IS IT TRUE? July 18, 2011 Special Evening Edition


IS IT TRUE? July 18, 2011 Special Evening Edition

IS IT TRUE that at this hour two and only two proposals to BUILD AND OPERATE a Downtown Convention Hotel have been submitted and are in the hands of Mr. John Kish, Project Manager?…that it is fully expected that these two proposals would be submitted?…that one of those proposals is from the Kunkel Group and the other is from the newly formed Prime Lodging LLC?…that most of Evansville has some familiarity with the Kunkel Group but that Prime Lodging LLC is a business that we who are interested all should get to know during the forthcoming VETTING PROCESS?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #3 tells us that Evansville City Councilman and Chairman of the Finance Committee John Friend has quietly been working behind the scenes to try to put together a group of 5 professionals made up from the current Evansville City Council, the Vanderburgh County Council, and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission?…that the purpose for this exercise has been to define a VETTING PROCESS and to put the responders to the hotel RFP through a rigorous VETTING PROCESS so that the dreaded third strike of failure does not whiz by the ERC once again?…that there are certainly 5 people between those 3 bodies that have the correct kinds of experience and academic background to do these tasks?

IS IT TRUE that Mole #3 furthermore tells us that the Mayor of Evansville has been cautious about embracing the VETTING PROCESS and that the Mayor has raised objections to some of the highly qualified professionals that could make this VETTING COMMITTEE an apolitical competent committee that could serve not only to VET the hotel responders but other things like the Arena Management Team as well?

IS IT TRUE that as far as the Downtown Convention Hotel is concerned, it may be too late in the game and too much of a political hot potato to put together a competent local VETTING COMMITTEE?…that if between the Evansville City Council, the Vanderburgh County Council, and the ERC if the “powers that be” cannot come to agreement on an objective and apolitical VETTING COMMITTEE that it may just be time to REACH INTO THE POCKETS OF THE TAXPAYERS OF EVANSVILLE and PAY FOR AN OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL FIRM TO VET THE PROPOSALS?

IS IT TRUE that if there would have been a third party VETTING VENDOR two years ago that the City of Evansville and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission would not be sitting with egg on their faces looking like Curly, Larry, and Moe right now?…that some lessons are quite expensive to learn the hard way?…that the ERC should authorize whomever does the VETTING to teach a seminar in VETTING and that it should be required for elected and appointed officials to attend?…that NO PASS NO SERVE should be the mantra of Evansville going forward?


  1. The way to get the needed vetting done is to hire an expensive consultant from Indy to prepare a study on the vetting process; and have the consultant use these two hotel proposals as illustrative examples !

  2. There is one thing for sure. The Mayor of Evansville should not have any voice in what consulting firm is hired to VET these two. He has really hosed the pooch on such tasks. You would think that some really elementary vetting like checking a D&B and getting some local supplier and banking references is withing the capabilities of someone on the ERC. I mean Sarah Miller is a VP in Commercial Lending for ONB and Greg Elpers is a CPA. If they can’t do these preliminary tasks that should tell you something.

    I’ve got it. Have each company apply for a small loan from ONB and use the initial evaluation to see if one gets eliminated.

  3. Use the bid bond retained from the previous bid to hire the “vetting consultant.” There was a 5% bid bond retained from the previous failed bidder, wasn’t there?

  4. I am working out of town tomorrow, and will be unable to attend the Fun-Fest which is the ERC meeting. I encourage those brave soldiers who attend to ask the tough questions: this charade has gone on for far too long, and it is time for the truth to make its arrival.

  5. Can the Three Stooges sue the ERC for damaging the Stooges reputation? Just wondering.

  6. “The Weinzapfel Group”? I am so SICK and TIRED of Each and Every “player” in this Downtown nightmare!

    I have absolute NO RESPECT for these SMUG SCUMBAGS, and view the lack of Principles they have displayed, with unmitigated contempt.

    • Yes, I’m Angry, I think we all should be. That said, Where do we go from here?

      Committing “hari-kari” for the King is a short-lived occupation,
      and Dumb.

      Show some Character, –We’re more than ready for your resignations.

  7. Dear Editor:

    The 3 Stooges were an important part of my youth and I do not take kindly to you besmirching their reputation with the comparison to the ERC.


  8. The Downtown hotel situation should be a very good example of why
    only elected officials have any part in spending tax money.
    Not just by approval of plans and decisions of unelected persons,
    but involvement and responsibility for–from start to finish.

    Now is the time to take care of this in the Consolidation plan. Fifty
    appointed positions are too many.

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