“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 4, 2019


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.

IS IT TRUE that yesterday the United States House of Representatives passed the Senate-approved $19 billion dollars disaster aid measure?  …that this legislation has been blocked by a group of calloused lawmakers three times over the past two weeks?  …thank goodness that this bill will now be sent to President Donald Trump for his signature, which can be delivered via auto-pen while he’s abroad in the United Kingdom?   …that every United States House of Representative member who voted to hold this $19 billion dollars disaster aid measure in committee three times during the last two weeks should be run out of office?

IS IT TRUE that many citizens of the City of Evansville, Indiana are getting concerned about the number of violent crimes that have been committed during the past couple of years?…for review, 2017 was a record setting year for homicide in River City with our murder rate rivaling the murder rates of St. Louis, Detroit, and exceeding the murder rate of Chicago?…things improved in 2018 relative to 2017 but out murder rate was still double historical levels and put us clearly in the realm of secondary blighted urban areas?…2019 has gotten off to a disappointing start and my well exceed the murder rate of 2017 at the midpoint?…there have been numerous articles on the subject with the most recent being a TV segment just over a week ago that discussed the fears of the citizenry and basically a shooting every other day in the previous week?…that since then there were two shootings on Morton Avenue, a death from bad fentanyl, a body found at Ellis Park, and a knife wielding man who looked more like SNEGAL’s ugly cousin Gollum in his mug shot that cut some people?  …its time that the Evansville’s leadership needs a lesson in setting priorities and a second lesson in why going all in on fun and games does not solve social ills and legacy neglect?

IS IT TRUE everyday members of our local law enforcement work many scenes of shootings several times every week?  …they also chase and apprehend suspects fleeing the scene of the shootings? …we are proud of our men and women in blue for help keeping our community safe from bad people?…the next time you see our first responders please give them five (5) “thumbs up” for doing a great job in protecting us?

IS IT TRUE that for the last several years the State of Indiana has been coming down on the Vanderburgh County Commissioners and the Vanderburgh County Council for having too many people in the relatively new but inadequate jail on the north side?…our elected officials are not only under scrutiny for ridiculous levels of overcrowding but they are getting political heat for not agreeing on a financial plan with respect to fixing the problems?…the problems are of course driven by having a minimum of 20% overcrowding for the capacity the jail was meant to house?…there are not even enough beds for every prisoner to have one and there are only enough toilets to make it a requirement that 12 prisoners must share a toilet?…the same goes for showers as there is a shower shortage of the same magnitude?…understaffing is at critical levels and there is no current financial plan in site to fix the problem?  …its time that our county officials approve the money for a jail that will house an additional 750 inmates?

IS IT TRUE if only the powers that be would have listened to past County Commission Dave Mosby, Vanderburgh County wouldn’t be experiencing the current jail overcrowding problem today?

IS IT TRUE we wonder how do members of the EVSC school board feel about the practice of political patronage and nepotism?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if “TROLLEY” has helped in the promoting of additional business to the urban core and growing bar, restaurant, and entertainment districts? …the “TROLLEY” project is sponsored by the non-profit Franklin Street Events Association and is also a joint venture between FSEA and GAGE.

IS IT TRUE  that Steve Hammer is doing a bang up job for Senator Mike Braun administration as his newly appointed field representative?  …that Steve Hammer spearhead Mike Brauns successful primary and general campaigns for the United States Senator here in Vanderburgh County?

IS IT TRUE we are told that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke is practicing to get ready to shoot his re-election video? …we hear that the Mayor will demonstrate his HULA HOOP skills while wearing his “Chicken Fat” suit? …we hear that he will be showing some new dance moves while spinning the Hula Hoop on his two arms and left leg?

IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Public Defender’s Agency plays an important role in our social fabric by ensuring that those who can least afford legal representation in our Courts are fully protected?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Living does a superb job in bringing us accurate and up-to-date local articles of substance? …they have earned the reputation of being extremely informative, detailed, aggressive and creative in providing their viewers with the current culture, politics, sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment, dining, and the big personalities unique to our region?  …we give five (5) cheers to Kristen and Todd Tucker for producing an incredible magazine for our region?

IS IT TRUE that the system of governance called Communism just celebrated its 100th birthday last year?…it was just pointed out that in its 100 years of existence that Communism has been responsible for the death of 100 million people?…is that a legacy worth fighting against ever infesting the minds of Americans even if it is called by another name?

IS IT TRUE that the Executive Director of SWIRCA & MORE, Rhonda Zuber is doing one heck of a job for this most worthy community organization?

IS IT TRUE we are really pleased with the way the Vanderburgh County Treasurer Susan Kirk runs her office?  … Ms. Kirk is well respected among other county officials, the public and her employees alike?  …if you see Ms. Kirk at the Civic Civic Center tell what a great job she is doing?

Todays ‘Readers Poll” question is: Are you pleased that Ann Ennis is encouraging the EVSC officials to adhere to the “Open Door and Freedom Of Information Laws”?

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  1. So, Mayor spend a lot says there is a 600K donor for the “penguin exhibit”. Why is that not put directly into the mounting city debt? To Hell with penguins at the zoo. Shut it down!!!! Oh, maybe the water and zoo thieves are the tuxedo birds benefactor. Again, we are losers to another fraud.

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