IS IT TRUE March 11, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that downtown Evansville was the host of two DOG AND PONY shows yesterday with one of them held for Mayor Winnecke to crow about the long awaited downtown convention hotel with his first GOLDEN SHOVEL EVENT of 2014?…the other DOG AND PONY show was across the street and a little bit north in the City Council Chambers where nary a word was spoken about rescinding the $4.8 Million loan approval that the City Council capitulated to under false pretenses a full two years ago?…enough City Council members showed up to protest the extension of the $200,000 loan that Mayor Winnecke and the Loan Administration fund snuck to Earthcare without so much as giving the City Council notice two years and 9 days ago?…for a majority of the City Council to pontificate wildly about the irresponsible nature of the Mayor extending this loan is nothing but hollow showboating if they are not up to the task of rescinding the $4.8 Million loan that they approved?…quite frankly failure to rescind this loan is the same as extending it indefinitely and the financial geniuses on the City Council should have the good sense to know it?…while the Mayor and the Loan Administration Committee extended the $200,000 loan for a finite period of 2 years, the City Council essentially has extended a loan approval of $4.8 Million to Earthcare with no expiration date?…the failure to bring this up and rescind after the bravado of last week is cowardly and infuriating?…we expect more from an elected body that complains all the time about being left out of the loop?

IS IT TRUE it was revealed at last night’s City Council meeting by City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr. that the receipts to the City of Evansville for the 2nd installment of the 2013 property taxes came up $2 Million short and that cuts are needed in the City budget?…this is something that the City Council should be told but yet again they were kept out of the loop by the Winnecke Administration?…at least that is what they say?…Mayor Winnecke has stated that he will be addressing this $2 Million shortfall in a “State of the City” address at the downtown Rotary Club luncheon?…we reckon the speech may go something like the following:

“Good afternoon, I am your Mayor, Lloyd Winnecke. It is my pleasure to report to you that the state of Evansville has never been better. Our infrastructure continues to crumble, we ran out of salt for the roads this winter, the property taxes were just discovered to be $2 Million short of projections and I’m sorry I forgot to tell City Council, the gaming boat revenue continues to fall, 12 people have been shot so far in 2014, our books are not yet balanced, our audit is 5 months overdue, but hey we finally are going to have a downtown convention hotel that the public is funding to the tune of $20 Million and a dog park is on the horizon. It is truly a good day to be in Evansville.” The rest as they say is history in the making.

IS IT TRUE the highlight of the City Council meeting was when the Reverend Adrian Brooks took to the podium to call out the Courier & Press including Publisher Jack Pate (a  $10,000 dues paying member of the Elite Evansville Regional Business Committee) and Editor Tom Langhorn for inaccurate reporting about an apartment building that the Memorial Baptist Church is seeking $225,000 to refurbish?…the good reverend bought this property in 2011 for the sum of $85,000 making the total cost to get it refurbished $310,000 or only $31,000 per unit?…that while the units will only have a market price of $20,000 each on completion, Reverend Brooks is doing a much more efficient job of fixing up apartments than the federal government that paid $240,000 each to refurbish the old safe house that is pretty equivalent to the property at 721 E. Riverside?…we do wonder how Reverend Brooks managed to get his hands on $225,000 of free tax money to do these repairs when the 3 previous owners could not get a red cent that was not earned by the sweat of their own brow?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #20 tells us that he has gotten confirmation last night that FOUR deputies are being moved to lower profile positions this coming week for their lack of support for Wedding and/or their support for Byram in the race for Vanderburgh County Sheriff?…we shall keep our fingers on the pulse of this internal affair issue but think the performance and assignment of deputies for political preference sort of defeats the whole purpose of fairness and impartiality among those who are charged with our protection?

IS IT TRUE that in their zeal to collect every dime they could the City of Evansville Meter Maids not only put parking tickets on the USI team busses but they nailed #1 USI Fan, ex-basketball player, and former County Commissioner and past City of Evansville  Mayoral candidate Troy Tornatta too?…the long arm of the law spared no one at the Ford Center on Thursday and Friday handing out tickets like bears in a spring Alaskan river scooping up salmon?

IS IT TRUE we just learned that the Evansville Fire department employees received comp time buyout pay in February of this year.


    • nothing new as they revel
      just takin’ it to a lower level

      city council one and all
      had a meeting but lost their tall

      snow, sun or if it’s rainy
      4.8 million waiting for Haney

      hard to watch it’s a damn pity
      inept clowns running the city

  1. I just want to know where they got enough manure to hold the golden shovel event this time of year? …

    • Well its obvious, they have plenty of manure and just need a bigger shovel as in the scoop type.

