Mayor Blows 2014 Budget by Nearly $6 Million; Almost the Same Amount for 2013


IS IT TRUE the 2014 Annual Financial Report was distributed to City Council members at last night’s meeting?….the City budget for 2014 was $89,809,904 with expenditures of $79,448,393?….the revenue for the year was $78,485,699?….the fly in the ointment lies in the encumbrances?….the City failed to pay $5,138,655 worth of bills for 2014 until 2015?….putting off creditors allowed the City to finish 2014 to the positive $300,000?….the City’s spending in excess of revenue totaled $5,919,667 pursuant to the City Controller’s own financial report?….the Mayor was telling the truth when he stated that his administration did not spend $5 million that was budgeted?….what the Mayor failed to tell us is that it wasn’t there to spend?…aside from that manipulation of the facts, he left out that he had overspent nearly $6 million?

IS IT TRUE the fiscal year 2014 is the second year Mayor Winnecke has created his own budget and overshot revenue with his spending?….revenue for 2013 was $76,452,660, and spending totaled $82,018,553?….the deficit spending according to the 2013 Annual Financial Report was $5,565,893?….the budget for 2013 was $85,904,949?….we wonder why we didn’t hear the Mayor’s office trumpeting in 2014 that they spent nearly $4 million less than was budgeted for 2013?….the reason we didn’t hear such a claim is everyone familiar with municipal budgets understands that projected revenue is never accurate and is not supposed to be?…..all local governments exaggerate revenue to gain approval from the State of Indiana for the most spending possible, whether they actually intend to spend it?….it’s the equivalent of leaving money on the table if they don’t?….the trick to the matter is to leave a 10% gap between revenue and spending?….this allows a local government to be assured that its spending will be covered and gives a cushion for the unknown?…..our Mayor doesn’t know this trick, but we are not surprised?…his Controller, who spent four years as mayor, didn’t know this trick either?

IS IT TRUE the Mayor’s statement at his State of the City Address regarding the budgeted $5 million that went unspent is nothing more than a public relations ploy focused on voters who listen in sound bites?….it’s similar to his claims on job creation that fail to account for businesses closing or instituting layoffs in the same time frame?….it may also be likened to his pointing to reduced unemployment numbers that don’t take into account the people who exhausted their benefits, are underemployed or who have simply given up?….it also reminds us of his impending celebration for initiating construction of a downtown hotel that will resemble nothing we were promised and likely lack the ability to compete in the local market?….his information is technically true but lacks the substance to actually support his associated claims?….one would think the Gail Riecken campaign would be knocking these political softballs out of the ball park right now,  but that campaign appears to be in complete disarray and spending most of its time chasing its own mistakes and pointing fingers internally?

IS IT TRUE the City, County and State have entered pothole repair season, and they are asking for you to turn in your favorite potholes for repair?….the City’s spokesperson on the matter said they depend on us to tell them where they are?….there are 536 lane miles of city streets in Evansville, 1,200 lane miles in the county and 1,000 lane miles of state roads and interstates in the area?….to report potholes in the City, readers may call 812-436-6000, or if the task needs to be unnecessarily complicated and available for posterity, one may tweet a photo to #EVVPotholes?….county potholes may be reported by calling 812-435-5777 or sending an email to… the Indiana Department of Transportation accepts report by phone at 800-279-5758, email at or by submitting a Report a Concern form on their website at ?….where relevant a complainant should include the name of the county; the name of the county road, state road or street; the closest mile marker or cross road/street and the direction of travel of the lane containing the pothole?

IS IT TRUE topics later this week will include the 2013 City Audit Report, Mesker Amphitheater, the downtown hotel?

I S IT TRUE we thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you the news in a way that not only brings you into the discussion but makes you feel compelled to participate?


  1. Not to worry. Mayor McClintock can sell one of the multi-million dollar houses or Main Street condos she has listed. That should cover enough to float the good ship U.S.S. Evansville until she reaches home port at Inland Marina for a good midnight cleaning.

  2. Well, I guess that means the city if going to have to float a lot of debt to even get the reduced size medical school if the State legislature does fund enough of the project, and that medical school better be profitable quickly or it may put more of a strain on the city budget than Ford Center. Oh well, Aerosmith and the WWF are coming, so everything should be fine. But on another note:

    Ryan Winters suspended again for reckless driving. Winters is the cop who immediately, after coming on scene of two men shooting at one another at a gas station on Kentucky Ave., without warning or verbal command, immediately fired 11 shots in 7 seconds at one of the men without giving either man a chance to surrender. A body camera recorded the audio, but if was too dark to see anything in the video. Chief Billy Bolin later explained it is legal to do this in Indiana. God help anyone who has to defend themselves with a personal protection permit and has Winters arrive on the scene. Anyone listening to that audio would be correct to wonder what would prevent them from being shot if rightfully defending themselves.

