“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 24, 2024

    We hope that today IT TRUE will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address rationally and responsibly.
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    IS IT TRUE that we have been told by reliable sources that a well-organized group has been quietly looking at establishing a refugee agency for our community?


    IS IT TRUE that Evansville is in serious financial trouble because over the years several of our elected officials have spent too much money on fun and games projects?

    IS IT TRUE that we have been told that it would make reasonable budget sense if the new Evansville City Controller would do a causal review concerning the Evansville Fire Department and Water and Sewer Department equipment inventory procedures?

    IS IT TRUE that an elected official in Evansville City Government uses their campaign email address for city business? …that past news reports are full of articles of politicians such as Hilary Clinton who have conducted government affairs via unsecured private email servers?… that a politician using a private email account could be construed as an attempt to protect official communications from the scrutiny of Freedom of Information Act requests from the media or members of the public?

    IS IT TRUE that many members of the Vanderburgh County GOP are ready to hold hands and sing Kumbaya?…that Republican Steve Hammer, Johnny Kincaid, Marsha Abell-Barnhart, and others have offered to assist with bringing the party back together? …that we support efforts to resolve the riffs that currently exist in the Vanderburgh County GOP?

    IS IT TRUE that Mayor Terry and the President of the Vanderburgh County Commission Justin Elpers both serve on the E-REP Executive Board of Directors and recently donated $300,000 each of our hard-earned tax dollars to E-REP?  …that they also give E-REP this money without receiving any financial reports of what E-REP spent last year’s $300,000 donations on?
    IS IT TRUE that we have been told that the Evansville City Council recently approved some interesting raises for several select city employees with little fanfare?  …that you can see the article about the raises in today’s CCO?
    IS IT TRUE that Kalah Hirsch and Kemberie Weightman of the Evansville Police Department are doing a credible job in providing us with the daily EPD Activity Report on time?

    IS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny and when the government fears the people we have Liberty?

    FOOTNOTES: Today READERS POLL question is:  Do you support EVANSVILLE establishing a permanent refugee agency?

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    1. I do not support EVANSVILLE establishing a permanent refugee agency? I do support sendjng illegal back over our border back to where they came from.

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