  2. Russ Lloyd for Mayor. Winnenke for dog catcher. Missy Mosby for City Controller. Wow, what a brain trust we have running this city.

  3. Wow Winnecke aka Wienzapfel lite must be 90% approval rating after this!! Everyone in Evansville and Vanderburgh Co. need to be voting to clean this mess up by getting rid of Winnecke,Abell,Mosby and Weaver at the very least and most of the rest at best! The conmen,crooks and clowns need to be put down even if the citizens can not buy the support needed!

        • SBR4U; One thing,have any of you happened to notice what hasty snow plowing induces on the Bus Stops in your town.
          Cleared street,yes good,effects for public transportation benches and shelters,”not so much.”

          Observed this traveling by private vehicle down one of your local east west main passages heading east behind the Wesselman woods place and golf course.They absolutely destroyed’em with the plows slush blast I suppose.

    • That wouldn’t go over too well. Brinkerhoff Riley supported Winnecke. She and her campaign ripped the Davis campaign during the entire election.

  4. James Raben for Mayor!
    We’d have to allow county residents to run but why not? The talent doesn’t always stay in city limits, especially when they were raised in the country setting.

  5. Last time I checked, Eric Williams still runs the Sheriff’s Department, not Wedding. It was within the last two weeks that the CCO had an IIT about how Williams would easily become the next Mayor if he chose to run. Now there is an IIT claiming politics in Williams department is causing people to be transfered. Of course, there is nothing to support the claim, just Mole #20 saying it.
    So which is it? Is Williams a great leader who would have won the Mayors race in a cakewalk or is he a vendictive politician?
    OR…is mole #20 a Byrum supporter who, like many others have done, is using the CCO to throw crap at the wall and see what sticks?

    • Ahaha “checked”, “throw crap at the wall and see what sticks”

      Apparently when looking in at your local aged infrastructures,the environmental profiles. and the walls,housing the political “scenes” there. Count on it,its been sticking for quite some time.

      “Umbra transiens lumen appareat”

      “The shadow passes,the light remains.”

    • The crap throwing thing is a typical political tactic, and entirely possible here. I had really hoped to see a “clean” Sheriff’s race. I’m still wondering about the “internal investigation” of Wedding that was alledged to be taking place. I have seen or heard no more about it after asking for verification of the information.

        • It’s pretty hard for a fair internal investigation of Wedding to take place when the internal investigators report to Wedding and donate money to his campaign. That should tell you something fishy went on right there. They are gong to sweep anything under the rug that would look bad on Wedding or Williams – and they are doing just that. This is exactly why an outside agency should be conducting these investigations. Scary to think how corrupt things will be if Wedding gets elected. Kirk Byram (NOT Byrum – good cover though, to pretend to misspell every time you mention his name) is by far the best person to be the next sheriff of Vanderburgh County.

          • Ok. You and others keep talking about an Internal investigation. Please, for the love of all things holy, someone do more that imply there is an investigation. Who complained? What did they complain about? Nobody can answer it because the investigation rumors are just Byrum supporters who have given up on trying a positive campaign already.
            And if the IA rumor is not enough mud, let’s say that there is donation money involved too. Someone show me a fundraising report that shows where that money transaction happened. Oh yeah, can’t do that either.

          • Corruption? More blind speculation on the part of Byrum supporters. What do you have that supports your claim that there will be corruption if Wedding wins? He has been on the Sheriff’s department for over 30 years. If you are going to make that kind of statement, you should be able to show something during those 30 years to support it. And not just more of the “I heard from someone who heard from someone else”. Corruption by elected officials is a felony and a serious accusation. If you can’t back that kind of statement up, up you should not make it.

          • First, your ignorance is apparent with your continuation to misspell Byram’s name.
            Second, political fundraising records are public records. Go down to the county clerks office and simply request a copy. Then you will have your proof right in front of your face. It says the name of anyone who has donated money and the exact amount.
            Lastly, it was public knowledge – all over the news – about the federal traffic grant being under investigation – a deputy lost their job over it. How is that not corrupt that the person running the program, Wedding, is not part of the investigation, but over it?!! Kinda hard to reveal corruption when the people in charge of these investigations are the the ones that should be investigated!

          • So if a Walmart employee steals, the store manger is corrupt? The person who committed the crime was held accountable. Where is the corruption in that?
            Yes, the fundraising is public record. And as the people who claim that there was “something fishy”, it falls on YOU to back that up. If you are so certain that it happened, then put the names and the amount of money. You can’t because all you are doing is repeating stuff you heard.
            Byrum is in charge of motor patrol. If someone that works for him gets caught committing a crime it does not mean that HE is corrupt. Had the deputy’s actions been swept under the rug, he would still have his job and nobody would no anything about it. That would be corruption. But since it did not happen that way, you have to use very flawed reasoning to smear Wedding. I do not think Byrum wants to get into a guilt by association type of campaign. There is a reason he does not want you folks hurling mud.

