IS IT TRUE, July 24, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE that last week a group of  people met to discuss the formation of a political exploratory committee to formalize plans to launch a campaign to unseat the 2nd Ward City Councilwoman?….the CCO was told that this group plans to promote a candidate to run against the 2nd Ward Councilwoman in the Democratic primary?…we also heard that over $21,700 has been pledged so far towards the political war chest to unseat the 2nd Ward City Councilwoman?

IS IT TRUE reliable sources have indicated that the Winnecke Administration received the final IT Assessment report from McGladrey on July 18, 2013?…that members of the council have been demanding the preliminary draft and final report for over a month?…that the Winnecke Administration insisted that McGladrey was still engaged in the assessment process, and we wonder why would they not present the report to the media and members of council, but made available to the public and council on Monday this week? … that the Council will have a special called meeting for the sole purpose to have McGladrey present the findings?…that by not delivering the report to the media and or city council until late Monday of this week the Winnecke Administration has committed yet another insult to the word transparency?…we wonder what the new Editor of the Evansville Courier & Press has to say about this stonewalling and delay in allowing the media, the council, and the public to digest the contents of the formal report by McGladrey before the Council has had an opportunity to formulate plans to answer questions from their constituents?…that Mayor Winnecke, when President of the County Commissioners, at the urging of Mayor Weinzapfel ‘s appointee to the Evansville Public Works Board and President Jack McNeely to  executed a five year multi-million dollar contract extension with MRC IT Consultants, without any public input and or discussion including the IT-Tech Committee or either the City or County Councils?  …we wonder what Sherman Greer and Adam Groupe have to say about this transaction?

IS IT TRUE we wonder why Mayor Winnecke give  the President of the Vanderburgh County Commission Marsha Abell a draft copy of the McGladrey report to review and not to members of  Evansville City Council , Vanderburgh County Council and the Vanderburgh County I-Tack Committee?  …that as of late of yesterday afternoon that the Mayors Chief of Staff informed City Council members that they shall not be giving a copy of the McGladrey draft report that the Mayor gave to his big political buddy Marsha Abell?  …we wonder what is wrong with this picture?

IS IT TRUE that all of these transgressions against transparency violate the ideals and spirit on which candidate Lloyd Winnecke ran for Mayor of Evansville?…the key planks of his campaign were collaboration and transparency?…the reality is that he has taken the strongman baton from former Mayor Weinzapfel and has kept the SNEGAL actions as a day to day way of operating?

IS IT TRUE that most of the reason given for the firings of Sherman Greer and Adam Groupe revolved around their management of the EMA having instances of favoritism being granted to both internal employees and external contractors?…if that is indeed the case the firing of these guys is fully justified and Mayor Winnecke did the right thing?…there is however something in the United States that is called EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW?…in a town that just finished a new Arena that had a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) in place to give exclusivity to labor contracts to unions and a separate contract that mandated preferential treatment for minority and woman owned businesses it is a bit hypocritical for any mayor to be pounding the table over someone else buying a small item without an open bidding process?…this of course does not justify the alleged squandering of taxpayer dollars by Greer and Groupe?…this is however a teaching moment for the media of Evansville to take the bull by the horns and show the people of this town and region how time honored governmental practice that never gets questioned leads to overspending and cronyism?

IS IT TRUE that it is mind boggling to live in a place where one arm of the Federal government can spend $700 for hammers in a SNEGAL (sneaky but legal) manner while another person like a Sherman Greer or an Adam Group can be fired for buying a routine item at retail pricing and not getting bids?…if you want to understand why the federal government and the City of Detroit are in such debt they cannot sustain themselves you will have to look no further than 50 years of insane yet legal practices when it comes to purchases and labor contracts?…this is just another redistribution scheme that is coming unraveled?…we hope this latest first episode of accountability in Evansville leads to the practice of accountability in local government?…while we have that hope, the reality is probably that they don’t really understand the meaning of the concepts of accountability, collaboration, and transparency?…there is much more to truth that putting on a good show that placates the masses for the short term?


  1. Maybe next election we can resist voting for bankers and lawyers. It’s like trying to make a cherry pie from manure – you just just end up stinking up the kitchen.

  2. These past few weeks I have really gotten a bunch of golden opportunities to go out in the neighborhoods around me and talk with 2nd Ward voters, largely democrats, to get a feel for what these people around me are saying and one word has always been uttered by them “change”.

    In 2015, I want to make sure these voters are heard. 2nd Ward voters are very passionate, they are hard working, and they want the best for the city. It’s time we listened to them.

    • Jordan….I find this hard to believe. Are you sure that you were in the 2nd Ward?

      • Hahahahah, Best thing I have ever read. Jordan better run, he’s about to get steamrolled. I would wager someone has blown quite a bit of smoke up this young man’s keister to convince him of any hope for success otherwise he needs to seek psychiatric help for delusions of grandeur!

      • Haha, read these posts. You’ll see that I’m not running and you’ll see what just happened. This is really too much fun messing with these morons who are scared to death of the next election.

      • I don’t agree with Jordan on everything. That’s really no secret. Yet, I still think he’d do a better job as a custodian of public funds than any of the people on the City Council now.

          • I appreciate the support guys, I really do. But I won’t be running for office any time soon. I’ll leave that work up to more qualified and deserving people like Al Lindsey, Shaun Short, JD Strouth, Pat McBride, Lon Walters, Will Singleton, Jeremy Heath, Pete Swaim, SBR, yada, yada, yada.

            My goals are more project focused than career/office focused which is where I need your guys’ help. Currently as the chairman of the Parks & Infrastructure subcommittee for the group Jacobsville Join In, we are discussing tournament ball fields at Kleymeyer. This would go with the already proposed Don Mattingly Way that the Hot Stove League is working on for N. Main.