    All though I would hate to see anyone get hit by a stray bullet, and recognize the man shot may have had prior felonies, I detest the law that says the police can do this. Not sure if it is Federal or State. I also believe the law that says that if, on command, you do not drop whatever is in your hand, even if it is a common object such as your car keys, you can legally be shot by police and you or your family will have no legal recourse, is equally outrageous and would never pass a popular vote. Knowing what I have seen, I think this is outrageous power the police should not have.

    Although he never claimed it initially, Winters later justified his actions by saying the man pointed a gun at him, which seems suspicious at best. Having listened to the audio, I find this disgusting and unbelievable.

    The video was originally posted on the C&P Website, but taken down when I think people began noticing there was no opportunity given to surrender or effort to identify the individuals as felons in advance. Typical, spineless news reporting in favor of local authority figures which makes Evansville a depressing, demeaning and miserable town worthy of its high rating on the Misery Index. Reminds me of Brad Byrd trying to destroy Susan Brinkerhoff-Riley on the local news, and then trying to get her to come on the show another time so he could do it again. What a creepy, fascist local news media.

    This kind of ‘police only later claiming that someone pointed a gun at them and that’s why they had to shoot them’ thing, and then the newspaper so spineless and unrepresentative of the general public in behalf of authority figures, is just one reason why I believe Evansville deserves its reputation as a high misery/suicide town. Don’t tell me I need this kind of policing to be kept safe from criminals.

    What happened to the country I stood up and recited the pledge of allegiance to in public school that was supposed to have the highest standard of personal liberties of any country in the world? Say what you what about the need to do this to fight crime, I don’t agree with what the police,(current or retired) become with these kinds of laws and this kind of press in a town the size of Evansville.

    I want a law that says the police have to give me a chance to surrender before automatically gunning me down when I am trying to defend myself, even if it means that more cops might get hurt. Maybe in order to allow people the sense of dignity and fairness they should be entitled to, some police may have to get hurt, instead of lobbying to get laws passed to allow every cop to be protected with a ‘he/she could have had a bomb in their pocket so that is why I had to shoot them’ paranoid story to protect them from being prosecuted. Maybe we need cops with more guts and should force those others lacking to leave the profession if they can’t handle the risk involved without being able to act with such hubris.

    • Officer Winters has been in Seven Automobile accidents and is not on unpaid suspension. If he is the one that shot the kid at the Gas Station then the Police Chiefs need to figure out what to do with this officer. His record is less than exemplary.

      • I read that they are having him take reports over the phone. I didn’t think they did that. Somebody can call and tell them anything and say they’re somebody they’re not. It seems like they are trying to make work for somebody who should be fired.
        Show me a trucker that would still have a job with 7 wrecks.

    • Winters: just another thug with a badge. Bolin is a coward for not firing him. Add in being a political stooge and we have one piss poor police chief.

      • Not a thug, but an idiot. And you are correct on the second point. And third point.

        • Bryan J has obviously gathered a great deal of experience as an idiot, so he should know.

          • If we are going to trade insults and not participate in any constructive debate, then you are also an idiot. And your mom is fat and ugly. I was with her last night, so i should know.

            Wow, that was fun! Your turn.

    • Let’s meet up later today. We can both point loaded guns at each other. On the count of 3, you get to say “I am a police officer, drop your gun and surrender, or I will shoot you”. Also on the count of 3, I get to shoot you as soon as you start speaking to me. Sound good? Moron.

      Winters deserves to be fired. Hard to question that point, but because of his driving. That man is gonna kill somebody sooner or later, while driving a police car.

      To argue that a police officer, in full uniform, after exiting a marked police car, with red and blue lights flashing, at 3 am, in the worst intersection in the city, walks up on another man firing a gun at another person, must give verbal commands to surrender and given a warning, is ridiculous. Put down the remote and give up on watching CSI.

      • The exaggerated scenario you described above is so filled with ridiculous, stupid assumptions that there is no need for me point them out.

