IS IT TRUE March 20, 2015


IS IT TRUE that sources inside the City Water Dept. have confirmed that Superintendent Mike Duckworth has officially resigned to accept a position with Commonwealth Engineering where he will earn in excess of $100,000 per year? …we congratulate Mr. Duckworth on this tremendous opportunity? …we also await to see which Republican insider will be appointed to Mr. Duckworth’s old job with the City Water Department?

IS IT TRUE that while we are talking about the Water & Sewer Department, we have to note that over $1,000,000 in new political patronage jobs have been created over the past four years in this department? …while Water and Sewer rates have increased with alarming bills, the salary expenses have increased at an even more alarming amount? …we wonder when the City Council will take a look at these increases, new positions, tremendous raises and take action to start reducing these costs? …it is common knowledge that the Evansville Water and Sewer Department is a political breeding ground for political patronage and “pork barrel” politics?

IS IT TRUE that one of the major accomplishments heralded by the Mayor is the cloverleaf at US Highway 41 & Lloyd Expressway? …the planning on this cloverleaf began over 10 years ago and land was purchased long before this administration took office? …we must ask the Mayor how he should be credited for a long planned state highway project that was planned, engineered and paid for with state funds under the direction of INDOT and not the city?

IS IT TRUE the Mayor proudly proclaimed that he had spent less than $5 million dollars less than he was budgeted? …unfortunately, the Mayor forgot to tell us “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say? …the Mayor collected $10 million dollars less in Revenue and failed to inform us of the millions owed in unpaid taxes from the TIF districts? …he also forgot to mention that over 22% of the loans issues by DMD were not collected? …we say stay tuned, we will soon report who was the largest recipient of loans that failed to pay?

IS IT TRUE the City Council, with the recommendations from DMD have issued millions in tax abatements over the last ten years? …unfortunately , some of these companied have failed to adhere to the terms outlined in the tax abatement documents? …its time for a complete audit and review be conducted and every effort be made to revoke some of these abatements and recover taxes that should have been due? …one of these such companies just announced plans to relocate a major part of their downtown operations?

IS IT TRUE the city may be forced to proceed with “demolition by neglect” of the River House Hotel and McCurdy Hotel if they don’t proceed quickly in forcing the owners to proceed with these projects? …the time for these delays are long over due? … we need action NOW?

IS IT TRUE our “Police Mole” has informed us that the FOP didn’t contacted 2nd Ward City Council candidate, Steve Davis that they had endorsed his opponent, incumbent City Councilman Missy Mosby? … Mr. Davis was not given any opportunity to talk with the FOP leadership to express his views, answer questions nor in any way talk with them before this decision? …this decision was made  by the FOP because Missy Mosby blindly supports every FOP budget request submitted to City Council over the last several years?

IS IT TRUE we thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you the news in a way that not only brings you into the discussion but makes you feel compelled to participate? ..the CCO is alive and well and remains your community watchdog?


  1. Very good iit today, very disappointed in the FOP endorsement. I’ve always had respect for their opinion, even when I don’t agree. This however is contrary to the good of the community as a whole. The city council is negligent if it doesn’t roll over on the water dept. hiring.

    • especially when the operational funds of the utility have declined by nearly THREE MILLION DOLLARS during 2014…of course between the jobs program at the expense of the ratepayer and the botched Johnson Control contract resulting in massive overtime pay why would you be surprised….

      • Both are not very smart. Voting with a GOP Mayor when running for office on the democratic ticket is not very smart for their political career. Hopefully the Mayor’s wife can help finance their lives after they are defeated for city council office.

        • Didn’t seem to bother any of them when they went against Rick Davis now did it? Don’t you remember the document declaring Winnecke for mayor the best candidate. It was signed by all the Democrats in office at that time.

          • Yea don’t remind me of that! That’s old news now and to be forgotten. What Missy is doing is current and not acceptable. BTW I didn’t like what Mark and Connie did back in the day. That’s why we have the problems with the GOP mayor that they helped to elect over Rick Davis. But no one in their right mind wants to beat that dead horse now. Just don’t ever do that again. Which brings me back to the Mosby Deal of supporting anything the Mayor wants to do even if it’s not good for the city residents. It might be good for a few city residences or people who gave money to the Mayor for his campaign. But it’s not good for the vast majority of the regular citizens in the city.

