IS IT TRUE July 30, 2012


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IS IT TRUE July 30, 2012

IS IT TRUE at the most recent meeting of the 2nd Amendment Patriots, Glen Kissel had briefly updated everyone on the HRC (Human Rights Commission) situation?…upon hearing this Vanderburgh County Commissioner Marsha Abell announced that due to a situation between the HRC and the Evansville Rescue Mission, she intends to explore drastically reducing the county funding of the HRC?…this elicited the loudest cheer I have ever heard at a 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting?…that several CCO Moles have advised us that both Commissioners Stephen Melcher and Joe Kiefer have had toxic communications with Diane Clements, HRC Executive Director in recent days? …Mr. Tracy Gorman, the CEO of the Evansville Rescue Mission, had written a long letter to Mayor Winnecke detailing the actions of an HRC investigator that were much more like the actions expected by a hired gun attorney than an unbiased investigator?

IS IT TRUE that some in the community are contending that nearly all City Ordinances will control in the County if the Merger Plan is passed by voters in November?… that the new Merger Common Council will have to examine all conflicting City and County Ordinances and decide how to resolve such differences should the Merger Plan win approval by the voters in November?

IS IT TRUE the set of data compiled by Nicholas Eberstadt, political economist and demographer at the American Enterprise Institute, and published under the title, “A Nation of Takers.” Government transfers resulting from some 50 benefit programs – money taken from some taxpayers and redistributed to others – continue to grow at an exponential rate, and twice as fast as per capita income?… between 1969 and 2009 these transfer payments have risen from 7.8 percent of personal income to 17.6 percent?… most significant, Eberstadt shows that almost half of all Americans live in households receiving some government benefits?…it is not unrealistic to expect this fact to affect votes in November, and to create an atmosphere favorable to President Obama?

IS IT TRUE that the auction at Roberts Stadium is being prepared and every shred of material in the building will be available for bidding?…come 10 am on Saturday August 4, 2012 the Roberts Stadium that has served Evansville for over half a century will become a shell just waiting for the wrecking ball?…it is not too late for the City of Evansville to add one last item to the auction?…the appropriate last item would be Roberts Stadium itself that if auctioned would save the City of Evansville the $8 Million plus overruns that are planned to be spent foolishly for another park that will see limited use and will add to the maintenance load of the already failed Parks Department?…that Keep Evansville Beautiful has recently handed the Adopt a Spot program to the Parks Department?…that this well run program will soon be a memory if the Parks Department performs as it does on everything else it does?…this move made about as much sense as handing a toddler the keys to the family car?


  1. The first “Is It True” is completely inaccurate. See Section 10.9 of the Plan of Reorganization, which makes it clear that all existing ordinances and codes will continue unless and until it’s repealed or amended by the combined government. Therefore the first sentence is completely wrong, as is the rest that wrongly states the city could trump county ordinances. The city would trump no more than the county’s would. Neither would occur – they would both continue.

    Your specific example of benefits to gay and lesbian couples is also wrong. The city does not currently provide such benefits, and therefore it doesn’t have any application at all.

    • I wonder if a reader with some knowledge of local benefits available to these unwed mothers, and mothers-to-be, could put a dollar figure on the value of these benefits, either monthly or annually?


  2. If you subsidize something you get more of it. Pretty simple.

    On the whole, politicians subsidize stupidity, laziness, and their own ambition and greed. The exceptions are few.

    Robert’s Stadium is a great example of subsidizing the latter. The greed of politicians is what is leading them to this disastrous policy of “no competition” for their downtown pet project and taking a wrecking ball to a usable surplus building. They have accomplished this through lies, obfuscation, misinformation, and misdirection of simple facts. They rely on the public either not knowing or not caring about their wasteful expenditures of taxpayer funds.

    Lloyd Winnecke is the biggest culprit of all. The second the first wrecking ball hits Roberts, he can kiss his second term as Mayor of this City goodbye. I will actively campaign against him on this issue alone – the most glaring illustration of a local politician’s stupidity to date.

  3. Brad I have to say its a toss up between wineckke and the previous mayor weinzapfel , if gunpowder was brains I don’t think either one of them would have enough to blow their nose , but what do I know I’m just a honest tax paying citizen

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