    • It would not be too hard to confirm. Chad Howard is Kirk’s campaign manager. Chad Howard was moved to a new position. Chad’s former job duties, which was a 40 hour job, have now been dumped on Byram. The other deputies affected were all Republicans that support Byram’s campaign.

      These moves were prompted by Howard’s inquiry that accidentally brushed up against an Internal Affairs investigation that involves Wedding. The lead on the IA investigation works for Wedding and is a donor for Wedding’s campaign. How’s that for convenience? That’s why Kirk has campaigned on having IA investigations handled by an outside organization like Indiana State Police. I am a Byram supporter and it looks like the wise and ethical choice.

  6. The budget shortfall is a shocker, but I have no problem with believing that the information was kept from City Council, or at least certain members.
    Surely the 4.8 million loan to Haney was kept off the agenda last night for procedural reasons. I hope we get word that it will be brought up at the next meeting. I can’t believe that SBR, Friend, and O’Daniel will let that go.
    What information do we have on the secured financing for the hotel? Have signed agreements been presented?

  7. Since the new property tax rates are posted online now, you might be wondering why your residential property tax, which is supposed to be capped at no more than a 1% increase every year, has always been more than 1% since the inception of the caps.

    It is because of the EVSC referendum passed under then superintendent Vincent Bertram in 2008. But was the passing of that referendum at that point in time compliant with existing statute at the time or did Ted Ziemer pull a fast one?

    After the Vanderburgh County Taxpayers Association filed their remonstrance petition against Bertram’s bonding plan if either party walked away from the process there were statutory implications.

    When Bertram and the EVSC walked away from the Petition and remonstrance procedure it automatically prohibited the school corporation from submitting a similar plan for a one (1) year period.

    In less than a few months Bertram with the help of ZSWS collected a mere 100 signatures and managed to get it on the ballot.

    So until at least 2030, when the bond is retired, you will never see your 1% or less increase in property taxes.

    What was the rush? Would another year have made that much difference? I think it might have. That would have provided enough time for cooler heads to take a more in depth look at Bertram’s “strategic Initiative” and to separate the wheat from the chaff in the project.

    EVSC was not allowed to use taxpayer dollars to promote their plan in 2008 and it was around that period that we see the $21,000. disbursement to Vincent Bertram from the Evansville Regional Business Committee.


    • As I’m sure you know, Bertram is still receiving money from the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County. Before he left, he approved an EVSC contract with the entity that is his current employer, Project Lead the Way. He is now benefitting from that contract.

      Seven out of ten county voters approved the Bertram Strategic Plan. I wonder how many will now admit it.

      • Those voters were the victims of a slick marketing campaign, and the County Clerk should not have allowed it on the ballot.


  8. It is true that four deputies are being moved within the department, effectively demoting competent and capable individuals, for purely political reasons. They either don’t support Wedding or actively support Byram. This is the kind of childish management we currently have and can expect within the Sheriff’s Department if we elect Wedding. God help Vanderburgh County if we do!

    • Do you know the other side of the story? I’m sure Eric Williams must have some explanation other than politics, doesn’t he? Will the transfers have any effect on the pay of the Deputies involved?
      I’m not doubting your word, it’s just that these stories usually have two sides.

      • I have a lot of respect for Sheriff Williams and we get along quite well. I’ve always considered him to be a stand-up guy and I hope that this is not a political move. As a county resident, I rely on VCSO operating at its most efficient and effective.

      • LKB,with all due respect, from your post it seems that the “transfers” went from a rumor provided by mole #20 to a actual facts. Do you possess information to substantiate your insinuation? Definitely not defending Williams, but this how BS starts…………….

        • What I said was in response to Steve Hammer, who is assuring us it is true that deputies are being transferred because of politics. I was asking what reasons are being given, because SH was giving one side of a two-sided story. If I implied that it is fact, I surely didn’t mean to, but I did not want to imply that I think SH is lying, either. I expect he believes what he posted, but I’d like the whole story.
          As for the story about the internal investigation of Wedding, no verification has been forthcoming, and I’ve pretty much dismissed that.

