IS IT TRUE July 8, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE July 8, 2013

IS IT TRUE the City of Evansville seems to be in a mood to waste money again as the warning signs that were bought for about $8,000 to hang all over downtown Evansville advising them to “lock their cars and hide their valuables or risk having their cars broken into” are now destined for the boneyard?…whomever took it upon themselves to design and order these warning signs failed to take into account the fact that there are very few car break-ins in downtown Evansville as compared to the rest of Evansville?…the actual numbers are something like 6 of the 350 or so car robberies this year have been downtown making the downtown a pretty safe place for car?…when most people see a warning sign like “BEWARE OF DOG”, they assume there really is a guard dog on duty and take appropriate actions to avoid being bitten?…some big cities like Paris, Rome, and London have “LOOKS OUT FOR PICKPOCKETS” signs in public transportation stations because they truly have a problem with pickpockets?…the CCO wonders why on earth the City of Evansville would put up signs that would induce fear in shoppers or visitors to downtown Evansville when there is statistically no reason to believe that one’s car is in any danger of being broken into?…such signs are posted in downtown St. Louis near the baseball stadium and one assumes that downtown St. Louis has some grand theft auto problems downtown?…St. Louis has a downtown that is among the most crime ridden in America and thank God Evansville thus far does not?

IS IT TRUE that while downtown Evansville may be a safe place for parked cars last week’s 4th of July fireworks celebration had some instances that would lead one to believe it is not a very safe place for police officers?…in a widely reported instance an EPD officer was allegedly beaten on by an unruly crowd of teenagers?…two of these teenagers were arrested and hopefully justice will be done?…the officer exercised good judgment by choosing to take a beating instead of pulling a weapon on the unruly kids as the group was supposedly made up of 30 or so people who may have really gotten out of hand if the officer on duty would have pulled a gun?…this officer when faced with a choice of either taking a beating or maiming a kid chose well?…this selfless action avoided a flash point like the one from the Mason’s parking lot a couple of years ago?…we have been told that there were at least a pair of “WE ARE EVANSVIILLE” neon T-shirts being worn by the unruly crowd the officer was trying to disperse?

IS IT TRUE in an instance that was not reported another EPD officer was jumped by two adults in downtown Evansville?…this time it was Officer Ronald McDonald whom all college kids know is “the man” when it comes to catching underage consumption of alcohol?…Mole #13 tells us that Officer McDonald was rescued from the two thugs by Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin and that the female thug was taken into custody buy the male thug ran away?…Mole #13 also tells us the identity of the male thug is known so he will eventually face justice too?

IS IT TRUE there are plenty of places in Evansville that do have problems with cars being broken into?…if truth is embraced there are plenty of places in this city that merit warning signs and some of them are quite close to downtown Evansville?…maybe reason will win out an the warning signs will end up in a neighborhood near you or in the parking lot of some heavily trafficked shopping areas where such crimes typically occur?…in the meantime downtown is struggling and does not need any more reasons to scare people from going there so please keep these signs away?


  1. Let us see a poll where we have a choice not just the clowns we have seen for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Please nominate some people who are eligible who have not held elected office before for consideration. The thing that all of the people in our polls have in common is that they have been elected before. Remember, out of respect for Rick Davis’ new career in the private sector we are not disrupting his life with polls. We do realize that among our readers that Davis is a popular choice.

      • You might want to scratch John Friend since he was arrested for drunk boating this weekend in KY.

  2. I can think of a couple of names but it is not up to me to name them ! Some of them do not want to be associated with the stench of city government! I think none of the above might show why there is a low turn out in local elections!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When people start naming people or throwing their hats in he ring before the local powers deem it proper the gang does not like it and you see what we get King John or Derp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So the public will not be out $8,000. I suggest that the signs be put up for sale. Who would not want to have a piece of Evansville history?


  5. Ronald McDonald was jumped. Sure can’t say I feel very bad hearing that news. He is a thug that has been abusing his power for over 30 years.

    Now don’t anyone come back saying it’s an awful thing wishing someone harm. I didn’t wish it upon him but Karma does come back to bite you on the ass sometimes.

    • To say he was jumped is inaccurate. I saw this whole incident and the CCO whiffed on the description. This started as a fight between two baby mommas of the same guy and Ronald managed to chase down one of the perps and got grazed in the scuffle. It took forever to get a uniformed officer over there.

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