IS IT TRUE July 23, 2012


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IS IT TRUE July 23, 2012

IS IT TRUE that we have good news for two candidates in the upcoming November election?…that Democratic County Commissioner, Steve Melcher and Republican County Commissioner, Joe Kiefer are both unopposed in this upcoming November General election?…both Commissioners are known for fairness, honestly and hard work?…that Mr. Kiefer and Mr. Melcher both listen with objectivity when gathering information about local problems and concerns of their constituents? …that both gentlemen get along very well with each other and act as a buffer for Commissioner Marsha Abell when she shows an aggressive demeanor?…that both Commissioners Melcher and Kiefer approach issues in a conservative and non-partisan manner?…we look forward 4 more years of “good public policy” decisions made by Mr. Melcher and Mr. Kiefer?

IS IT TRUE that two sons of Evansville will be on the national stage during the month of August?…that local blues guitarist Boscoe France who plays at the Lamasco Bar and many other Tri-State locations has played his way into the final 6 in the Guitar Center Blues contest?…that the finals will be in Hollywood, CA at the Club Nokia on August 18th and that the City County Observer’s California based columnist Joe Wallace will be there to cheer Boscoe on and report back on the competition?…that Boscoe will be sharing the stage that night with Joe Bonomasu who is fresh off of a concert in Evansville?…that Boscoe is really from Madisonville, KY and is a graduate of Madisonville-North Hopkins High School but that Evansville has embraced his talent and claims him now that he is in the big time?

IS IT TRUE that John Nunn, a proud Harrison High School graduate and son of USI Professor Dr. Les Nunn and his wife will be wearing the colors for Team USA at the London Olympics?…that Nunn will be competing in the 50k (31 miles) race walking event that will be held on August 11th?…that we can all feel a sense of pride on Friday when John Nunn of Evansville, IN enters the Olympic Stadium representing our country in this world class event?…we also encourage other local media and especially the TV stations to cover the 50k race walk event so this native can be watched in his hometown?

IS IT TRUE that back before he became the Mayor of Evansville that Lloyd Winnecke was very instrumental in a team effort with the well liked and former Evansvillian Royce Sutton to establish a free dental clinic for local residents who need that service?…that last week that dental clinic made the news for being in tough shape financially?…that the CCO would like to encourage Mayor Winnecke to take a little time out of one of his days and put his marketing talent to the test to come up with a way to make this dental clinic solvent and sustainable?…that proper dental care can save lots of money by preventing trips to the emergency room when something goes wrong with ones dental health?…that this clinic is a very positive part of the legacy of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke?

IS IT TRUE that David Wessel published an extensive article about the budget of the United States of America last week and the CCO would like to share some of the bullet points?…the individual income tax revenues made up just under 50% of the revenue sources in 1960 and that the percentage today is still about the same?…that payroll taxes on the other hand have risen from being 15% of revenues in 1960 to nearly 40% now?…that spending on benefits and entitlements has risen from just over 20% of federal spending to over 50% today?…if every federal employee was fired tomorrow it would not even be enough to cover half of the federal deficit?…that the entire payroll expense for Uncle Sam is only $435 Billion per year including benefits?…the federal government borrowed 36% of every dollar spent in 2011 and little change is presently on the horizon?…that the source for all of this data is the White House Office of Management and Budget?


  1. It’s Joe Bonamassa who will be judging the Guitar Center Blues Competition along with legendary musician, Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dr. John.

    Good luck to Boscoe France! This opportunity couldn’t be happening to a nicer or more talented individual. This guy eats, breathes, and sweats guitar. I’ve been telling everyone you better go see him now while he can still fit his fans into a bar.


    As for the Budget crisis… What can I say? Ron Paul was the only Presidential candidate running who had any kind of real plan with any real budget cuts. Cutting out FIVE cabinet level bureaucracies and $1 TRILLION from the first year budget. Romney’s plan by comparison looks like the same kind of insulting “cuts” over increases they’ve been trying to fool us with of late.

    I have yet to hear a cogent argument against a Constitutional Amendment to balance the Federal Budget. Then again, they violate every other Constitutional provision, it’s stupid of me to think they wouldn’t find a way around that one too.

  2. Can’t wait when Marsha’s term is over. She shall never get re-elected to a second term because she has pi—- to many people off. When that happens, we shall get a replayment for her who is less aggressive and dictorial.

