IS IT TRUE the Union Bosses held a ‘MEET AND GREET” candidates lunch at the union hall last week? …sitting at table number #1 was Mayor Winnecke, Jonathan Weaver, Missy Mosby, Jim Brinkmeyer, Laura Windhorst, Rose Young and a couple of union bosses? …sitting at table number #2 were Connie Robinson, Steve and Anne Melcher and Dr. Dan Adams and no Union Bosses? …we are surprised that Mayoral candidate Gail Riecken wasn’t invited to this event? …the people at table number #1 were luke warm towards the people sitting at table number #2?   …the union theme is “It’s not what you did for me before but it’s what you promise you’ll do for me tomorrow”?

IS IT TRUE that the Alhambra Board of Directors gave the Arts Council the Alhambra Theater without regard to the role the Arts Council may have, in the future development of the Alhambra Theater? … according to media reports that Representatives from the Arts Council and the Alhambra Board of Directors declined to discuss further details? … get ready for the leadership of both organizations to state this project shall spur economic development and enhance arts and cultural opportunities in the region? Ya, right!!

IS IT TRUE the first order of business for the Art Council and Alhambra Board of Directors is to begin a massive fundraiser to generate approximate $500,000 to renovate the interior shale of the Alhambra Theater before anything can be held in this building? This building may have a record of conducting the longest continual fundraisers in history.

IS IT TRUE if you have any ideas or want to donate to this future project please contact the following 2015 Arts Council Board of Directors? …the Arts Council Board of Directors are: Ann Tornatta, Deaconess Hospital, Dan Carwile, Old National Bank, Robert Musgrave, Chapter 13 Trustee, Eric Renschler, University of Evansville, Kathryn Gieneart, Evansville Courier & Press, Kalah Georgette-Vowels, St. Mary’s Hospital, Shaunda Lynch, Foster, O’Daniel & Lynch, Jack Schriber, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, Alisa Holen, University of Southern Indiana. Anna Beth Pfafflin, VPS Architecture, Julie Graves-Williams, Ivy Tech, Jon Siau, Community Advocate, Ken Haynie III, FC Tucker, Tom Bailey, Vectren, Andrew Herbertz, Tropicana Evansville, Memhet Kocakulah, University of Southern Indiana, Philip Hooper, Berkshire Hathaway, Jeanne Amsler, Ivy Tech, Joshua Armstrong, Director of Downtown Alliance, Kelley Coures, Department of Metropolitan Development, Monte Skelton, Joshua Academy, Jennye Scott, Berry Plastics?

IS IT TRUE we tried to locate the names of the 2015 Alhambra Board of Directors but didn’t secede? …if any of our readers know who they are please send their names to us so we can publish them?

IS IT TRUE that the original design of the new proposed motel downtown had an indoor swimming pool and now the redesign has the pool outdoors?  …it had the expensive UV windows and now the cheapest windows on the market?  …. had central HVAC but now the redesign Hotel has the window HVAC in each room? … had a bar & lounge on the top of the hotel and now the redesign omits the bar & lounge.?  What’s left to omit?

IS IT TRUE that the Ford Center was over four times that of the Hotel project in dollars and came in on time and under budget?  … after three and one half years and millions over budget even before any groundbreaking, there’s still no hotel.?  …the Ford Center, on time and under budget?  . . .new proposed hotel, very tardy and very much over budget?

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  1. Why is the city continuing to spend time and money on the hotel project? Does it have to be built before the medical school? The CCO recently reported that the med school building will not be owned by the city. Why is city (taxpayer) money being used if another entity which is privately owned will benefit?

    • We will benefit as well with the economic impact, food and beverage tax, and property taxes.

      • I know they say that – but does that much $$ really need to be taken from the taxpayers? I am concerned about the financial soundness of our city. Sometimes we just need to realize we can’t afford everything.

        • It never does pay it back to most of us. Only the well connected benefit from the rest of our tax money going to these stupid self serving projects.