          • Steve Hammer owns the Roca Bar on 41 and has hosted political fundraisers for Byrum already. He is obviously an active member of the Byrum campaign and is just repeating what he is told to repeat.
            I don’t think there is a debate about people getting transferred. It happens. The two people on here criticizing Wedding have nothing to support their claims of retaliation. Nobody took a pay cut or got demoted in rank. The worst thing mole 20 can say happened is someone got a less than desirable shift. Guess what #20. Lots if people work less than desirable shifts. Even Wedding supporters.

            • All you folks who hide behind fake names are hilarious. You are certainly free to believe whatever you like. I’m just giving you the facts.

          • SH, yes people got transferred. That is a fact. The rest of your posts have nothing in them that is fact based. After all of the anti Wedding posts today, we do not even know who the four deputies are. You are a Byrum supporter that is slinging mud and hoping it works. Many had hoped that this race would avoid that, but apparently it was wishful thinking.
            I find it hard to believe someone who has never been heard of in the political scene is all of the sudden trying to educate us on the “Democrat Playbook”.
            Where can I pick up a copy of the book? Will you be selling them at your next Byrum fundraiser?

          • With all due respect to VCSO, but if this race has turned dirty. You shouldn’t blame it on someone reporting the transgression, but the one that committed the transgression. I’m sure that more will come out of this story. The evidence may exonerate Williams or convict him, but in no way should this be a trial for the whistleblower unless it is proven to be false testimony.

          • Inquiring mind – aka part of Wedding’s campaign,

            This isn’t “slinging mud”, it’s simply stating the facts!! Four people get moved out of their position, which if you want to get technical, some took a pay cut if they are moved to positions where they can no longer work current off duty jobs, overtime, or lose a take home car. That is money out their pocket to support their family. Second, funny how NO vocal Wedding supporters got moved. Shift bids and positions for the year were made in January….why make moves – on FOUR people who are Byram supporters – in the middle of the year? Not promoted, not filling a retiree spot, moved to undesirable positions. Not rocket science that it’s political. And you keep asking to say what their new job description is….MOOT POINT! The sad thing is that Wedding is approaching deputies and threatening them with their position if they don’t vote for him. This is fact by SEVERAL deputies, who obviously choose to remain anonymous because Wedding tries to intimidate and threaten them and they are afraid they will get moved like these 4 deputies did!! These move only prove that Wedding will keep true to his word on retribution for not supporting him, all with the blessing and guise of Williams.

          • From what’s been said, the Internal Affairs investigation that sacked Stu Mosby is apparently still open and Wedding’s complicity in it was/is in question. From what I was told, the people inside the Sheriff’s office thought the investigation was closed until Howard asked a question that raised the hackles of people still involved with the investigation. Here is the link for CCO’s special report on the issue from last year.


      • At least one of the deputies was moved to a less desirable shift affecting his personal lifestyle and family time. Some people would say that this is more important than pay.

    • I can assure you that my statement is 100% fact. That’s Rule #1 in the Democratic machine’s playbook. Punish your political opponent’s supporters and pile their duties onto the opponent in hopes he’ll be overwhelmed. Two benefits to this. One, the guy has to work so hard he doesn’t have time to run a campaign against you. Two, you hope he’ll fail at work because he’s tasked with the responsibilites that are normally handled by more than one person so you can use that against him. Politics 101. Pretty smart but low class!

      • Do you have any sort of press release announcing re-assignments of duty? Anything that will verify what you are saying? Memos concerning changes of duties? Surely Deputy Byrum has a memo outlining his new duties!
        In situations like this, if you have no back-up to what you alledge, it appears that you are slinging the first mud.
        The motivations you ascribe to the Sheriff are obviously conjecture, and it would be good to tell both sides of the story before “explaining” what took place.

        • I know the deputies personally. I can attest to their character, intelligence, experience and ability.

          • As someone who has already hosted at least one political fundraiser for Byrum, I would not expect you to say anything different. My question is if Byrum thinks this is politically motivated, why let #20 do his bidding on CCO?

          • I was told the story. I was shocked and a little outraged. The Byram camp did not want to go public with it and I chose to do so on my own. That is another stripe for the ethics of Byram. Even when facing political retribution, his people chose not to turn the campaign into a mud-slinging match. Like Steve said, “character, intelligence, experience and ability”

          • @ Mole #20:

            So, we’re supposed to believe that you just took it upon yourself to go against your candidate’s wishes, and in the process, try to turn CCO into a free campaign advertisement. That’s really one of the oldest ploys in the book. The campaign wants to throw mud, but the candidate doesn’t want to get any dirt on his hands, so you’re the attack dog.

          • Good for you! However, your personal take on things is just that and nothing more. If you can’t PROVE what you are saying, or at least provide some tangible evidence, you need to keep it to yourself. All you’ve done is hurt your own credibility, and Byrum’s by association.