    • Don’t want to offend you, but this post is what I would expect from a criminal or someone who misbehaves or acts out in a criminal fashion. Very few people have any type of contact with the police or the criminal justice system and it’s not nice for those who do. Most of the people who have contact with the police do something to bring attention to themselves. A citizen, meaning a real citizen may have a couple of contacts with law enforcement, which can be unsavory to say the least, adjust their behavior, meaning quit breaking the law and live happily ever after. I have found that most people who are anti cop are usually upset because cops are a barrier to their criminal or misbehaving activity. I’m not fond of police officers, but I respect them, I follow all laws to the best of my ability thus avoiding them. Cops are like cats, they go where the rats play. The police are the frontline defense protecting us against the rats. There’s no way I would go near Kentucky and Walnut, why get in harms way. I can stay away from Kentucky and Walnut but that cop has to do his job.

      • Haha they don’t go down there! They spend their time nabbing speeders and people not wearing seat belts. Occasionally an underage drinker or guy with am 8th Oz of pot. You know, the real dangerous criminals. POV, like most conservatives, lacks the human ability to feel empathy and has never been harassed by police while doing nothing wrong.

        • The police do not make laws, they enforce the laws made by our politicians. Most people with even a small lick of sense don’t break laws in this age that we live in. If you want to smoke pot, stay home and do it, if you smoke it, get in your car and drive and I know about it, no mercy, I’m calling the police on you. That’s what citizens do. Speaking on a person level, I find it much easier to put on my seat belt than pay that ticket. So let me give you a little advice about power, know when you have it and when you don’t. When you’re standing in front of that police officer, you don’t have it. Power recognition is a powerful knowledge.

    • “I want a law that says the police have to give me a chance to surrender before automatically gunning me down when I am trying to defend myself…”

      As an alternative, you could seek out training and education which will inform your actions if you are ever involved in a self-defense shooting. The common sense steps learned will likely keep you from being ‘automatically gunned down’…

      Here is a good start:

      You are welcome.

      • I will thank you for your information because I believe it was offered sincerely.

        However, I do not believe it covers all scenarios. I could see some situations where it may be difficult for someone to give up their firearm immediately when police arrive, but still not point it at them or have any intention of shooting at them. Still, under this law, the police officer might shoot them.

        I believe anyone listening to the Ky Ave shooting tape would wonder if the man shot by Winters ever pointed his gun at him. or had intention of shooting him as he claimed.

  3. Most of the problems are in Warrick Co, but has anyone driven Boonville New Harmony road in the past few years? It’s nearly impassable and it’s not a recent problem. The coal mine is partially to blame but of course in this country you don’t cross billionaires.

    • What part of Boonville New Harmony Road are you talking about in Warrick County? The area east of Pigeon Creek is horrible and the road West of Pigeon Creek is not much better. Thanks to AMAX coal company for that. The road seems to have sunk in many area and it up and down more than it’s flat.

      • Both, but more East of it so we agree. You could do some serious damage to your vehicle out there.

        • True. I wonder if Warrick County’s Commissioners will give the orders to repave that road someday. I noticed that they patched a few roads out that way right before the last Nov Elections. Funny how that works.

          • Yep. We are not talking about a few small potholes here either. We are talking serious craters. It’s not only going to cause property damage somebody is going to get hurt. But we don’t want to ask the job creators to fix their mess.

  4. What has not been said.

    Was there a carryover of unpaid bills in 2013 that was pushed to 2014 to be paid?
    Transactions on purchase of all properties associated with moving D-Patrick out of Downtown on this report?
    How much additional money was committed during the past year on the mayor’s pet projects?
    TIF funds included in revenue and expenditures?

    Why is the current administration not into a survival mode, instead of the let’s spend every direction mode?

    Why should TIF funds be allowed, at the expense of the general funds, while this allows unrestraint spending for pet projects that are not needed in a budget crunch that this city is facing?

    With the corporate/financial/stock market world at record profits, that government coffers do not reflect what the consumer based economy is experiencing? Are we seeing a bubble bust in the near future?

    The arrogance of the past two mayors have appeared to crippled your city. Fricken Scary!

    • Arms. You’re on to something with the TIF funds. A full accounting should be made. Seems to me that any funds declared by Evansville as TIF are either either: an illusion; or illegal per rules establishing TIF. They are simply property tax collections deposited in TIF instead of the general fund.

  5. Article in the Ethridge Intelligencer this morning about “continued discussions” regarding the City Council approving transfers. It seems like the two sides agree that Police & Fire Pensions are off limits. Remarkably, they don’t appear to agree on things like Fraud Center, Riverboat and Rainy Day Fund. If these latter three things are open to paying day-to-day bills, or payroll, we are in deep CSO.

