IS IT TRUE March 19, 2013


Together at Winnecke Fundraiser
Together at Winnecke Fundraiser

IS IT TRUE March 19, 2013

IS IT TRUE two college basketball teams with massive local support have earned #1 seeds in their respective regions in this year’s March Madness?…the Indiana Hoosiers after winning the Big Ten regular season championship but seeing the Wisconsin Badger jinx reach out and beat them again in the tournament semifinals will take the path through Dayton and Washington DC to attempt to return to the final four?…the Louisville Cardinals on the other hand on the strength of dominating the 2nd half of the Big East tournament was awarded the #1 overall seed and will be seeking a second straight final four appearance through Lexington and Indianapolis?…that Indiana and Louisville began the year ranked #1 & #2 and even though Gonzaga still has the polls #1 ranking the NCAA sees things differently mainly due to strength of schedule?…it would be just great to see an Indiana vs. Louisville championship game?…if such a game were held today the favorite would be Louisville but who knows what the next 3 weeks will bring?…the City County Observer wishes both teams the good fortune to play their best in the NCAA tournament?…if both of the “A” teams show up we will be treated to this final of massive local interest?…both teams have proven themselves capable of laying an egg and losing to a less talented team at times during the regular season?

IS IT TRUE that our article a couple of weeks ago with the email from Evansville’s First Lady Carol McClintock where she stated that the Republicans have “control of the Evansville City Council” raised allot of eyebrows?…that is a pretty strong claim for a Republican to make when the City Council is made up of an 8 – 1 Democrat majority?…our First Lady later had some Republicans state the her email was a typo?…that may indeed be true but at a recent fund raiser for Mayor Winnecke’s re-election campaign two Democrat members of the City Council showed up in support?…that Councilman Jonathan Weaver and Councilwoman Missy Mosby were in attendance and expressed strong support for Mayor Winnecke to stay in the Mayor’s office?…that coincidentally these two have stood alone in opposition to audits of City of Evansville accounts and of the Ford Center construction project?…that while there is not a thing wrong with cross party support, Councilman Weaver and Councilwoman Mosby seem to be two Democrat members of the Evansville City Council who are securely in the pocket of the Winnecke Administration?…being in the pocket of any administration is not a good thing as has been proven by the debacles that came from solid in the pocket Democrat control during the Weinzapfel Administration?…as Smeagle (not to be confused with SNEGAL) would ask “who else does the Mayor have in his pocketses”?

IS IT TRUE the Evansville Police Department and the Evansville Fire Department get together every year about this time to box each other to raise money for charities in a well attended event called “Guns and Hoses”?…in support of the Guns and Hoses event these guys got together to make a video along the lines of the Harlem Shake videos that have been going viral on youtube?…there are some folks who have been critical of this video for being done on the job?…we think that is being a bit too anal and that the police and firefighters who give up their own time and take a whipping for charity should be given a break for making a video supporting the Guns and Hoses event on the clock?…sometimes strict adherence to rules that were made up in the first place is just not the best way to live?…some rules were made to be broken and in this special case breaking the rigidity of a mostly controlled environment is the right thing to do?…we hope you all enjoy the video that is posted on the Community side of the CCO?


  1. The Ford Center construction construction project was started and controlled by the Weinzapfel Administration and several current Democratic City Council members including Dan Adams and John Friend. Where were Democrats Dan Adams and John Friend when the project was being constructed and paid for? Did Adams and Friend do their job?Apparently not, if the so called Adams “rumors” are true. How wise is is it to vote to spend tax dollars investigating something based solely on a rumor. A rumor that Adams would not even state what it was in the public meeting but had apparently discussed the rumor with certain select City Council members privately. The simple fact is Mosby and Weaver voted correctly based on information they had to work with on this issue.

    Mayor Winnecke ask for a State Board of Accounts audit of the Ford project several weeks ago long before the Dan Adams “Rumor Audit Project”. If Adams and Friend had done their job in the first place we would not be spending valuable time on this issue. Adams did not demonstrate good logic on this issue and should have waited until the State audit was competed before going down this road. All Democratic City Councilmen who voted for this “Rumor Audit” used very poor judgment including Republican Dan McGinn. They got the cart before the horse.