          • Laura, you’re hilarious. There’s nothing like trying to bring logic to a Democrat. I know that no matter what, you’ll never vote for anyone without a D behind their name. I believe the target audience for the story is the people that have some sort of critical thinking skills and objectivity.

          • Phyllip, Where in the anonymous info from #20 do you feel objectivity fits in? Lots of claims and opinions but nothing of any real detail to support it. How can anyone objectively read it? I know you support Byrum and that is fine. Maybe 20, Ace, and Hammer need to get with you and learn how to campaign FOR their candidate of choice instead of AGAINST the opponent.
            It should be easier to tell the truth about your own guy than it is to imply, speculate, and fear manger against the other guy.

          • First of all, I’ve tried to be objective about it because I like Eric Williams. He’s always been nice to me. I’m just saying that if the four people were moved, which it seems like most people on here agree that it probably happened, it seems like it’s highly unlikely that it was not politically motivated.

            My comments towards Laura are based on her past admonishment of other local politicians based purely on speculation with even less probability than this story.

            Yes. Anyone that knows me, knows that I support Kirk Byram. I’m a Republican PC. Dave Wedding knows it. We’ve spoken about it in passing more than once. Eric Williams knows it. I’ve volunteered to help Kirk when I can and I will continue to do so. The bottom line is this story is not about me or my political allegiances. It is about the alleged incident.

          • elkaybee says:
            “However, your personal take on things is just that and nothing more. If you can’t PROVE what you are saying, or at least provide some tangible evidence, you need to keep it to yourself. All you’ve done is hurt your own credibility, and Byrum’s by association.”

            This is hilarious coming form the leftist shill that never, ever provides a shred of evidence to her supposed factual posts. I just hope you follow your own elitist suggestion and keep all your worthless opinions and thoughts to yourself.

      • If one man is now doing the work that was previously assigned to two full-time employees it can only mean two things:

        1. VCSO is allowing the people of Vanderburgh County to be less covered during an emergency.


        2. VCSO has been wasting taxpayers’ money by having two people do the work that one person is capable of doing.

        I would think that number 1 is the most logical situation. Although considering that VCSO wastes hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars by remaining on a different computer system than the rest of city/county government, VCSO has proven that they are not the most fiscally minded entity in local government.

        • That is a typical CCO post. One that leaves no positive response. Any answer plays into your hands. You should write the polls for the CCO staff, they love that type of question and answer format.

          • I’m having trouble finding the positive spin in doubling up a first responder’s duties. Feel free to post option number three.

        • Since you still have failed to even say what the additional duties are, what job Howard got sent to, who the other two are, or where they came from and went, I can’t answer your request with any certainty.
          I can speculate that sometimes there are changes in manpower numbers that cause a position to be ended and the duties passed along to someone else. I have had that happen to me.
          I can speculate that people have retired and the spot they left needs to be filled. I can speculate that any employer that does not constantly monitor his workforce needs and adjust accordingly is probably not a good boss. People have been transferred. Positions gets created and positions get scrapped.
          What is not speculation is how hard you and SH have tried to criticize the transfers. With that being said, I will revert back to my original post and remind you that Williams is in charge of the Sheriff department. Not Wedding. If you have a bone to pick, then you need to go to the source and call him out. But you won’t because this whole thing is about a negative campaign being waged by the Byrum camp. It is sad that you had to go that route this early in the year. It really shows how weak your own candidate is.

          • I’ve obviously done a poor job of explaining this very simple thing to you sir.

          • Job descriptions and where they got sent to are a moot point for the deputies who got moved! Your only defense is to deflect the current fact of what happened!!!

      • Neither you nor #20 has said what the added duties are, just that they are there. You just keep repeating how horrible this is, but do not actually say where anybody was transferred to or where they came from. I have held several jobs in my lifetime. All included unwanted changes in duties and work hours. I sucked it up and did my job the best I could. That is what grown ups do. We don’t use others to tell our sob story on the CCO for us.
        There are positions that have to be filled. Surely you don’t think that Byrum supporters should be immune from transfers just to avoid the perception of political payback.
        The funny part of all this is you and #20 have basically made it impossible for Byrum to make any assignment changes if he gets elected. Heaven forbid it be perceived as politically motivated.

        • You sound like a person who is told to drink the Koolaid and does so dutifully. Enjoy!

          • Wow. Someone calls you out and and you can only answer with short grade school jabs. Welcome to the CCO Mr. Hammer. You will fit in here just fine.