      • WE You got a mouse in your pocket. We will not benefit from those things. Only a few people benefit from those things. The rest of us end up paying out the yazhoo.

        • And yet you have no problem with billions of federal tax dollars being unconstitutionally misappropriated. A paradox indeed.

    • Great question, Teachertoo. Evidently, local officials don’t feel as though they have to answer it.

    • Ok do the readers agree that a private company should not be given ownership of this building? Please tell me if there is a benefit to the city in doing this. I am being serious – are there benefits? Thanks.

      • Aside from convention business and tax revenue there will be jobs. Jobs for construction and jobs for operations.

  2. The pile of Metal behind the Alhambra referred to as as “iconic as the Statue of Liberty”, –and “standing for the Arts district and neighborhood”– by the Sculpt EVV dingbats is nothing less than comical drivel in it’s description and physical presence,— mere words will not transform this “iconic” pile of rubbish into anything more than what it is, –an eyesore, and a tribute to the “Beautiful People/Idiots” new playpen.
    (a picture can be viewed on the 14website).

    • Damn good paragraph. The installers evidently went to great lengths to assure all the pieces were put in their proper places during assembly, staying true to the artist’s vision. Pick-up-Stix.

    • Will the pile of metal behind the Alhambra SURPASS the Vibrant River structure which hangs/clings like a fungus to the side of the Ford Center ?

      I have not seen the public art at the Alhambra, I challenge it to be worse than Vibrant River ($ 200,000 gift to some artist dude from California).

  3. Editor, please don’t pronounce that the Ford Center was “on budget”. They simply announced a budget publicly, charged money to that budget, and when it was maxed out, charged the rest to operating accounts such as the Evansville Vanderburgh Building Authority. You also assume that the $ 127 Million was a real budget, vs. one with a bunch of slop in it for insider goodies.

    Just because someone at the Civic Center makes a statement ” it was under budget !” don’t trust that, you must independently verify.

    • Editor, please don’t call it the Ford Center. A more appropriate name would be Fraud Center.

  4. ‘… had a bar & lounge on the top of the hotel and now the redesign omits the bar & lounge.? What’s left to omit?’

    Floor #5 of the Pancaked Hilton has been penciled in to sacrifice itself if the need arises.

  5. I first saw the Alhambra when I was in elementary school when we came to Evansville for the fireworks show and had to park down there. The description at that time would have been a beautiful unique building in disrepair that was vacated. It is now 50 years later and the exact same words are still true. That shows clearly that there is no commercial interest in the Alhambra. That doesn’t mean there can’t be but it certainly means there isn’t. It will be interesting to see what the next 50 years brings. Probably 50 more years of talk and just enough tax money to keep the place from collapsing.

  6. Paul Green, Jack McNeely and Co give thousands to Winnecke who turns around and gives it to Pence, Sullivan, McNamara et al who vote to take away Union and worker’s rights. On top of it Winnecke hasn’t delivered Jack to them. They get the Wyle Coyote Super Genius award.

    • I once worked with a Union Guy who was one of the local labor business agents in town. He was against EPA regulations and was more of a Chamber of Commerce Type Guy. He worked actively to downgrade the air quality in this area and eventually died of cancer. And he was a vegetarian too. He could have been in a position to help clean up the air in this area but decided to “PLAY THE GAME” as one of the Chamber of Commerce People told me to do once. He was a republican to boot. So not all Union Bosses are there for the little guys. They work and rub shoulders with the Mayor and his buddies and take all that they can get for themselves. Oh and this guy I was talking about loved the news Media and all the publicity that he could attract to himself. He was the first person in the office to get fired when the new Mayor got elected. He and a city attorney were both plotting to get me fired but they both ended up getting the can long before I did. 🙂

