IS IT TRUE July 25, 2013 Update!

City County Observer Mole
City County Observer Mole



IS IT TRUE that the Mole Nation tells us that the Evansville City Council was so put off by the refusal of the Office of the Mayor to release the draft version of the McGladrey Report to them that they promised to kabosh the July 29th special meeting to discuss the report unless they were given copies of it to compare to the final report? …the Council was so determined to get the draft report that they were willing to bring a suit against the City of Evansville to get copies?

IS IT TRUE the Civic Center Moles tell us that Mayoral Counsel Ted Ziemer has folded under this demand and will be providing the City Council with copies of the draft marked confidential?…this is a good first step but the people of Evansville also deserve to see the difference in a draft that is based on unadulterated observations of the City IT department and what changes were made  to see if the city spin doctors inserted themselves into the process? …it is about time that the leadership of Evansville realized that it is what is perceived by the general public when they withhold information from the public that really defines who we are as a City as opposed to after a few elites have had a chance to spin things? …in most real life situations there is no chance to spin?



  1. No wonder why people are opening saying that this is the mean reason why Winnecke shall be a one term Mayor.

    This guy is dumber then a bag of rocks.

    He just doesn’t understand the concept of open government.

  2. The mayor’s office is more secretive than the former USSR was. Whatcha got to hide Winnecke? That transparency and collaboration stuff made good campaign words but you should have looked up the definition before parroting such things. Winnecke is Weinzapfel’s alter-ego.

  3. Winneke is the village idiot of out time. I see Evansville as another Detroit if things don’t change!

  4. I hope the Democrats that help got this idiot elected, have become a little smarter!!! But I doubt it…

      • I’m sure he means the turn-coat precint committeemen who chose to back Wieneke rather than endorse the winner of the primary, all should have resigned in shame. As repersentatives of the party they should have backed the will of the voting democrats. Even if they didn’t personally vote for Davis, once the primary is over the party should stand behind the voters choice.

      • Local democrat politicians were actively campaigning for Winnecke. I was personally ask by a former democrat city council member to vote for Winnecke because Davis would not be good for the city. I still believe Winnecke is a stealth democrat who weaseled himself into the republican party.

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