“IS IT TRUE” JULY 9, 2020

We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?
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IS IT TRUE that since the “defund the police” movement has taken hold in some large American cities violent crime has increased by over 100% in many of those cities?…a prime example is New York City where violent crime has increased by over 100%?…the Big Apple is rapidly reverting to the crime-ridden hell hole it was in the 1980s before Mayor Rudy Giuliani replaced the hapless Ed Koch to clean up the city’s crime?…he did a great job of making New York a safe city and it looks like the current fool Mayor DiBlasio is on a mission to reverse 30 years of declining crime in a single year or less?
IS IT TRUE over the 4th of July weekend NYC saw 63 shootings and 11 murders which is more than double the violent crime for the same period in 2019?…Chicago that has a gun ban followed suit with 89 shootings and 17 murders and Los Angeles that seems to have gone crazy had 63 shootings and 14 murders that also is more than double last years total?…closer to home Louisville has had 100 shootings in the last 40 days?
IS IT TRUE if what is happening in American cities just after some have partially defunded the police, things are going to get even worse until this psychotic dance with chaos is ended?…is it any wonder that both New York City and Los Angeles have seen 1 million people leave their jurisdictions in the last 4 months?
IS IT TRUE that an ordinance mandating wearing a mask in public in Evansville has been filed by three members of the Evansville City Council?  …that this ordinance is being sponsored by Councilmembers Weaver, Heronemous, and Moore-Morley?
IS IT TRUE that this ordinance would require law enforcement, meaning the Evansville Police Department to enforce the ordinance?  …we wonder how many “Wear Your Mask Police” will the city have to hire in order to enforce this bureaucratic masterpiece?
IS IT TRUE that the proposed ordinance has numerous exemptions while giving broad authority for $50-$100 fines to be handed out for violators?
IS IT TRUE we hope that the sponsors of this ordinance discussed the details of this document with Mayor Winnecke?  …if they didn’t discuss this proposed ordinance with them it has the potential of undermining the positive progress that the “Mayors Re-Open Evansville Task Force” has achieved so far?
IS IT TRUE we been told by several reliable sources that an extremely popular two-term Democratic officer holder voted Republican in the most recent Vanderburgh County primary election?  …this is definitely a developing story?
IS IT TRUE we been told that Evansville Mayor Winnecke is interested in re-purposing the former LST dock at Marina Pointe by allowing historical Riverboats to moor there for a nominal fee?
IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville is currently paying the owner of Marina Point to allow the dock to sits on their property?  …the dock was built by Mayor Weinzapfel years ago at a price tag of over $3 million?  …it makes good economic sense to find a way to re-purpose it for the social and economic benefit of the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County?
IS IT TRUE we been told that  Mayor Winnecke is seeking a return of Riverboats cruises to Evansville?  …it’s been alleged that new CVB Director Jim Wood recently reported to his Board that there is not a market for Riverboat cruises due to COVID-19 virus?
IS IT TRUE we are surprised that CVB Director Jim Wood wasn’t more aggressive in convincing a Riverboat cruise line to moor their boat at Marina Point since the dock is already built and down the road the COVID -19 virus issue should be a thing of the past?
IS IT TRUE we been told that the owner of Marina Point have also talked with several river cruise companies during the last six months and found out that there are several Riverboat companies that may be interested in adding Evansville to its travel schedule?
IS IT TRUE since the CVB isn’t getting any results of bringing a Riverboat to Evansville we respectfully suggest that Mayor Winnecke appoints his Deputy Mayor, Steve Schaefer to work out a financially creative deal with a Riverboat company so the re-purposing of the old LST dock at Marina Pointe will become reality?
IS IT TRUE we give five (5) cheers to Mayor Winnecke for thinking outside the box for looking for creative ways to re-purposing the old LST dock at Marina Point?
IS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny!  When the Government fears the people we have Liberty
IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy?
Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Should everyone living, eating, shopping, or working in Evansville be required to wear a face mask?

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  1. Weinzapfel’s Follies will cost the city of Evansville long past most of our lives. And now he’s running for state-wide office so he can spread the joy? Whoever is on the ballot against him will be a far better choice, folks. End Jonny’s political career this November!

  2. Here is my questions. How has your life changed since the George Floyd Death? Is it the same? Better? or Worst? Are you proud that protesters tore down statues? Does it make you feel better? or Worst? or the Same?or Does it Matter? Has the protests change your attitude toward the police? Will you call 911 again? Will you handle it yourself? Will you only call 911 if it is a true emergency?

    • Wait a minute.

      I know this. You want answers? You WANT THE TRUTH !!


      Put that in your pipe and smoke it SOULCASSEROLE (…you too Al Sharpie. You need to wake up Sir. No one’s listening to Trump anymore. No one. We’ve all moved on.)

  3. Ordinance mandating wearing a mask coupled with voting racism is a virus…..wow……how bout doing something productive about the shootings and killings every week………………..Evansville typical city controlled by liberals that belong in the psych ward………..SAD…….take my 50 buck fine and stick it up your asses…………..


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