We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will encourage  honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.
IS IT TRUE the Publisher of the City-County Observer will turned 76 years old at the end of this month? …he tells us that the only thing left on his “bucket list” is to finish his book called “IT IS TRUE”?  …over 15 plus years our publisher with the help of his 139 ‘Moles”, CCO staff have created many insightful, accurate and dynamic “IS IT TRUE” comments designed to encourage our elected and appointed officials to make “Good Public Policy” decisions?
IS IT TRUE starting next month our publisher will start in earnest writing his long awaited book called “IT IS TRUE”?  …he wants us to stress that none of the names of the 139 “CCO MOLES” that provided him with “IS IT TRUE” material over the years will not be reference or exposed in his book? …in fact, he’s the only person who knows who the “CCO MOLES” are? …he will not get personal with appointed or elected offices holders that appeared in past “IS IT TRUE” columns over the last 15 plus years?  …he will only reference good and bad public policy decisions they made? …in fact, he’s telling us so far the ‘”IS IT TRUE” comments posted over the years are trending to be around 90% accurate? …our publisher predicts that his book (“IT IS TRUE”) will be an informative, enlightening, funny and enjoyable to read?
IS IT TRUE we just received the following e-mail from our former editor and friend Joe Wallace?  …he said; “I will help with the IS IT TRUE book if you like. I just did all of this and know exactly how to set it up.”  …we have accepted his offer?
IS IT TRUE that the biggest accomplishment of the City-County Observer is that we have never been considered to be a “Minister Of Propaganda” for any appointed or elected officials?
IS IT TRUE if a person has charisma, has the capacity of giving long and boring speeches about nothing and would love having his picture taken 24-7 he should run for Mayor of Evansville?
IS IT TRUE politics in Evansville have done a complete about face in the short space of 12 years?…in the campaign for Mayor in 2007, incumbent Jonathan Weinzapfel faced a Republican candidate named David Nixon and reveled over a 70 point margin of victory?…four years later the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party imploded under the weight of ego and hubris after shoving the $127 million Ford Center down the taxpayers throats without an opportunity to hold a vote?
IS IT TRUE it’s guesstimated that the Ford Center has proceeded to consume nearly $9 million taxpayer dollars per year? …it has totally underperformed relative to the study by the handpicked consulting group that claimed it would be break even from day one?…it has now been 8 years and the people of Evansville have seen over $70 million dollars go up in smoke?
IS IT TRUE that Palm Springs, CA is about to get a new hockey rink and not one dime of taxpayer money will be spent on the construction?…the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians have announced a partnership with Live Nation to bring a 10,000 seat arena with an adjacent practice rink and entertainment area similar to Louisville’s 4th Street Live to downtown Palm Springs?…the arena is slated to open in the Fall of 2021 which will be a record time to compete a $250 million project?…the arena will be on the Agua Caliente reservation so there will be no State of California regulations, litanies of lawsuits, or insane local rules to hamper the construction?…as the reservation is a sovereign nation it is also not subject to the deal killing Davis Bacon laws that were passed in 1931?…if the arena is a big financial winner the Agua Caliente will reap the profits and if it is not they will absorb the losses?…this is how arena’s should be financed?  …the Agua Caliente partnership with Live Nation will essentially guarantee that the large drawing acts that can fill such a facility will be there?
IS IT TRUE that U.S. Senator Mike Braun created mobile offices to better assist Hoosiers? …we commend Senator Braun for working outside the box?
IS IT TRUE according to WRDB TV, Louisville, the Kentucky Supreme Court will weigh in for the second time in a long-running case challenging the legality of the nearly 3,000 slot-like “Historical Horse Racing” machines that have been installed at racetrack-owned venues around the state since 2011.
IS IT TRUE that WRDB TV, Louisville also reported that Casino gambling is illegal in Kentucky, but the current gaming machines are designed to mimic slots while basing the results of each spin on an old horse race, selected at random, which players are not able to identify in advance?
IS IT TRUE we hope that the owners of Casinos located in Kentucky will show their patrons how to use the additional option of betting on past horse races from tracks all over America? …we are told that this feature is available on every instant “Historical Horse Racing” gaming machine in the State Of Kentucky but is rarely used?
Todays “Readers Poll” question is:Do you feel because the Democratic party doesn’t have a Mayoral candidate it’s going to hurt City Council canidates?
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