        • Chad Howard had a specific position with specific job responsibilities. He was moved from that position and his former duties were given to Kirk Byram. Kirk is now tasked with his prior job duties and Chad’s former duties. I respect the privacy of the other officers because they have not been involved in my conversations, so I can’t give too many details on them. Do you believe that it is a coincidence that all of the affected people are Republicans and support Byram? What are the odds that four people in the office were all moved off of their positions for legitimate reasons and they all just happen to be Republicans?

          • If you are not going to answer the question of what responsibilities you keep talking about, than there is no point in carrying on the conversation. As for the other two, you sure did not hesitate to include them in your mole report to the CCO. They even took time to spell out the word FOUR in capital letters. But it is very rare that a mole gets held completely accountable for their info on here. I am not surprised that you are any different.

          • You’re missing the mountain while looking for the mole hill. There is no point of going into particulars of the job duties. It’s a moot point. You would rather believe that this is all coincidence rather than look at the preponderance of evidence that says otherwise.

  9. Here’s a live Tweet from J. Martin, who’s covering the Mayor’s speech at the Rotary Club”

    “Winnecke pushing Roberts Park plan, which the City Council last year chose to delay. A $6-$8 million plan. He clearly still wants this.”

    He also tweeted that Winnecke announced that Rotary will donate $100,000 to said park’s “Centennial Wetland.”

    • EKB:,I thought your town’s centennial wetland “was” the whole southeast side of evansville? Maybe that new spot will help with that.

      Ever see that Daily Show video Samantha Bee did from the Cher concert thing? Evansville politicians “Stadium before sewers” stuff from 2003 “if shoes could talk.” Someone had that on here once,made a lasting impression we suppose.

    • elk,

      That speech also gave me a ‘Wetland’–right in the neighborhood of my zipper !!

    • Is Winnecke for real ? On the day that there is a $ 2 Million shortfall in revenue (to be made up with job cuts) he is LOBBYING for a freaky deaky Dog Park ($ 6 – $ 8 Million).

      You have GOT to be kidding me !

      • I’m guessing that Hizzoner is going to use the committment of $ from the Rotarians to argue for his silly park. I really don’t think the current City Council will give it to him, and I don’t think he’ll still be mayor when we have the next City Council.
        I’m pretty darned sure that the Rotarians are really going to want to give the city it’s “birthday present”, but the park its supposed to go in won’t exist. That’s going to be awkward, and I imagine some Rotarians are going to be pissed. I surely would be.

        • The Rotary $100k is 1.6% of the budget. Isn’t that a coincidence since the missing $2 Million is even less significant being only .6% of the total city budget. Do these people take drugs?

        • We have a crumbling amphitheater, a LST with one foot out the door, and he wants to spend millions upon millions to tie up one of the most promising lots for sports and recreation into a dog park, a lawn of nothing and now a wetlands of stagnant water? This is why everything here is crumbling.

    • He’s picked that trait up from the nationals. When caught or generally looking foolish, when things aren’t going well, when you don’t know what to do, double down.

      Millions of dollars worth of butterflies to populate the Roberts site isn’t out of the realm of possiblility. Or…we could erect a nice office building there w/airstrip for Haney and his crew to work out of. It’d be a major erection, the administration’s best yet. A fourie.

    • I would like to think with problems such as EVV’s plaguing infrastructure situation and the recently discovered $2Million shortfall that the dog park would be put on indefinite hold. The wheels are falling off, but can’t wait to get the new stereo. The citizens of Evansville deserve better than this.

      • Wow did Saul just go into the desert and become Paul? Now this I can agree with.

      • There were several cowpiles dropped by Hizzoner at the Rotary luncheon. The one about the park was just the most mind-numbing.

        • “The wetlands will provide both an aesthetic and educational component to the park that will be inviting and usable to all ages,” … ~ Hizz’

          I dropped by out of pure patriotism and love of city this afternoon and got them started on the wetland portion. I hope my clean donation will be used to provide both aesthetic and educational aspects to the park.

  10. It seems like someone’s always “making it rain” on the 600 block of Canal. $225,000 makes it a little easier to fill the Jaguar with premium unleaded. I remember DMD giving them $40,000 a couple months ago to start a Saturday daycare to replace one that was closing. I don’t doubt the need, but why was Memorial handpicked by DMD to get the money? I’d like to see the wealth spread around to improve everyone’s life. How much work could be done on the River House with this money being used to refurbish apartments?

    • What exactly are you accusing Adrian Brooks of? Your post implies theft and fraud. Can you actually explain these statements? These are fighting words in my neighborhood.

