in Rule 2-12 shall be subject to removal for cause on written charges filed with the Secretary of the County Committee and the Secretary of the State Committee, who shall notify the County Chairman that these charges have been filed.

        Rule 3-23. As used in Rule 3-22, “cause” includes:
        (1) any willful violation of these Rules, a resolution of the State Committee, or a statute pertaining to elections; or
        (2) conviction of a felony;
        (3) or gross misconduct affecting the party organization.

        Rule 3-24. A copy of the written charges must be sent to the Secretary of the State Committee before an individual may be removed from office under this Rule.

        Rule 3-25. Upon the County Chairman’s appointment of a three (3) member hearing board from members of the County Committee, the Secretary of the County Committee shall issue the call for the hearing by certified mail, return receipt requested, to be held within thirty (30) days. The accused shall have at least ten (10) days notice of the time and place of such hearing. Upon failure of the Secretary of the County Committee to call such a meeting following the appointment of a hearing board, it shall be the duty of the County-Vice Chairman to issue the call. Removal requires a two thirds (2/3) vote of the hearing board.

        Rule 3-26. If removed, the accused shall have the right of appeal to the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer of the County Committee, acting jointly.


        • Here is the Rule which states that a PC can support whomever they choose, so long as it’s a Republican candidate, BEFORE a Primary has passed and still be considered a “Republican in good standing” and, therefore, still eligible for their PC position.

          AND if duly elected, Wayne, there ain’t a damned thing you can do or say about it. You could file some false charges against them. If you try, it would take a committee of three member of the Central Committee to return a 2/3 vote for removal. Then, the PC would have the right to appeal to the State Committee.


          “Rule 1-6. Each and every member and officer of any Party Committee or Subcommittee shall be a true representative Republican, in good standing in the Party. If an individual openly supports a candidate after the Primary Election, who is opposing a Republican Candidate, they are not in good standing in the Party and may be removed for cause under Rules 3-22 and 3-23. (See Rule 1-8)”


          • Excellent bit of research there Brad. I think your find supports the implication he is overstepping the bounds of his position. Sure he’s the chairman but has no authority to dictate other committeeman fall in line with his endorsements provided they announce their support prior to a primary.

            I don’t know how well a job Wayne performed as a CEO and I commend him for the desire to use his retirement time to give back to the community. But I think he relies to much on the CEO/authoritarian attitude when dealing with the committeemen and voters.

            At the very least he could have been a little bit forthcoming about the rules he denied existed.

          • Brad: You need to re-read the rules very carefully because the rules do not support your conclusions. I also suggest you review the Party Rules on the responsibilities/duties of the County Chairman and Precinct Committeeman. The Chairman is the Party leader, spokesman, appoints the various committees etc.

            My email posted above was sent to one person who has done some things in past that are not in the best interest of the Republican Party particularly for a person who is a Precinct Committeeman. Then that person chose to sent the email to the CCO. I did not. The person has made no attempt to contact me and discuss the matter as I requested.

            I have an open door policy and welcome open discussion on the various issues. That is exactly what I ask this person to do in my email. I suggest you also re-read the above email carefully. When a person volunteers to be a Precinct Committeeman, they agree to abide by the rules. If they do not want to abide by the rules, then resign and do what you want. You did the proper thing and resigned your position as a Precinct Committeeman.

          • I resigned my position because I wanted to openly support a non-Republican candidate after the passage of the Primary. In this case, it was the honorable and proper thing to do. This is clearly not the same.

            You have no right to remove, threaten to remove, or otherwise strong-arm a duly elected PC on the grounds that they support a Republican candidate not of your choice before the passage of the Primary Election.

            You know I am right. If I’m not, by all means, file your accusations formally and follow the proper process to have them removed. I’ll do everything in my power to show to what lengths the Vanderburgh County Republican Party will go to stifle grassroots activism.

  13. Mr U supporters should target the area out by the Goebel soccer complex South of Heckel Rd, North of Bergodlt and between Oak Hill and North Green River.

