“IS IT TRUE” JULY 6, 2020

We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?
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IS IT TRUE that the number of new COVID -19 virus tests reported in Vanderburgh County jumped from 228 to 845 from Saturday to Sunday?
IS IT TRUE according to the Indiana State Department of Health in the past 11 days the Vanderburgh County has seen 176 new COVID -19 virus cases and there are at least 84 that are still active and haven’t be counted because of the 4th of July holiday?
IS IT TRUE on March 30, 2020, a letter was sent out by Donna Holderfield, Zoning Administrator of the Area Plan Commission to a current City of Evansville vendor stating that he has a serious zoning violation? …according to the Area Planning Commission letter that Best View Transit Media LLC, the current City of Evansville METS Transit Media Advertising vendor, has been cited and fined $500 for being in violation of the City of Evansville Zoning Code?  …we wonder if Best View Transit Media LLC, paid their fine to the Area Plan Commission and have moved their Corporate office located in an Eastside residential area of the city since receiving the May 30, 2020 letter from the Area Plan Commission?  …this is a developing story?
IS IT TRUE that we give five (5) cheers to County Councilwoman Stephanie Terry for convincing fellow County Council members to invest $50,000 to provide free COVID-19 tests in targeted areas of Vanderburgh County?
IS IT TRUE that public schools across the country have started to reveal what a return to classrooms may look like amid the pandemic? …many parents have pre-emptively opted not to return and are planning to home-school instead?
IS IT TRUE that all human beings have flaws and being able to tolerate people who are less than perfect is the only way to live in peace?
IS IT TRUE that in America everyone has a right to express their opinion even if they are wrong?
IS IT TRUE we are pleased to hear that Evansville City Council President Alex Burton is on a personal crusade of cleaning up the crime-ridden Parkside Terrace known as Woodlawn Apartments? …we give five (5) cheers to Mr, Burton?
 IS IT TRUE we also hope that the 3rd Ward City Council member Zac Heronemus will begin to address the issues in the blighted 500 to 700 blocks of East Franklin, East Iowa, and East Michigan streets?
IS IT TRUE that we are very pleased with the way that 2nd Ward City Councilwoman Missy Mosby is looking after her constituents?
IS IT TRUE we give five (5) cheers to County Commissioners Cheryl Musgrave and Ben Shoulders for coming up with creative ways to help their constituents during these trying times?
IS IT TRUE that over the years the City-County Observer has studied and published articles that examine the economic expectations and realities of proposed capital projects within the Evansville City limits? …that our conclusions thus far are that a lack of planning has created an unavoidable last-minute quagmire that leaves the City of Evansville in the unenviable position of needing to provide significant incentives to secure a binding and enforceable agreement to entice a developer to build profitable projects?
IS IT TRUE that it is a common practice for a County Assessor to quietly increase home values? …to protest these increases, the homeowner has to obtain a certified appraisal costing at least $300?  …that the cost of the protest will cost approximately the same amount of money as the increase in our property taxes?  …it is also a common practice by County Assessors that even if the homeowner pays the cost of the appraisal and wins, the very next year the County Assessor will increase the home values back to the original increase and then some?
IS IT TRUE we got a kick out of career politicians when are they talking to the masses about the race issues and political, social, economic, judicial, and police injustices? …it’s even more intriguing when career politicians masterfully try to convince the masses that they understand and feel their grief, they understand their economic plight and suffering caused by racial injustice and institutional racism? …did we say that some of these career politicians wear Brook Brothers clothes, are members of a private County Club, and enjoy extensive social perks and financial benefits by being a long term elected public official?
IS IT TRUE that the City-County Observer is quietly working on plans to publish a full color printed Sunday newspaper sometime in September?  …the cost of this publication will be a mere dollar? …25 cents of each paper sold will be donated to local charities? …subscriptions will $50 yearly and mailed to your home? …non-subscribers can pick up a copy at a soon to be announced convenient location in Vanderburgh County and Evansville proper? …we are currently working on appointing an Editorial Board comprised of local movers and shakers to guide this publication in the right direction?
IS IT TRUE we would like to thank Sallie  A. Jung for sending details copies of the minutes of the Board Of Public Safety?
IS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny!  When the Government fears the people we have Liberty?

IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy?

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  1. Interesting “IS IT TRUE “
    Who’s counting for the COVID-19 did they go to school in Indiana?
    Also isn’t the owner of Best View Transit Media LLC an ex outdoor advertising executive who should know the zoning regulations after years in the business??

  2. Good job City County Observer!! As a resident of our great Eastside neighborhood, we are all tired of the sign business operating just South of Lincoln Ave.on Lombard Ave. All we want is a quiet non-commercial neighborhood to raise our children.

    Oh, special thanks to the Area Plan Commission for taking the commercial sign business to task.

  3. Is it true that CCO really screwed up? Parkside Terrace is NOT located in the Fourth Ward. It’s in the Second Ward, but Missy Mosby just ignores that fact.

  4. No problem. But don’t you think Missy Mosby ought to work on the problems in Parkside/ I Woodland Apts before she is lauded for taking care of her constituents? She surely hasn’t done much for the residents there. She seems to be choosy about who she looks after.

  5. Parkside Terrace has been ignored by EVERYONE!! You cannot blame the council person for that ward only. Its the Mayor,Board of Public Works, Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp, Just about every city department.
    How long has there been a city inspection? Building inspectors,fire inspectors,EMA inspectors. Out of sight and out of mind. They owners (how many times has it changed hands) are not doing a good job on the upkeep. If you drove down there you would swear its was in Chicago or Atlanta or any major city. The rampant crime. The no snitch attitude of the people who live there. Like I said don’t point your finger at the council person..blame the whole city agencies.

  6. A thankful neighbor

    I just want to say I agree with everything you wrote We have a neighborhood to be proud of and I often wondered how they could run a business out of the Lombard address.

  7. I just got home an read your article, YOU have hit a nerve. DON’T stop now! That area Plan Commission cost me thousands to comply with their nit picky rules and regulations, and they have let this company (Best View) get by for nothing. This smells like the typical back room civic center play.
    In fact the same law firm represents both the Board of Public Works and the Planning Commission as well like board members

    Thank you for exposing this mess.

  8. I am thinking of opening a small software support company, but if what I’m reading is true Warrick county may be more business friendly.


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