    As per usual, City Council dithers while the songs “Fire” (Pointer Sisters), “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (Billy Joel) and “Burning Down the House” (Talking Heads) waft through the smoke-filled meeting room . . . .

    • Why don’t you post under one of the other two screen names that you are using today that are talking to one another?

      • I had to try to find one that would work since you did not seem to want to post my original comment.

        • Every time you create a new screen name, which creates a new combination of email address, IP address and screen name, it has to be moderated. It has nothing to do with wanting or not wanting to do anything. It is solely related to being by a keyboard.

          • It would be nice if The Editor would list who regularly posts under multiple screen names (e.g., if certain posters are in fact the same person). That seems to be the implication, at least in the case of Protect & Serve Who?

            Also, what is the point of posting under multiple names? Just to give your own posts a +1. Weird…

  6. As for the pot holes, the city/county’s liability goes way up once a pot hole is reported. I used to work for a government entity. We would get sued for vehicular damage because of potholes. Documentation of if and when it was reported was critical to weather we were liable or not. So please report these potholes with pictures if possible. The government has a responsibility to repair these in a timely manner.

    • The problem is that who’s keeping records of who and when the pot holes are reported. Those records can be missing and there goes your proof that you called. Do you really think that the city will maintain and keep records that would help you sue them? Probably not. People who call need to some how document that they called or emails and reported the pot holes before they damage anything and try to sue the city for not repairing the pot holes in a timely manner.

  7. “… one would think that the Gail Riecken For Mayor campaign committee would be knocking these political softballs out of the park right now, but that campaign appears to be in complete disarray and spending most of its time chasing its own silly mistakes and pointing fingers internally?” And she is going to save our city? I would love e to believe it was so, but I no reason to believe otherwise.

    • Should we give her a little slack while she attends her first duty which is in Indy? Did the current mayor knock out those softballs exactly four years ago? Hell no, he was to busy being a lap dog to that current mayor!

        • Possible she has one, maybe. Possible she may be waiting out the current
          mayor to see what is his attack is on the money situation? Currently I see the
          stoppage of oil changes, thrown money at North Main, D-Patrick properties,
          full steam ahead on the Motel, medical building. Not for sure if any of these
          will put a positive flow back into the budget funds.

          It will not take much effort on her part to out do the current mayors non
          existent thought of the budget woes!

          As a side note, has that Earth care money ever arrived? Seems that one year
          extension should had arrive. That’s $200,000. EVSC should had paid the city
          $500,000 for city police at the schools. $800,000-1,200,000 money owed
          for the McCurdy. There is $1.5 million right there!

          • Possible, possible, currently, don’t mistake my not being Giddy for Gail as support of Winneke. At best I see him as a chock in the cogs of the machine which might keep it from causing more damage.

    • Just a guess, enoch, but I’d say it’s because they are from the same mould; spend today and try to figure out how to pay later.

      • I am concerned that with Gail you will get the same spending empowered by a democrat CC.

        • Your going to need a real election to get a handle on the spending problems.
          You’re probably spot on with CC and the project focuses. Our group can clearly see the motel and the med school extension will add more cost incursion just because the state of the utilities and the really bad logistical valuation. Given they are placed in that really ugly section of the town . The surrounding neighborhoods are ramshackle plain old ugly as well as the expenses incurred just to pay the monthly bills.
          The place kind of reflects what one observes in the well being polling done around the nation lately. Its old and ugly and far to expensive to actually position ones self or family around for the everyday costing incurred.

  8. That bothers me. I won’t vote to keep Winnecke, but I don’t like the sound of that. I’m glad I’ll be gone by September of 2017.

  9. Hit piece Alert.

    This report is garbage. I don’t care how much money was spent. What was it spent on is the question? Let’s have a breakdown in $100,000 increments. How much of it was built in expenses? Let’s subtract all the built in expenses which the CC or mayor has little control over and see what is left. This article should be classified as a hit piece.

    • POV would vote for Charles Manson if he ran on the Republican ticket.

      • And you would vote for Charles Manson if he ran as a democrat. Mindless Partisanship is destroying this country by putting people less qualified than Manson into office.

        • I’ve voted for several republicans in my lifetime. Read pov’s comments to see irrational, blind partisanship. You’re not far behind.

      • Ghost…the Manson comment made me belly laugh. Forget political leanings, it’s incredibly funny…..