            I’ve already met with the Hot Stove League, we’ve already discussed it in our subcommittee (everyone seemed enthused), and Mr. Bill Busing from the Otters as well as the DMD are expected to be at our meeting Fri to discuss it.

            I’ve had an architect take a look at it, I’ve pulled the flood plain diagram for both it and Goebel, and there has also been another member reach out to Big League Dreams who is supposedly interested in this market.

            I would like to be able to put together this plan for Jacobsville which would anchor the northern edge of Main St, connecting it to the Ford Center with new development. If I can get the residents in my subcommittee to keep supporting it and voting to approve it, I ask for everyone’s help in trying to get the ECVB on board.

            Mr. Mattingly has already worked with MLB on grants for the HSL. Here is one that fits us perfectly…


            That site has so much potential. We’ve already kissed our basketball heritage away, let’s not do the same with our baseball heritage!

          • I can’t speak for Jordan, but I’ll be glad to give you a quick overview of my proposed platform if/when I run for City Council…

            1: Create a City Ordinance abolishing the practice of tax abatements for any and ALL businesses within City jurisdiction. Failing passage, I would personally pledge to vote “NO” on ANY proposed abatements on the principle that they represent unfair redistribution of wealth and an undue intrusion into the free market.

            2: Prioritize spending such that a list of essential services is placed before luxury and frivolity, focusing on wisely preserving the investments in the parks we already have before creating more.

            3: Vote against the approval of ANY City budget until the above qualifications are met and the City’s books are properly reconciled.

            4: Push for a tax structure that is minimal, fair and equitable for large and small business alike. No more favoritism. No more public funding of hotels.

            5: Amend City ordinance to require that all bids on municipal projects will be sealed and opened simultaneously at a designated Council meeting, eliminating any chance of cronyism or insider dealing.

            6: Make a motion to repeal the creative ordinance of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission (ERC) and close loopholes that allow Mayors to bypass the City Council on projects.

            This list is not exhaustive, but is a taste of what I’d do to change things as a CC member.

          • We need you to run against McGinn more than we need you to run at large. I just don’t see Parke rounding up someone to primary against him. Plus, if you’re going the R route Ward 1 is easier than at-large.

    • Jordan…have you ever used any of your “golden opportunities” to attend any neighborhood association meetings in the 2nd ward? Did you attend the Roberts Park meeting last night? The only things your are capable of getting done are “bitching and blogging”….

      • Why would she go to this Roberts Park thing if she genuinely believed that other parks need there are other parks that need the improvements far more than this one? And why would you attend a releasing of renderings off of a project that has already been nothing but a dog and pony show once?

        If Missy genuinely thinks that other parks need the funding more, she is invited to come the Parks & Infrastructure subcommittee meeting for the Jacobsville Join In organization at 621 N. Main on Fri at noon. I am the chairman of the committee and will happily save a seat for her.

        We are discussing Kleymeyer Park, Garvin Park, as well as a pedestrian bridge between the two.

    • I live in the Second Ward but do not consider myself a Dem. I generally vote Rep, but I have never voted a straight ticket. Yes, we need a new voice in the Second, Third, Fourth, and the at large seats.

      A new broom sweeps clean, as they say.

      When the “Unelect Missy” committee meets, let us all know so we can suggest a competent candidate, whether it be Dem or Rep.

      I can’t remember when the city council was anything but 8 – 1 Dem. A relatively even split wound be a blessed relief. At least it would give us an alternate point of view.

  3. The bidding practices have been skewed for years including the minority and women ones. I always found it strange for bids to be turned in last and always lower. Why waste time on bidding at all. Just ask the preffered companies if they can match or beat it. At least then being unethical would waste less time!

  4. Saw Airhead and Heifer at the Civic Center. If you are working downtown you might want to get to lunch early before they get there and fun out of food!

  5. How can the voters trust someone who is so erratic that he threatened to leave town if Roberts Stadium was torn down. He’s not even elected and he’s already broke that promise!

  6. I think that Mr. Greer should have started a not for profit, the the Emergency Management Agency Foundation, and peopled it with some high profile local citizens.

    He could then send the foundation the funds, instructing them on the exact radios to purchase, and them sign a lease/buy back agreement with the foundation.

    Did I get that about right Pat?


  7. Evidently the local newspaper has zero interest in finding out or publishing the names of the individuals, other than their agent Scott Danks, who seem to have successfully purchased part of the publicly owned Civic Center Complex.

    Scripps logo: “Not knowing is part of the fun!”


    • Put the blame on the EVSC Board. And remember what that board has done whenever they appear on the ballot. Have you ever heard of Rubber Stamps?

  8. “Sherman Greer or an Adam Group can be fired for buying a routine item at retail pricing and not getting bids”

    A truck is now a “routine item”… Check.

  9. Took this post down because it was extremely insulting.

    You’re using real people names in such a demeaning manner shall hereby cease. One more post like this and I shall remove you from the CCO site.


    • I did not and never use anyone’s real name. Sheldon Cooper is a character on CBS’s Big Bang Theory and one of the State Board auditors looks and acts just like him!

  10. RailsOverAutos isn’t running for officr you fools!

    A well-respected Neighborhood Association President in the Second Watd is going to run against Messy.

    He’s smart, educated, well-spoken, has held a steady job, stays out of bars, doesn’t get drunk and obnoxious, isn’t a back-stabber, and cares deeply about the community.

    In other words he’s the exact opposite of the current city council member currently representing the Second Ward.

    And he will clean her clock.

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