IS IT TRUE? March 10, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? March 10, 2011

IS IT TRUE that many of you wrote in and emailed yesterday to ask exactly which local mainstream media outlet incorrectly reported the price of the Vision 1505 project by a factor of 9.21 or 821%?…that we contacted three different high ranking people at the media outlet and advised them of the mistake they had made in reporting?…that we made them aware of the magnitude of the error?…that no correction has been posted and that we received no response whatsoever from any of the people that we sent the message to?…that the incorrect story is still available on the website as of 7:30 AM this morning and that the following is a link to the story for those who may be curious to see?

IS IT TRUE that it is irresponsible to misrepresent the cost of government projects to the public?…that a working democracy depends upon an educated, well informed, and engaged public?…that when the public is fed inaccurate information they have no ability to form opinions over government actions?…that the only route to accountability among elected officials is through accurate and transparent reporting of the financial reality of public projects?…that paying $7,677,308 to refurbish 32 apartments makes the $3,079 that the former board of directors of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau spent for Christmas dinner look like a charitable event?…that penny wise and pound foolish is a poor way to operate?

IS IT TRUE that the Palestinian people now have a Venture Capital fund that will be managed for the purpose of investing in Palestinian owned technology companies in Israel?…that the amount of that fund was established with $28.7 Million much of which came from top performing public American companies?…that the Venture Capital industry grew last year by 19% to $21.8 Billion and funded 3,277 businesses in the United States?…that Evansville, Indiana continues to be one of the few metropolitan areas in this country or it seems like any country that does not have any professional venture capital firm that invests in local start-up and emerging businesses?…that this dearth of dollars for investment has been cussed and discussed by the supposed “powers that be” for over 10 years now?…that the net forward progress made from these discussions has been one great big ZERO?…that until there are new “powers that be” and a different set of puppet masters propping up the powers that be, that that big ZERO will not change?

IS IT TRUE that many rationalizations are coming out of the Indiana Democratic contingent that has continued to hole up in Urbana, Illinois to attempt to justify their choice to flee the state and take up residency in Illinois?…that there is no forgivable excuse for intentionally playing hooky from their jobs which are located in Indianapolis?…that when the City County Observer contacted a local Human Resources department about what their tolerance is when employees play hooky we were met with laughter?…that three absences within a 6 month period without a documented medical excuse results in firing?…that one thing that unions and management in all of the businesses that we have spoken with agree on is that to do your job you have to go to your job and do it?…that not even the strongest union contracts excuse workers from being fired for a three week intentional absence from work?…that our legislators need to get a grip on the reality that comes from the responsibility of holding elected office?