    • Where you appear to be heading is that it’s unfair to criticize the Mayor because he had to spend this money on nondiscretionary expenses. While I understand your statement, it’s absolutely frightening to consider it actually being true. If we had no choice but to spend $84 million last year, we are on our way to bankruptcy or to a serious slashing of services. The revenue for 2015 will be approximately $82 million and the cost of doing business will go up, including labor costs, to something beyond your mandatory $84 million. Under your defensive shield for the current Mayor, you paint the City into more dire straits than I do.

      • We may be on the same page. If he had to spend this amount to keep us afloat we are in way to deep. I have a little knowledge about city/county employment and I think there are more employees than our tax base can support. I am defending the mayor because as John F. stated he inherited a mess, that said, one he helped create. I’m starting to get a better understanding as to why JW/LW/MA attempted to commit political suicide by stealing our homestead exemption, which was about 5 million dollars, it was needed to float the city of Evansville.

      • Editor, excellent work in today’s IIT.

        What I would like to see is an Aging Report of the $ 5,138,655 of encumbrances at 12/31/14, goods and services rendered in 2014, but not paid until 2015. The question: how long did these vendors have to wait for their money ? Are some of them STILL WAITING to be paid ?

        I know many construction firms who simply stopped bidding on State of Illinois work, took them a year to get paid. Will Evansville end up alienating the top tier of suppliers, and only get the bottom-of-the-barrel because of cash flow problems ?

        • This is exactly the reason why many vendors won’t do business with the city. They fear not getting paid.

        • I have been hearing of both private and public work payments being held
          back longer and longer. They don’t realize that contractors are not bankers
          unless it is built into the contract which is never is. Oh wait, unless your that
          ICI and that EVSC!

        • OR… you can more efficiently control the flow of contracts to your favorite out of town cronie contractor.

        • Lime:
          There is not a ghost of a chance you could get the usual suspects to give up their gravey train concerning the so called “bidding” process. These deals are cemented before the bid envelopes are ever opened. Of course they would like to be paid on time, but if it is a little slow, well we don’t want to raise too much ruckus, someone might decide to take a more detailed look at the situation.


        I have given crap to Editor at unseen levels in this forum.

        Always…restraint from Editor.

        It’s evidence of the unique distinction the City County Observer offers its viewers…that as long as you refrain from hate language to others, you are free to offer your unedited views on the subject. No other forum offers the high level of discourse compared to the CCO. It’s not even close. A brand is known as a unique and deliverable claim of distinction — and there is no doubt the City County Observer has a unique and definitive brand in the Evansville marketplace.

        Give the Editor a lot of rope. It’s due.

        And don’t forget the opportunity to say what you want in this forum – it’s valuable.

        (And I’m certain I’m not finished giving Editor crap if I disagree.)

    • I disagree. It’s doing just as well and the post on CCO have always been different, insightful and it brings a lot of different views to articles. I read through these post several times a day and it always adds a little spice to our local political arena. Your name CCO is # 1 is right on.

    • I disagree. I think it is much more on-topic where it used to jump all over the place.

  10. I don’t remember Gail Riecken ever saying she was going to save the city. She certainly will be an improvement over Lloyd Winnecke. His untruthfulness and ineptitude become so transparent it is sickening after a while. The only reasons I see anyone voting for him at this point are rabid partisanship, being on his payroll, personal grievance with Gail Riecken, unabashed tomfoolery, or just simple mindedness. Several hardshell Republicans here have already announced their intention to vote for him. Some disingenuously try to insist they’d vote for Gail … but. Many of these now claim to have been Rick Davis supporters all along. He would be gratified to know he had so much support. These are the ones who always try to cover everything, take every side of almost every issue, oily folks, unable to take a real stand. They are the hedgehogs.

    The arrests of Mrs. Riecken’s daughter and son-in-law seem to be having the distractive effect they were designed to have. I don’t think it’ll be enough to return Winnecke to the mayor’s office.

    Great information from the CCO the past couple of days.

    • Bandana, That all sounds good but what happens if the council disagrees with her on something ? Will she run out of state ? if so, how long ?

    • If the ET poster is correct, and for 1,001 gallons of usage he is being charged for 2,000 gallons, then there should be rioting in the streets this evening. I believe he is wrong, and would encourage that poster to drive down to the Civic Center and confront this matter. If that gentleman is correct, then this topic deserves extensive investigation. If that ’rounding up’ is how JCI meters pay for themselves, then we wasted $ 47 Million (of course, it was wasted anyway, but now it’s REALLY wasted).

