“IS IT TRUE” July 8, 2019


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? 

IS IT TRUE that the forthcoming book which will be called “IS IT TRUE” with a tagline not yet determined with have topical chapters with appropriate subjects from the 15 years of “IS IT TRUE” articles published by the CCO?…some of the chapter topics that are under consideration at this time are The McCurdy, The Executive Inn Dilemma, The Earthcare Energy Awakening, $20 Million Ball Fields, Groveling for a Downtown Hotel, How to Mess up at a Smoking Ban, The Deceptive Campaign for a Downtown Arena, Rising Crime in River City, The Price of Neglecting Infrastructure and An Obsession with Fun and Games?…there will also be a chapter on the money that the CCO helped save the citizens of Evansville over $100 million by diligently and continually pointing out the damages that would be done by repealing the Homestead Tax Credit, the deficit spending practices of local politicians, opposing Vectren’s rate increase, and questioning the cost of a number of fun and games projects?…there will be a special section for some insanely stupid things that people of power have done such as the wasteful antics of the Evansville DMD and the Redevelopment Commission, the Smart Water Meter project and of course “How to Kill a Successful Hockey Team”?

IS IT TRUE that three well known Republicans are spearheading an upcoming political fundraising event to raise funds for 2019 Republican City Council candidates? …we been told that so far they have raised $60,000 for the August 9, 3019 political Gala to be held at th ehe Dream Car Museum? …we are also told that these individuals are expecting to raise around $150,000 from this event? …that Governor Holcomb, Lt. Governor Crouch, United Senators Young and Braun and Mayor Winnecke are expected to attend this event?  …some of the key people spearheading this big ticket political fundraising event are none other than Steve Hammer, Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer and former local GOP Secretary Hobart Scales?  …aren’t these the same individuals that local GOP party boss Wayne Parke determined that they shouldn’t continue to hold an offiical position within the Republican Party of Vanderburgh County?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #132 who is deeply embedded in the State of Kentucky happenings tells us that there may be a class action lawsuit filed against the casino operators in Kentucky for mis-stateing the functions of gaming machines called instant ‘Historical Horse Racing” machines?…the Family Foundation of Kentucky has an eye on all things in the state that disrupt families and their interest in one-armed-bandits seems to be peaking?

IS IT TRUE we wonder why Vanderburgh County doesn’t have their own Human Resource Department?

IS IT TRUE the “Demand Table” for the newly renovated jail are: 500 beds will meet our needs for the next 10 years?  …that a 600 beds jail will meet our needs for the next 15 years?  …that a 750-bed jail will meet our needs for the next 20 years?

IS IT TRUE we hope that the powers that be will agree on a new jail design that will be meet the future needs of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office for the next 20 years by building a 750-bed addition because it makes sound economic sense?

 IS IT TRUE we wonder why should the Evansville Water And Sewer Department be responsible for paying the Computer Information Technology work done at city departments?  …we also wonder who is paying for the Computer Information Technology costs at all of the Vanderburgh County departments?  …that this could be a good question for Mayoral and City Council candidates to ask during this election?

IS IT TRUE the article that we posted recently about members of the Teamsters local 215 went on strike against a regional concrete company went viral?  …we are told that this strike has been expanded to other cities?

IS IT TRUE last month a land drilling company from Indy were seen taking core samples from the parking lot of the vacant IGA Grocery store on North Main Street? …if you don’t believe this statement please visit the vacant IGA Grocery store on North Main Street and see for yourself?…we are told if any announcement is made concerning the future development of  this property it will be political timed?  ..we guarantee that this is a developing story?

IS IT TRUE the number one cause for a divorce is marriage?

Todays“Readers Poll” question is:The most effective Chief of Staff or Deputy Mayor of Evansville?

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  1. Could It Be True that Steve Hammer and Hobart Scales have learned from their past mistakes? Steve Hammer lied about who supported him in his campaign and Hobart Scales failured to perform his job duties as Republican Party Secretary.

    I wish to thank all contributors who are supporting our Republican Candidates to get elected in November.

    Posted by: Wayne Parke

    • “failured to perform”?
      What does that mean?
      Did you mean “failed to perform”?

      • Old Mustang Man,
        This is a comment that was sent to us by Wayne Parks, We post them as they write it. We do not edit them. Thank you for noticing it. We noticed it also.

  2. A previous issued list of the most contaminated properties in Vanderburgh Co. included the N. Main grocery property. See if political magic can make it “clean”

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