IS IT TRUE June 18, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer set internet traffic records yesterday for visits, unique visitors, and Facebook referrals?…while our previous records that were set on the days that the Democrats gathered after a City Council meeting for a good old fashioned booze fest at a well known downtown bar, the former CVB board of directors had their Opus One episode, and the 2011 election night, this was the first time Facebook drove volumes of traffic to the CCO?…by the time the day was over right at 10,000 readers from 42 states and over 50 countries had logged on to read the first-hand accounts of the alleged beating of Robert Evidon by an officer of the Evansville Police Department?…the CCO was the only local publication to publish the official EPD statement in full alongside the Facebook post that described the alleged beating?…we will continue to publish eyewitness, signed, and authorized narratives about this unfortunate situation as we receive them and to reserve judgment or opinion until some trial happens in the future?…there may well be trial as Mr. Evidon has requested a trial by jury?…this is the best way to mitigate what happened as a jury of one’s peers does not cut deals, plead down, or parse charges?…we say let justice be done in a fair and honest manner and let these chips fall where they may?

IS IT TRUE that we were surprised yesterday to receive a statement from Evansville City Councilman Al Lindsey to advise the CCO and his constituency that he will not be attending the gathering of Democrats at Party Headquarters in downtown Evansville tonight?…it seems as though Councilman Lindsey has learned his lesson and will not be attending any future meetings where Indiana Sunshine laws have a high probability of being violated?…to be clear, any time that 5 or more members of the Evansville City Council get together in a non-public meeting that was announced and talk about City of Evansville business then Sunshine Laws are violated?…given the support of the local unions for the two big construction projects being contemplated, the fact that a union boss runs the Vanderburgh Democrat Party, and that a vote to fund these projects by the City Council is needed to move the projects forward, the probability is high that these topics will come up at tonight’s Democrat love fest?…when the allegation of Sunshine Law violations arise, Al Lindsey will not be party to such allegations because this simple man with a boatload of common sense has the good sense to stay out of this fracas?

IS IT TRUE that President Barack Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney have finally found something that they are in complete agreement on?…the President and Dick Cheney both vehemently defend the federal government’s “right” to spy on every American all day every day in any way they please without regard to a judge’s subpoena, any charges filed, or history of good character?…this position is par for the course for Vice President Cheney but such a profound flip-flop on government surveillance on private citizens by President Obama is astounding to people from the far left to the far right?…the actions of former President George W. Bush in the aftermath of 911 would indicate that he is in agreement with these two politicians as well?


  1. I would like to thank the CCO for using the words “alleged beating in todays “Is It True”. I also thank you for printing both sides of this issue. Agree with you that both sides needs to have their day in court.

    Surprised that Chief Bolin hasn’t put the officer charged with this alleged beating on a leave of absence until all facts are looked at.

  2. Here is the most recent FB status update from EPD Police Chief Billy Bolin regarding “the incident”:

    “Sugar Ray Leonard has some of the fastest hands I’ve ever seen, but if he punched somebody 30 times in front of me, I would have been able to get my phone out and have a very cool photo of it. Where is the pictures and videos of this brutality? Many have said Mr. Evidon is a very nice man and I have no reason to doubt this, but I know plenty of nice people who do stupid things when they’re drunk. I am not covering for anyone, I’m supporting an officer who did his job.”

    I don’t think he really gets it. First of all, where’s the evidence this guy was drunk? All witnesses at the event say he absolutely was NOT drunk, in fact, he had just come off stage from handling FIRE as a performer! No breathalyzer, no blood test was taken, according to Evidon himself. Secondly, Chief Bolin clearly does not understand someone who has been beaten up isn’t going to keep exact count of how many times he was beaten. And lastly, since when does the lack of video evidence constitute innocence? Multiple eyewitnesses are corroborating his story now.

    • This is not the post I’d expect from a POLICE CHIEF.

      Maybe a Sgt. At Arms of a fraternity house – but not a POLICE CHIEF.

      Time for the mayor to ask this immature simpleton to resign.

      • I wouldn’t hold your breath. If he didn’t get fired for the little old lady SWAT raid he is untouchable. Must have some serious dirt on several members of the local machine.

        • Really people!!! Grow up! Chief Bolin does a great job. This is for John Doe…. he could rescue a hundred people from a burning building and YOU would bad mouth him.

          • And you’d defend him for setting fire to said building with 100 people. Just flipping around your ludicrous claim.

  3. A new Facebook page was set up to draw awareness of this event by supporters of Evidon:

    The page had over 400 likes within 5 hours of being started and is now up to 547 likes as of this update.

    Supporters and witnesses are using this forum to share stories. Evidon’s mother had this to say about the event:

    “I am so upset by this unreasonable, brutal act against my son, a good man, a good Dad, loving husband, a man who has such a good heart. Shame on the Mayor and the Police Department for standing behind such lies. I wonder how many other innocent citizens have been mistreated by this bully who hides behind a badge.”

  4. Billy Bolin is a good Police Chief that works hard looking after the best intertest of the City and his Department.


    • Billy Bolin is the reason I have lost 100% faith in our local police department.
      He’s led one embarrassing fiasco after another in just 18 months or less.
      Our crime rate went through the roof with him leading the city police department.
      He acts like a 12 year old boy with a toy badge and toy gun.
      The mayor needs to dump him asap and get a rational human being to lead the department.

      • Your rant is ridiculous! Its about time that the police department takes a stand on false reporting. When ALL facts about this case are revealed, I guarantee you wont be retracting any of your ridiculous statements.
        Chief Bolin has made a HUGE difference in morale for the Evansville Police Department. He is a caring and professional officer. If he sees a wrong, whether it be for the good or the bad of the department, he responds immediately and takes action.
        Chief Bolin…, the community as a whole appreciates your service.

    • Thanks Todd,

      Whatever the facts are in this story, there is no hiding that Bolin acted very unprofessionally with his facebook rant.

      Thin skin doesn’t make a good leadership trait. He needs to be replaced immediately.

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