      CCO and ET: do not let this slide, this is a big deal if true.

  11. Neither the current mayor nor Rieken have the slightest inclination to balance budgets or control spending. What Evansville needs is a Tea Party revival. Who else on the local or national scene has shown any interest in responsible government spending and financing?

    • I do find it funny that a free-spending Democrat is the answer for those that say that the city currently overspends.

      • Bwaaak, free-spending Democrat, bwaaak. Bwaaaak bwaaaak, Polly want a cracker? Phoenix want a political job? Bwaaak.

        The Phoenician gets the February air conditioning contract for originality.

        • It’s funny that you never dispute what I say. Your only response is always childish name-calling.

          • The trouble is you never write much. Just stale crap in defense of the indefensible Winnecke administration. They aren’t going to do anything for you Phyllip, time to pull up.

            Sometimes I can’t the difference between a plumed Phoenix or a Tweety Bird. Did you taught you taw a political job coming down the pike?

          • Phyllip – Name-calling and disparaging comments is what happens when one is bereft of ideas. Adolescence revisited.

      • “free spending democrat” is that anything like “Welfare queen” and other stereotyping and generalities we could get into?

        • Not stereotyping. Hasn’t she been banging the gong for spend the state’s surplus?

        • To say “free spending democrat” is a little redundant, don’t you think.? When Mr. Obama took office the national debt was at 10 trillion. Less than 6.5 years later it’s at 18 trillion. They need to spend our money for us because they can better make use of it…NOT!

          • With the 8 trillion since Obama took the reins? Perhaps a bit but CERTAINLY NOT the lion’s share.

            Our Commander in Chief has since turned over the keys to the kingdom (Iraq) to ISIS rendering it all for naught. We still have a presence in Germany, Japan, and Korea but we couldn’t keep one in Iraq to preserve what we had secured. Now he’s acquiesced to Iran regarding their nuclear capabilities. Sometimes it seems like he’s not even on our side…

      • When the clueless current mayor administration can not see their budget problems
        and keep on spending on non-essential (motel-D-Patrick-medical center- North Main-
        dog parks-etc.) expenses and not hunker down into a “survival mode” until they can
        figure what the heck they been doing without correct bookkeeping and banking
        accounts which are being suggested by those state auditors time and time again!

        When something is not working, it is foolish to let it continue and expect a different
        result! A change must happen just as in business, that CEO is not doing it’s job and
        it is time for that cage to be rattled!

      • PD, glad to have you back. I’m right on the verge of making some major changes, local democrats have convinced me that you can spend yourself solvent.

    • And what do you base you extremely dubious assumption on? Your considered opinion?

  12. IC 3-5-9-7
    Government employees and volunteer firefighters who hold elected office on January 1, 2013 Sec. 7. (a) Notwithstanding sections 4 and 5 of this chapter: (1) a volunteer firefighter who assumes or holds an elected office on January 1, 2013, may continue to hold the elected office and serve as a volunteer firefighter; and (2) a government employee who assumes or holds an elected office on January 1, 2013, may continue to hold the elected office and be employed as a government employee; until the term of the elected office that the volunteer firefighter or government employee is serving on January 1, 2013, expires. (b) After the expiration of the term of the elected office that the volunteer firefighter referred to in subsection (a) is serving on January 1, 2013, the volunteer firefighter is subject to section 4 of this chapter with respect to serving as a volunteer firefighter and assuming or holding an elected office of the unit that receives fire protection services from the department in which the volunteer firefighter serves. (c) After the expiration of the term of the elected office that the government employee referred to in subsection (a) is serving on January 1, 2013, the government employee is subject to section 5 of this chapter with respect to assuming or holding an elected office and being employed by the unit that employs the government employee. As added by P.L.135-2012, SEC.1

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    IC 3-5-9-5 Government employee may not hold elected office Sec. 5. Except as provided in section 7 of this chapter, an individual is considered to have resigned as a government employee when the individual assumes an elected office of the unit that employes the individual.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Michael Duckworth is a District 2 member of the Evansville Vanderburgh Board of School Trustees in Indiana. His seat was up for general election on November 4, 2014. Duckworth was first elected to the board in 1994.[1] Michael Duckworth won the general election on November 4, 2014.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Evansville Water Department
    August 2013 – Present (1 year 8 months)1931 Allens Lane

    Supervise approximately 80 employees and multi million dollar construction, distribution , metering , and filtration projects. Handle union and non union personnel issues and customer complaints.
    Vanderburgh County
    January 2011 – Present (4 years 3 months)