    It’s traditionally republican area and those people are not very happy about having the possibility of their basements being flooded every spring via the elevated softball fields and the new grocery/convenience store both approved my Marsha, if I am not mistaken.

  14. The funny thing about it is that Parke thinks he is somehow helping people with his endorsement. He is not. Swaim would be blowing Monastrelle out of the water (as he should be) if Parke wouldn’t have pulled this terrible Woods N Woods show boycott. As someone who is going to vote for Swaim because I’m sick of the ECVB, I’m getting sick and tired of his selfish actions hurting Swaim.

    Parke needs to quit wasting his time on the CCO, sending out emails to PC people who are thinking for themselves, AND START getting a hold of Jeremy Heath and asking him what he can do to help his campaign and help his project of getting the LST moved. In other words, make yourself useful Parke.

  15. Why didn’t Wayne complain when the Democrats crossed over to support his Republican Mayor during his election campaign? It’s not alright for Republicans to support people he don’t want to be elected to public office.

    Had lunch today with a group of political friends and it was the consensus of the group that Wayne Parke actions pertaining to Abell and Swaim has caused them major re-election problems.

    • Most voters don’t know who Wayne Parke is. Most people either don’t vote or are clueless.

      • 2012 presidential election 51.43% voted (city/county wide)

        2011 city election 23.94%

        2010 county election 36.98%

        2007 city election 19.42%

        2006 county election 45.22%

        Seems that city elections does not have much draw by them self.

        County elections which includes city resident voting as “county residents” appears to double over “city only” elections.

        Presidential election draws the most voters out.

        • Actually the problem is that the city limits are home to a disproportional number of uneducated buffoons who care little about government as long as the welfare checks show up on time.

          Are those city numbers for presidential elections always high or is it just when someone who promises Obamaphones, free healthcare, spreads the wealth around, and feeds the envy beast is on the ballot?

          • Rather nasty post!

            I would think that the city lack of voters is part laziness, in a kinder version then yours. I also feel that that city politics may be out of touch with the majority of the city residents.

            Is it not true that your version of obamaphones actually originated back in 2006? I don’t think he was president then.
            Also keep in mind that the executive, legislation, and judicial branch of government are in place for check and balances (in theory).

            • Nasty but true. Whenever the phones originated the branding is circa 2008 sort of like those Bush tax cuts that the branding never seemed to transfer on.

              Drive around in much of old Evansville and just take a look at the people. There are enough people that look like the banjo picker from Deliverance to start a southern town from the 30’s. Take your drive during the day because these mutants don’t exactly have day jobs. They aren’t lazy when it comes to making little mutants, firing up the meth labs, and shooting into traffic.

              The low voter turnout may be a little bit about voters having no connection to politics but most of it is the complacency that comes from ignorance and envy. Everyone makes such a big deal about the population shrinking. Evansville would be a better place if 50,000 more left town. A functional democracy will not happen here any more than Detroit will ever get its act together.

            • I know but one would think Obama himself would have disavowed his ownership of a popular program that Bush started. He didn’t. He didn’t start food stamps either but he grew to unheard of levels. I am surprise they don’t call the ObamaMeals given the way he expanded that program. Maybe welfare could be ObamaBucks. It all kinda has a socialist ring to it. If we could just get that clown ObamaMcDonald to do a commercial with the ObamaBurgler he would have more brands than General Motors.

          • @Reality Bites,

            well said. That’s been their hypocrisy all along. Blame Bush for everything but at the same time using the very same laws, etal established by his administration to buy their votes. The Patriot Act falls in the same category. For the levels of disdain they claim to have about a past Republican administration they sure do take advantage of it. Talk about the pot and kettle.

          • @ dveatch

            Your comment applies to both major parties.

            Executive branch “in theory” is only one third of the federal government leadership, the other is legislation, and judicial.

            It amaze me how everyone gets their panties in a wad over the demo/repub politics.

