IS IT TRUE March 15, 2013


The Mole #??
The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE March 15, 2013

IS IT TRUE Indiana Senate Bill 343 is a bill written to do away with some of the inequities contained in the original statute permitting a merger of city and county governments?…SB343 requires a separate block of votes for each entity, and must be passed by 50%-55% of the voters in each block?… it also requires a detailed fiscal impact study be submitted to a department of local government finance at least 6 months before any election, and the legislative bodies of the reorganizing political subdivisions must prepare the reorganization plan, not a political appointed group of hacks?… SB343 is stalled in the house, and probably will not be given a hearing, unless we can apply some pressure to members of the Government Regulatory and Reform Committee, of which Wendy McNamara is a member?…you can contact Wendy at (317) 232 9671, or her secretary (317) 232 9705 and urge her to bring SB343 to a hearing?

IS IT TRUE the forensic audit of the Ford Center that was passed 7 – 2 over the objections of Council members Jonathan Weaver and Missy Mosby has now gone to the next step of disclosure?…the forensic audit will be concentrating on between 6 and 8 transactions that have rumors of overpayment surrounding them?…such rumors should easily be verified or debunked by a competent consultant in short order?…what may need to be allowed is for some competent consultant to expand their audit to areas that are not the subject of rumors?…if there was foul play in the finances of the Ford Center it is highly probable that the people involved would have covered their tracks to the best of their ability?…there may not be smoke or fire but there sure has been rampant belief that some nefarious transactions occurred?…the things that should also be looked at are the material or design issues that keep cropping up?…it is not a rumor that at least one of the glass panes in the Ford Center has come tumbling down?…it is not just a rumor that the bathroom situation with respect to the upper tier of the seating is just plain unacceptable?…it is not just a rumor that there is not sufficient storage in the Ford Center so a new building is proposed to be part of the downtown Convention Hotel project that still is not assured of ever happening?…while there may be no malfeasance associated with the Ford Center construction project, there is certainly a READY, FIRE, AIM design full of shortcomings that have surfaced since the Ford Center was opened?…if we were to make a prediction on the forensic audit it is that the auditor will find sloppy grammar school level financial oversight and shoddy accounting just like the day to day operation of the City of Evansville during the time when the Ford Center was being built?

IS IT TRUE in what may be the fastest conclave ever the College of Cardinals elected a new Pope to lead the Roman Catholic Church?…the new Pope is from Argentina making him the first Pope ever from the Western Hemisphere which seems like a good thing?…the new Pope also chose a name that had never ever been chosen before from the list of about 80 names that have been “approved” for a Pope to take?…being a native speaker of Spanish the Argentine Pope has chosen the name Pope Francisco or Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi?…the humble nature of Saint Francis of Assisi and the life’s history of Pope Francis is a positive attribute that seems to have been lost in the pomp and circumstance of opulence that the Vatican routinely puts forth?…the entire world needs to reform itself to that which is necessary, civil, and good?…the City County Observer welcomes Pope Francis and congratulates the College of Cardinals on rapidly making what looks to be the right man at the right time to lead?…if this Pope ever attains sainthood in his own language he will nearly be known as San Francisco?

IS IT TRUE the Democrat Party is all giddy in several national publications about a trial balloon of a new “DREAM TEAM” to run for the White House in 2016?…this DREAM TEAM is none other than wannabe President Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama?…this will make for some very interesting politics starting in two years?…the most interesting debate would be one between Hillary and Vice President Biden should he choose to seek the party nomination?…he had better be careful about laughing at Hillary or she may just toss a lamp at him?…in all fairness what these two ladies have had to put up with for their husbands ambitions may give them great credibility in the departments of tolerance, forgiveness, and collaboration?


  1. IS IT TRUE…”IS IT TRUE the forensic audit of the Ford Center that was passed 7 – 2 over the objections of Council members Jonathan Weaver and Missy Mosby has now gone to the next step of disclosure?…the forensic audit will be concentrating on between 6 and 8 transactions that have rumors of overpayment surrounding them?” (CCO)

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    I would not get too excited about an “audit” that is concentrating on 6 or 8 bank transactions with rumors of over-payments.

    It seems to me, and I hope such is the case, that the audit being performed by the SBOA on the Ford Center is a much more thorough audit that is closer to the post construction audit that should have been performed on that project. I anxiously await the results of that audit, even though I have reservations about state auditors who remain on the job in one place too long.

    That still leaves perhaps the biggest unaudited financial records exception, found on SBOA’s 2012 City of Evansville audit, unresolved. I am talking about six years worth of facilities management contracts (2006-2011) that by Indiana statute required a minimum of an annual independent review, none of which were ever performed. Without any doubt, there should be great effort expended on reconstructing what happened during those 6 years with the monies that changed hands between SM&G and the City of Evansville.


  2. If you think Hillary would bring in Michelle Obama as her VP candidate, please put down the crack pipe.

  3. Just called Wendy McNamara’s assistant named Kyle… He does not know her current stance on this issue but has promised to get back with me on Monday after speaking with her. He indicated her usual stance on such issues is to hear all sides before making a decision on whether she supports something, to which I replied it sounded like she should support at least a hearing on the Bill… Kyle seemed to agree.

    This is Kyle’s direct number: 317-232-9671

    Kyle is the intern for a gentleman named Jason, who is her direct aide. You can reach Jason at that above number as well.

  4. After they’re done with the Fraud Center they need to look at DMD and GAGE next. Probably enough in those two file cabinets to keep Quincy, Dexter and Bones busy, busy, busy…

  5. The two public characters that the American people have no use for are Hillary Clinton and Shovel-Mouth Obama.

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