    • Oversee the operation of all County Public Works projects
    • Supervise approximately 55 employees
    • Manage three departments with a total budget of $10 million dollars
    • Oversight of transport patterns and safety for approximately 560 miles of roadways
    • Responsible for making recommendations to the Commissioners of Vanderburgh County on major equipment purchases, personnel matters such as hiring, terminations, suspensions and negotiating contracts with employees and Local Teamsters Union 215.
    • Named Coordinator of the 2005 Tornado property site by the Commissioners to work with those residents in the area of disaster recovery.
    • Provided oversight of renovations of County Highway property including the construction of a 14-bay storage facility, a $350,000 project and a new training room, a $100,000 project.
    • Extensive experience in disaster and emergency operations such as snow, flooding, and FEMA related events.
    • Recouped hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the county from FEMA due to disaster cleanup

    • PRESSANYKEY….you represent one of the major downsides to online free speech.

      Not because of anything you say, mind you.

      But PAK your use of CUT AND PASTE is insane. It is disgusting. And immature. Like you’re an little boy who discovered something. You are incapable of select editing it appears.

        • So…..we can expect you to continue to cut and paste needless crap and you leave it to people to weed through your junk to find the relevant material (Which is no-one – no-one reads the crap you cut and paste. They all groan at the idiot unable to cut and paste relevant material.) So, you’ll keep being immature. We get it.

      • “….It’s evidence of the unique distinction the City County Observer offers its viewers…that as long as you refrain from hate language to others, you are free to offer your unedited views on the subject. No other forum offers the high level of discourse compared to the CCO. It’s not even close. ” (Riverfront Shem)

        * * * * *

        Are you bipolar or something?

        • It seems as the day wears on, we all get a bit hungry, tired, angry, lonely or just bored with whatever we have to do. Since most of us can’t take naps, I suggest screaming into a pillow, deep breathing, smacking cotton balls or eating a coworkers stashed chocolate. Please do whatever it takes to enjoy the wonderful discussion board. Appreciate the fact you have someone to engage with and argue your views. It’s a beautiful day. Let’s all enjoy the evening, and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow.

  13. The Vanderburgh County Election Board has two member attorneys and a board attorney. It is inconceivable, to me, that none of the three was aware of the existence of IC 3-5-9-7 prior to the last school board election.

        • It looks more like an issue for the local prosecutor. We have someone currently serving on the school board who was not eligible to run for the office, but was allowed to, possible through the collusion of people in a position to allow such a thing to happen.

    • It always seems like Evansville has a few people like Duckworth. I don’t see anything special about him, so why do we hand him all this stuff?

  14. You peons don’t understand how lucky you are to have a brilliant, innovative, stud-muffin like Lloyd Winnecke for mayor of your little burg. Five million a year is chickenfeed. It’s why you have the rainy-day fund you’re all sniveling over.
    The new hotel plan is great. The rooftop bar won’t be so high up that if somebody gets drunk and falls off they will die. If you put an awning around it to break falls, nobody should even break any bones. It’s going to be great to party with all those hot guys and gals that are going to live downtown, too. Lloyd is so smart to get rid of the old people from the senior citizen housing and replace them with kids.
    Everybody get off Lloyd’s back. Turn things over to him and he’ll make it a hip, happening place.

  15. The most fake, most staged press conference ever. Full of Lies, Lies, and more lies. Sorry to say this was expected from anyone named clinton. Surly there can be no one left in America that can still support her now. This is on such a corrupt level that it is unbelievable. The evil Clintons have a new level of lawlessness.

    • ….you’re hilarious JOHN. Setting aside the mundane nature of political campaign fodder (which is what this is…talking heads, political class, talking), that you write “Surly there can be no one left in America that can still support her now” is the BEST evidence that you sit and talk to yourself in the mirror…….WAY TOO MUCH. (Really? Support who? America is thinking about the price of gas, what the economy is like, and whether their salary will start going up this year…..) And that you can get yourself in such a lather talking to yourself is comical. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Americans maybe thinking about the price of gas, what the economy is like, and whether their salary will start going up this year but not so our president. He is still dwelling on race issues, even dredging up slavery. He is certainly not thinking of national security.

        As far Hillary, she lies. They had the “Bimbo Squad” to put out Bill’s fires, so to speak. A “Pinocchio Squad” will have to be assembled to try and cover Hillary’s lies and schemes. I’m surprised her press conference was not Pay per View.