    • Goldentoe,

      You are forgetting that SBR responded to that in the C & P late last week by saying there were ” 6 to 8″ transactions to be examined. A transaction means there are documents supporting the ‘rumors’. Obviously, a forensic accountant can’t do anything with a ‘rumor’–he has to have paper in his hands !

      • Some Civic Center moles have indicated that over $800,000 of construction funds were paid out for operating costs contrary to the bond provisions. What is so curious about this hold thing is the uproar, we might spent 20k-30k to satify some of our citizens in regards to the largest and most expensive project this city has ever undertaken, to assure them that their government is transparent and eger to satify their desire for the truth and put forward, once and for all, the notion that their money was spent wisely and honestly. My question is: what in the hell is wrong with that?? And, should they be shouted down, then, why is it that those shouters are coming from positions of leadership???

        • I have said before that a post construction audit of the arena project would be the most natural thing in the world.

          As you indicated, the arena project was the single most expensive capital project ever undertaken by the city of Evansville, and the city was working with construction and engineering firms which it had never before dealt with.

          Had the project been done right, a post construction audit would have been made part of the project, with funds identified for that purpose.

          The truth is that the people running that project have never understood that the people at the top of the food chain are the citizens, and that they serve and answer to those citizens.

          So if the citizens want an accounting of their money then give it to them!


    • IS IT TRUE that Mr. McGinn was also on the City Council. As many recall, Councilman Friend held a two hour inquisition of John Kish quizzing him regarding the quarters that Hunt Construction was located and the City was paying $17,000 per month. The fact that Hunt contruction was paid $45,000 to prepare a budget for the cost of the Arena and then, entered Kisk and named Hunt as the General Contructor and gave them a $500,000 bonus if they would meet their own budget numbers!!! And, questioned him regarding the fact that Bigham McHale was paid $500,000 to prepare a “RFP” to present to Browning concerning the Executive Inn Tower…and, let’s not forget about the $122,000 insurance consulting fee that Old National Bank received concerning the Ford Arena and when Friend asked for the consultant’s report, he received three pages of excel data which you can find in the City Clerk’s office where he filed once received. You need to dare the editor to post the minutes of that long inquisition of Kish that Councilman Friend conducted and your only republican on the council was just another statue…the minutes don’t lie!!!

  2. Happy to see a photo of Winnecke and Weaver together finally surface–I thought they were the same person for the longest time !

  3. Why don’t Weaver and Mosby just switch parties and make it right.

    They both don’t support democrat candidates and they obviously support Winnecke.

    Aren’t there any rules to prohibit stuff like this? Should the state Democratic Party have anything to say about this? What about the local democrat party? Shouldn’t they put a stop to this? If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s traitors. if you’re pitching for the Yankees you shouldn’t bat for the Red Sox. It’s as simple as that.

    They lose all credibility and trust as far as I’m concerned when they put themselves on the ballot as a Democrat and openly support Republicans. Who do these people think they are to do something like that? I’m amazed they get away with it. Red Mosby would be fit to be tied right now.

      • Cause they are too stupid to be Democrats. The Repubicans however have embraced their dumb butts. Go figure? One has to be pretty damn stupid to be in McClintocks pocket.

    • A Mosby supporting a Republican??? Old Granpa Red would beat Missy’s ass to a pulp for the senseless bull she has been pulling. Old Red did know how to shake both sides down though. He elevated shaking people down as a township trustee to art.

      As for Weaver, he just likes to have a master with power. When Winnecke took the reigns from Weinzapfel, mastering Weaver came with the package. The antics of Evansville politicians defy logic.

  4. You can’t blame anybody for trying to enhance their economic status. Weaver has been scrapping by and, of course, Missy has been in several positions. Some say that her resume required an index page. It only stays to reason that both have real estate experience and, of course, the First Lady, Ms Carol Meclintoch, has many tenticals in that field of endeavor.

    • Missy in several positions????? Do you mean tonight or is this just a comment on her career path. That is a hilarious way to describe Missy’s way of life. SEVERAL POSITIONS??? Several hundred maybe!

  5. Just got this in from the DNC:

    “We’ll trade you Weaver and Mosby straight up for McGinn”

  6. Can we find out how much money Weaver and Mosby gave Winnecke at the fundraiser?

  7. Could you superimpose a photo of Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’ next to Weaver ? That reflection in the eyes seems familiar . . .

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