      Both these two guys ( one was the city attorney at the time) actively worked against USEPA’s proposal to lower the amount of ozone pollution that was to be allowed in the nations skies. They didn’t care or believe that many people were dying prematurity because of smog in our skies. You see we monitor the Ozone levels as an indicator species. Sort of like taking a canary down in the mine to make sure that the air is safe to breath. There are many photochemical oxidants (PANS) floating around in the polluted summer air that cause disease. Ozone is only one of them and it’s a very UNSTABLE molecule. For some reason the USEPA has chosen to monitor for only one pollutant and that’s the Ozone molecule. Ozone is formed when there is a lot of UV energy in the air from the summer sun at high noon. Ozone is formed with high levels of other photochemical oxidants and hydrocarbons are allowed to build up in the air. They react in the ambient air under intense sunlight to from the very unstable Ozone Molecule. But Ozone will break down quickly when it comes into contact with another object and unless the air is very polluted and the sun shines all day and all night (which is doesn’t )the Ozone breaks down before it can even be measured by the Ozone Monitor that the State uses to measure the amount of Ozone in the air. So Ozone only stays at high levels for a few hours right after the sun is the highest in the sky. At night the Ozone levels drop down to almost zero. The old Ozone standard took this into account. The standard was a ONE HOUR standard. The monitor took ozone reading ever second and averaged those readings each hour to see if the levels were above the standard or not. We exceeded the Ozone hourly Standard of 0.8 ppm many times back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. But the Chamber type people and industrialist got cleaver. They knew that ozone didn’t last long in the air so they lobbied hard to get the President (Reagan/Bush and VP Cheney to tell the USEPA to change the Ozone standard to a longer time period. A period of time that was guarantied to never be exceeded. If the ozone levels only stay high for a short period of time then they would change the standard to take a longer period of time into the averaging. This would essentially guarantee that the ozone levels would drop as the sun went down and not allow the 8 hour average to exceed the standard. They also raise the level or concentration that had to be exceeded before the standard was broken. Now why would they do this? Money. It all come down to money. If we exceed the ozone standards we would have to implenet a plan to clean up the air and make it safe for people to breath the air. But that costs too much money and those that would have been required to clean up their air pollution Vectren, ALCOA, GE and others were totally against doing that and having to spend the money to do this. So the Chamber of Commerce created a AIR POLLUTION Committee to figure out a way to get the USEPA off our backs. I worked hand in hand with the Chamber and saw first hand what they did. They lobbied our US Senators from IN to get them on board. They put pressure on the USEPA and forced them to change the Ozone standards so that no new money had to be spent on controlling the air pollution in this area for a long time. 30 years pass and Obama became President and suddenly all the Old Power Plants in this area are forced to clean up their emission. Now the USEPA is proposing to change the Ozone Standard again. They are proposing to LOWER the amount of dangerous Ozone in the air so that the air will be Safer to breath. But guess whos’ against this? The Chamber and the business community care more about their money than they do about your health. They will not admit this but it’s quite evident when they fail to control their emissions and actively pay dues to the Chamber to get the Chamber to do the dirty work for them. Ironically these same people have to breath this dirty air and so do their children when they play outside. Most will keep their kids inside and live in a house that has air filters to keep the ozone levels down inside the home Others don’t have the money to do that so they suffer the damaging effects of the ozone with each breath they take in the hot summer months.

      The Ozone standard needs to be lowered back to where it was many years ago. The only reason it was raised was to keep from spending money on controlling the pollution that creates the ozone. Remember that Ozone is only the indicator pollutant that we measure. When Ozone levels are high that means that other dangerous chemicals in the air are high too. We are all breathing a bad mixture of chemicals when you see the air pollution in the hot summer months.

      It’s not uncommon for city’s who measure air pollution to push the monitors off the roofs in order to avoid having to get into trouble with the USEPA and be forced to clean up.

      Look how hard the City is fighting the USEPA in the Sewage Issue. The Mayor and his cronies don’t want to fix the sewage problem and instead continue to fight the USEPA in order to keep dumping raw sewage into the Ohio River at their pleasure when it rains hard.

          • Only Pea Brained people like Ballonpilot think that others don’t read longer posts. Sure shows what you don’t know.