      • My post does not imply anything. I just believe the money needs to be spread around in my community. Certain people should not be getting rich while the rest of the community is suffering. In the past, our community leaders were men of the people. They lived and wlaked the same life as the rest of us. They weren’t having lunches at Cork & Cleaver with the brass of DMD. I’ve never been afraid of a fight either. If those are fighting words, let someone bring it to me. I knew by your bs Uncle Tom remark that you were a Brooks acolyte. Rev. Brooks baptized me and my mother’s funeral was at his church three years ago. I don’t have a personal problem with him. I just want to see more real change and less real estate. If you’re really for Transparency, let yourself be known. I don’t hide.

        Since you tried to bend my words into an accusation of fraud let me be clear. I have seen a lot of money come into the ‘hood. I’ve seen a lot of housing developments and I’ve seen people getting rich off of those. Real estate redevelpoment is business, it’s not humanitarian or Christian aid. How about working towards getting grants to curb the violence in the ‘hood? Nah, there’s no money in that. Now, my boy, Meech is laying in a hospital bed from taking seven shots Friday night. There’s no impropiety in anything that I’ve seen from Brooks, he working the system that exists. When it comes to fixing things in our community, we need more than photo ops and marches. Let’s see some real change lead by those that call themselves community leaders.

      • Furthermore, more people on here should be upset with public funds going to private development with no prospect of creating jobs. Earthcare, whatever you think about it now, was supposed to create jobs in the community and the amount that they were loaned is less than the amount in this story.

        • I find myself reconsidering you Phyllip, It seems to me that you have more to say when your being yourself,–and have put the Party spin/Parke Mantra in a drawer of your computer desk.
          Keep that up, and I’m back to listening to your perspective on the issues. Sincerely, Crash

          • To be honest, I post how I personally think and I could care less who agrees with it. My opinion is just as valid as the next. It is up to you whether you agree, disagree or dismiss it as something else. I try to be objective and not assume the worst out of everyone or admonish others for their opinions. I will call people out if I see hypocrisy in their posts, but that’s just because I think that people should be just in their opinions.

  11. Two notes.

    There is no question that the transfers are real. They’ve already happened.

    Also, the four in question are two lieutenants and two sergeants, not rank and file deputies. These four have been there awhile and are accomplished, respected and honorable officers.

  12. I spoke with a lot of people about the parking ticket situation yesterday and I think that it was unanimous that this was an unfortunate problem. Parking enforcement reports to the City Clerk and she is out of office this week. From what I know of her, I think that she would also agree that the tickets should not have been issued. From what I was told, the problem is that there is little or no allowance for discretion for parking violations. Everyone agrees that this needs to be changed and I look for that to happen before the D-II basketball tournament.

    • The City Clerk has not been in the office for over a month now, where is her new non-local Chief Deputy? She is supposed to be there when the Clerk is not.

      • Just to set the story straight – The City Clerk is on maternity leave,she is not out of town. Her Chief Deputy is right there in the office where she is suppose to be.

        Just because people are afraid to utilize the parking garages or the free parking in the City Parking Lot we should suspend the City Parking Ordinance? That is just crazy – the City must conduct business as usual to maintain parking order. People would be parking worse than they do on a normal day.

        During the day when these events are taking place there are still several hundred employees working and citizens are still trying to conduct day to day business.

        As per Troy Tornatta, someone might bother asking him: What did you do to get the parking ticket? You might be surprised at the answer.

    • With all due respect Phyllip, the City Clerk being out of town is no excuse. This should have been addressed prior to the opening of the Ford Center, or is anticipation a thing of the past?

      • I agree, but I can understand if there was an oversight. People make mistakes and this certainly was a mistake. There are two concerns for me. First, there needs to be an addendum to the ordinance that suspends parking enforcement downtown during events at our downtown venues. Second, the Parking Enforcement officials need to have the authorization to use their discretion during extenuating circumstances. There may also need to be some training on what these circumstances may be.

        • Parking tickets, $2Million shortfall, Earthcare, sewer system. How many “oversights” have I forgotten? Oh, my mistake; there is nothing unintentional about EVV’s aging infrastructure.There has been a conscious act of kicking the can down the road for years and Earthcare was just stupidity. But hey, I can’t wait to walk my dog in the new park. Dog collar;check. Leash;check. Baggie;check. Pooper-scooper;check.

          • I have never been so stunned in my life. This brings tears of joy to my face.

      • I only mentioned her being out of town to say that I had not spoken to her about this.

    • The easy PR “fix” for this is for the City to cancel all the parking tickets written that day. Maybe Mr. Schaefer can handle that.

    • I spoke with Clerk’s office. They don’t see a problem with the tickets. They said these are people that could have parked in a garage. I can’t wait until 2015 when we request the records for Laura Windhorst accessing the Civic Center. How many days do you suppose she’ll work this year? She’s going to give a whole new meaning to maternity leave.