            Its the damn major contributors to the candidates running for office, and the lobbyist once they get there that is running this country.

            There is a editorial in the C&P from a local resident that pertains to politics now compared to 1970.

            It takes tons of money to get elected to a position. Why does it take 10 million dollars to get a $135,000 position? Them dollars coming from these sources want a return for “their” investment.

            Politicians now a days are just whores (apology to this sector to use their name in vain) to the ones that got them there and also during their stay in their elected position.

          • @Armstrongres

            No argument there. It does boggle the mind millions would be spent to ensure a political party has “one of their” own in such low level government positions. Tells me so long as the person gives the appearance of doing their job is just a cover, their real job is to funnel money to their respective machine.

            And in my view based on Wayne’s comments in this and other threads is his only concern. Of course such concerns are transcendent to the Democrats.

          • @dveatch

            Be interesting how this primary plays out.
            Does the political machine get their favorite in, or do the voters decide on the outsider? Should the outsider win, does the machine back the winner, or do they deflect like the demo’s did for the mayors race?

            I do see many Bruce Ungetheim signs all over.
            Will get interesting when the machine cranks up and see what extent they go to try to get their chosen one the win. Could they go far enough to do major damage to their own just for one elected position?

          • @Armstrongres:

            Do not put the willingness of the Republican “machine” to damage one of their own to seat their preferred candidate. There is clear evidence the Republican machine will turn on their own even if it means a Democrat would win the race.

            As pathetic as that sounds it has happened and I cite the GOPs behavior with the recent race between Jolly (R) and Sink (D) in Florida;


      • Agreed. That’s why a good “Get Out The Vote” effort can swing an election. Money helps win, but door knocking and getting voters to the polls wins elections, especially on the local level. I just got some new walking shoes, because I’m going to burn a lot of shoe leather in the next 20 months.

  16. ” As Republican Party Chairman, I have publicly endorsed /support Marsha Abell to be re-elected as County Commissioner over Bruce.” (Wayne Parke, Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman)


    Wayne: It is asinine statements like the above one that are driving people who respect a person’s right to run for any office for which they are legally qualified away from your party.

    With your attitude, you have no business being the local party chair. It is definitely time to start the transfusion and grease up the paddles before this party flat-lines on the operating table.


    • Pressanykey: I suggest you read/study what the role and the responsibilities are for the Party Chairman. I am following them.

      There are very few restrictions on a person running for office. Also as Party Chairman, I can endorsed a Republican in good standing with the Party. And I did.

      In the past it was very common for the Party Officers to endorse candidates. That is nothing new.

      • You are doing great harm to the local party by driving people away from it. If you really cared about the PARTY you would step down.


        • Pressanykey: I can assure you that the vast majority the Republican Party leadership think I am doing a very good job. We have had some great successes in the City/County. I do and will work hard to get a better balance on the City Council. We have a Republican Mayor, Republican County Council and a Republican County Commission. Does that speak well of the Republican Party? So need to review the facts.

          • I don’t think anyone has yet to question how hard you work and is not the issue. The issue(s) are why you support Abell which you have told us but frankly contains little substance but you are entitled to your opinion.

            The issue is the email posted by CCO. Its tone does have that “I’m taking some committeemen to the wood shed because they did not endorse my candidate”. You can deny that all you like but any normal person would read it in that vein.

            Naturally that causes many of us here to question your assiduity about following the rules. It calls into question your statement you did not violate a non-existent rule even though the rules allow committeemen to endorse anyone they like.

            While “technically” you have not violated the Committee rules, your email gives all the intents and purposes you intend to if the committeemen do not endorse your candidate. Or at the very least at some point in the future their non-support of Abell will have some degree of consequences delivered by you.

            I think your zealousness to support Abell has caused you to step into a cow pie.

  17. “…this is exacerbated of course because governments tend to hire bureaucrats to run things like iHubs instead of people who have actually started and run a business and met a payroll?…” (CCO)


    Hmmmmm. Let me see now….hired someone who had never really done much of anything, and then that person failed miserably. Where have I heard that one ?