    Many of people within her own party are feed up with her know it all attitude.

    It’s my hope and prayer that Melcher and Kiefer join forces to stop the way she controls everything that goes on. Simple Answer – Kiefer-yes, Melcher, yes and Abell, no. The yeas have it and it passes. If that happens, Marsha is no longer effective.

    Congratulations are in order to Kiefer and Melcher.

  3. I’m a Republican and can’t wait when Abell’s term is over. Her “know it all” behavior is an insult to our party and no less to the county.

    I’m proud of the way Commissioners Melecher and Kieger conduct themselves in public.

  4. Another good IIT CCO. You told it like it is concerning Commissioner Marsha Abell over all attitude. I’m also tired of her dictorial demeanor.

  5. I know at least one Vanderburgh County Commissioner should forget her plans to run for another term in office.

    In fact, I hear the “Tea People” are looking for someone to run against in the republican primary. They are tired of her rude behavior!

    Congrats to Mr. Melcher and Mr. Kiefer for being reelected.

  6. I hear that the County Attorney should begin to distance himself from Abell’s “iorn rule”.

    He needs to start talking more to Kiefer and Melcher in order to ensure his reappointment chances this coming January, 2013.

  7. Is it true that all you Marsha “I’m CEO of the County” Abell fans may not get a chance to re-elect her in 2014? That she plans to make this term her last and to retire in the Sunshine State?

  8. The best news I heard in months.

    I would be glad to donate to her traveling expense if she decides to retire early.

    What a self centered and two faced person she turned out to be.

    I’m sorry I voted for her.

  9. I like Marsha and the job she has done. She’s like Albert Einstein when compared to all but 3 on the City Counsel. I don’t think the CCO was hating on her by complimenting other other 2 commissioners.

  10. I do agree that Joe Kiefer and Steve Melcher are good commissioners and we are fortunate to have them serving another 4 years. I do not agree with the Marsha Able negative comments. Marsha Able is an outspoken say it like it is person. You never have to guess where she stands on an issue. Is that not what we want out of our politicians? Since being a commissioner, what issues do you believe she has not been on the side of good “public policy”?

  11. Marsha Abell is dreading the day that the benefits vote for gay and lesbian employees comes back up for County Commissioners to consider.

  12. A gay friend of mind told me that Marsha Abell has promised to put the “Gay and Lesbian” vote back on the agenda in August, 2012.

    The Gay and Lesbian community are watching to see if Marsha Abell will stick by her word.

  13. If the Gay Rights Issue is voted on by the County Commissioners–it will not pass. And it should not pass because it is not needed. It was “Sneagaled” (?sp) through the City Council.

  14. Billybob—I bet you have people in your family that are either Gay or Lesbian?

    I bet the answer is “YES”! Who cares what they do in bedroom as long as they are good members of society.

    Bottom line–I don’t agree with your extreme right wing Republican values! May God for give you!

    • The Bible does not support any type of Gay/Lesbian relationship. It in fact speaks against it. Billybob does not have to worry about God forgiving him on “this” issue.

  15. How many city and county workers are gay and lesbian?

    How many fireman and policemen are gay and lesbian?

    How many elected officials are gay and lesbian?

    How many City and County Department heads are gay and lesbian?

    How many consultants and vendors are gay and lesbian?

    It’s time for an up or down vote on this issue!

    • Ah, the G&L community, so tolerant, so accepting… If you really believe it’s nobody’s business what you do in the bedroom, then why be so in-your-face towards those of us who genuinely don’t care what you do in the bedroom – with what you do in the bedroom…

  16. Marsha you promised us your support on this issue if we support you over Troy T during your last election. WE did that. It’s time for you to return the favor and put it on the County Commissioners August agenda.

  17. Old Marsha did promise to bring up the benefits for gay partners for county employees. If she don’t do what she said the gay vote on consolidation will be at risk. My bet is that Melcher and Kiefer will support it if it is allowed to come to a vote. Come on Marsha, hold a vote.

  18. Is it true that Joe Kiefer was on the start of Unification in 2002 and just reviewed the wording and now support it? Did he forget what he did 10 years ago? Did the Power Vs People get to him too????

    • Kiefer is a damn fool. Talk to him for 3 minutes and you will agree. One more damn fool with a big ego in an elected position in Evansville.

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