IS IT TRUE? July 30, 2011


IS IT TRUE? July 30, 2011

IS IT TRUE that our graphical publication of the visualization of the debt of the United States had a high level of appeal not only to our loyal local readership but to those that some would call “foreigners” to the Republic of Evansville as well?…that the City County Observer attained a #4 Google ranking for the term KLEPTOCRACY that appeared in the URL of the site that we linked you to for the graphics?…that the term kleptocracy is a term that artfully blends the words kleptomania and democracy?…that in this narrative it was used to send the message that the government of the United States that is widely believed to be a democracy has a problem with the compulsion to steal?…that we are disturbed but not surprised that there is much appeal to this term but are always pleased to have front page recognition on Google?…that it is not the first time?…that we are #2 on Google for the term SNEGAL?

IS IT TRUE that democracy basically means majority rule?…that most people think that the United States of America is a democracy?…that could not be further from the truth?…that the United States is a REPUBLIC which is a nation of laws?…that the majority follow the law to support the rights of the one?…that when a small privileged group makes all decisions without regard for the rule of law or the will of the people that this form of governance is called an OLIGARCHY?…that if a local government partners with a GOOD OLD BOY network to control all of the important decisions through finding loopholes in the law to circumvent the intention of the law in the first place is a SNEGAL OLIGARCHY?…that some days and even some months or years when appointed boards ignore elected leaders and treat them with disrespect that Evansville seems like a SNEGAL OLIGARCHY?

IS IT TRUE that the long anticipated euthanization of Integra Bank finally happened yesterday?…that rumors seem to have been popping up every week or so for nearly a year that the FDIC was going to step in and perform the procedure?…that branch after branch and division after division have been divested of over the last couple of years to raise cash to hopefully save Integra but in the end the push to expand into markets that were not fully mastered took the Evansville legacy business to its knees?…that in a carefully worded press release that was long on asset assumption and short on references to stock that the assets and accounts of Integra will be making the two block move to Old National Bank?…that on first blush it seems good that the accounts will stay local?…that losing a big player in a decreasingly competitive market may not be the best long term solution for banking in Evansville?…that we are pleased that the deposits are safe and that they will be staying home?…that now if we can just get the local deposits managed into local loans that we shall all see the fruits of Dr. Kervorkian’s passion applied in the corporate world?

IS IT TRUE that driving from the San Jose airport to Stanford University, a 15 mile drive that one passes the world headquarters of Intel, Cisco Systems, Applied Materials, Google and hundreds of other technology leaders?…miles south in Cupertino is Apple and 10 miles north is Genentech?…that two miles west on Sand Hill Road is the largest cult of Venture Capital on the planet earth?…that it is 7:37 on a Saturday morning and already today more Venture Capital has been committed to new businesses that has been invested in Evansville, Indiana since it became a city?…that is why Intel, Google, et al are located in the San Jose area and not in the Midwest?…that having a world class research university does not hurt things either?

IS IT TRUE that the Silicon Valley is full of educated immigrants (some who came on EB-5 money), young professionals, and successful semi-retired 40+ aged people?…that the vitality level and the interest in business brings back old memories?…that there were at least 5 languages being spoken in last night’s restaurant?…that the topic was not youth sports, traffic jams on the Lloyd, or the church picnic?…that the topic is nearly always ideas, dreams, and business?…that most people and societies seem to get what they focus on?

IS IT TRUE that as much as Integra needed to be euthanized that Evansville needs to be YOUTHANIZED?…that Karen gets copyright dibs on the word YOUTHANIZE?