          • What difference does it make?!?! At this point, what difference does it make?!!
            The difference is a lie told and retold for weeks about an offensive video stirring up a handful of protesters (armed to the teeth) or an attack (act of war) on our embassy. Our embassies have been hit in the past but no administration, including the president and the Secretary of State, lied about the circumstances FOR WEEKS

            A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it and the truth is the truth even if no one believes it.

          • If there’s a problem Barack will solve it
            check out the hook while the DJ revolves it

            O’ O’ baby

        • You are deceiving yourself M-D. The price of gas is low. The economy is improving. Unemployment is dropping. And wages are indeed rising.

          • Shem – Read the post above directly above mine. My major concern is national security. Without that the rest is rendered inconsequential.

          • M-D, oh, I acknowledge you are thinking about national security. Elections are won by addressing the daily needs of people: jobs/paychecks, gas prices and medical insurance. You are barking about things that won’t have a significant impact on the vote for who occupies the White House in 2017. Your argument is based on the wrong subject if you’re trying to win votes. The only people worried about emails from Hillary are the people who listen to Rush Limbaugh.

          • Shem, it is hard to get all the people who got discouraged and quit looking for a job to believe in what you said.

          • Cowboy…Too Thin. If your comment is turned into a GOP talking point, it’s not gonna win any elections. (But it should be better!!) Over 200K of jobs per month, each month for a year, being added in the leading economy in the world right now. It is a dramatic improvement since Bush left office. I’m not tooting Obama’s horn. There’s just no denying it…the new jobs. You are reduced to saying “but those improvements aren’t as good as they should be.” And such language is only gonna fly for people who already hate Clinton anyway. It won’t convince the % in the middle that decides the election. That means you can have fun saying it to other Limbaugh talk radio listeners. We BOTH know the GOP would rather have the ability to point to the new jobs as their evidence of performance…instead, they are reduced to saying “but it should be better!”

    • You’re a partisan moron of the first magnitude, but as Shem already said, your posts do have comedy value.

      Poe’s law confirmed!

      • Yeah its enough to bust a laugh out of a centrist also. “Mega ego” would be more the truth of the matter. Its damned funny to watch this crap unfold though. I personally feel once the veil of BS is washed out for that little burg the best will be yet too come, its in “the mix” ,but generally its never seen or allowed to be heard there. Thanks for the entertainment! In the mean time cry us some more river………

  16. Does anyone wonder anymore how Edward Snowden was able to obtain so much information. He probably hacked in through hillary’s home server.

    • She said it was in a facility in Texas but alas, the folks in said facility had no knowledge of it. Yet another lie.

      • Actually, what she said was it was the same server housing email correspondence from former President Bill Clinton under the supervision of the Secret Service.

        • What the hell was a SOS of the Obama administration doing using a server of a former disgraced and impeached president?

      • The server was there when Bill was President and was guarded by the US Secrete Service and still is guarded by them. So you just told another lie. Mega. Keep it up and your nose will fall off.

    • Now I’ve heard it all the paranoia and kookiness have reached epic proportions.

      • It gets worse as the day goes on, their paranoias work on them and morph into what they think is a coherent perspective worthy of sharing. By the time the false optimism provided by the coffee and Thorazine wear off they’re in pretty bad shape. If the day had 30 hours, which some of theirs do, it’d be even worse. They see the Hildebeast starting her engines, coming at them again and it scares them mightily. The email thing just shows how thin of a peg they’re hanging their misshapen coats on. It’s made some of them start sporting (apologies to V) right angles.

  17. When is someone going to sport the fact that your crumbling infrastructure is not worth spit to its citizens? None the less sport some attraction an outside investor might dumb enough throw in on.
    You have any idea how much toxicity is getting to the river while climate migrations keeping it above flood stage for days? While it rains you even pay to pump the pooh into the river by the GPM rate. Wow, not smart city management.
    I’d bet one can begin to really smell that mess downtown now the temperature pressure thermodynamics float it airborne as well. Build a med school extension right in the middle of that, then try to squeeze in an perpetually half empty stick build motel in as well. All of it squarely dangerous to humans and their property in every aspect of study. Disgusting display of governance from all corners ….period.
    Get ready for the mandate fines, how you will afford that is anyone’s guess. The fact that those that are causing the neglect are allowed to finagle a methodology to continue to pass that buck to the average citizen is damned amazing. Your population cannot be that darn stupid. What a mess, and “everybody knows it.” Call’em on it now. That would lead to some growth if other communities that have could be the models.

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