          • BP- I agree. Brevity is the essence of wit and good posts. MoveOn struggles with logistics as evidenced in his inane quip about you being Nobody. Nobody reads long posts but you dont.

          • Actually, nobody reads the long posts of Moveon, the supposed Purdue graduate. With all his liberal ramble, he seems more like an ISU alumni, don’t you think?

      • One environmental issue, the damaging of the entire genetically hereditary endocrine system That “inset propagation” of regional your local downtown environmental failures never gets much mention in references to concerns and, counts for endocrine medicine or inherited “by location’ deadly diseases such as some cancers and plaguing neurological conditions.
        Sure, high ozone readings sustain high Asthma rates through common triggers due the air quality itself. This is also a endocrine medicine problem that’s related straight shot with many combined sewer overflows(CSO), due the toxicities brought into traditional environmental balances beyond the normal exposure rates.
        The numbers being generated by localized CSO when that includes over the top numbers in concern to the pharmaceutical’s being discharged into the sewers and clean water balances around the area in Evansville is simply deplorable at best count.
        Total sanitary sewer isolation cures the gene pool on that aspect, the nation needs to sport some real work on this subject, nobody wants a chronic decease in their families balance brought on by the ongoing , however persistent and utter mismanagement of certain very controllable environmental conditionals.

    • The Unions total contributions to Winnecke for the April reporting period did not total $10k. You don’t get much attention for $10k. They are too stupid to know they are the equivalent of a hot date brought along as pure eye candy to very narrow contingency of voters who still think Unions have a primary purpose in lifting up workers. It’s a narrow contingency that is fading fast. I used to fall in that category, but now I put Unions in the category of people who are purely self-serving and cannot be trusted.

  7. Maybe Gail did not want to be seen at the event. She will get votes from both sides you know.

    • The Union bosses are helping her out by standing by Winnecke. The Union tends to make Republicans and Independents sick to their stomach. Their support of Winnecke makes Gail more attractive to the Republicans and Independents who are angered by Winnecke’s incompetence and big spending ideas. He’s socially liberal, so there’s no real difference between the two candidates. When it comes to money though, Gail has proven to want more transparency and better decisions with our money. That will convince many Republicans/Independents to vote for her. Gail has actually advocated for smart money decisions since she went on City Council in 1989. She was the first member to criticize blanket tax abatements and called for there to be a demonstration of their value to tax payers before being approved or renewed.

  8. Another one you just can’t make up. There is a game clock on the baseball scoreboards at the new park but no place for balls and strikes. Who the heck puts a time clock on a baseball scoreboard and forgets to have an indicator for balls and strikes? They must have outsourced this to someone who is fond of cricket or soccer because they knew nothing about baseball. Base paths wrong, no balls, no strikes, and no outs, but a time clock there to make sure the game doesn’t run too long. Whatever firm was hired to design this must not have ever even been to a baseball game.

  9. I actually didn’t believe it when somebody mentioned those s c r b r d z here the other day.

    The CP article says they purposely left the balls, strikes and outs off the scoreboard to leave room for advertising. The article paints a picture of another Evansville planning debacle. The report’s headline is ‘Baseball complex gets good reviews, but coaches note one flaw’, it then proceeds to list many. We are used to it by now. Things like this are no longer remarkable.


    • Pathetic indeed, and those cronies ranting buttholes still continue to flow consistently to those rants about the formation of that little cities core and some faked out progress. Yet that in real value would’ve included the conversion of the first & diamond avenue city owned park to the ball field extensions. “Damned load of idiot’s, and load “O” fools.”

      It’s the cronies rant’s around that bunghole BS site that’s all. “Absolute sense make’s no sense” to those boneheads, they haven’t had expressed a viable clue. So, something remarkable is an expectation that’s clearly out of those projected, however minor realms, of any viable expectations.

      They’ve blown it, again, and that’s not unexpected due any scientific analysis from the outside overhead looking down.

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