      • This is not the first time that I’ve heard that there was room to park in the public garages. If that’s the case, that does take some of the fault off of the city.

  13. 1. Did Tornatta try to get out of his ticket?
    2. I’m not surprised about the Sheriff. If anyone really knew him they’d be shocked at the incompetence that goes on within h

  14. Steve Hammer says:

    March 11, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    All you folks who hide behind fake names are hilarious. You are certainly free to believe whatever you like. I’m just giving you the facts.

    Fact: John has brown hair and hazel eyes
    Fact: John has an above average IQ.

    Conclusion: People with brown hair and hazel eyes have above average IQ’s.

    Facts are one thing, conclusions are quite another.

    I really don’t know that much about either gentleman but from 30,000ft it appears neither appeals to me.

    My main criteria would be financial, leadership and communications skills since explaining to the general public the policies, procedures and actions of the VCSO and handling the budget would take up most of that person’s time.

    Politics shouldn’t affect a person’s job, unfortunately that isn’t reality. If politics was the main motivation for theses personnel changes then shame on whomever was behind it.

    Let’s hear what both men have to say about the position and how well they communicate their ideas.

    Try to ignore the dirty political tricks, although it’s hard because its so easy to get caught up in that mess.

  15. Phyllip Davis says:

    March 11, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Laura, you’re hilarious. There’s nothing like trying to bring logic to a Democrat. I know that no matter what, you’ll never vote for anyone without a D behind their name. I believe the target audience for the story is the people that have some sort of critical thinking skills and objectivity.

    You’re not exactly the King of logicians making a sweeping generalization about 10’s of millions of people based upon one observation or the actions of one person.

    Should I do the same generalization from the observations of Rush Limbaugh and Richard Nixon??

    How about the sweeping generalizations made of blacks for centuries?

    It seems from the whining on this board that only republicans work and pay taxes so I think I will file a paper tax return and include a note saying that only republicans pay taxes and I am not a republican so my tax burden should be zero. I manually inserted my 2013 tax credit for being a Democrat to reduce my federal income taxes to zero…… Now where’s my Obamaphone?

    • What makes you think that my statement is based off of the observations of one person. That would be ridiculous.

    • BB: Sounds like something you would try. I love how you bring this argument into a situation where again you truly have no way of winning the argument. And as usual your hypocrisy is out in the open. Because you dear sir are always making generalizations on groups of folks. That in your leftist handbook and is a high priority topic for you and your buddies Ghost and LKB. You use a tactic over and over and then when the tables are turned, you start crying foul and going into whiny mode.

  16. If the allegations are true that Chief Deputy Wedding moved these officers because they are backing Mr Bryam then that is wrong. But by the same issue the Sheriff Dept hires from a pool of people instead of what most professional police agencies from a list. The people on the list are numbered from 1 to the last applicant. The pool the sheriff selects who he wants.
    I am sure if someone would look at the employee list of the Sheriff dept there is a lot of employees are related to politicians. Politics are in the Sheriff dept. It just like the old days on the Evansville Fire Dept. If you were of the same political party of the mayor you rode in the front of the truck,if you were not of the mayor’s political party you rode on the back of the fire truck.

  17. On paper, Wedding’s credentials are very impressive, and would appear to be very qualified for the Sheriff’s position, and I would agree he is qualified. However, he is a hard core politician, and is very popular with people, and is a great money-getter for politicians. but he is known for telling the officers to “remember who butters your bread”. I think he has support of many of the officers who don’t want to lose their gravy positions in the detective office,day shift motor patrol, and other such desired positions.

  18. Just wonder why the Mayor failed to inform his audience that the City will be to recognize $210,000,000 as a liability for future post retiree health benefits…failed to indicate that the EPA will NOT buy the $540,000,000 CSO plan submitted for approval….failed to indicate that we have over 1300 miles of water lines that MUST be addressed. Failed to disclose that we only have completed 25% of ADA required modified cross walks at the city’s intersections. Please stay tune for more developing events….remember when Lloyd Sr. left office, poor Mike Vandeveer had to lay off 360 city, all those city employees, please keep your arms and legs inside the moving vehicles….

  19. Blanger says:

    March 12, 2014 at 8:10 am

    “The wetlands will provide both an aesthetic and educational component to the park that will be inviting and usable to all ages,” … ~ Hizz’”


    As if we don’t have enough places for mosquitoes to breed and carry around the west nile virus during the summer!


    It depends on how it is done.

    Mature wetlands are better than new wetlands.

    Wetlands are our lungs, and an acre of wetlands pulls twice as many greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than an acre of soybeens.

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