  18. Breaking News:

    Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage has been struck down by a Federal Judge, per AP. Another one bites the dust.

    • I’m now more interested in the Hobby Lobby case. LGBT marriage is now a fete accompli, the SCOTUS will soon deliver a coup de grace to all the bans.

      In Employment Division vs Smith Scalia noted that religous insitutions must obey generally applicable laws or else each man would become a law unto himself.

      Will he now say the same for corporations/

      Scalia’s rules seems to be Corporations > people/common man/public > Goverment

      I don’t trust Kennedy either for he gave us Citizens United. Your benefits are your money, its none of your company’s/bosses business how you spend them.
      BTW MSNBC reported that at one time Hobby Lobby offered the plan B drug AND birth control in their benefits package, UNITL Obama came along.

      OHHHHHHHHHHH the hypocrisy!!

      I have yet to double check that report though.

      • I think you’re right about marriage equality. The Hobby Lobby case is a big one for the country, too. All of the hideous “trap laws” concerning abortion rights need to be struck down, too. I guess a liberal’s work is never done!

      • I would not count on SCOTUS over turning all the state constitutions the prohibit gay marriage based on SCOTUS’ DOMA rationale. It basically said that becauae a state allowed gay marriage, the federal government had to recognize it. In a federal system, each state has a right to define marriage the way it sees fit, which is the way the DOMA in 5/4 decision reasoning is leaning.

        We will see but relying on district court judges opinions may not be a good indicator of SCOTUS rulings as they are too often reflective of that district’s taste..not that they should be, but that is the way it is. I would hate to think the 9 Circuit of Appeals sets the standard given its history of overturned decisions and the number of cases it sends to SCOTUS.

  19. There are contested Republican primaries. That means the party is healthy and it will support whoever wins. There is no way the local Republicans will back stab a primary winner the way the Demo Central Committee did Rick Davis. That tore the local Demo party apart and it still has not, and may never, recover from that treasonous disloyalty. I’m old enough to remember when the Republicans were just looking for candidates because they were often slaughted in the City General Elections given the majority of voters were Demos. With the disaster known as Obama, the fall elections are looking good for Republicans across the Country.

  20. Wayne Parke stance on forcing loyal GOP party workers to support his hand picked candidates is totally shameful. He should be forced to resign for the sake of the local Republican party.

  21. Hey Wayne I’m still waiting for you to post Marsha Abell outstanding work resume for all to read. I can’t wait to see what her education background is.

  22. When Mr. Parke post Marsha Abell resume I would like for the CCO to post Mr. Ungethiem resume also. When both resumes are posted we can determine whom is best qualified to govern Vanderburgh County for the next 4 years.

  23. Bruce Ungethiem for Vanderburgh County Commissioner because is best qualified to serve us on the County Commission.

  24. I really like Ms. Abell as a person but it’s time for a change. Vote Ungethiem for County Commissioner!

  25. We are leaving Vanderburgh County for Warrick so good bye to the political inbreeding!

    A party chairman as a head cheerleader in direct opposition to the larger community need is nauseating.

    • Have you ever heard the expression “jumping out of the frying pan into the fire”?
      Warrick Counties cronyism, nepotism and crookedness among politicians makes Vanderburgh County look like the Garden of Eden!
      The big difference being that no newspaper or online source is publishing Warrick Counties political shenanigans.

  26. To Wayne Parke:

    Fair enough. I’ll grant that the Party Chairmanship is a thankless job requiring long hours, but please do not mistake thankless work and long hours for efficacy. No one wants the job because partisan politics is dying a slow, painful death. The two party system exists by traditional acceptance and electorate apathy whose complacency outweighs its motivation for change. Said change will occur when–and only when–we reach our tipping point. Could be sooner than later…

    But please, for your own sake, stop embarrassing yourself on comment boards. For goodness sakes, give what’s left of your reputation a chance to recover.

    I feel sorry for you.

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