  2. Mayor may be laying claim to that cloverleaf because initially IDOT was just moving the stop lights from
    one roadway to the other? With a little complaint, IDOT went to a true cloverleaf?

    Downtown hotels neglect is the same game played with Robert there is no competition for that new “no” tel?

    Should abatements not be set where whoever pays the “full amount” those first 10 years? Then after that 10 year period that whoever met “all” they promise” they receive their welfare?

    Funny how it is a taboo for government people to jockey for better paying job, but in the business world it is praised. Ones gripe of paying more tax to fund this, but not a peep when paying more for a product for that business!

    • IS IT TRUE that the pooh had to give up a very special project in return INDOT agreed to purchase the additional land necessary to avoid the short exits requiring lights to enter the Lloyd and 41?…much like the Pooh’s photo opt at the State legislature; like in college on STAGE, with both houses having SUPER MAJORITIES all republicans and the Governor’s mansion trying his best to increase the State’s portion of the IU Med {36 Million vs our 57 million}…sadly enough the long drive back home hat in hand empty of the much needed CASH to properly complete the project that is the so-called savior of his Downtown…so what is the tale of this Messiah-like Mayor? Perhaps a walk through the dictionary you may find the words to express?

    • Some businesses frown upon their employees moving to another company and taking company information with them in the head. That’s why they make their employees sign contracts saying that than can’t leave and go to work for a competing company within a certain period of time. And example was the Heart Group who prohibited some of the Heart Doctors from practicing in the area for some time. There was a well know court case dealing with that situation a while back. But Arm I guess you are talking about people moving up inside their company. That’s encouraged I guess. But I don’t know of many companies that like to train their people only to see them leave for another company after they are trained. And that includes the city government as well as private companies.

  3. Pretty disappointed with the FOP decision. I know little about Davis but plenty about Mosby and with that alone he has earned my vote.

    We really need more qualified candidates and fewer recycled has beens with a recognizable name.

  4. The City’s handling of both the McCurdy hotel and Mesker Amphitheater is a community embarrassment. The McCurdy is rotting away in front of out eyes. Mesker Amphitheater is closed for lack of basic maintenance and used as a dumping ground for the Roberts Stadium chairbacks. The City Council also does their best to ignore addressing both community landmarks. Many hoped that Councilman Al Lindsey would have fought like a wounded otter for Mesker, but that never happened.

    • Joe…

      Do you real think the Mad Hater in room 302 and his Queen of Hearts will accommodate dear ol Al…hell know…

      There is one thing inevitable before this tea party is over…if this City;s Council does not produce a “part” and address the Mad Hater and his Queen’s lust for gold and greatest (lack thereof) perhaps the new name of our fair city….Uhhhh…how about Detroitville?

    • Forgot to wish CCO El Presidente Ron Cosby a speedy and full recovery. The CCO has been a great source of information on the City’s incomprehensible bungling of both the McCurdy hotel and Mesker Amphitheater.

      • If she is elected we can only hope that vindictiveness is not genetic. He isn’t just disrespectful to the fire chief, his actions are malevolent.

    • Joe, Things may not be looking too good for Mr. lindsey and his daughter. I saw a lot of signs in yards of strong Democrats that supported his opponent and the incumbent city clerk.

      • Cowboy, Al Lindsey sure could have helped himself by leading the fight to try to reopen Mesker Amphitheater. There are many citizens outraged that Mesker is closed for lack of maintenance.

    • Al only concerns himself with getting revenge on the Chief of the fire department. That is all.

    • If Al fights like a wounded otter for Mesker then does Missy fight like a wounded beaver for her projects?

  5. The FOP hurt their credibility last year by endorsing both candidates for Sheriff. This stunt causes them to lose all credibility. Endorsing any candidate without even hosting a candidate night or asking one question would be mind blowing if it wasn’t known that the FOP is heavily influenced by the Republican Mayor. Considering Missy Mosby is controlled by Winnecke…it makes perfect sense.

    • Blue, didn’t you tell us in the past that most P. O.’s were anti Mosby in the race ?

