IS IT TRUE it’s extremely apparent that the EVSC and/or Teamsters Local 215 are unable to reach a labor agreement? …the two main issues of concern between both parities are union dues and providing employees with an open shop in order that EVSC employees have the choice to join the Union or not? …we wonder who will blink first?

IS IT TRUE the seven-member school board meets next Monday to discuss the next steps in the negotiations? …on the table is whether the board will continue to recognize the Teamsters or not? …this whole process affects 680 EVSC employees that are represented by Teamsters Local 215? …we find it laughable that EVSC President Mike Duckworth would accept donations from the Teamsters and then act like he’s backing EVSC.?  … which is it?

IS IT TRUE we find Mr. Duckworth stance against the Teamsters Local 215 interesting since he lobbied  the union hard to support his re-election to the school board last year?  …he’s now known as the man who promised Teamsters Local 215 he would be their biggest supporter in upcoming contract negotiations with the school system but reneged?

IS IT TRUE part of the present failure of Teamsters local 215 not getting a contract agreement with the EVSC is because the Union leadership tried to defeat then Board President Chris Kiefer? … political pay back is “HELL”?

IS IT TRUE we wonder what EVSC Attorney Pat Shoulders is doing during the negotiations? …after all,  we hear he is one of Teamster President Whobrey’s best friends?

IS IT TRUE that Whobrey is one of Winnecke’s major political supporters and we have to ask Whobrey where Winnecke stands on these negotiations?  … will he be supporting EVSC or turn his back on his old political buddy Whobrey?

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh Tax Assessor has raised the assessments of homes and businesses way over market value over the last couple of years? …the value of property is so inflated that one can’t sell homes at the assessed value?

IS IT TRUE home owners are so upset that they are appealing the assessed values as determine by the Tax Assessor in droves? …if you want to appeal your new property tax assessments the wait is over a year long?   …voters will have to remember Bill Fluty is our County Assessor responsible for this mess?


  1. The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case on the issue of forced union membership and dues in the workplace. The precedents would lead one to suspect that so called “closed shops” will be struck down. If not then any part of forced dues that are used for activities other than direct negotiations will go the way of the buggy whip. EVSC and the Teamsters would be well served to extend the current contract through next June and let the Supreme Court provide legal guidance. Right now they are spinning their wheels.

    • Fluty,– the willing Political dance partner for, — the Republican Spenders who, along with their their Co-harts
      — the Democrat Elitists,– are directing the City Council Band that’s always playing their request,–we all know
      the Tune,–“Money Honey”.

  2. Board Member Duckworth has not only turned his back on the people who got him there he refuses to discuss it with electors. He also must have forgot how fortunately he was that the Sheriff was not the final word on his employment when having an accident while drinking and driving in a patrol car when he was a Deputy. Shame on you Mike you know the item the board is asking for is unacceptable. But You and Supt. Smith and Board knew this when you hired a big time Indy Union Busting Attorney.

      • The Attorney for the Teamsters in an on staff attorney. He is on staff 365 days for union business. Not a union busting attorney

    • You do realize that the teamsters have hired their own, high priced, out of state, attorney to represent them as well, don’t you? Hence that becomes a moot point.

  3. Must Read . . go to the feature article about Ms Riecken’s new campaign manager and see the ridiculous statement of Wayne Park . .the bloggers are tearing his ass up . .

  4. How confusing politics can be . . .we have a well-known republican (the Mighty Duck) hired by Winnecke in the Utility Dept . . a known Money Bay Man . . his resume requires an index . . the Union Leadership (maybe lack there of) give the hard working rank & file’s money to people like the Mighty Duck in turn give it to Santa Lloyd WHO IN TURN GIVES IT TO SULLIVAN & McNAMARA who in turn give it to the Governor.

  5. Twice by a overwhelming vote the employees said they want union representation. It seems to me the school corp is using this to bust the union. The majority of the employees seem to think their dues are equal to the benefits. A small percentage do not. In any group there are going to be free loaders. The court and many people seem to think there are no benefits to a union so employees should not have to pay dues. Whether the benefits are equal or not should be up to the members and member should pay dues. People know when the hire on to a job whether it is union or not. To hire on and then refuse to pay dues is wrong. If the majority say it is a union shop it should be a union shop. You can not decide whether you want to pay taxes or not. To me it is the same thing.

    • There is an enormous difference, however, in a union negotiating with a for-profit corporation and taxpayers.

  6. It’s all politics once they get what they want from one group they move to another and so on and so forth.Its sad that the union dues give scholarship to someone who don’t pay dues.its all a game to them but not to the workers who just want fair working conditions and going by senority.

    • Considering the the size of the contributions made by unions to the democrat party, it’s a safe bet a large portion of dues are used in a manner contrary to the views of segment of the membership.. I know whereof I speak – first hand.

  7. I recently bought a house (Feb) for 102,000, about a month later I got an increased assessment valuation of 107k, Whoohooo a windfall gain in equity of 5k in a month, thanks assessor’s office!

    • Appeal the valuation. The market price of $102k was clearly established by your purchase. I have appealed several times with real market data to back me up and prevailed 100% of the time.

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