“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 13, 2019


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.

IS IT TRUE we are pleased that local Channel 14 TV News has decided to end each broadcast day with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner? …we give five (5) cheers to the management and staff of Channel 14 TV for showing American pride?
IS IT TRUE the former City Council President and Finance Chairman John Friend, CPA predicted three years ago that starting in 2018 the City of Evansville will be experiencing a budget meltdown was spot on?  …John Friend also predicted that the 2019 city budget shall be financial disasters?  …he also predicted that the only ways the city can balance future budgets are increasing taxes, make major budget cuts or lay off employees?
IS IT TRUE its obvious that the City of Evansville doesn’t have a revenue problem but they do have a spending problem?
IS IT TRUE that serval years ago the Evansville DMD invested well over $535,000 to purchased a dilapidated and vacant CVS building  located on North Main Street?  …the DMD leased this property to a medical group and they allegedly invested about a million dollars in order to meet their needs?…we are expecting that any day the DMD will sell this property to a private investor for a mere $178,000?
IS IT TRUE we wonder if the two fiscal conservatives on the Evansville City Council will be very quiet during the 2019 budget hearings?
IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville Employee Hospitalization fund currently has a deficit of $3 million plus million dollars?
IS IT TRUE the number one cause for a divorce is marriage?
IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer readers are once again encouraging us to consider publishing a printed newspaper? …when former CCO editor and celebrated innovation CEO from Palm Springs, California was asked about the CCO publishing a printed newspaper his answer was surprising?…Mr. Wallace quickly pointed out that newsrooms across the country that are delivering print products are on a 20 year shrinking spree with most newsrooms having less than half of the reporters they had 10 years ago and many are down to 10% of their peak that came in the 1990s?
IS IT TRUE that Mr. Wallace has advised the CCO to be very careful about going into the newspaper print business because that has been a proven financial loser for more than a decade?…he also realizes that the quality of journalism has gone way down due to the lack of revenue?
IS IT TRUE Researchers with The Leapfrog Group assessed  a couple of thousand plus hospitals using safety data to compile the ratings? …Reachers at Leap Fog Group also stated that patients at “D” and “F” hospitals face a 92% higher risk of avoidable death?  …that Henderson Methodist received an ‘F” rating by the Leap Fog Group and Deaconess Midtown and Gateway had A’s?  …both St. Vincent-Evansville and Owensboro Health both had B’s.
IS IT TRUE that sometimes mergers, Affiliate or ACO” agreements between two entities or partial buy-outs sometime result in providing better healthcare and sometimes they don’t? …bigness is not always better? …the bottom line is that the people of Western Kentucky are the real losers in the grade of F being handed to a formerly excellent Henderson. Kentucky based hospital?
IS IT TRUE if the past and current administrators of Henderson Methodist Hospital would had purchased a book entitled “Working Outside The Box” written by our good friend Joe ‘Jack’ Wallace (a native of Western Kentucky) they may have gotten a better rating from Leap Frog Group than a F?
IS IT TRUE A big part of serving traditional Neapolitan pizza is cooking that pizza in the traditional Neapolitan way?  …that means one thing — a wood-fired oven?

…Pangea, has a hand-built, Acunto wood-fired pizza oven, made by a family-owned company in Naples, Italy?  … that four generations of the Acunto family have built this oven, using the same designs and materials as generations of Neapolitans before them? …we predict you can taste the difference when a pizza is cooked in this oven at Pangea-Evansville?  … the homemade Gelato at Pangea is heavenly?  …we highly recommend that you try the infused Liquor specially drinks because they’re absolutely  well balanced and truly one of a kind?

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