      • As you already know, the FOP does not speak for the rank and file. Everyone wearing a badge, I doubt you are one of them, admits the FOP is heavily influenced by Mayor Winnecke and Missy Mosby is beholden to Mayor Winnecke. This isn’t shocking news. This endorsement was 100% expected but it is embarrassing that the FOP didn’t even attempt to make it look like it had integrity. Don’t take my word for it, take a ride along and witness the true sentiment.

        • Blue, Something tells me if the FOP had endorsed her opponent you would have ranked it as if it came straight from the bible.

          • And Cowboy something tells me that you support the Mayor and the EC&P no matter what they do.

  6. IIT so poorly written today. What’s with all the typos?

    Hasn’t the City done everything possible to stop the owner of the River House from completing the renovation? They don’t want the River House to compete with the convention hotel should it ever be built.

    • Unlike the rest of us, the editor can correct those typos once they are posted. It’s either laziness or apathy.

      • Or the lack of an eighth grade education, ms editor, please have someone else actually write for you.

        • Is it true that Givemeabreak has a run on sentence above. And he is making note of the editor’s single misspelled word. Givemeabreak must have taken a few years off when he was in grammar school.

  7. The Community Organizer-in-Chief is at it again. Here’s the full transcript of his televised remarks to the people of Iran (this really makes you wonder if Obama is confused and now believes he’s the President of Iran):

    “Hello! To everyone celebrating Nowruz—across the United States and in countries around the world—Nowruz Mubarak.

    For thousands of years, this has been a time to gather with family and friends and welcome a new spring and a new year. Last week, my wife Michelle helped mark Nowruz here at the White House. It was a celebration of the vibrant cultures, food, music and friendship of our many diaspora communities who make extraordinary contributions every day here in the United States. We even created our own Haft Seen, representing our hopes for the new year.

    This year, that includes our hopes for progress between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the international community, including the United States. So I want to take this opportunity once again to speak directly to the people and leaders of Iran. As you gather around the Nowruz table—from Tehran to Shiraz to Tabriz, from the coasts of the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf—you’re giving thanks for your blessings and looking ahead to the future.”

    • Republicans aren’t happy unless we’re at war. A president who tries to improve our image abroad just doesn’t fit with your natural ayhole tendencies.

      • Given his track record of improving our image abroad, perhaps he should employ a different method. Change #1: Learn who your allies are and treat them with respect.

      • Ghost, While Obama and his liberal left worry about trying to improve our “image” with radical Islamic regimes, I worry about the national security of our Country (United States of America) posed by those radical Islamic regimes.

        • You Joe, and anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear worry about our national security. There are others whose eyes only see social injustice, albeit sometimes contrived, and hear only what is politically incorrect.

          Rome is burning and some on the left are still perpetuating the lie that Michael Brown put his hands and said, “Don’t shoot”.

    • Obama blah blah blah. He is our President and will continue in that position no matter what you make up about him.

      • How can you possibly think it’s made up? It’s right there. Did you even look at the clip? There are none so blind…

  8. Remember how surprised and hurt Jimmy Carter was when he realized he’d been lied to by Iranians? I think another naïve president is going to have a rude awakening…that is unless his allegiance likes elsewhere.

    • Remember when Bush/Cheney said that there were WMD is Iraq and invaded Iraq.
      Remember when Bush Sr supported Iraq when they were at war with Iran?
      Remember when Iraq shoot a missile at the USS Stark?
      Remember when Israel stole the plans for an atomic bomb from the US?

      Lots of strange things happen in the Middle East.

      • I remember that many democrats voted for the war because everyone had the same intelligence.

  9. Mr. Ghost,
    I’m not a psychiatrist but as a reader of your posts, it would seem that you suffer from a condition known as monomania; that is to focus so exclusively on one thing that it becomes all consuming. Aside from the obvious personality disorder it creates, it also makes one a terrible bore.

    • I beg your pardon Sigmund Freud, but it’s easy to see who has the obsession on these boards. It ain’t me.

      • The word “republican” is in nine out of ten of your posts and it’s always used with scorn or some inane, sweeping blanket statement about republicans.

    • You are right about one thing. You are not a psychiatrist. And Mega Dittos seems terribly boring and confused.

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